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What’s going on? Well, it’s me andre kettner, here from west palm beach florida. So i want to talk about easy. Buy all right.

Easy buy is a brand new, automated crypto trading bot that will trade for you in the crypto space in the crypto market, okay and by the way, guys uh. Just let you guys know if you do decide to join me in easybot um when you come in at the advanced level or the vip level um, you automatically get my five different trading bots, that’s going to actually trade for you in the forex market, all right! So, on top of the the crypto bot that easybot gives you you’re gon na get five additional trading, bots gon na actually trade for you in the forex market, which is which is gon na. Allow you to take advantage of both uh uh.

EazyBot overview

Both worlds of you know, you’re gon na be taking advantage of crypto, taking advantage of uh you’re gon na be earning profits in the crypto space. You’re gon na be earning um profits in the forex space, all right now, um, if you don’t know, um the two packages that i’m talking about in order for you to the two packages that i’m talking about for you to join in order for you to get Access to my trading bots are one is called the advanced level which is 250 one time annually and then there’s a vip level. That’s about 995 dollars uh annually. Okay, so you have to come in at uh one of those packages and not only that i’m gon na allow you to give away my trading buy.

My five different trading blocks is going to actually trade for you in the forex market. That’s doing pretty pretty pretty! Well, um. I want to also allow you to give it away to other people to help build your team if you want to also refer people to easy by telling you right now, if you take advantage of my trading bots and you give the give away the trading bots As a bonus like i am doing, i’m telling you you’re going to be bringing a lot of people into easybot, which is which has a amazing amazing, amazing, affiliate program, and it can help you make a lot of passive income a lot of money when it comes To the compensation plan of easy buy, but um you don’t have to recruit, you don’t have to sell people anything or anything like that to make money with easy buy.

You can just invest the money, invest your money into this uh, but, and it will trade for you – and you just make your money passively just by doing that. Okay, so real, quick! Let’s go through these slides, real quick, i’m not gon na go through all of them, but i’m gon na go through some of them. Okay, so uh before we even get into much details, uh got to read the disclosure here, all right.

All information presented all information presented here, um is for information purposes. Only presenters are not financial advisors, especially i’m i’m not a financial advisor myself. All presenters opinions are their own and is not intended to be substitute for financial investment advice. Okay, past results are not in um, not in dictative of future results.

Okay, so just want to say that real, quick, okay, now um, you might be wondering who’s the founder of uh easybot. Well, his name is muhammad ali he’s the founder and the ceo um. The offer i think that the main office is based out of dubai.

Okay and easybot’s mission is to accelerating and easy transitions and into the crypto by providing an opportunity to everyone. Okay, all right and their vision is basically creating a bridge to future um through technology and crypto, and their values are service, integrity, trust, respect, leadership, commitment, patient quality, gratitude and consistency. Okay, so easy buy is a automated crypto trading bot um, that’s going to trade! For you in the crypto market and it’s ideal for new traders and perfect for advanced um traders, all right you’re going to learn a lot more um a lot more details on why this is perfect for advanced uh, crypto traders.

Okay, now easybot is gon na is basically gon na. Allow you to earn consistent, profitable returns. Um you’re gon na be able to this is gon na. Allow you and put you in a position to trade confidently and uh.

It’s going to help you build build help. You build a passive income and it’s going to allow you to withdraw profits at any time. You know some of these opportunities. You can’t withdraw your profits at any time.

Well, with easybot you’re you’re, you have access to your pr, your your um, your investment. At any time, okay, you can withdraw at any time and there’s no exp. No experience needed all right.

You don’t need experience to participate into the crypto space. Okay when it comes to this trading pack, all right now easy by. They have an easy oneclick strategies. Um setup right: you don’t have to be an expert trade uh expert to trade like one, whether you’re a beginner or advanced user.

There is no need to spend countless hours. Tinkering with uh perimeter, settings and strategies with easybot proven one click strategy, a click trading strategy setup. You can be up and running, closing profitable trades in no time so this is going to like make it super super super super easy for you all.

I think all you got to do is just click a button and it’s going to automatically start trading for you. Okay, uh easybot is going to be uh, be able to it’s going to be able to sustain a 50 uh market drop all right, so uh. The trading bot is going to put you in a position where um you’re going to be making consistent profits, even if the market is going down.

That’s that’s the thing that i like about this as well like and from the presentation. They said that you never they never close out a losing trade, so you’re gon na always they’re gon na always close out winning trades. Okay, so you don’t have to worry about um, losing any crypto trades at all, they’re, only gon na close out winning trades. Okay.

So um they say that they say this, they say: watch your profits go up. Even when the market is going down, the crypto markets are very volatile. Even when there are drops of fifty percent or more easy buy is a uh is designed to continue to trade and make profit for you.

No need to wait for the market to correct easybot can close trades and profit continually doing the most uh severe drop. So, don’t worry, don’t worry if bitcoin or crypto space do a big big, big big drop in the market, you’re still going to be positioned in the position to earn um good profits from the trading bite. Okay, now um right now it says right here.

This slide right here says only profitable trades ever right, never close a losing trade again easy by is program to respond to any uh market condition, keeping you safe from the worst possible scenario, taking losses with easy buy in control. You’Ll never have to worry about. Taking a losing trade ever all right, that’s what i said. Remember, that’s that’s the main thing, that’s one of the main things that i like about this opportunity.

Even if the market goes down and it dips, 50 60 percent down you’re still going to be in a position to win trades, all right easy buy is going to put you in a position to still make profitable um returns. Okay, even when the market is down. So easy automatically compounding all right, accelerating your earning potential on autopilot right with easy, bots automatically automatic, compounding futures selected you’ll be able to grow your crypto earnings faster than ever easy black will take all the funds it earns for you and automatically add them to the Calculations of available funds for future trade, so this is perfect for people that just want to set it and forget it and they want to uh just put their. You know, put their investment on on automotive, compounding um settings and set it and forget it.

Okay. This is perfect for you, guys: okay, now um you guys gon na be able to uh customize, for so this is for the advanced users. If you’re you’ll be able to customize uh your strategy, all right, if you have a strategy you can use, it use your control.

You have control of this all right with easy by uh, numerous uh custom custom settings you’re in uh total control of your trading strategy. Right, whether you’re a day trader, a scalper or just tinkering, easy black puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to modify existing strategies or create your own okay. So this is this. The easy way is going to allow you for you, advanced uh traders to um, create your own okay, create your own, based on your strategy.

Okay, now getting started with uh easybot is very, very easy. Uh you all you got to do is just start. You know, basically, as you can see on the slide right here, it says, start trading with easy black for free all right, so people can join by by the way, i’m going to leave a link in the description box below. If you want to get started.

Remember, like i said if you join me in easybot um you’re, going to get asked if well, if you come in at the advanced package in the vip package, you’re going to automatically get my trading by and not only that, i’m going to allow you to give Away my trading bots to other people that join you and our team in easy fight. Okay, but for the free you can start, you can start for free, like literally you just want to test it test it out or you want to come in for free. But if you’re a action ticket like me, you’ll you’ll go ahead and start at the vip package, which is 995 dollars one time annually, but you can start trading for free with easybot. Creating an account is very simple and easy with our free forever package.

All you got ta do, is click the link in description box below and go ahead and register your free account and then, whenever uh easybot launches, then you can go ahead and um. You know start off with. You know, start start off with investment. I recommend having at least about six hundred dollars in your trading account to start.

You know, trading with easybot, but uh once you uh create a free account. All you got ta do is open and connect your crypto account. Trade funds in your crypto account.

Easybot will never have access to your funds. That’s that’s! That’s perfect. I don’t want any company having access to my funds, all right. That’s the thing i like about this opportunity and also um after that.

You then just start trading with one click. All right, uh choose the oneclick trade strategy and you’ll be uh trading in no time. Okay, now uh.

Here’s some of the more here are some of the benefits of uh easybot uh. It’s. They have a 24 7 automated trading bot uh. They have an easy oneclick strategy setting.

They have automatically compound option, uh customizable for advanced users and perfect for small or large accounts and you’ll be able to get started for free. But, like i said, i highly recommend that you come in either at the vip package or the the vip package, because you’re going to get automatically getting my five different trading buys and i’m going to allow you to give away give away my trading bots to other People that join you in easybot as well. Okay, so, as you can see, these are the three packages here. The free package is gon na.

Allow you to you know trade up the two coins, one of course you’re gon na get the oneclick strategy set up guys and tutorials you’re gon na earn, as you can be, you’re gon na be able to earn as an affiliate at the free level. Too. That’s another, that’s another thing like: let’s say that you don’t have any money you want to come in and just refer people, so you can earn the money to put into your um your account. You can do that.

You can come in as a free member and start promoting this okay um before the advance package is 250 one time they have a 20 software service fee for trade um. You know you’re going to be able to uh trade up to 10 coins. You’re gon na, of course, get the one click strategy set up guys and tutorial earn as an affiliate straight up.

The two two exchanges you’re gon na get group support, calls group support, calls and training, professional marketing, app and, of course, the vip package, which i highly recommend. Please please, if, if you got it just come in at the vip package, get it out the way. So you can push this in yourself to earn as much as you can. Okay, this is going to allow you to trade all available coins.

Okay, that’s why that’s why i highly recommend you come in at the vip package, because it’s going to put you in a position to trade, all the available coins, okay and you’re, pushing it’s going to push yourself to make more money, okay and then, of course, uh Easy uh easy buy, has an amazing affiliate program. I got ta go over everything, but i’m gon na go over the basic uh affiliate program. Like i said, all you got, ta do, is click the link in description box below and go over the website and then you’ll learn more about the affiliate program, but um the easy buy has a twotier affiliate program, okay, um and of course we all know about The annual packages, the three packages right, the the free package, the advanced package and the vip package.

Well, whenever somebody joins you um, you know come in at the the vip pack uh or come in at the you know: advance package you’re gon na receive a hundred dollars in usdt all right automatically all right and then, if uh somebody, if that person brings somebody Else in on your second level, uh you’re gon na earn twenty five dollars on usdt. That’s if somebody come in and join you at the advanced level. Okay, that’s a onetime, um annual thing, okay, so uh when it comes to the vip package. When somebody comes in and join and they choose a vip package, you’re gon na earn 398 dollars in usdt.

If that person goes out and brings somebody in on your second level, you’re going to earn 99 in usdt. So it’s a two: let’s it’s a twotier level. Um program um this also we’re gon na also be earning um percentages off of the service fee.

I’M not gon na go over too much. All that, like i said, there’s like all you got ta do. Is click the link in description box below go to that website? Um.

You know and learn more about the affiliate program. Um. They explain it a lot better than um.

How i’m going to explain it, but um you’ll, be we’ll be earning from eight percent on our first level and two three 3 on my second level, and they also have um other ways that we get paid. The families club like like, like i’m, telling you this. I’M telling you guys if you want to make a lot of money right, the in the next six months.

I i highly recommend that you not only take advantage of the the crypto automated the automated crypto trading block, but also take advantage of referring others to this platform, because it’s gon na position to you. It’s going to position you to make a lot of money, and it’s going to um you’re, going to be going to be positioned to position to make a um to make whatever they make all right, so whatever they make you’re going to earn a percentage off with That so um it’s it’s insane! All you got ta do is just click the link in description box below and watch that that that presentation, and also check out the affiliate program, video and you’ll, fully understand what i’m talking about how powerful this is and how we can make a lot of money. In this opportunity, okay, but guys like i said if you join me in the – if you join me in the easybot program right and you come in at the advanced uh package or the vip package, you automatically get my trading bot, that’s gon na actually trade. For you, in the forex market, you’re going to get five trading bots all right, five different trading bots, that’s going to actually trade for you in the forex market and then um.

I might also have a lot more other bonuses that i’m going to be giving away. But for right now those though that’s the major bonus that i’m giving away nobody that’s promoting easy buy, is going to give you five different trading parts. No one! Okay, no one is going to ever do that.

Okay, so i’m the only person. That’s going to do that, so that’s why you should join my team instead of anybody else. Okay, so with that being said, click the link in the description box below go ahead and get started, go ahead and create a free, uh uh go ahead and register for free, go ahead and create your account that way you can be in and then um. You know um come in at the vip come in at the vip package.

If you can, if not just come in at the at least at minimum, come in at the advanced package and you’ll be good to go and you’ll be able to get my uh. All of my trading box, okay and yeah with that being said, i’ll see you guys on another video, i’m gon na keep you guys updated on this one on this opportunity, i’m going to be going hard with this opportunity, i’m going to be promoting this hard, and I feel like you, should do the same. All right so see you guys on another video.

Take care.

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