Eazy Bot| Made 156 Dollars In The Last 2 Days With Package Sales! 0.3% Profit Today Trading UNIUSDT🤑

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy part, video and uh update as usual, guys uh so yeah. How much did we make today? That’s obviously the first thing you’d like to know right and percentagewise um. Okay, so basically the crypto markets have been really slow.

The last few days, but they’ll pick up. Don’T worry about that right! Um! The bot can cannot move the market it’s gon na. It can only follow the markets, but we still made some profit um 20.

Eazy Bot

Almost if you round that up it’s 24 cents plus 29, it’s 53 50 cents, so 94 cents give or take um, which is so guys. I basically added funds um and, as the video title goes um i got some crazy packet. Sale commissions yeah just really excited guys to see um how our things are working out. You know but um yeah.

So basically before i added funds. This is about these. The little the money i made from these little trades is 03 percent, which is basically, if you can manage to make 03 percent, not guaranteeing anything guys, i’m just saying 03 on a daily basis, um compounding that will compound to about at least 10 percent a month. You know if 03 percent compounding and again easybot doesn’t just compound.

You know monthly or weekly, it compounds, but a trade by trade basis, so there’s little amounts um that those little profits that you may compound every single time. That’s that’s how they become big profits right. That’s how we get to the good the good returns at the end of the month that we usually see and guys it’s just a quick point. I’M going to make.

So i really adjusted the amount so 525 dollars and you guys are probably wanting she so wasn’t. I 300 dollars just the other day and yeah package sale commissions, guys i’m just putting it back into to the bot to trade with building that portfolio up so yeah, as you guys can see it’s buying in it’s still the same. This is basically the default setting. Um again, i only recommend changing this stuff.

If you um it’s your own strategy, if you actually know what you’re doing you know, if you’re a professional trader, if you’re not, then just leave it guys, don’t then try and be a hero, but um. If you do want to what, if you really do, want to put in a trade more aggressively right – and you want to want the bot to buy in a little bit more of your capital at a time, then, instead of like 339, which is the the stock Setting right the default setting um, you can maybe put in there four percent five percent uh ten percent, whatever whatever floats your boat uh, however much capital, you want to risk or sort of risk per trade right um, it’s not really a risk because again it’s as As it would be in like leveraged trading, like i say, it’s not there’s no leverage, there’s no margins, no stop losses to get hit; um, it’s spot trading, guys in the bot, buys in this there’s 17 and 83 cents it’s buying in the coin. I’M trading with this, which is uni swap but yeah. You can trade a bunch of coins.

You can choose whichever one you want to pick so yeah. One thing guys is: if you do decide to trade more aggressively and let the bot buy in more um uh. More of your capital with each single trade, you know when it basically takes the usdt and it buys in actual buys in the whichever queen he’s trading with um. Then what will happen is eventually it won’t be able to cover.

All of these well won’t be able to um take these trades right eventually, because this is like a very this strategy is specifically for design for all market conditions. Like always say you know, for a crashing market for a site, trending market and for up market, and i mean it’s been proven again that it’s that it keeps making money even in a crashing market. We just had a crashing market and the bot came out successful with profits right, not only maintaining your portfolio but also making profits for you, so so yeah guys um. This is like a super super super safe strategy.

That i mean i wouldn’t like again for me. Right now i’m pretty happy with it. I mean it’s just i i like i, like the stress free aspect. Um i’ve learned my lesson in the past by trying to be too aggressive of a trader either in in crypto and in forex.

So i’m just like i’m just happy with letting it run making the returns in all market conditions. You know stressfree because it’s i mean if it adds up guys if you compound it over time, if you’re just patient, then you’ll make a good return. Anyways but yeah guys, like i’m just saying that option is there and again i’ll make a video i’m going to call it the easybot crypto trading masterclass, i’m going to show you guys everything right if you, especially if you want it, if you really want to tweak The strategy, then i’ll just show you guys like again buying changing the percentage um there that you want to buy in with each trade.

You know things like that, so, let’s go into good stuff guys so yeah i made some some more affiliate commissions, um, literally just in one day. This is this is good for me guys. I mean like like good money for me, that’s what i mean it’s um, because again, i’m not a rich guy, but you know this is the results of when you work with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis.

You know when you got access to people that are always supporting you. Um they’re, always helping you out always ready to jump on a zoom call with you. You know like um yeah, you know like against servant leaders and that’s what that’s what you get guys when you, if you are interested in the affiliate side, what you get when you join. My team is obviously almost basically 24 7 support right.

Um zoom calls um with. If you have people that you want to that, are interested in the easy part, and you want to organize a zoom call. Then then, we’re always there supporting you right along the way like we organize the zoom calls.

If you really need it, we have all the team resources on on standby, everything’s, ready it’s so easy to get set up. I mean we have a duplicatable system. That’s the main thing like so so that’s that’s the difference right when you, when you have a winning team – and you know my team is winning guys – i mean they’re doing really really well.

If you look at i’ll go to the levels and i’ll then show you guys so yeah guys in two basically a day day and a half right, i’ve made um 60 dollars plus 12 at 72, plus another 60, it’s 152 plus not as well as 144, uh Plus another 12’s, one 150 656 dollars guys just with um package, sale commissions and again the the nice thing about this about the easy bot is. You know when people do buy the package sales when when they do buy a package right, advanced or vip package, they they’re getting they’re getting a quality product right because again, easybot is a productbased company that is um offering you software and obviously the bot the product Is the bot right the more so obviously you guys know with a free package. It’s perfectly fine, i’m a free member myself right because i don’t i simply buying a package right now doesn’t make sense to me, probably in the future.

I will, when i have a lot of like at least two thousand dollars or more to trade with, like always mention, but but right now, it’s just you know, being a free member, for me is perfect. It’s fine um because it suits it suits my my budget right um. I can trade with up to two coins right now, i’m just trading with one because again um.

If i have maybe like six hundred dollars uh per coin, then then i’ll probably switch to two coins right now, i’m trading 525 dollars per coin and you’re probably wondering okay. But if you look at my buying ants, i only have okay, you can see the uni swapped at the bot board in right. I only have like about 300 worth of usdt left for the bot to buy in with which is still plenty. I mean again the market isn’t really crashing right now, but you always got to be prepared.

I guess, but i mean i can i can again. I can send this money over any time. I wish you know within a day it’s in my finance accounts.

You know i haven’t had any issues with withdrawals or anything um. You know concerning commissions, easybot pays you any every time, guys, there’s no there’s! No nonsense. There’s no! You know waiting for for your withdrawals any longer than a day um. You know things like that.

They pay you on time and if there is an issue, they always notify you, okay, we’re updating the system. I mean again it’s normal guys. We also understand we’re only four months old, so um they will will continue to do a lot of system updates, but even when you’re, three five years or ten years old they’ll continue, you know improving the system.

You know, because system updates need to be done right with anything with any software um, so so yeah guys i mean that’s. This is pretty cool and again, if you, if you’re interested in the easy bot – and you want to get the most out of your experience right again, i don’t. I only recommend the packages when, when you have enough capital, so if you’re, if you’re someone and you want to diversify your portfolio, you know trade with more than two coins at a time then consider the advance package, but i would say minimum guys, two thousand dollars Or more minimum – and i mean even if, if you have five or six thousand dollars to trade with even better because then you can like put six hundred dollars aside for each for ten different coins.

You know trading with the advanced package and you can trade it on up to two exchanges. There will be more exchanges added because, as you can see here guys with the vip package, you can only trade. You can trade with up to five exchanges, but the easy part can only trade on um on binance, binanceus and kucoin right now right so, but there will be more exchanges added guys, just be patient right again, we’re only four months old and we’re already rolling like Crazy, so so yeah guys um yeah. So i only again, i only recommend the packages.

When you have enough capital, i would say like two thousand dollars plus for the advanced, preferably more, i would say up to five or six thousand for the vip package. At least five, preferably ten thousand dollars or more you know, then you can trade with all the available coins. At the moment, i think it’s like eight to 18 different coins, but more will be added right, um, so so yeah and again you get the private oneonone call sorry guys. This is a little bit of sinus issues here.

I’M dealing with uh yeah private oneonone support calls you can trade with again five exchanges, not yet, but that will be one of the things that are available and the rest is almost the same, but as a free member guys, you have access. As you can see, i have access to the full affiliate program because i’m a free member and um, you know i get paid. If i, if i bring in people they’re using the bot – and you know they buy a package, then i get i get paid. My service fee commissions and i get paid my package sell commissions, no, no problem whatsoever right being a free member on that side.

So yeah guys. Let me just quickly show you the importance of like if you can diversify again, if you don’t have a lot of capital, don’t worry about it, guys just go with the free package like me right, i’m again get get whatever fits your budget right, but even if You have a lot of money. You just want to test out the bot.

You don’t want to get a package, that’s also fine, guys again you’re getting everyone’s getting the same bot. It’s just you’re, getting more bots. If you buy a package right and you can diversify a little more, which is important, i would say in the long term, but again in the short term, if you can’t do it i’ll, do it? Okay, i guess i’ve already made that point pretty clear. So, let’s continue so i bring up this slide.

Almost every single video or this picture um you can see guys, i mean crypto fluctuates so the the best thing if you can again um this is a company uh. This is one of the companies uh trading accounts or finance accounts. I think i’m not sure binance or cool coin um, so they have a thousand dollars on each coin, and here you can see different results. Obviously, bitcoin and ethereum are the two words performing one.

So you, actually, you want to stick with the alts, preferably if you want the best results that just what we’ve been seeing in history, guys and again, not promising any returns of that. But what i can say is um. We we we’ve seen pretty good results and this isn’t a bear market guys. This is still in a downtrending market, so this week, guys if you can um, try and attend the the friday zoom call, but i will talk more about that in like during the week.

It’s a market inside school and it will see the same of this and how it did in the last. Well, since the 10th of july. I guess you know um so yeah this isn’t these results on the downtrending market and we still did really really well right. Where other bots would be in a loss, easybot made maintained your portfolio and also made a profit, so i mean when we’re officially in the uptrending market, when you’re, officially in a bull market.

Again, it’s going to be interesting to see the returns. Maybe we can expect three four times, maybe five times five times the returns again no promises, but i’m just saying um, it’s going to be really, i mean it’s a really really exciting time to be joining the easybot. Now guys.

That’s all i’m saying so again. If you can diversify, then, if you have enough capital, then consider that because then you can take, then you can take advantage of all the market moves because again guys, like the best performing coin this month might not be the best performing coin might be the worst Performing coin next month, right, like matic, was the best performing coin in in that time frame right in that 50day timeframe. Maybe it’s gon na, maybe the next 50day timeframe it’s going to be one of the lowest right.

Maybe let’s say a coin like xmr or or um xlm is going to be the best performing one in the next 50 day period. Again, that’s crypto guys. It fluctuates. So you have to keep that in mind.

That’s that’s again. Why bring? I come back to the point of diversification um. So that’s definitely what i’m going to do.

One day when i have like enough capital to trade with upgrade to advanced or vip, i mean i’m trying, i’m gon na go for i’m gon na try and go for the founders club. I’M i’m trying. You know i’d really love to get be part of the founders club. If you want to know more about that, i have other videos on it, but uh yeah um.

Then you have to just for just on a side note guys for the uh founders club. You have to be a vip member, so but uh yeah, otherwise probably start off with advanced, eventually and then go to the vip and diversify some crypto make more so yeah all right, guys, i’m going through the package packages. Let’s just refresh this, let’s see if i made more money: okay, i’m not that lucky all right, so yeah guys uh, geez a really really really good day in terms of package sales um, my team is winning. So, oh i mean like easybot’s, been really good to me guys since i started joining.

I got sidetracked. You know a few months with with other platforms that were ended up being just being ended, up being scams and because you know, whenever you’re sending money to someone else, then there’s always a risk right with easybot. Your your trading capital is always in finance or always include coin right.

You don’t need a sender to easybot right. The only time you send money to easybod is when you want to upgrade your package right or or, if obviously for service fees, which isn’t a lot guys. I mean like in my case. I only need to leave about five dollars.

You know to cover my service fees, but probably at five dollars will probably last me at least for a month at this stage, um, so just make sure that your your money in your easybot wallet just never goes to zeros, because you know easybot has no access To your funds in your binance or coupon exchange, so you know that’s why you need to just send a little bit to the easybot wallet for those fees. Just keep that in mind, guys um all right. So, as you can see, i’m on 133 direct signups now 197, so my team is starting to get really really get get going.

Oh sh, i almost thought that was gon na show names. I don’t want to show people’s information on there. You know it’s just for their privacy, you know and respecting their privacy, so yeah 49 on level two, so i have a big leader on level two.

That’s that’s really doing well, but again, this comes back to the point guys if you’re working with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis. Right, that’s i mean the guy who signed me up, he’s a six figure earner online, the guy who basically is upline sevenfigure earner and also um another ladies also the multisevenfigure earner online. Okay.

They know how to get the stuff done and if, if you have people like that, that are supporting you all the time and you’re working with those people, obviously you have to play your part as well right. You can’t just sit back and do nothing, but but if you have that support system, then you’ll also succeed. It’s just. You know how it goes.

If you work with the right people, then you can also succeed and you know build a proper business with easy. Proper longterm business, so yeah as you guys, can see um this gentleman on level. Two is on my level.

One sorry is building big on level um on my level, two right because he’s on level one and he’s signing a bunch of people up on level two. I mean he’s pretty close to the founders club position, guys he’s gon na probably get there before me. She because he’s very determined to get to the founders club, and i know why the founders club guys is going to be very lucrative.

I mean five percent of the company’s revenue every single month, um for as long as the company’s going to be around – and i mean we haven’t – even i don’t even think we have 100 000 members yet in easybot. So i mean this: is we quickly gon na? As soon as the global expansion starts, we’re gon na probably get to, like – i don’t know like millions and millions of members, wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually get to 100 million, even a billion easybot members right um, but yeah okay. So, as you guys can see here, four advanced members now on on level, three one on level, two one on level three – and this is the thing guys when you can start getting some duplication in your team. If you, if you know i mean if you’re, if you have some affiliate marketing experience or network marketing experience – and you know when the duplication starts in your team, then then that’s that’s where you also start making a lot of money.

So you have to work with your team right if they succeed the more they succeed. The more you succeed, so it’s a winwin for everyone in that respect, right, okay, level, four, as you can see so level, two and three starting to blow up so now level. Four level five needs to start, get getting going right, um get going, and you know, as you can see, guys um.

It used to be only two levels, i’m in the beginning in the first month or two right with a package sales specifically now now they’ve made it down to 10 levels, so i mean in the long term this this is going to turn into a six seven Figure yearly annual income for you right, as you can see, i’m just going to quickly run through this package sales. So, just with the vip and advanced guys, this is i mean you can literally, even if at a one percent success rate, you can turn this into a hundred thousand dollar um. You know yearly income for you right. I mean how would extra hundred thousand dollar what would extra hundred thousand dollars a year do for you guys now ten percent success rate.

I mean you’re really looking at a million dollars a year and just you know, obviously i mean this example is probably not going to happen exactly like this. But if you manage to have 100 success rate to this example, then it’s like 10 million dollars a year, but i think guys even a 1 success rate is, is very possible. You know, if you really get down a business, then i mean you could easily well not easily, but you could you could build a six figure yearly income just for the package sales guys you haven’t even got to the service fee commissions um.

So this is the big one, guys and and as i’ve said from the start, is in the beginning, right you’re not going to see much from the service fee commissions. Because i mean you have to build pretty big and you know people actually have to actively use the bar so that you can get a portion of the service fees, but eventually guys long term. This is, this is what your income can be, not just yearly but monthly, so eventually guys when, when, if you just keep building building building, this is only 10 levels.

Deep guys, remember the service fee. Commission earnings is 20 levels deep. So this is, if you plant the seeds now right, then in a few years from now you can. You can retire from your job and do this full time if you’ve built big enough, i mean like most people if they can make like eleven eleven thousand dollars, especially in my country.

Guys is you, you basically consider if you’re earning eleven thousand dollars every month right um, then you considered one of one of the freaking one one percent of earners in the country right, um, so yeah and again guys easy body is something you can build long term Because, obviously the money is coming from the trades: it’s a product based company um. It’s not it’s, not some one of these. These silly platforms online, where there’s where they claim to trade and promise massive returns, and just you know in the background, there’s no trading going on and you know guys you know some of these platforms online are just ridiculous. That’s why i do reviews.

You know it’s like so so many 999 percent of the platforms out there is scams. That’s why easybot is a breath of fresh air, because it’s something you can build long, it’s some! Finally, something you can build long term right. So this example is basically just if based on um, if you make twenty twenty dollars per person, i think per month, something like that: um service fee commissions per bot per month – okay per bot.

So basically i guess per person per month. So i mean that’s quite a bit, but i mean eventually again guys just one percent success rate and again we haven’t even touched 11 level: 11 level. 12.

It’s just 10 levels deep. This example: 10 success rate you’re, looking at a six figure income monthly right and then again, if 100 success rate. If you can manage to get this perfect example, just 10 levels deeply looking at a million dollar income monthly, but again guys it’s 20 levels, deep, not just 10, so yeah guys massive potential, massive massive potential to build something for the long term. That will last and that’s respectable – that you don’t need to sweat and worry.

You know: are the people in your team going to lose their money tomorrow? Is the plan when’s the platform going to fall? You know if easybot disappears tomorrow. Again, your money is your money, including your team’s money, is safe and sound in their own accounts right in their own finance account. So if easy part disappears tomorrow, what’s happening, the worst case scenario is you guys are going to have your money in your binance or cool coin exchange and you’re going to have some krypto in there. That’s all right, so i mean what more can you ask for right? You got the safety.

You got the business plan. Um, you got the passive passive, um income. I mean the money printing machine right. So again, there’s a little bit for everyone.

If you just want to be an investor, you can just use the bot and let it let it do its magic on your binance or coupon exchange. If you want to do both guys again, there’s an amazing affiliate program and you can you can earn. I mean you can earn really well and again.

You you’ll have my full support and you’ll have the full support of of um. Basically, our whole success team. Ah, all right, so i know i mentioned this a lot guys, but it’s just it’s also for the new people that come to my videos.

You know, welcome you guys so um because yeah, you know i just it’s. It’s always important points for me to drive home because you know personally, i’m sick and tired of all of all the scams in the past. So so i say, um of all the online platforms, easybot has been the only one.

That’s really been good to me. The other ones are just we’re just nonsense. Platforms at all.

You know you learn from you, learn from it, you learn from it. You learn how to spot the legit ones and and the scam ones, so just keep trying guys just keep grinding. That’s all you can do um so yeah. I think that was that i think i went through the affiliate commissions and some of the trades yeah, so i’m on uni swap so, let’s see what uni swap does guys in the next see what it does today to see how much i can make.

Hopefully, i’m hoping that it just now pushes up so i can make a um. I mean it would be nice at least a one percent profit or more today. That’s what i’m hoping for even like any profit guys at this at this stage, i’m happy you know, with the current market conditions, just happy to have a passive um income vehicle like this, that’s again, generating my money um and for the new people so guys where The trading is happening and you’ll, probably if you use kucoin, you’ll, see it in your kucoin exchange. This is the binance exchange.

This is where you would normally trade right. This is normally where you would place your trades and buy some crypto. So have a look, as you can see, just notice notice these buyins right these all those one, two three finds that the bot did. Let’s go to the board, and here you go.

You see that look at the look at the time frames same thing same amount same time, frames guys how’s this for transparency, there’s no other platform online. That was that will give you this kind of transparency, and then we have the best management. Ever i mean guys really try when you have the time um attend attend the company zoom course like, and you can sp.

You can literally speak facetoface with the ceo and the ceo of the company um, which i’ve done a few times. I mean it’s such a pleasure really so yeah, that’s that’s where the trades are going on, so we’re just waiting for the bot to make some money for us to basically sell off those positions and make a profit. That’s that’s what it’s designed to do.

That’s what it’s going to keep doing for you guys hands off stressfree. You know, that’s that’s what it’s supposed to do. You don’t have to know anything about trading.

You don’t have to know anything about anything when it comes to crypto. You simply just need to connect the bot to your crypto. You simply will actually need to fund your crypto exchange right with some usdc. I connect the bot and boom your bob.

What obviously? First you need to choose a coin but choose any of the alts guys. Just don’t go with bitcoin or ethereum. Oh that’s just my personal recommendation, but you can do whatever you want with your money, just saying um all right. I think that is that um.

If you prefer good coin, you can use cool coin guys. You’Ll just see the trades happening in the coo coin exchange markets, whatever it’s trade spot trading um, you know so yeah all right, so chris real quickly, you’re gon na go compounding interest. Just um almost forgot about this. Just for fun i mean you guys are probably wondering okay, if i compound, let’s do a modest return, let’s go first to five.

Well, let’s go to seven percent, because i see a lot. They talk a lot about you know. Seven percent um in the zoom calls again it’s just uh. I don’t know it’s somehow some some percentage they worked out based on you know like an average based on all the coins based on all the market conditions, but mainly guys.

It’s it’s just a hypothetical example. Okay is no we’re not promising anything we’re just um going based on the data we’ve been seeing right. So let’s use seven percent i’ll even use five percent just and then we calculate how much can we make, and this is now what the amount? Obviously you can trade with as low as 100 dollars, guys just saying right, but you know the more the better right, because your funds are safe in your own exchange, you’re, always in control of that.

So you know for personally. For me, i don’t leave a lot of money in the bank. I basically um.

I leave my money into crypto because you know you’re not making anything in the bank you, but with this you’re making, i mean effective annual rate 125 a year safely, guys safely. So, if you’re looking to beat inflation, if you’re looking to freaking, potentially double your money every year, again no promises guys, but you know, or just basically beat inflation in that get something making put some working boots on your money. Yeah make your money work for you right, then yeah, you know, and also, if you’re tired of scams, because gee you know you just you just want to let your portfolio grow.

You don’t want to. You know, get scammed anymore. Like me, i’m tired of getting scammed seriously a lot of these uh programs, so this is real guys.

These are real results. This is like the trades that i’ve been showing you the environments and it’s real. It’s not some nonsense where we promise you fixed returns, and you know where you have to lock your funds and that i mean it’s.

You know this is where you’re, where you’re in control and you can make some money so yeah i mean okay. This is a 10year example, but again it’s it’s assuming that i i don’t add any any funds, i just let it run, and it’s assuming that i’m averaging seven percent. You know for for 10 years, every month right, which is very believable. It’s very realistic, i would say, but let’s let’s add some money, let’s say, like i add 100 bucks every month, you know treat it like.

A savings account geez, look at the difference. There, 10 years, you’re suddenly jumping from like a one point, something million to uh. 655 and you get to a million a lot sooner, just by adding in my for my example now guys the capital – i have extra 100 – quite insane, hey guys, that’s compounding interest for you just by the way um all right.

Let’s use like something like five percent. Just uh, okay, five percent, really again guys and, like i said it’s going to be interesting to see in the bull market what we can make um but yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s just use modest returns like very, very modest, returns and and see what we can get And it’s still, i mean even with modest returns, guys as you can see, i’m just compounding it. How insane this is and again the easy bot compounds with every single trade, not just you know, weekly monthly basis.

Um still, i mean you’re not going to get this from the bank 525 dollars to 183 000, and i mean in five years, you’re looking at almost 10 000 you’re the value of your money. If you keep this 525 dollars in the bank and you leave it in the in the bank for 10 years, it’ll probably be worth like 300 or something with inflation right. So just saying no, not financial advice, just you know saying from my point of view: um listen see the point of leaving money in the bank if it’s just going to lose its value and if these legit ways why you can make a lot more money, uh. Okay, so, let’s quickly add 100 yeah.

I like doing this guys, it’s just i’m a numbers guy, so it’s just fun: okay, you’re almost sitting at a million after 10 years, if you just add a 100 bucks again going by this example, with with my with the amount of capital i got in um In my finance account obviously she’s looking at pretty solid returns here so yeah guys. That is that, if you want to know more about the easybot, then you can simply just go through my channel. There’s a nice back testing video there.

This is, if you, this, is also brilliant video from susan she’s, one of my um basically uplines, also like i said, multiseven figure earner online um she’s, one of the people, i’m working with and again just helping me a bunch so uh, let’s go i’ll talk a Little bit about the founders club very like if you’re serious about building a team, guys look at the founders club um. Here’s a brilliant explanation of the affiliate rewards program, full easy bot company overview, so yeah guys just have at it and um yeah as usual. Guys all my sign up link is in the description below this video um.

I also have a link to my telegram group right to my channel and to my chat group, so feel free to join that i’ll share all my team resources. All my team resources on here, um, so yeah guys feel free to join that as well, and oh yeah feel free to reach out to me personally as well guys. My phone number is below for whatsapp all right anytime, guys all right, um as usual, have a good one.


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