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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video uh. Today, i’m going to talk about the official announcement that i just received today concerning um the bot launch. You know, because everyone’s wondering okay, when is the bot going to get going right um? When am i going to be able to trade all that kind of stuff, uh? Well, when’s the bot going to be able to trade? For me, that’s more correct statement right because the bot does all the trading.

You don’t have to do a thing right. That’s, hence that why you want the bot right and again it’s a free bot, so um yeah, let me get into it. So this is what i got. I got a pdf file right here.

Eazy Bot Official Launch

The official launch announcement um march 22nd 2022 easybot launch announcement phase two march um, 23, 23, 23rd march 2022 um. It says here we are excited to announce the opening of phase two of the easybot launch. Um. Our growth over the past few weeks has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Thank you to everyone who has been so enthusiastic and supportive of easybot’s vision. We are now almost at 20, 000 registered members, wow, that’s amazing and we haven’t even we haven’t even launched fully. Yet that’s incredible. Please take note of the following important announcement and updates.

We will begin taking deposits for account upgrades within the next 24 hours. Those which wish to purchase an advanced or vip package will be able to do so. By clicking add funds in your easybot back office.

Please be sure to follow the onscreen instructions closely when adding funds. Okay live trading will begin on monday march 28th for advanced and vip members. Only three members will be able to start trading by thursday march 31st, all right guys, so i’m just going to stop quickly. There um so don’t worry about buying these um the advanced or vip packages right right now, because it’s really, if you especially if you don’t have the money, it’s really not necessary, i mean you do get some benefits here and there, but i mean everyone gets the Same bot to trade with okay, there’s, no discrimination here between um, the free members and and at the advanced vip members concerning the bot specifically right, everyone gets the same bot.

So, as i read here, we will initially initially limit the total number of bots each each membership level can trade to see. So here it is vip. Three bots, that’s the 995 dollar.

Basically a thousand dollar package, the advanced two bots. So that’s the 250 dollar package and then the free package, one bot – but i mean guys – you only really need one bot in any case. So hence what i said. Yes, you do get more benefits, but but then it says here um we will increase these limits.

Incrementally, over the following two to three weeks as we monitor server load um, our goal is to have seamless experience for all users with no downtime. We are in the process process of upgrading our service, provide uh to provide additional capacity and flexibility, while also providing increased security. This migration is ongoing and will be complete for our fullscale launch next week, so guys, even so, it’s a great it’s going to be a gradual, um rolling out right because again, like i just mentioned they have to upgrade servers. They have to make sure that the serv that the system is running optimal, uh optimally right at its best.

Otherwise um there’s going to be issues and we don’t want issues guys. So again everything is going well, but but they are being smart about it and making sure that everything is running perfectly for us. So i’m sure i don’t know, i don’t know if the free package is going to receive one bottle more, but again guys that shouldn’t that shouldn’t bother you because again that’s one bot is all you need right, because that’s all i’ve been saying. In any case, i didn’t know that that advance in the vip package gets two bots and three bots, but again it doesn’t it doesn’t matter.

Um you’ll still have the same bot right. The same settings um that the ceo set it on um and yeah you’ll be able to trade with at least two coins with the free bot, which i mean you only really need a trade with one with one coin. To be honest, like i personally, i’m looking at bitcoin and ethereum, because it’s the two most traded coins but there’s other coins as well.

Guys again, you can just you can trade with whatever coin suits you right, you can just connect the bot just select what coin you want to buy to trade it and it will trade with it for you, obviously, in the safety of your own binance wallet, finance Account coinbase pro con and many more will be added in the future and here’s again what they, what they say: um so founders club update prequalified for founders club without the trading requirement. We are delaying the trading requirements until april 30, because this is specifically now take note guys. This is for founders.

This isn’t for us as the free members, the vips or the advanced members. Okay. So we are delaying the trading requirement until april 30. Uh 2022.

Right during this time we will add at least one additional crypto exchange option. There are members around various parts of the world. You cannot have access to trade on binancecom or coinbase pro right and it’s gon na stop there again.

I am aware of that because i have two gentlemen in my team that are from america um shout out to them shout out to all my new team members. Well, shout out to everyone in my team, it’s great to have you all on board and yeah anyways, so uh the problem that they are having is because i believe in some states in america um they cannot use binance, don’t know why but yeah, but they can Use coinbase pro so um the guys sending, i think, um. What i heard on this was on the zoom cooldown right.

Eazy Bot Official Launch Announcement

What i heard is they will try to make usdc instead of usdt they’ll try to make usdc available for the guys on coinbase pro only right. So the guys like myself using binance, we’ll send you a usdt with um the tron, the trc network chain right we’ll send that to or we’ll sorry we’ll be trading with that all right um. So these guys on coinbase pro they’ll be trading with usdc. As far as i understand, but further further updates about that will will be known in the next few days or the next week or so um, but yeah, i’m just telling you guys it’s good news.

They are working for my teammates. If you are listening right now, but uh, especially as two gentlemen from america, they are, they are getting coined, but coinbase pro ready for you guys, um. We want everyone to have an opportunity to fully participate in qualifying for the founders club.

So, in the next few weeks our team is working feverishly to add at least one additional exchange with a second to follow shortly behind all right, obviously yeah. So the one they’re gon na add is coinbase pro and then next one. I don’t know what what next one it could be.

The third one could be how we could be kraken could be ftx, we’ll see right, remember guys. Just keep in mind, be patient. The company is the beginning of the beginning guys, but you should be excited about that, because i mean years from now once you once you’ve made a lot of money with the bot. You can also tell people with pride that you, you were part of part of this company when it started right.

You use this. This revolutionary bot, that’s gon na change, a lot of lives. You used it um when like when it before it even started. You were a part of it, so how great is that okay? So this means that you can secure your founders club position with the required three by three 12person structure.

You have upgraded to advanced vip subscription um. I do talk about this in my previous videos. More detail, beginning may 1st 2022. We will require that your founders club qualifying structure must also be a trading minimum minimum of at least 600, which is obviously in your own crypto wallets, like binance coinbase pro and menus to follow um, because that’s where the bots gon na trade, this guys um.

If you don’t know, it’s gon na train in the safety of your own uh wallet exchange, which is about your own crypto exchange, is about just as safe as it would be in your bank account. So if this requirement is not met, you will forfeit your position in the founders club and it will be given to the next qualifying member on a first to qualified basis, package sales commissions withdrawals begin the sunday march 27th, 2022 advanced and vip member commission distributions and Withdrawals will be done on a weekly basis. Every sunday beginning this coming sunday, we will publish additional information on how to request a withdrawal.

In the coming days, software service fee commissions will be distributed every two weeks. Our initial date for for distribution will be announced in the coming days. For now you will not see the ssf commissions in your wallet until the day of um distribution. The easybotcom website, not just the login page, will be live next week.

Guys. So just keep that in mind, because some of you have probably gone to the official website and just say: oh there’s, only a login page um. The whole website will be live next week because, again guys like, like i keep saying the company hasn’t officially launched it.

It’s still it’s still like very early days, but the fact that everything is working so long and like again guys if you join the zoom meetings, all my links are below sign up, link um. You know links to link the link to the zoom meetings um when the zoom meetings are going to be. When you attend the zoo meetings, then you’ll then you’ll see what’s happening behind the scenes.

It’s really incredible what they are doing: um yeah, so just just attend guys. If you want to see the broader picture as well, the marketing platform will follow shortly behind it. A lot is happening and we are excited to take these next few steps together.

Stay tuned for more important announcements and updates over the coming days, yeah and obviously i’ll be here to update you guys so right guys, yeah, like i said behind the scenes that are doing great things um, you should see the people on there like just just the Whole plethora, um a whole list of seven figures: six finger owners in the online space. It’s amazing right, um, it’s great to see, and it’s great to talk to those guys, it’s great to um. You know absorb every every bit of what they say.

You know the good information that you’re getting, because you know that you got to watch out the company that you keep right. If you keep company with successful people, chances are you’ll, also be successful right. So it’s just it’s just a little.

It’s just very great. I mean, like always, i i always walk off with the smile after every zoo meeting. It’s just amazing um. Another thing is yeah.

Like i always mentioned again, all my links are below the video guys um. My phone number is also, if you want to reach out to me personally on whatsapp, feel free all right, um and yeah guys. I think that’s that’s about it for this video um i’ll again, like i said i’ll update you guys if there’s further things that are going to happen um, you know, because there’s going to be a lot of updates in the next few days or weeks. I will.

I will surely update you guys just stay tuned on my channel, so don’t forget to like this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate the support. As always, and just have a good one guys see you guys on the next video cheers.


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