The Eazy Bot Founders Club Members Received Their First Monthly Bonus Payout!

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easybot video, where i’m going to talk a little bit about the founders club, i’m going to talk a little bit about the affiliate commissions. I recently also received the first ever package sales on my level two and three, and i’m just going to talk a little bit about the trading, how that’s going, how my body is performing so far and yeah guys so, let’s get into it. So let’s first talk about the most exciting one.

Eazy Bot

For me, right now is the founders club, so guys every founder received their first commission, so their very first founders club bonus and if you’ll go into a wallet you’ll see. If you do become a founder, then um. Your founders club commission will obviously show in your easy bottle wallet. You can withdraw this within a day.

You get your commissions like i’ve, basically done a bunch of withdrawals already. So let me show you guys. Let me just uh. Where did i do? Withdrawals uh? I want to be credited to 100 usdt amount to be credited okay, so basically yeah.

That basically means i did all those withdrawals, um, so yeah, anyways um, your founders club bonus will be in here um, and you know you guys want to know how how much the founders have received for the very first month, there’s 63 founders and each founder received 808, each 808 guys and you might think. Oh that’s, that’s not like a heck. You know hell of a lot of money, but i mean 808 dollars, while the company is still starting again guys we’re a startup we’re literally, not even four months old.

I don’t even think yeah there’s not even 100 000 um users, easybot users yet and they’re already paying out founders commissions um, it’s it’s insane because you know i like. I thought the founders club was like a long. It’s going to be like a longterm thing.

Maybe they’ll start getting their bonus, maybe after a year or something that was just my personal, take on it because you know you know knowing that the company is still a startup. It takes time. First needs to build up, you know, get their ducks in a row and so on, but um this is.

This is phenomenal, so yeah guys, like i said, if you look on your dashboard, there are 63 founders only at as of now so yeah. Each founder received 808 well yeah 808 dollars each, and this is going to increase insanely guys again. It’s that money is that that money is basically you know like uh.

I don’t know it’s just it’s a startup. It’s not it’s! It’s basically yeah! It’s just going to increase a lot as the company grows, um and obviously guys. I just want to say it’s: not i’m not promising any form of income or that um, i’m just i’m just saying i’m just again telling you guys results my experiences with the easy bot and how it’s going, and you know just how it’s going with the company In general, as well so yeah guys, oh, what i wanted to mention is that eight hundred and eight dollars or more that’s definitely gon na increase as the company increases, because it’s five percent of the company’s revenue um, it’s it’s passive income, guys.

It’s literally, you sit back once you once you qualify for the founders club, then you just sit back and you you get your money monthly guys. It’s a monthly bonus that you get that gets paid into your wallet. I mean it’s like a sec. It’s like a second income, a second salary for you for like basically one time of work or you know it’s like it’s crazy anyways, i’m just gon na go on a few calculations here.

So, let’s go on the qualifications for the founders club, because some of you are saying: okay, that’s all good stephen. What do i need to do to get to the founders club um you’re, sharing a bonus pool representing five percent of all the company revenue? So, basically, what the company makes, obviously they keep 95 percent of whatever they make right and then but five percent of their revenue. They distribute that between the founders at this at this stage at 63 founders. So what do i need to qualify? Well, you need to sponsor three members who are advanced or vip subscribers trading at least 600 dollars each.

So this is you right. You need to be a vip member, so you need to have the thousand dollar package. Then you need to sponsor some someone with an advanced package right or three people. Then you have your one person other person, and you know your third person so make sure that if you shooting for the founders founders club, that you have people that are likeminded that want to do the same, you know and want to take this business seriously.

Eazy Bot Founders Club

So yeah just make sure you have some decent people right, lined up the right people so yeah, then you so you have your three advanced members. They don’t have to be vip. Well, they can be either vip or or advanced guys.

It doesn’t matter right, um. As long as you’re vip, just you need a bvip, they can be advanced so as it says, you help those three, each sponsor three members who are advanced or vip subscribers trading, at least 600. So it’s the same three people that need to sponsor three people with it um with advanced packages.

So basically you need your 12 right um. Once you have your 12 advanced then, and then you qualify. If you oh yeah, you also, as you have to be vip, and you have to trade with um at least uh more than 600, or more with your bot right with the the easy bot. So you have to at least have like six hundred dollars, plus in your binance or coin exchange, that the bot is actively trading with every single month.

Guys, because if you don’t, if you, if you don’t meet that requirement every month, then as far as i understand, you won’t get paid that that bonus so just make sure the bodies you know actively trading every month with at least 600 or more um renew your Vip package uh every single year, because again the packages are an annual so annual subscription. So luckily it’s not monthly it’s annually, so it’s very it’s actually very affordable. If you are looking for a paid package. Well, obviously, you need it for the founders club right, um yeah, so as it says, you subscribe to vip and be trading at least 600 or more so yeah, guys.

That is just the requirements and i’m going to do something cool. Now, i’m going to show you guys um, a calculation that i’m going to do here. So just let’s just have a look at it, so each founder received 808 uh dollars each right for this one.

There’s 63 founders, oh, and by the way i did, i did ask possible permission first before i can uh show you guys how much the founder is making that, because i thought that was like classified information, it’s not it’s just obviously i just the only thing is. I can’t promise any any like income or something i just can, but i can say again guys i can say what what what what’s been happening so yeah. I can share the results with you guys, nothing wrong with that. So so, basically, there was 50 904 dollars distributed between all the founders, because obviously i took 808 dollars times it by 63 founders that equals to 50 904.

So obviously they took that they divided it by uh, divided by um, uh, 63, yeah and, and you have 808 right. So how much is the company making this is? This is also very interesting one. So, basically, if you go by this example – and you say the comp – the founders share five percent in all of the company’s revenue, then the company so far is making monthly revenue of. So, let’s, let’s go let’s times this by, if it’s five percent, then it’s times 20 right, okay, so the company’s made over a million dollars – and that is for that’s.

That’s, that’s really really good for the startup guys um, you know for for this month. So that’s basically, according to this calculation, that’s what they made this month, um and again we’re not even a hundred thousand users worldwide. The mass adoption hasn’t even started yet guys. We literally we have.

We haven’t even scratched the surface. Is we have to still expand to these countries in that? Like i said, easybot is something that is eventually going to grow in, like 2 million users, even 100 million users, maybe even a billion users, because you wouldn’t want to use this right. It’s a it’s. A free freaking trading, bot yeah, you can get a paid package, but i mean it’s basically free for life.

You can trade it up to two coins and it’s going to make money for you and you can’t you you. You can’t lose your money because it’s or you know overnight, because your money is always safe and sound in your own wallet right. Even if easy bot were to disappear tomorrow, your money would still be safe and sound in your binance or coupon exchange.

So it’s pretty insane right, anyways uh! So let’s, let’s go buy a just another example, and this is again just uh. Some results. I’M sharing with you guys no guarantees, but it’s just guys we’re gon na we’re gon na be massive really really soon like.

I can’t wait to see where this company is at after a year even after two years, five years. Imagine cheapers, so the founders club is very, very, very lucrative but anyways. Let me stop babbling on and show you guys some calculations. So then we we basically have here.

Let’s use an example, let’s say we we’ve gotten to a thousand founders, now um and yeah. Okay, but let’s first see go with how much the company is making. So let’s say the company eventually becomes super super huge which it will and it’s making a billion dollars a month, and this is very, very, very achievable for something like easybot guys, like i said, we get two million users: 10 million users – 100 million users. This is, this is going to be easy, easily achievable so yeah i mean, if you think about it, yeah very, very, very achievable, so we divided by uh.

I think it’s. What is it again divided by um 20 yeah? Okay, so then we have 50 million right. 50 million dollars, so that’s basically, that’s! What’s gon na be distributed between all the founders right, because that’s five percent so now we’re going to divide it by so 50 million dollars. That’s what’s going to be for the founders pool so divided by 1000.

This is a hypothetical example again guys, but again, this is very realistic, um in my opinion, because if you look at what the company’s gon na achieve so divided by a thousand wow, look at that fifty thousand dollars guys. So when we get to that point, when the company is massive, i mean just imagine getting fifty paid fifty thousand dollars um every single month, just just for being a founder. You know – and you know, starting out with the company because again guys once there’s once those thousand those thousand spots are filled up, then it’s it’s a done deal. There’s no there’ll, be no more founders after that.

That’s why it’s such a lucrative thing, um right! So, let’s, let’s even let’s go with a little less so obviously, if the company is making 100 million a month, then all we do is you just divide it? By 10 you get five, five thousand um, so um, so yeah guys. This is just some of the potential, even that is crazy, even if you like, even if you make like extra thousand dollars a month from this i mean, let me show you guys, okay, so, let’s, let’s just say, because there’s some people that would literally buy packages For people just to be a part of the founders club, i’m not saying you need to do that, but i mean some people would do that because i mean like again it’s it’s an extra passive stream of income. That’s going to keep coming in! It’s like you know, um, some, so some guys in my some guys in my team literally said they would even pay for the packages to get there. You know pay for other people.

So again, let’s just use the calculator. I don’t know why i minused it. So, let’s see, let’s say you wanted to: basically you said i don’t want to recruit, but i want to be a founder, so i’ll i’ll pay for people right. So here’s here’s, here’s the scenario.

So you you get your vip package. You trade, the 600 boom. There’s your requirement done right for your personal requirement.

Then you buy package for each person, so you get your three people, but you buy for them as well thousand plus a thousand that’s gon na be a thousand so plus a thousand plus another thousand okay. So a thousand thousand thousand four thousand six hundred. So all those people need to do is just fun fund their accounts with six hundred dollars each right, so you can tell them: listen! Um i’ll pay for you um! You just you know, need to fund your accounts and again guys, i’m not i’m just like if if this was something you wanted to do i’ll, be this there’s ways around it right this this um, you know the easy bot is so powerful. You’Ll get people that that will upgrade to vip and advanced regardless and will fund their accounts with more than a thousand dollars at least or we you’ll get guys out there that might fund their finance wallets or they could coin exchange with with ten thousand dollars or Even a hundred thousand there are people out there, so so yeah then we have four thousand six hundred, but let’s just say those people don’t wan na fund, let’s just again guys it’s this.

This is gon na, be a little bit crazy. Now but um, it’s just a little fun thing that i’m doing so plus 2, 4 plus 2 4, because it’s 600 each right so 11. 800. So i mean if, let’s just say, for an example: you’re making uh average of okay.

This is very low, very low ball, but, let’s say a thousand dollars a month. This would this is basically pay it pay itself off in in a year and then you’re, basically in profit and then you’re pro then you’re. Basically, your your your bonus money that you’re getting from the founders club will keep increasing. But again, this is like, like a crazy crazy example, guys, like i said um just, but but even some people do that, because they see the value of this right and, as you guys saw it’s like that example that i showed you once the company gets to A billion dollars in revenue a month which, which i think it can get there you know um, then wow – i mean even 100 million dollars.

It’s still five thousand dollars a month per per founder. It’s like yeah, but again all hypothetical guys, um. So yeah awesome awesome potential um.

Another thing that i’m going to mention here is just yeah. I think i mentioned the packages already i’m just going to go over to. Let me just go to affiliate center.

Oh yeah. Second thing i want to show you guys is just so my first time ever, i received some commissions on my second level, because my team is starting to grow well at quite the rate, as you can see a 112 direct signups that i signed up personally guys Uh i keep growing, but that’s the thing i work with seven six and seven figure earners on a daily basis. This is why i’m doing so well and i’m getting becoming more and more successful, because they’re helping me become more successful, and you know it’s just when you work with the right people it just becomes, it becomes easy right. Well, obviously, you still got to put into work, but i mean it’s like your work actually pays dividends right.

That’s you don’t want to work for nothing. So, as you guys can see one advanced package there level three one advanced package there: okay on level, four, i don’t think we we had a payout yet but guys since, as some of you know, the package sales commissions changed from two levels: down to 10 levels. Now so the potential there is absolutely insane now you know, like t levels was, was good. You got good commissions there, but no 10 levels deep.

If you’re. If, if you’re, you know really taking this seriously and building a massive organization, then it’s just going to be. It’s going to pay you a lot, a lot more with 10 levels, deep right, wow, because it’s just also the reason why the company changed changed it from two to ten levels was to reward um, the leaders. You know that that contribute the most to the company.

You know so, which is which is a great initiative. You know great incentive for people who want to do this as a fulltime business. You know, and you can, because you got literally like the best freaking thing online, to promote the most legit thing and the best thing like you know, crypto is basically it’s becoming the norm these days. So let’s just go to my wallet.

Let me just show you what the commissions looked like, so i just got just on the side. Note got some service free commissions, you know, and – and this is still a little bit guys – but this is this – is going to eventually surpass the package cells freaking by a lot, because the more people that are going to use the easy, easy bot in your team Um, you know and the more profit they make the more money you’ll make. I mean it’s like from it’s every single trade that you get a small percentage of that service fee right. Some of it goes to the to the company, and some of it comes to you right, like some forex brokers, would would pay you a commission for every single person you’re bringing in per trade right it’s the same year with with easybot, where they they’re, basically paying You a part of the service fee, um per trade right, so since the portrayed basis, this is going to absolutely explode over time.

So it’s a long. It’s really something that you can build for the long term. That’s gon na that’s gon na keep paying you over and over and over and over again so yeah.

That is something you should note. Is it won’t make you rich overnight, but but once once, you’ve built it up to to a certain point. It’s just again: it’s gon na keep building itself it’s going to get to a point where it’s going to keep building itself and you’re just going to keep making more money, because, obviously, as you guys know, the easy part will increase your your team members accounts and Therefore, you know the because obviously the service fee percentage stays the same 20 for paid members 30 for um, free members – and you know percentage stays the same um. Your team members make more profit um, that’s gon na increases.

You know that the service fee, this doctor, the money from a service fee, is gon na become more and you’re gon na get more um ridiculous right, so yeah not quite common way to to reap the fruits of my labors, especially in the long term, um. Okay. So, package sales: this is what i want to show you guys: um affiliate commissions for level one okay.

So, as you guys know, um like i said they changed, the comp plan, uh from uh one level or two levels, and you can see the difference – is for the first levels. Instead of getting a hundred dollars, you get 60 but but they distributed over more levels. So that’s why again um short term, obviously two levels, the two level plan was better but long term.

The 10 levels is way better and i’m going to show you why um so yeah this i got received 2 20 for the second level and 12 for the third level and again guys what you also need to note from these package sales is. This is going to pay you every once a year, so this is like a annual income that you’re getting from this. So i mean once you also build this up to i don’t know, let’s say, for me, a decent amount would be like ten thousand dollars. If i’m getting paid ten thousand dollars a year extra for this, hey, that’s fantastic! By that time, my service fee commissions will also be insane but but yeah.

Obviously, you could easily turn this just a package sales learning to a six, seven figure income yearly right. You know annual income like 100 000 million two million dollars because i mean and you’ll and you’ll probably want to ask um. So what if people don’t renew their packages? Obviously yeah, then then you won’t get that commission anymore.

But then you have to ask yourself: why? Wouldn’T they it’s like, they literally have a profit making machine here, it’s like if, if they’re making a lot of money with it, why would they not want to renew their packages right? The easy part works guys. The results are there for everyone to see it’s like. If you want to look at some of the recent results, look at this.

Why would you want to stop something like this if it keeps generating these returns, and this is in a bear market guys? This is in the bear market – and i covered this in the previous video, so i’m not going to go into much detail. This isn’t a market that was that was dropping. So just imagine how once once we get officially getting going to a bull market again where everything goes up, i mean this is gon na i mean, in my opinion, this is gon na increase two to three times and again, there’s no problem promises, but obviously you Know the bot tends to will obviously do better in a bull market in the bear market in the side, training market, so very, very exciting, stuff guys for the future.

Uh yeah. Okay, i just want to cover quickly. I mean there is a separate video about the the comp plan, but yeah.

This is just uh, the package sale commissions which, as you guys, can see all the way down to 10 levels, the difference between advanced and vip. So let me just show you guys the potential. This is just from the package sales alone, so obviously just hypothetical guys. No, no there’s no promise of income.

You’Ll you’ll get your but you’ll get. What’s due to you, you know if you, if you do build and you you get those advanced vip package members, then you’ll get paid what you deserve. So this is.

This is basically just example of the potential is obviously it’s. It’s not going to play out exactly like this, but i mean even just at a one percent success rate you’re looking at 72, one dollars yearly, that’s gon na keep paying over and over and over and over and over again um, and it can turn into like A seven figure income, your annual income, like i said you know, monthly, six figure, income, maybe a monthly sevenfigure income. Guys maybe i mean you’re one of those people. That’s just gon na runner.

This you know like so again, never sell yourself short. You never know. If you, if um, what you or what you can do and what you’re capable of at the end of the day right so yeah this is.

This is also this is package sales package cells, oh, but this was just okay, sorry. This was just the vips line. This is what now, with the advance look at just with both of these one percent success rate 10 success rate. So this is both the vip and the advance put together.

So now you have the service fee commissions, okay, this is also just i’m just going to go on that example. So this is where this the service fee, also you know, is way more potential than the package sales like in the beginning. The package sales will probably will definitely pay you more like in, like in my example, that i showed you well my account that i showed you right, but in the long term the service fees will like basically overtake the package sales in terms of revenue, the packet Sellers will still keep paying you like once a year right, but the service fees will pay you every single month. Look at this.

This is monthly guys and again. This is just hypothetical there’s, no promise of income, but but you know this is a pretty good example of what is possible, even though one percent success rate guys imagine just getting paid 11 000 187 for working working once guys, you’re just working once to build up Your team build up your organization, you know to build your business and boom use your income every single month. Your potential, your potential income, i mean seven figure, potential, guys monthly, so yeah anyways uh. That is that let’s go a little bit into trading for some of you who just obviously want to invest um so, but i bet you some of you want to invest now, probably going to refer this to people anyways, because you know it’s a it’s something that That is fantastic right.

Why wouldn’t you want to share with people, but if you don’t that’s perfectly fine so and for both for you want to invest, and you want to build a package, i mean build a package build a team. This is also for you obviously um, because you both you’re, obviously going to use the easyworld and you’re going to build a massive team. So let’s just go into my results, so, as you guys can see um.

My last profit was on to profit on the 22nd. So we today we are on the 26th, so yeah it’s been a few days, but this is just another point. I’M going to make guys.

So some some days will be like that, where the markets are just weird and um – and you know you just simply need to wait for it to take profit, but i’m happy so far with the amount of money i’ve made um. You know 61 percent. So far with the bot, obviously i added funds guys.

If you see the profit, how do i get 61 percent? I started with 102 for the first 12 days. I made five dollars, so that’s like almost five percent and then when i added funds i made an additional 11 percent so for around. I think the spot was act. I started this spot on the fifth, so it’s been three weeks now, so i’m i’m happy with that very happy with that, but i’m probably going to switch coins um.

I just want to test out. I just wanted to test that bitcoin for a bit, but bitcoin is basically usually the worst performing coin. Why? Because it’s one of it’s basically at least volatile amongst all of these coins. It doesn’t move volatility means just movement right, the more it moves, the more volatile.

The coin is so you want to pick basically the old coins to trade with guys, so just keep that in mind um, so bitcoin ethereum, you know like if you really, if you really want super safety, i guess least volatility then traded those coins, but i mean Even if you trade these other coins, it’s still safe because again it’s spot trading. It’s not there’s no margins or leverage or whatever. So you can’t blow an account or hit a stop loss so um. So you’d want to try to something like matic, uni, uniswap, uh link.

You know those are basically any the one point i’m gon na make as well. Guys is. Obviously, these percentages are gon na vary, maybe one month um, but let’s say maybe one month x or xmr might outperformatic and then matic might perform xmr.

In this example, maybe doge will be the top coin the next month. So this is why again, um diversification is important. The more coins you can trade with at a time the better right, but obviously just make sure you have enough capital um to take advantage of that right.

But again, if you can only start with a hundred dollars, then just trade with one coin but choose like again choose an altcoin. You know because you can trade with as low as 100. If you, if you want to get started, you don’t have a lot of money.

Just depends on you, guys um, so yeah, that’s just who is performing coin guys still made 61 um since the fifth for these last three weeks. So it’s going to be interesting to see once i switch coins um and then just let’s just look at example. Obviously, if you new to my channel – and this is your first time watching something about easybot – you want to say: okay, you talk about safety or fun.

Steven, what what next where’s where’s your money? Um? So well, here’s my money, guys! Here’s the bitcoin the bot board in um, here’s the usdt that the bot is trading with well so, but what the bot does guys is, in my case, i’m trading. Usdt btc, right with the bot, as you can see so all the bot is simply doing, is taking that usdt and it’s buying in some bitcoin. So the actual coin, it’s spot trading, guys you’re buying in the actual coin as well – and this is something you know. This is something you people you would do.

Anyways right. A lot of you have invested in crypto are active investors in crypto, where you um buy coins like we either buy bitcoin or ethereum, or some ravencoin or whatever right um. So, that’s, basically all that the bot does so you’re buying in some bitcoin and, as you guys can see, it buys in small amounts and attacks. It takes profit, so small profits that adds up guys over time very powerful, especially compounding it.

The bot compounds of every single trade: let’s keep that in mind, guys it has auto compounding so it’s just going to the exchanges. Obviously, you want to see okay, where are the trades happening, so the bot does again what you would would have done yourself just just it does it way better? I mean most most of you. Not most of you are, like you know, don’t have time for this kind of stuff, looking staring at charts and and that you know you have a lot fulltime job um, but even you know, if you’re a full, if you a fulltime trader or something there’s, you Can set the bot parameters so there’s a there’s something for everyone.

With the easy bot i mean you can change, you can change, you can create your own bot strategy and, if it’s just for all the traders out there right um for all the top professional traders. If you can join the easybot and if you can, i cannot say, create a strategy with the easybot that outperforms the company’s existing strategy. Then the company will will obviously consider using your strategy, but it will also reward you right handsomely.

So there’s just an incentive for you guys if you’re interested in that so bdc usdt is all the trades guys. If you look at the the times, it’s exactly the same as these times exactly the same amounts. So now all i’m waiting for is is for bitcoin to swing up and for it to get to a certain point, so the average price it needs to get.

Let me just show you guys, there’s a big red candle there, but no problem easy. What’s got it handled so i just need to get around here. This is about the average price. Let me show you guys average price here, two, two, five, three, six uh, let’s go back there.

Yeah just needs to get around here and then my trades are at my trades that break even and then it will decide. I think it will take about 15 profit, but it can go more right if, if, basically, if it happens, that bitcoin just keeps keeps going up and up and up the bot will tr will follow it, it will, it will trail it. So i mean as long as it doesn’t retrace too much, because if it retraces 05, then the bot will take profit. So bitcoin just decided to shoot a big candle up to let’s say whatever i mean even to let’s say: 30 000.

Just it just keeps going right without retracing um 05 percent, then the bot will just keep following it and then once it retraces 05 percent, the bot will take profit and um that’ll. Be that so this is a very intelligent bot, guys it’s not like some silly bot. That just is the mindless part that just puts random trades right.

It’s been proven to to do really really well in all market conditions, so so yeah guys, i’m just waiting for that and hoping bitcoin shoots up, because again it will decrypt the market. What goes down must come up again, so i’m expecting a good profit once once. It eventually takes profit. So again, guys just a patient thing just be patient.

The bot will do what it is, but don’t choose bitcoin, because otherwise you’re going to probably wait longer for profits like in my case, um yeah, guys uh. Let’s just look at matic. That was one of the best performing ones.

I want to show you that move. So if you look at matic yeah that 1786 percent in 50 days so geez, that was that was crazy, because why did that happen? Why did the easybot make that much profit is because matic just basically went went crazy. Okay, it went there, it went back down again, so the bot bottle bought in bought in all these positions here and then then matic went up again, went down again and then obviously the trades were still in so then the bot just went all the way up. So yeah, but this was this – was 10th of june, though july so probably bought in all year, and then it just brought back uh took profit.

To eventually do i guess so now it’s going to be interesting to see, because this is after 10 july. I wonder how much profit it has taken um going all the way up here. That would be interesting to see, but i guess in two weeks there’ll be another market inside school guys and i will obviously let you guys know about that and then you can in the ceo will show you like these kind of results and um yeah. So that’s going to be interesting again, so yeah guys also for the us users.

You can use kucoin as usual um. If you don’t know – and i believe the some of the uk some places in uk – you can’t use binance so just use good coin, guys um, whichever, whichever exchange you prefer so yeah guys. That’s about the end of this video and that’s a bit of a long one again, but hey a lot to share so as usual. Guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel uh and obviously, if you’re interested in easybot my signup link is below um.

You can join my telegram group if you want updates. If you want, you know, i do share my my team resources with everyone. So if you want that um you know go ahead and click on my telegram link join my telegram group and um. You know we can get in contact there.

My phone number is also below guys if you just want to contact me directly on whatsapp or telegram, and especially like i said, if you want to work with me and six and sevenfigure earners in the business, because again i have access to all these guys. I’M in contact with them every day i have zoom cause with them on a weekly basis, so yeah guys take advantage of that to leverage your business all right guys as usual. Thanks for watching have a good one cheers

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