Eazy Bot Live Trading Results and Strategy Explanation.πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡

Okay: here’s a quick video showing you guys how this bot has been performing um during the downtrend and taking profits at the uh lower price points. Okay, so we started off with the initial buy of at the 1934 price, as you can see on top here, and then we took the first cover at 1899 price, and then we took the second eighteen cover and ten cents, as you can see, the covers on The right there and that eighteen dollars and ten cent cover was triggered at a minus five percent drop from the previous point previous cover, then we took the third cover. I believe here yeah at 1646 and we bought um four times. Okay, so that that is the top three covers, which is part of the martingale strategy according to the setup and then below that are all independent covers, as you can see, 1625 1611 buy and buy and then there’s a cell.

So all of these independent covers are bought and sold, bought and sold. You can see cover five cover. Six cover, seven then sold cover seven sold cover.

Eazy Bot Live Trading

Six bought cover six again um bought cover, seven sold cover, seven sold cover six bought cover, six bought cover, seven sold cover, seven uh bought cover seven again sold cover seven sold cover six, so cover five bought cover. Five again bought cover. Six bought cover, seven sold.

Seven uh bought seven bought eight bought nine sold nine sold eight sold seven sold six and bought about six and sold six and it keeps going again bought six bought seven bought eight sold. Eight sold seven sold six sold five sold four, so we it went all the way back up and uh took cover four sold it again, as you can see, went up and down up and down below the uh. The top four positions, which was the mark, which is the martingale so we’re just buying and selling buying something, and it made a profit already of two dollars and fifty cents with all those little independent, buys and sells so we’re just waiting for it to uh.

Go back up right now: we’ve sold the last cover, which was cover four, and then we just need uh it to go back up so that we can sell the first four positions, which is cover three cover two and cover one and the initial buy all amalgamated Together into one position, which is called the average price and uh it’s, it’s amazing how it’s working and it’s working to a t and you’re making profits as the market has gone down. As i’ve shown you and then once this closes off, it’s going to close off in a bit more of a profit, and this is just one series of trades. Okay, this is just one series of trades that we need to close up in profit and the bot is going to do that and once it closes up and trade and then it will take the next cycle.

Okay, so, as you can see, there’s a cycle below that that closed up early in profit right here and then there’s a whole bunch more. So that’s what the bot does. It continues to buy and sell on on the trade. That’s um being um in the current trade that it’s in until it closes out of profit.

Here’s a perfect example of the bot working and an amazing fashion. The way muhammad has set up the parameters thanks for watching

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