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Way but let’s jump into today’s presentation, we are talking about crypto made easy and we are doing that through a an amazing product and an amazing company called easybot. Today we’re going to spend some time in a presentation and discussion. That’s going to help you to understand how we are reshaping the future of crypto trading, all right, so it’s uh before we get going. Let’s make sure that we cover some important information here, and that is that all information presented here is for informational purposes.

Only the presenters are not financial advisors. All presenters opinions are their own and is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice and we’re going to talk about some past results, but just keep in mind. They are not indicative of future results.

Eazy Bot Official

All right. Having said that, i think it’s important that we open this discussion with an understanding of our story who we are and why that matters. So what do we mean when we say crypto made easy? Well, it’s more than a catchy slogan.

This is our mantra, and it is our story see for too many people. Crypto is hard. It can be difficult to learn, confusing to understand and laden with risk. Easybot was born from this struggle.

You see during the spring of 2021, ceo and founder muhammad ali was confronted with these realities. Having stumbled through his own challenges and losses. He saw the potential of an automated crypto trade.

He saw the potential of automated crypto trading. He was introduced to a solution that performed well at first, but as the market took a massive drop, everything changed. He and those he introduced to this platform were no longer experiencing the best of crypto and no longer making profits.

But when problems inspire solutions, genius is born and so unwilling to allow his friends to sit in frustration and panic. Muhammad went to work. He leaned into his professional training as an engineer and his passion for numbers. He began developing a strategy that eventually saw their trades and portfolios begin to grow again and perform again over the next few months that winning strategy evolved beyond the capabilities of the platform he was using and the vision for easybot was born.

Now easybot is special. It’s powered by amazing technology and brilliant strategy. However, what makes easybot most special to us is the people and the problems that it was designed to solve.

We believe that crypto is the future and it doesn’t have to be hard, so we made it easy inspired by a quote from albert einstein that we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them uh, we present to you eazybot and our Ceo and founder muhammad ali standing here in our corporate offices in dubai, our mission in easybot is to accelerate an easy transition into crypto by providing an opportunity to everyone. Our vision is to create a bridge to the future through technology and crypto. We believe that the world is going to change and crypto is going to be at the center of that transformation, and so we’re very focused on how we build the company and the values that that make up the foundation of that company. That foundation is built on service, integrity, trust, respect, leadership, commitment, patience, quality, gratitude and consistency, and i believe that, as you experience easybot and as you experience, the leadership and the community around us you’ll recognize these values coming through all right.

So, let’s talk about why we’re here today, uh we’re talking about easybot and easybot – is an automated crypto trading platform. It is ideal for new traders and perfect for advanced traders at its core. We make investing in crypto easy easy bot puts you in control.

It gives you consistent, profitable returns. It allows you to trade crypto confidently. It will help you to build passive income. You can withdraw your profits at any time and you can use easybot, even if you have absolutely no experience now at the center of this amazing product, and what makes it easy is something we call our one click strategy.

In one click, you can set up a strategy that will start working and making profits for you, meaning that you don’t have to be an expert in order to trade like one, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user. There is no need to spend countless hours. Tinkering with parameters, settings and strategies with easybot’s proven oneclick trading strategy set up. You can be up and running and closing profitable trades.

In no time easy bite is designed to sustain a 50 plus market drop watch. Your profits go up even when the market is going down. You see the crypto markets are volatile, even when there are drops or 50 or more easybot is intelligent intelligently, designed to continue to trade and make profits for you.

There’s no need to wait for the market to correct itself. Easybox can close trades in profit continually during the most severe drops. You’re gon na you’re gon na be excited to know that easybot only makes profitable trades ever you’ll, never close the losing trade again.

If you’re, using easybot, it’s intelligently, designed intelligently, programmed to respond to any market condition, keeping you safe from the worst possible scenario, taking losses with easybot in control, you’ll never have to worry about taking a losing trade ever again. The feature that we’re probably most proud of and most excited about is easy automatic compounding, because this is going to help you to accelerate your earning potential and to do it on autopilot, with easybot’s automatic compounding feature selected you’ll be able to grow your crypto earnings faster Than ever, easybot will take the funds it earns for you and automatically add them to the calculations of available funds for future trades. That is genius all right so for our advanced users, you’re going to be happy to know that it is customizable for you, so you can develop your own strategy and maintain total control of how you’re trading with easybot’s numerous customizable settings you’re. In total control of your trading strategy, whether you’re day trading, scalping or just tinkering easybot puts you in the driver’s seat, with the ability to modify existing strategies or to create your own.

So getting started with easybot is easy. You can start trading with easybot absolutely free. Creating an account is simple and easy.

With our free forever package, then you’re just going to open an account you’re going to open your crypto account you’re going to trade funds in your crypto account. Easybot. Never ever has access to those funds that you’re trading, then you can get started with our oneclick strategy, choose the oneclick strategy and you’ll be trading in minutes, so quick, summary and review of what you’re getting when you start with easybot 24 hours a day. Seven days a week, you’ve got powerful ai technology trading.

For you, you can get started without any experience or any knowhow with an easy oneclick strategy setup, and you can automatically compound your earnings, whether you’re, a new user using the oneclick strategy or an advanced user for advanced users. You’re going to love the customization that you have in easybot and it’s perfect for small or large investments for large accounts and it’s a you’re able to get started for free. So let’s talk about the three different packages that are available in easy back. We’Ve mentioned the free package a couple of times, so our our entry package is absolutely free forever.

With that free package. Here’s what you get you can trade up to two coins. At a time you can trade on one exchange, you get access to the oneclick strategy, setup group support calls guides and tutorials group support, calls and training. You can earn as an affiliate and you’ve got a you’ve got a professional marketing.

App that’s available to you now. When easybot closes on a trade, the way that it works is you’re going to give it 30 of the profit made on that trade. So, if easybot makes a dollar you’re going to give it 30 cents we’ll talk about how that happens here shortly. In just a moment, that’s on our free package on our advanced package.

Here’s what you get you can trade up to 10 coins on the advanced package. You can trade on up to two different exchanges. At the same time, you’ve got access to that oneclick strategy. Setup group support calls training, guides and tutorials access to our affiliate program and the marketing app to support you that advanced package is 250 annually and then finally, our vip package, 995 annual and both the advanced and vip package instead of the 30.

It’s only 20 that you’re sharing back with easybot well on the vip package you get to trade all available coins at launch, we’ll have 21 coins that you can choose from this package is really perfect for our advanced traders or those who have larger accounts. You can trade on five different exchanges at the same time and you get access to private oneonone support, maybe one of the most important features of the vip package for those who, like that oneonone support you get access to oneonone support. Of course, you’ve got the oneclick strategy set up as well guys tutorials and our marketing app, so everybody can start for free. In fact, everybody does start for free and once you’re once you’ve created your account after we have launched and we’ve gone live, you will be able to upgrade right within the app choose the package that makes best sense for you all right.

So that’s it. We’Ve come to the point where we’ll spit: what’s up and we’ll take some questions. Uh normally at this point for those of us on the call today we will, we will pretty much wrap our presentation and we’ll go into a q a for today’s purposes. I’M going to go through i’m going to keep going and go through our compensation plan and then we’ll come back and we’ll take questions about all of it all right.

So we do have an easy, twotier affiliate program. Uh. We, like the term affiliate program by the way, because you know some people have a feeling about network marketing uh. It is what it is, but we call it our easy twotier affiliate program where you can accelerate your earnings by referring others.

So there are a couple of different ways that you can earn and they’re all very, very generous. The first one is on the annual package sales. So when a new member subscribes or renews using your unique affiliate, link you’re earning a couple of different ways when an advanced package is sold, you’re going to earn a hundred dollars when a vip package is sold using your affiliate link, you’ll earn 398.

Now, when one of your direct referrals sells an advanced package or vip package, you earn an override on that’s your level. That’s indicated by level two and the advanced package. When one of your direct referrals sells an advanced package, you earn 25 and when, when one of your direct referrals sells a vip package, you earn 99 so great opportunity for some passive income.

As you start having your team and your directs building out their teams, you’ll start to see income and commissions show up that. You haven’t even personally worked for all right, so that opens us up to our software service fee commission. So we talked just a moment ago about the 30 and the twenty percent, thirty percent, if you’re on a free account.

That’s given back to easy twenty percent on the advanced and the vip package. Here’s where you can maximize your earnings by building a team. You earn a percentage of all the software service fees that are paid by everyone in your organization. Everyone in your team.

Now it’s very, very easy to understand level. One through five pays: eight percent level, six through 18, pays one percent and level 19 and 05. So, let’s talk about how you qualify qualification is super easy to understand you open up additional levels that you can get paid on.

Every time you introduce a new person to easybot. So if you look at the graph on the right, you’ll notice, level ones through 20 and the qualifications on the right so to open up level, one all you have to do is actually sign up you. Actually, we probably should correct that you are qualified immediately to earn on your level ones. Everybody you directly refer level two requires one paid direct.

So once you’ve enrolled one person, you can earn off of the people that they enroll to open up levels. Three and four: you simply need to enroll two paid directs now paid direct means that they need to be subscribed to a vip or annual package. Okay, so oh signing up free members will not open up the additional levels of commission and so forth and so on. As you go to and to get access to levels, five and six, you need three paid directs, seven and eight four, all the way down through level 20 to get to the to get all 20 levels of the compensation plan open for you.

It is only 10 people direct to you that you’re required to introduce the easy bot and you have the full breadth of all earning potential on the software service fee commission levels, one through five, are really powerful. That’s a total of forty percent that you get paid on that organization. All kinds of potential can happen in there we’ll jump in to talk about what those numbers might look like all right, uh. Let’s talk about something, that’s really very important and very exciting, because some of you guys are on the call uh.

Some of your builders coach mentioned uh, michael michael’s, building a big team. What if you introduced a person like michael, you might not be a big builder? Maybe you are either way you have the opportunity to take advantage of the ssf. Ssf stands again for software service fee. The ssf matching bonus means that on the people that you’ve directly introduced and that second level, the folks that they’ve introduced, you actually get to earn a percentage of their earnings.

So when you’re level, one you’re earning eight percent of their total earnings. So, for example, if you have a person on your level, one, that’s a that’s building a big organization and their income, their their monthly paycheck, for example, is a hundred thousand dollars your level. One commission, as a matching bonus, is eight percent or eight thousand dollars on your level.

Two, if you had a person on your level two same scenario, they were earning say a hundred thousand dollars. Just off of this matching bonus, you would be earning three thousand dollars if nothing else guys. I think this is an important reason why you should continue to share this story with others coach used to say something i haven’t heard you say in the wild coach, but you used to say it all the time every stud knows or every dud knows a stud. I messed it up, every dud knows a stud, and so you never know who you’re talking to you, never know what opportunities or what inspires a person.

You never know what circumstances are happening in a person’s life. You never know what might be possible if you simply share the story with others, and so this matching bonus, i think, is an amazing opportunity because there’s absolutely no qualification for it. You get it immediately. You get it immediately.

The minute you introduce a person and they go to work, you start getting that magic bonus, so definitely an encouragement for you to start sharing. I want to go through a couple of qualifications and notes just so that we’re clear on exactly how this works uh, the easy but the i’m sorry, the software service fee commissions are paid through 20 levels. Each paid personal referrals opens two levels of commission eligibility. So i’m going to go through a couple of examples, so if you refer one paid member you’re qualified, then to earn levels, one and levels, two, let’s say: if you refer five paid members now you’re qualified to earn from level one through ten.

If you refer 10 paid members, you’re qualified to earn from all 20 levels on your team’s ssf, now here’s something that’s incredibly unique and very exciting, and hopefully this inspires both you and your team to keep going, and that is that there’s never any lost commissions. There’s no breakage that goes back to the company. What that means is that any commissions earned on levels you’re not yet qualified for are held for you in a reserved wallet and once you’re qualified those reserve commissions are paid to you.

So here’s an example: you have personally referred. Three paid members making you eligible for commissions through level 6. Any ssf commissions generated on levels 7 through 20, will not be distributed to you, but they’re held in this reserve wallet, as you continue to add paid personal referrals. That commission that’s being held for you, will be released to you.

That’s a really powerful incentive for you to continue going guys. I believe that hitting 10 personal referrals is achievable for every single person on this call and what’s powerful coach used to say something uh to us, so that that is that every that the average person in a network marketing affiliate marketing company is going to introduce two And a half people these: these are the statistics now what, if of those people that you’re introducing, they actually saw a wallet a kitty, that’s sitting there for them with potential additional earnings. What if we could push them beyond the two and a half? What if we can help you grow your organization by helping your people, see the potential of continuing to keep going? That’s what we’ve done and that’s what we’re continuing to do we’ll do that by providing tools.

We’Ve done that by providing inspiration in the compensation plan and being really really aggressive in the way that the company’s paying well, it’s not what’s not referenced here, uh, oh we’ll get to that. In just a moment. We’Ve got a pool, that’s important for us to talk about.

I think we’ve been talking about this quite a bit, so you guys that are on the call, probably all know about it, but it’s definitely worth spending some time on. This is one of two tools that we have uh that you have access to if you’re on this call right now, this is a pool that you could potentially qualify for. This tool represents five percent of all the company’s revenue. Qualifications are super simple, maybe too simple, but they are what they are.

Here’s the qualifications, you you have to be one of the first 1 000 members to accomplish the following: sponsor three members who have purchased an advanced or vip package and are trading with at least six hundred dollars in their account number two. You need to help those three that you’ve personally introduced sponsor three members who are either advanced or vip subscribers and trading at least six hundred dollars in their account. And then you personally need to be subscribed to a vip package and trading at least six hundred dollars. In your account, super simple, easy, actually there’s another pool that we haven’t yet that we haven’t yet defined for the purposes of this presentation uh.

But that is also coming and that’s really designed for those who are building big teams even more, even more opportunity to earn. As part of this amazing amazing company, so look out for more information coming about that in the next couple of days. This is the entire presentation guys this is easybot and it is crypto made easy thanks. You

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