Eazy Bot| I Made 2 Advanced Package Sales Today On Level 1 And 3!

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video, so yeah, guys just another update as usual, how it’s going. You know how the trading is going um, you know all the good stuff, so i just want to run through you guys, okay, so since yesterday or just yeah, basically a day ago, i changed from bitcoin to uni, swap because obviously, why? Because i want to make more profits right, because bitcoin is one of the worst coins to trade with if you go by the results, so yeah. Just on a side note guys, these results were in a bear market. If you don’t know, like i mentioned this almost in every video, so just imagine when we get into a bull market, what are we going to see? I mean we can may potentially see three to four times the returns, maybe more and again guys, there’s no promises.

Eazy Bot

It’s not financial advice, but um yeah. It’s looking pretty good for the crypto markets right now. They it’s not we’re not in a bull market yet like officially, i wouldn’t say yet, but i mean it’s, the the markets are recovering. So, let’s hope that, let’s hope it keeps going because then easy bot can obviously be there to capitalize and to keep making those those little returns that add up to big returns.

You know like just compound compound compound your crypto portfolio, okay, so i’m just gon na go through the trading quickly, how that’s going so! I haven’t really made much and it’s just been over a day and a half with uni swap, as you guys know, i’ve made probably about seven point, two percent with bitcoin that was 24 days but um. Let me show you guys the difference. What i did with bitcoin you see this initial buyin was six percent, even though i mean i had it set for default and you’ll notice. Okay, um.

I had to untick this default, but it still didn’t. You know, still default settings um because you know that’s. I don’t want to obviously mess with the strategy right. I mean the these.

These results that i’ve been showing you that’s from from the default, that’s from the builtin strategy, guys and the reason and okay. So i’m just going to say the default strategy is super safe. The reason why you want to stick with default strategy is just in case the market takes a turn for the worst and um does something like what ethereum classic did in the past right dropped all the way from geez it was almost yeah. It was 52 just over 52 dollars down to 12 dollars, but the what, when the bot bought in so this so easybot launched officially on the 31st of march right, i bought in a little initial position because it buys in little positions.

You know dollar cost averages and and such and such let’s still manage not only to handle the crash right to bring down to keep bringing down the average, but it made a profit because it made these little profits in between. So eventually, you know it brought down. Average price um and yeah basically made a profit at the end of the day right it that the market swung back up enough that the bot made still made a profit, a good profit, six point: six percent and you’ll say: okay, that’s in since 10, 18 of April so we have april may june, okay just over three months, but i mean guys. You know this is the worst case scenario right most people would be panicking would have made nothing, their portfolios would be way down and yeah.

They would be panicking making nothing. The bot, even if the market never swings back upright the bot will continually it will continue to trade it’ll continue to bring down the average. So so it gets to a point where it can sell off all the positions at a profit and when you still don’t lose anything where you still maintain your portfolio. That’s the genius of the easy part, because everyone’s a genius, you know when the market’s going up, but what do they do when the market’s going down right? So because again, this is spot trading guys you can’t you’re buying into actual crypto.

So you can’t do cells because there’s no there’s no margin, there’s no leverage with spot trading right, so it also makes it very safe, but you have to have a bot that can weather the storm in all market conditions. So anyways. Let me just get back to this, so going by that point, guys again, you can tweak. You can tweak the initial buyin strategies if you want, if you want to make more profit in the short term, but this is just i would you know.

I wouldn’t recommend this even even for professional traders, i mean look, you, could you could do it if you want, you could change it to six percent 10, because all that’s going to be then, is instead of buying 339 percent of your portfolio, which is 1485. For me, um, you know you can buy in again you can. You can buy in six percent at a time of your portfolio, 10.

At a time 20 um i mean the the more you go up in percentage. You know initial buyins, the the higher the risk gets, especially when the market drops um, i mean you want to make sure, especially if the market catches, you of god, and drops a little bit more – that you can handle those covers, so that the bot can still Continue to trade still continue to make profits for you right, but i’ll make a separate video in depth about this. You know i’ll call it like the easybot masterclass or something like that trading masterclass, so that i can really really dig deep into this, because i feel it’s important.

You know that you guys understand how good the default strategy is. I’D rather be safe. Maintain my portfolio make, you know slower gains than not at the end of the day, not making gains at all.

Because, again i mean you could really really get burnt if you’re, if you’re too aggressive at a certain time, because you simply i mean it’s easy to try and say where you think the markets are going to go, but most of the time you’ll probably be wrong. So that’s what i’m just saying, i’m not saying you guys can’t do it, i’m just like again. If you can figure out a better strategy than the one that’s built in, then the company actually is a challenge to anyone, especially to the pro traders out there, because it’s for this i mean the easy bots for you as well. You can set your own parameters.

Um, if you can figure out a better strategy, then you know you can you can basically bring it up with the ceo himself. Mr muhammad ali is on weekly zoom calls guys um, but you can talk to him face to face. If you want um – and you know you can let him know you know and then you’ll have a review your strategy and if it’s better, obviously you’ll, maybe even consider using it and reward you handsomely for it. So yeah guys.

But this has been proven to work again. Those results you saw on the screenshots are from the builtin default strategy. So yeah i mean again like this – is we’re on the board. We’Ve made a little bit of a profit with uni swap not much, but it’s a start guys um.

Eventually, this is going to be a lot i mean uni swap did really well, so i mean i could have gone with matic, but i just feel like uni, swap it’s really consistent. I mean anything besides ethereum and bitcoin you’re making pretty solid profits. You know and again guys crypto fluctuates, so maybe uni swap is going to be the worst queen in in august.

Right um, you don’t know, i mean like let’s say one of one of the lowest coins uh xmr, for instance. Maybe xmr is going to be the highest queen for august right and then uni swap is going to be on the lower end again. It’s it’s really that’s.

This is why you know you want to diversify, but i’m going to get to that point now. Um. I just want to quickly go to okay, so i made some affiliate commissions today. So that’s what i want to some of you want to see that i usually cover the trading first, because i know not.

All of you are really interested in that or whatever, but i’m telling you eventually um. You won’t be able to keep this a secret right if the easy part keeps making profit. For you, i mean guys. The people in my team are loving the easybot because it just keeps increasing their portfolio.

It’s a money, printing machine right, so it’ll be i’m just saying it will be hard for you not to share it at some point, so anyways um yeah. So this is this is what i what i made uh. Let me just sorry, go to package sale commissions, so 72 dollars guys and you’ll notice, not only from my first level but from my third level and it’s still not a massive load of money yet guys.

But i mean it’s: this is a productbased company where you’re giving people a solid, solid product, and you and some of you ask what’s the product, it’s obviously it’s the software, it’s the bots right! It’s like any software, a lot of software companies, they’re selling software. So you want more of the software, you need to pay more, that’s kind of the same thing yeah i mean because in an easybot case is yes, you can use the bot for free and it’s basically the same bot right. It’s the same default strategy, everyone’s getting.

You can use up to two bots um trade up to two coins, but obviously, when you get advanced or vip package, you can trade with more coins, so you can utilize more or just more of the software, and you know i haven’t, like i’ve, been honest with People i say only if you have a certain amount of capital consider getting a package. You know you don’t have to, but you can consider it because diversifying your portfolio is really important. As you saw with that example right, all the coins fluctuate make different kinds of profits, so i mean to to best. Take advantage of the markets is to basically have a diversification of coins, um yeah, so the ssf commissions guys the service fee commissions.

Eazy Bot Packages

That is something that’s gon na that’s gon na eventually overtake the package sales. The package sells, i mean it’s also gon na the package sells, will pay you annually and you want and you’re probably wondering. Are you asking yourself why? Why would people keep paying for this? Once a year right completely, why would they renew their advanced or vip package? Well, simply because you know if it keeps making money for them, why wouldn’t they? It’s got a very, very high retention rate, so so i mean why wouldn’t that? Okay, i’m not part of the founders club, yet that’s something i really would like to be a part of, and you should too. I got a previous video on that not going to talk too much about that now, but yeah.

That’s basically, if you’re part of a founders club, you you make five percent of the company’s revenue every single month. So that’s an extra extra little passive stream of income that that you can get so just in short, so yeah guys pretty cool. I mean it was a surprise to get another commission a pretty good month.

I mean just for package sales alone, and you know the good thing about easybot. Is people will buy the packages on their own? You don’t have to, i mean you can tell them about it, but you don’t need to like. How can i say oversell or you don’t need to? Basically you know, beg people um to buy a package sell just because you could just because you want a commission. No man, you got to give them quality, i mean you got to be honest with people and tell them why it would benefit them if they really want to know – and you know if, like, for instance, if someone has a hundred dollars to trade with and let’s Say they have 350 to trade with right and you tell them: okay now buy an advance package, and then they they listen to you.

They buy an advanced package for 250 dollars. How much money they have to trade with hundred dollars. Would it would the advanced package benefit them, then? No, not at all, as you guys can see, i’m trading with 438 dollars and i’m trading with one coin, because simply it’s just you know trading with more coins at the moment, which simply won’t benefit me with the amount of capital i got or buying a package Where it just won’t make sense for me right so i mean anyone, that’s got 2 000 dollars or more to trade with.

Can it consider advanced package and anyone that’s got more than i don’t know 5 000 plus to trade with maybe can consider vip. I mean it’s a thousand dollars, so maybe like more the ten thousand dollar range you can consider vip or if you wan na, if you wan na be part of founders club, you need to be a vip. You know.

That’s also just another thing right: there uh all right so pretty solid day guys i mean i’ll, probably withdraw that soon. I don’t need to right now, um, you know, but yeah anyways i’ll do a live. Probably do another live withdrawal.

Uh, go back to this see the bots yeah, because i just there’s a point i wanted to make is my bot can easily stop cover the the position, so i don’t need to i already basically added the funds or i just basically um change the amount to 438, because, as you can see, it’s bought in a little bit of uni swap i’m coin like what’s it twenty four dollars, just a little bit over twenty four dollars worth of uni swap and um, it’s got 342 dollars worth of usd dt left. So if this usd t becomes really low, i’ll just add more, you know just just in case the market. Really, i don’t know, pulls a fast one on us and really drops again. You want to be prepared guys so yeah, but the money is there.

So i’ve never had a problem with payouts, so i can. I cannot draw it at any time anytime, within a day, it’s it’s in my it’s in my binance account so um. This is again.

This is a reliable company that pays your commissions. Guys. No nonsense! I mean it always pays on time.

Will they will tell you when there’s a when there’s an issue? You know if they’re updating the system or whatever, but like yeah, i haven’t had any issues so um yeah. I just want to show you guys my affiliate center as usual how’s that going 127 guys 127 um direct referrals um most most of most of them from from youtube, because that’s obviously my main source of traffic, i’m getting into the whole tick. Tock thing: i’m still navigating my way through that uh, you know just i guess good oldfashioned, some people reach out to me and uh just simply tell them about the easy bot again guys you have to oversold. I mean it’s literally there’s a story.

I like to tell you guys today, i literally i i spoke to someone at the bank. I got a new bank card and i don’t know i don’t keep a lot of money in my bank because obviously i you know i keep it most of my money in my crypto wallet because that’s where it gains value right. So obviously she didn’t mention anything. I just saw that if you’re wondering why i don’t have a lot of money in my bank account, then then it’s because i you know it’s because i keep most of my money in my in my crypto exchange she’s like wow, okay, you know we got to Discussion eventually long story cut shorter um.

I just told her about the easy bottom. Like you know, i i buy crypto she well. She asked how’s it going for you know like um, and i said no, i’m making money with crypto.

So it’s going pretty well, but i mean i have a completely automated system, like obviously the easy part referring to the easy part, and she asked me how much for the software – and i said it’s free right because it is, you can use two bots. But again, if you want more out of it, then yeah, so i just want to quickly. Okay, let me just show you guys: oh okay, it’s in total, 1889.

So there’s some duplication. I’Ll show you guys on the third level i mean the duplication has only started and i’m already earning on the second and third level, so i mean barely scratching the surface and i’m starting to get. You know package sales on the other levels, but the nice thing is even with three members you earn in the long term.

Obviously, with the service fee commissions in the beginning, you won’t really see much, you know, but eventually it will. It will keep snowballing, especially as people’s accounts. Um increase. Again, that’s like more of a longterm thing, but again right.

We want something. We want a business that we can build for online for the long term. You know well, personally, i want something that i can build for a long term and easy is just that you know like i can always say if easybod were to disappear tomorrow. Where would your money be? It would be right here in binance, right or in kukuin, whichever exchange you prefer, they can’t access your money.

I mean the only money you send is when you want to buy a package or that little bit of money that you need, because easybot doesn’t have access to your funds. So you just need to send a little bit of um money to your wallet, like maybe five ten dollars, whatever just to cover the service fees depending on i mean for me, it’s like five or ten dollars is i mean it should. Last me at least a month or two for the service fees, so i mean you can work it out based on your own.

You know like basically for every trade that you win um it’s either 20 or 30, depending on whether you paid or free member uh, 20, 20 or 30 of your profits um. That goes to the company into the affiliate. So you can just work it out based on that, but yeah. It’s usually not a lot that you have to send to the easybot wallet.

Your trading capital stays in your own wallet, including the profits, because the botched trading in binance or kucoin is making the profits in finance of kucoin, so your investment plus your profit stay in buying some cookware simple, as that. This is why this is the best and safest thing or opportunity online, guys, there’s literally nothing that can guarantee you consistent profits right, not that i’m promising anything. I’M just saying, based on the data um guarantee, making consistent profits plus the safety. The safety aspect do you need to whenever you need to send money to someone else, there’s always a risk that those guys can run off with your money with easy part.

You don’t have that issue right. They might promise you hell. One percent of the day, two percent a day – some are five percent of daily.

Those are usually freaking, obvious ponzi schemes, but you i mean the chances are you you can just as well go to the casino, and you know you. You got a 50 50 chance of making money right, but yeah um, you don’t want to again. You don’t want to make money like that guys, but anyways.

What i just want to mention is quickly going to go to the packages as usual, and i’m going to show you why, again, you want to diversify your portfolio, because, obviously you can see your other different cryptos fluctuate. So it’s going to quickly run over this. So you’ll notice the slight differences.

Here i mean with the advanced and the free package we’re first looking to go in advanced and free. You see with the free advanced packages when most people take when they do take a paid package. Obviously, is you can trade up to 10 coins so you can diversify? You can i mean you know so, but basically i would only recommend that once package, if you at least minimum two thousand dollars, guys anything less than that, so obviously so you it would be about.

Like two thousand three hundred you know like let’s say you would have two thousand dollars to trade within your finance account and um. Let’s say like obviously two yeah 250 for the advanced package, and then you have 50 dollars for service fees, which would last you a very long time like at least two three months. You know that’s, probably how long the service fees will.

Last you maybe yeah. I don’t know again, you can work it out yourself. So, let’s say 2 300 capital.

If you want to, you know, get get the advance package to take advantage of it right, um, more, the more capital, the better guys i mean, i would even preferably say five grand to to really take advantage of the advanced package, because then you could like go. Maybe five hundred dollars if you’re trading ten coins welding? Oh then i would just say six k uh six hundred dollars per coin. You know because the recommended demand is 600, even though you can trade with lower like myself, i’m trading with low, because i’m not a rich guy. You can trade it as low as 100 guys if you, but you can always add to it, because i mean when i started up that bitcoin bought on the 5th of july.

I only had 100 to trade with that. So you know what only the money i had and i made some commissions here and there and you know, then i added some money right and i’m slowly. Building up my crypto portfolio, because of just with all these i’ve also been scammed quite a few times in the past.

That’s why i make scam reviews now as well to expose these scammers, who really i mean, hurt, hurt people you just simply. We just want to make some money online. That’s and you know the right way. Obviously, but that’s all you know, we really just want to make some make some extra money.

You know to help make life a little bit easier right, um, so yeah trade up to 10 coins trade on up to two exchanges. Obviously free package: you can trade on one exchange, so you’re probably wondering why do i need to trade on more than one exchange? Well, i mean some guys prefer that i guess it’s if there’s an issue with the one exchange which again you know, exchanges are so secure these days, but hey. If you prefer on trading on morning, one exchange, then then hey, you know it’s a good thing. It’s an added benefit um, they will add more exchanges in the future right um ftx, i think, is one that’s on the roadmap, how uh hobby hobby, whatever you want to call it um.

There will be a lot more added, so just um stay tuned guys. So yeah i mean the big thing for me: geez. What happened to my screen? The big thing for me is um: try being able to diversify my portfolio a little bit more. If i had the capital guys, i would go for the advanced package.

If i had even more capital i’d go for vip because obviously i want to get into the china’s club. So eventually you guys will be seeing me at vip package if i still have a shot at the founders club so yeah, but with a vip package you can trade with all the available coins. So we have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten. Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen, sixteen seventeen okay, so ave is also not here but um.

They didn’t put rv on here, because ave is still still basically, i mean i’ve also had a nasty drop, so it also has unrealized profits, but i mean i guess it is recovering pretty well so we’ll probably see some results on it, maybe in a month or So or less, who knows guys so aave or are they so 18 coins? You can trade with currently um the reason why it’s not more yet is because they are reviewing. You know which coins are, are solid coins you don’t want to. You don’t want a coin on here, that’s literally that doesn’t have any utility or it’s just simply, there’s there’s actually a lot of cryptos out there that are simply scam coins. You know you don’t want to trade with those and like pump and dump coins are also called, so you don’t want them on this list.

So these are our coins. It’s pretty solid projects, um that you know probably won’t go to zero because you know like this pump and dump scam coin so yeah, but anyway, so with the vip package, you’ll be able to diversify with 17 uh. Well, 18 different coins um – and this is a company account.

This is one of the company accounts. It’s got a thousand dollars on each coin, so yeah, that’s the big benefit for me from getting a paid package, also um. The software service fees.

You know goes from 30 down to 20, so i mean in the long term you could you’re saving 10 uh per trade. You know like, were you making it’s basically 10 extra in profit, so it’s also something to look at right. So yeah, that’s just again! That’s up to you guys, if you really feel like you want to get a package again.

I’M just making sure you guys are well have a good understanding of it before you make that decision right, but otherwise just enjoy the bot use it for free maintenance and the nice thing again guys is, as you can see with my commissions, is, i still get Paid, even if i was a vip, i’d still get get paid, the same commissions and, like i said, no issues with withdrawals, nothing. I still get my service fee commissions. I still get my package sale commissions. I have full access to the affiliate program.

So a lot of you who, who are free members – and you really want to build big right – you don’t have a lot of capital, but you want to make a business out of this as well. I mean you, you have such a great opportunity right. You can, as a free member, you can really take advantage of this affiliate program because, again you don’t even need to be a paid member to have there’s no there’s no blocks on i mean you could literally right unlock all of these. These you have access to all of these 20 levels, down stream levels down guys as a free member.

You have all access to all of it. You won’t get penalized or anything um. So that’s also pretty much what stands out for me. You know in other affiliate with other affiliate programs in the past um.

Firstly, you had to recruit with other affiliate programs. Many still you have to recruit and pay a monthly fee, and and the products were really hard to. Some of them were really hard to promote, and there was no, you know product that could that you, there was no product that you could literally just use and it would generate income for you had to basically resell that product, so so that was really tough.

So again, like you could just think to yourself how this is a freaking, a real standout opportunity compared to all the others, guys again, i’ve been doing this online stuff now since 2019. So i can tell you some of the stuff that i tried in the beginning. Were just really really ridiculously tough, so this is very, very easy. Hence the name easy bot right crypto made easy okay.

So let me just not keep blabbering on so uh. Just quickly have a look at what uni swap’s thing, the crypto market’s been really really slow. Guys like the last day or two, but as we know, crypto guys, it can’t stay like this forever.

So i’m gon na we’re gon na see some good profits, especially with my bot. I mean like that: 14 cents is going to turn into a few dollars in a few days very quickly, once the crypto market started moving again, i’m pretty sure so yeah and as usual um. Let me just show you guys the trades. So i told you about the bitcoin trade right i sold it off um just manually, i could have just put the bot to single it would have it would have sold it off in in any case right, but but i just you know, sold it off myself.

Just because i felt like it so yeah i made a little bit of profit. I think i was like 24 cents or something but again guys it’s profit. So it’s little little profits that add up against you.

Those percentages you just saw the bot just keeps scalping. It makes these little trays the whole time like it’s better, to make little profits the whole time right and to make profits to to compound it in the long term, then, to make one big profit and just and then another big loss enough from square one again Right and the nice thing again guys is because the bot isn’t because you don’t have a full position in the whole time. It’s less stressful right. If then, like, what i mean, is it’s better to buy a little bit of crypto at a time, because you know what’s going to happen with the market right, then then, to attempt to buy, say one crypto with all your capital at a time and the market Drops and you’re stressed um.

You know because then also, if there’s an emergency and you need some money, then you can simply just pull out some of your usdt, which is a stable coin. It doesn’t, it doesn’t fluctuate in value, it stays the same. Like you know um, so you again, you also have that option. Here’s just some of the trades, so yeah just the point.

I was making earlier some of the trades that the bot put in there full transparency, guys. That’s where it’s trading again find me any other platform that can show you this um transparency, guys like because some of them will you know some of these guys are getting smart they’re, sending you screenshots of um, whichever of some trades right, i could literally also go Into create a telegram group, um get screenshots online or someone or someone else’s account how much profits they made and blah blah blah right and then create a website with a with a platform and promise people returns, and you know, but meanwhile there’s no trading going on. It’s just you can you can create this whole smoke, screen um and just scan people and that’s what a lot of these guys are doing, they’re getting smart because they notice there’s people out there that you know i was one of those gullible people in the beginning. I knew nothing about krypton about online scams and i got scammed quite a few times and that’s why no more so something you guys know watch out.

For especially i mean some of you have really encountered. It telegram scams and just a lot of these platforms that promise you fixed returns and we’ve got to lock your funds and no come on. I mean, if you’re investing in something, then it’s your money.

You should be able to get it back, withdraw it whenever you want. So obviously, since your money’s here locked, i mean it’s not locked since it’s in finance, so this is in google and you can withdraw it anytime and it will probably if i were to withdraw this usdt now, whichever coin or whatever, then it would probably appear in My bank, you know, on a weekday, probably wouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. I reckon that’s usually how long it takes so yep.

I don’t know it’s money earned it’s not money. You know made in a ponzi scheme, so yeah just a very, very slow day. Even if you look at bitcoin very slow day but yeah i mean i’m just i’m just dragging this on guys um on too long.

I chat a lot so anyways. If you want to know more about the easybot – and i mean i post almost daily updates on results – and you know how it’s going um today was obviously a very slow day in the trading department, but again guys it will pick up really quickly. I had one trade. If you look at one of one of the days i had it, there was one trade with bitcoin.

I took five days before it took profit because the markets were simply just not doing much. So the point i’m going to make as well is the bot cannot make the markets move. It just simply follows the market. So if the market’s standing still, what will the bot do it when it won’t be? It won’t put a trade in unless you know the market is moving enough.

That’s what it’s said to do, but you can, but you can be rest assured that the bot will do what is programmed to do always. So if the market is moving, the bot will be moving with it uh, so yeah guys um. This is what it is: um easybot company overview. You can have a look at that founders club.

Whatever, whatever floats your boat um, you can join my telegram group. The link for that is below the video, so you know have a look at that and um. You know i post my team resources, so anyone who is really interested in building, even if you’re an investor, guys feel free to join like if you’re, simply just just using the bot, whatever you know again just be part of the community. We’Ve got a great bunch of people.

Um join the join the company, zoom calls um the link, for i think it’s yeah official announcements um that that is basically uh. The group. You also want to be in that’s the main company group, so you know join that as well and and really join some of those companies.

Zoom calls when you can guys do yourself a favor and do that because i mean your mind will be blown the level of transparency and the fact that you can see the ceo like on a weekly basis face to face, and the ceo is also really awesome. Explaining everything like you could ask them anything and they always have such a clear answer and they even show you you know they don’t just it’s not just lip service like a lot of these stupid platforms that i see online, that are these scam platforms. Is they always, you know, have lip service and they always put whatever you want. I mean like whatever they want on their website right.

Is we do this trading? We do that trading, but it’s never it’s never real man, it’s just always just you know when you, when you ask them to show to show you, then they make up some stupid, excuse, um, why they don’t show you the results or whatever you know like. Ah, please so so yeah guys that again join our telegram groups. Just have a look at that and yeah um.

If you want to you, can reach out to me personally on whatsapp, i mean anytime guys. If you have any questions, queries you can comment below or yeah guys, send me a message on whatsapp and we’ll get started, especially also again, if you really want to make an affiliate business. If you want to be on that side as well, then feel free and because again guys i reach, i, i work with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis like i’ve said many times, so that’s that’s why i’m doing so? Well, you know, and i’m going to continue to grow because i’m just working with the right people got the right mentors that are basically servant leaders and that’s what you need. If you want to succeed in the online space in affiliate marketing, you know all right guys.

Um, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, have a good one, guys cheers

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