Eazy Bot Launch Announcement Updated And Summarized Version.😎🔥🔥🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easybot video um today. I just want to talk about the updated version of the easybot launch announcement. Um, it’s a summarized version of the video i made uh what very very very early this morning. So um yeah, let’s get into it, easybot, launch announcement phase two march, the 23rd 2022.

All right. Let’s see phase two timeline detail, so this is this is the timeline when everything is going to roll out again guys? If you don’t know, the company is still in prelaunch, but everything is so to say ready. They are just.


They are just um polishing everything up. They are just finishing up on a few things, making sure everything runs smoothly so that we have the best user experience possible right. So motion ii, wallet open for deposit deposits within next 24 hours, advanced vip packages available for purchase, so so yeah that’s available.

Now and again guys, like i always say you don’t need a advanced or vip package, you do get some extra benefits added, but you don’t you don’t need that right now, right with the free free package is more insufficient because everyone gets the like. Everyone gets the same bot, whether you’re, a free member, advanced member or a vip package. Member simply connect the bot to your exchange and boom. You know um to your binance or coinbase pro exchange and many others to follow, and then boom you make profits guys it’s! It’s that simple, it’s a free bot.

So not only is it free, but it’s very good. I mean you like you think. Oh it’s free! It’s not good! It’s it’s! It’s very! Very good! Um i’ve been a part of other i’ve seen other bots before in the past. It just didn’t perform the same way as the spot, so a lot of work has gone into it.

Anyways march 28 live trading available for advanced vip members, uh vip 3 bots advanced, get 2 bots exchanges available, binance and coinbase pro march 31st live trading available for free members guys. So this is for. Most of you are coming in free um from the 31st of march. The bot will be available to you as well, which you should be extremely excited excited about, because it’s going to be like a money printing machine for everyone right.

The only thing you’re going to have to do is again fund your buying and swallow to fund your coinbase pro wallet and um. You know, connect the bot, the easy bot to your own wallet and it will trade for you right within the safety of your own wallet. So you can’t they can’t um steal your funds or whatever the only thing the bot can do is trade for you.

So that’s why this is a nobrainer really yeah, so exchange is available by nance and coinbase pro. So, yes, they are getting coinbase pro ready as well. For some of my some of the people on my team that don’t have access to binance screen based pro is on the way founders club update prequalify for founders club without trading requirement until april 30.

Secure founders club position would require three by three structure: 12 people who upgraded to advanced and vip my first trading requirement qualification starts 12 of the members in your structure must be trading with a minimum of 600 dollars. Other important updates, easybotcom full public website live next week. Marketing platform will follow shortly after right, so yeah next week, the the website itself, the easybotcom website, will be up and fully accessible to everyone.

It won’t just be like a login page. It will be their website. It will basically be finished, so that’s also what they are working on march 27th package sales commissions, withdrawals begin and then weekly on sundays, how to how to details coming soon, um yeah.

So that would be great because then we’ll then we’ll obviously know you know how to connect the bot to our exchange, how to get it trading for us how to start making some nice profits. All that all that kind of good stuff is coming up. Software service fee commissions will be distributed every two weeks, um initial date for distribution will be announced in the coming days. For now, you will not see the ssf commissions in your wallet until the day of distribution.

So if you guys don’t know what soft, what the soft software service fee commissions are, so, firstly, what the soft software service fee is is um. You know whenever, whenever the easybot wins a trade for you, then then easybot takes a percentage of that specifically for the free members, the the easybot takes 30 of your winning trade. So you keep 70. So if the bot makes 100 for you, you keep 70 dollars.

The bot takes thirty dollars, just for example, right and most of that 30 will then go to the business builders, the affiliates right, and that will turn into a software service fee commission for the business builders and affiliates. While the affiliates, who you know, decide to sign people up and get people on their team right, um, even if they’re free, i mean guys, you can even profit from free members like, like i mentioned in all my other videos right, you get commissions from them too. When they, when they decide to connect the bot to the exchange and the bot, starts trading for him on binance or coinbase pro and again many exchanges in the future um so yeah. In short, that’s what what it is and again guys you don’t have to recruit.

Obviously, you don’t have to sign people up and recruit to this, because the is going to trade for you regardless right. You need to connect the thing um to your exchange. That’s all you just need to find your exchange connected to exchange boom.

Okay exchanges. We will add at least one additional exchange very soon with a second to follow shortly behind all right guys. So that’s about all for this announcement all right, so i will update you guys as it goes along, like i said in my previous video uh, if you would like to get started with the easybot, my link is below you know my sign up link.

My phone number is below if you want to reach out to me on whatsapp, especially to those who are on my team. Please reach out to me. So i can add you to my own personal group, and so i can just connect with you.

You know see, get to know you better because yeah yeah, so yeah um and another thing if you want to join the zoom meetings, all that that link is also below, i will say the binance link below. If you don’t have a binance wallet, coinbase pro doesn’t have an affiliate link, so just create an account for you if you’re going to use coinbase pro um yeah. So i think that’s almost about all and again guys what i want to say.

There’s another point i’m just going to keep elaborating on is the bot is free right, it’s free to use so yeah. What do you have to lose guys just um get started and get your wallets ready, your crypto wallet’s ready and when it’s time to get started boom um, you know, partaking the profits. You know i’ve been like everyone else, um this this is.

This is for everyone guys really and again, i i would highly recommend joining the zooms and seeing what’s happening behind the scenes and all that and obviously reaching out to me, uh personally as well right, anyways, guys, um thanks a lot thanks for watching the video. Don’T forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and yeah guys. Just uh have a good one: cheers

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