Why I Believe In Eazy Bot And Why It’s The Most Legit And Best Passive Income Opportunity Online!😎💪🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. Today, i’m going to talk to you a little bit about why i believe so much in the easy bot and the management, and the big thing is the transparency which which is second to none, transparency, meaning um. You know the fact that you have a ceo. That’s present the f founders, um, ceo and um sales director.

Eazy Bot

All of them are always present. You’D know this. If you know, if you’d, if you’d attend, if you’ve attended one of the zoom calls or several of them already like, i have it’s crazy. I mean i’ve.

I’Ve personally talked talked to um, the ceo, not not in person, but on the zoom calls like it’s. It’s face to face right, um, ceo, the founder uh, mr muhammad ali, who is the who is, he is the well basically they’re, also the brains behind the whole. Easy bot, um, you know, he’s the founder and ceo of the company.

Then you have david d, charles, who is the ceo and then um ken uh coach, ken, i think he’s a sales director. I don’t know they mentioned, he’s a f one of the founders as well of the company, so yeah, that’s i’ve spoken to all of them. Okay, it was just basically questions i had to ask, but the fact that i could actually talk to these guys on a zoom call just blows my mind guys. I mean i’ve never had that kind of opportunity.

Um to do so in anything that i’ve been a part of um, so that’s really awesome and, and another thing is obviously they have. They have office in that they have a real office. You know like with real employees and um. You know they have their commercial license if you go on the easy bottom website and you actually check type in the location, give you the location if you type it in check on google earth you’ll see where the office is located, and you know where, where the Base of operations is – and you know where all the magic happens.

So this is really you really don’t get this in in a lot of companies, i mean like 999 of opportunities that you’re that you’ve joined or been a part of that you’re part of probably now um besides easy, but then don’t have this kind of transparency um. It’s it’s really amazing. You know it’s it’s good to know so again.

That’s why that’s really why i believe so much in this and um yeah. As you can see, you know like even on the telegram group, sometimes mohammed, the ceo and founder of easybot um. He even takes the time to to comment. You know like uh, to write or to write a message in in the telegram group.

I mean what kind of a ceo or a founder is gon na gon na take the type to do that so yeah. These guys are really here to serve us and to help us, you know and um yeah. You know it’s.

It’s like, as they always say in the zoom calls um. As i always say in the zoom calls that they are um. You know it’s it’s. I think it was this.

The saying goes is yeah for the people, not just for the money, you know, or it was a it was a different. There was a really nice saying. I can’t remember it now exactly what it was: um uh, we, oh, we put people first, you know so basis and then yeah some something along those lines guys, but it’s really cool, um and and obviously the big reason that i always mention um another one. Is the fact that you know your funds always safe and secure in your own crypto exchange, where you don’t have to send the money to the company um? You know your trading capital, your hardearned money.

You don’t have to send that to their wallet because um you don’t need to do that. You know it’s like with any other opportunity. I’Ve been a part of all of them in the past um, but i had to send money to someone else whether it was crypto or money from my bank whatever, and what happened was those guys just disappeared overnight and all my money was gone.

You know easy bot. You’Ll never have that issue um, because again your funds are perfectly safe in your account in your binance account or coinbase. Chrome anymore will be added guys, um, so yeah and it’s basically a cash printing machine guys where the bot can trade. For you, in your own exchange and and basically not just not only is your initial investment safe, but also your um, your profits that you make so you know, even if the bot, just if even if easy broad were to fold overnight or something had to happen.

Your funds would still be safe, safe and sound in your own wallet, including your profits, guys that you have made with the bot but yeah. I don’t see this something like this operation like this folding um. They just they have everything together. Yes, there are a few.

I mean they, they just launched guys they just launched what like two two days ago on the 31st of march um. You know just launched the bot to everyone, so there are going to be a few glitches in that in the system i’ve experienced some, even even coach ken the sales director himself has showed us that he has, you know, experienced a few glitches here and there, but That’s perfectly fine guys, i mean, even even you have this even in banks, you know when there’s uh and and big companies um when they, you know uh start a merger or whatever something like that um they talk to us about this in the zoom calls. You know they in in any new company you’re going to have a a few hiccups here and there, but you know eventually everything everything comes together and everything works smoothly.

So again, guys just be patient um, guys like muhammad and david, they and coach ken are all working on the clock and along with with all the coders and that that they’ve hired and management uh so just be patient with everyone guys. And then, if you, if you need support in that, just go on the website, if you need to know anything, you can obviously just click on contact us, and you can, you know, talk to easybot support, send them an email and if you need help, you know, Uh setting up anything um, i have tutorial videos um quite a few videos up on these. You know how to get your bot up and running and all that but um.

You can also go here to help and then they will show you all of this. You know what is an api connection are to connect finance api to my easy bot, how to start trading with easy bot and binance. You know all the stuff you need to know is here all right, guys, um.

If you want to get started with the easybot. My signup link is below the video along with. If you don’t have a binance account, then my bonus links also be below the video make sure to verify your binance account once you get when i get started with the easybot um, you know, along with all other links, telegram links the links to the zoom meetings, Which i highly recommend guys come and join us on the zoo meetings and see behind the scenes.

What’s what’s going on what they’re working on um and even if you have a really serious question to ask you know the ceo founder or the ceo himself, you know yeah, i mean again come join us guys. Really you are more than welcome so yeah guys, um. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to, my channel always appreciate the support and have a good one guys cheers

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