EazyBot| Daily Update| The Bot Made 0.4% Today Trading UNIUSDT| 8% Total Profit So Far For 30 Days🤑🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy part of video and just again another daily update, sorry on how it’s going so um yeah. Let us uh! Let me just show you guys the profit, firstly, how what the bot dirt! So you guys know about this trade. If you’ve been following my my uh almost daily updates, i mean, then then you know that this trade um, the initial buyin, was on the 31st, took profit on the third of july and it made 04 percent profit.


So where am i standing so far with the spot? Well, officially, i mean, i know i put there at 29th, but officially it started. It really got going on the 30th uh. To be fair, i mean the first i’d had the first buyin i mean at almo, like 11 46 pm on a 29, so it only like really got started on the 30th right um. So so yeah i mean it’s been, it’s been pretty decent so far.

I need to actually com make a table. You know to make this look a little bit better with my results, but since i started up the beat the btc bot, it made seven point two percent profit i did. I did set the the buying that the you know. The default strategy, which is super super safe, is around three point.

Three: nine percent almost three point: four um of your capital, i’m advising you know um 339 worth of crypto every single time um, you know with each buying, but i was i said it was to six percent for bitcoin. Well, actually, the system automatically did that because i don’t know i didn’t, because i guess i didn’t have the 600 um recommended amount, so i’d like 102 dollars. I added funds, obviously along the way, but uh yeah. I added i mean yeah, i just i guess it calculated six percent um and then i was like okay, because yeah that wasn’t something i put in manually.

You know just to be more aggressive, because obviously i don’t want to mess with the strategy right. I just i’m perfectly fine with the profits i’m making um and you know i know – and i know firsthand how vicious the markets can be from um trading, forex and crypto myself in the past. You know so yeah just having a bot like this make profit in all market conditions. I love it.

It takes all this takes all the stress away. You know yeah, because again guys trading can be extremely stressful, so yeah anyways um. This is, this is what it’s been so far: eight percent uh it’s almost been a month now, since i started up the btc bot, so tomorrow it will officially be a month. You know the fifth of august, so yeah eight percent, basically almost like almost 04 percent.

Today, i just rounded it up a little bit to make 04 percent, so it’s not zero point, as you guys notice here right, the bot brought in um. Basically, you can see these binds right. It’s not the same as this. This amount, because, obviously i i added some more capital again, so these buyings were almost, i think when i had almost like 490 dollars to trade with around there.

So now i have now i’m trading with well. I have 642 dollars of worth of usdt set aside for the spot, so, as you can see, i just adjusted the balance but, as you can see guys, it’s on the default strategy, uh 339 percent buying – and you know guys again if you want to be more Aggressive with the strategy you can set the buy into, i don’t know five percent six percent, ten percent again guys. I personally, i would not recommend this if you don’t have any clue about trading, even if you’re a professional trader, guys um. It’s like, i would still not really suggest messing with the strategy because it works.

I mean the thing is the whole. The whole idea of the strategy is not just to make profits when the market goes up. You know, but also when the market crashes, because you know everyone’s an expert when the market goes up, as i always say, but when the market goes down, you know, then, basically, almost everyone that made profits in in a bullish market lose all those profits. And you know some of some of their portfolio when the markets crash, so the easybot is there to again to weather the storm when the market crashes as well, to make not only to maintain your portfolio but to make profits.

So that’s why again guys? I’M perfectly happy with with the default strategy super super, safe um makes profits in all conditions, and that’s what you want guys again. It’s just all about patience, understanding that you know this is real trading happening in real time um. You know – and you just have to give you just have to give the bot a chance to do what it does and you just have to give it time like a proper investment right, just sit and forget to set the bot up and let it let it Run you know and like i said, like eight percent, it’s really really good, really good in a month guys i mean, if you can compound that if you can get anything close to that um, you know consistently. Then it’s good and that’s what we’ve been seeing.

The bot that has has been doing consistently more or less with different coins as well, but guys. Obviously, i would recommend trading with the with the other alts um, because bitcoin is, as you can see, it was usually one of the worst performing coins um. You know like an eat, bitcoin and ethereum, believe it or not. They basically one of the least two of the least volatile coins amongst all of these so yeah.

That’s why i’m trained i’m currently trading uni swap so yeah. It’s been 08 percent. So far, what’s been uh what five days, so it’s pretty good! I mean the markets have been really slow.

The last few days, so i mean i’ll. Take that thing is guys again. It’s stressfree and my portfolio keeps growing without me having to worry about it.

Without me, having to stare at charts all day which i used to do, it was yeah and i still blew trading accounts. I mean i literally have so many chart hours and i still i still couldn’t couldn’t hack it. You know obviously yeah i went to then what happened was you know? I i discovered spot trading on binance right where you buy in the the full, the actual crypto right, which is, which is nice, because i mean there’s no leverage and margin.

So you don’t have any like with forex, you know you always have leverage, and i mean you can even on binance, you can trade with leveraged with with uh. You know with leverage and and so on, but you know why. Why would you want to put yourself through that? Much stress i mean it’s like as soon as leverage is a doubleedged sword. Guys i mean you can go either way.

You can make a lot of money really quickly, but you can also basically lose lose all your money really quickly. Just like this, so i went to spot trading um like as soon as i started, using the easy bot i used the easy bot plus i was doing trades myself in between and that was actually and at the end of the day, i still couldn’t get it Right then i mean i didn’t see a market crash coming and then it’s just like yeah i was i was. I was sitting with a big floating loss, but if i just left the easy bot, if i just didn’t, interfere right, if i didn’t put in my own trades, if i didn’t set the because i even set the parameters on the easy bot, because i thought you Know since oh well, big shot trader right, um and yeah, then it’s just there was a market crash that i did not foresee because again guys it’s it’s. These are the crypto markets, but any even if you’re trading forex guys the fiat currencies they they move us.

I mean there’s so much movement that you just sometimes it’s impossible to predict it like when you think, just when you think you you get it right. You know the market takes a turn for the worst and, and i mean you, then you suddenly down 10 20 percent more on your portfolio and then it just goes even further right. The easy bot again, where there’s the storm on that so yeah, i’m just again. I’M not interfering, i’m not trading now, and why would i want to in any case um put myself under that stress so yeah, it’s just the easy bot, i believe, is simply that good guys from from trading the markets myself from from trading leveraged accounts from trading Spot trading um, you know the returns that i’m getting from the easy bot are really i’m really happy with it, because it’s consistent, it’s safe, you know, and for those who are new, like guys, this is where the trading is happening.

You know in your in your own binance exchange, as you can see guys notice, the uni uni swap coin that i mentioned right, so exactly the same amount that you saw on my easy bot. So again it’s connected with an api key right. That’s your only on so when you do when you do your settings with the api key right, um you just go on to api management, then you, the only permission you give. The bot is to do spot spot trading right.

That’s the only permission you give. The bot it has no access to your funds in in binance or coupon for all the us users, you can use kucoin or anyone that can’t use binance or prefers cue coin. You can use kucoin as well guys current uh, two exchanges available um right now: finance dot us is also available, but yeah i mean q coin is is better for it if you’re a usbased citizen. So, in my opinion, so yeah guys i mean you got the safety if easybot were to disappear tomorrow it wouldn’t it wouldn’t do anything to your portfolio right.

Your money is still safe and sound in your own exchange, plus um your profits right. So this again, if you understand that right, your investment is here plus your profits that the bot made all year. So i mean you, don’t even lose your profits either if the easybot were to disappear tomorrow, your profits are still in your exchange, whatever the bot made for you right. So let’s say five years from now: the bot made a lot of money for you right, um and and easybot disappears right five years from now.

Let’s just say hypothetically, then all the profits you made would be here. So all the basically all the pro progress you made with still i mean you still have it. You still have all those profits, plus your initial in cue coin or binance or again, but by then we probably have exchanges like ftx i’ll, be you know all those exchanges added uh kraken is also one. That’s um.

You know going to probably be added in the future, so yeah. Definitely that’s that’s part of the roadmap. Guys remember we’re only four months old, so yeah anyways um, as you can see here, uh just noticed that trade, when the bot put it in 12 30 pm uh.

That was yeah. That was yesterday right, so yeah now we’re just waiting for the bot to take profit as usual um. You know so anyways. Let’s have a look at this.

All those other positions that sold off. Look at all those trades guys, btc, uni, swap uni swap btc. Look at all those trades at the bot what’s been doing it.

Does these small little trades guys that that you know it adds up that eventually adds up, but it basically scalps. You know like little bits and bits and bits right basically buys a little bit of um the coin in that you that you’re trading right, it buys a little bit of the actual coin in, unlike with leverage trading right, so buys in a little bit of that Coin um waits for it to go up. Then it sells off into usdt, but if the market decides right, if the market decides to continue going up, the bot will follow it. So, like a move like this right, the bot would have probably followed this all the way up.

The bot will probably follow this all the way up, right, um, which, for whichever amount it brought in and as soon as like, like it pulls back 05 percent, then it will. It will take profit about there right and same thing here. It goes up further.

I don’t know if this is a big enough move, but let’s just say it is then, as soon as it pulls back it will take profit. So i mean if the market just does something crazy and, and it doesn’t do a pullback of 05 percent and the bot will continue following it, so the bot could literally catch. I mean i’ve seen some crazy moves in crypto.

Let’s just say apathetically um you just have one big candle that goes 100 or something i’ve actually i’ve. Again. I’Ve seen some crazy stuff in crypto in the past. Then the bot will follow that, and you know it will make more profit, so this body is specifically designed to make the most out of the market right, but also also to with a really safe strategy and again to profit in all conditions.

That’s why i say: if you want to see it more aggressively guys you can, but that’s that’s at your own volition and i’m not a financial advisor. So you do you right so yeah guys um. Just for some of you who, don’t you don’t think, eight percent is a lot, so let’s just use i’ll, even use a very small percentage but uh.

Let’s use like a that. Eight percent right uh – let’s just it’s just eight percent for the month – and let’s compound that, let’s compound it with the current amount, i’ve got so, let’s say if i consistently make around eight percent monthly again guys, i’m not promising anything again. This is hypothetical examples and again you a brilliant video.

I don’t know if i really shared it with you guys and you can watch this right. This is more. The recent results so like this, these profits are like older, but this just gives you an idea right and these profits are in a bear market. So as soon as we get we’re not in a bull market, yet guys.

So as soon as we get into bull market, we’re going to see something crazy like i wouldn’t be surprised if we see three four times five times the returns that we’re seeing now, but the fact that the body is still profiting like this in a bear market. Wow guys makes me very excited very excited. You know like that, we’re making profits even in a crashing market. I mean this crashing market, has really um been a great opportunity for the bot to to prove uh what it can do.

You know to actually because what we’ve been saying before, before the easy board body even launched um, it was said that yeah, you know the bot can handle a 70 market crash or more right or just a basically a really a really big market crash um, and That that that’s what’s been talked about right before we launched and we like, we didn’t. I don’t think anyone foresaw that the market was going to drop even further, because we launched on the 31st of march and the market already. You know dropped before that and just then it just crashed even further like crazy guys like. If you looked at some of the coins it was crazy, drops and and the bot handled it it handled it perfectly right.

So it was a perfect opportunity to to – basically not just you know, talk to talk but also walk the walk and that’s what the bot has been doing so mission accomplished right, um, it’s a prove. It’s a proven as a proven track record that no one can dispute all right. So let’s go with, let’s think long term right. Just imagine, you’re handling like this as a investment account or you know, like a savings account.

I mean you’re starting with okay. Let’s just say: eight percent, then you’re going with 642 dollars, eight percent – let’s just assume we make this average for five years again: hypothetical example guys, but it’s possible um, sixtyfive thousand dollars. I mean bank gon na give you that – and i mean again guys so you’ll see some of these cameras, these these silly scam platforms.

These ponzi schemes that will that will promise you like some of them will actually promise you like this kind of percentage daily. It’s but it’s it’s not real guys! There’s! No real trading going on, don’t fall for those scams because you’re just making basically making money off of other people’s money for a week or two or i mean literally, some of them lost a few weeks like the one. The one would literally, it lasted like three weeks or something not even a month, and then they rug pulled it, and i was like up to nine percent a day or something right, because again you don’t want to get involved with those those aren’t real opportunities.

Those are ponzi schemes, i mean it’s like basically stealing from one person to give to the other. That’s that’s what most most of 999 percent of these platforms are they’re all smoke and mirrors um right. So if you know anything about trading um how it really works and that you’ll know that some of the percentages that those guys are promising, especially because they promise fixed, returns guys – and we all know the markets – the markets move differently every single day.

So some days some days, you might even have losing days right, obviously with the easy bot you don’t have losing days, because it’s spot trading and the bot doesn’t sell that or never sells at a loss. It will wait and wait and wait um until the mark until the you know, the trade is in profit, but i’m just saying guys like with especially now with forex or leverage trading. Is you know you always set your stop losses, and you know some days you will have losing days some days. You will have really highly profitable days better than others.

Some days you might make nothing. It’s just how the the markets are are really vicious guys. If you again, if you have even the smallest idea, slightest idea of trading right you’ll know that again, some of the some of the returns that some guys are promising are just stupid, um and not real, because they can never prove that when you ask them to Prove actually show you the trades and to actually show their faces as well. It’s like they.

Then they can’t do that and they they really get. They get defensive really quickly right. So when you ask, when you ask those those simple questions, i mean it’s not even it’s not like you’re asking them to show you your under show you, the underwear you know like you know what color underwear, they’re wearing or something just like it’s basic stuff, but Anyways, let me let me carry on with this, so guys, as you can see, with eight percent, and and this is also i didn’t add, any money, just six, because you can add, you know again like with the savings account you’ll. Probably add like a little bit of money every every month, right so yeah i mean eight years, assuming that you can make eight percent monthly really making a million dollars ten years, it’s 65 mol i mean so i mean obviously that’s hypothetical um, but again like it’s Really eight percent really realistic and again we’ve been seeing that i’m just again, i’m basing it all for the data guys, but let’s go really conservative.

Let’s go five percent, like that’s, really conservative right. It’s really really conservative, like i believe the bot could do this month in month out no problem consistently, even in like you know just saying with, if you, if you factor in the bear the bear market and the bull market, i mean still looking at 224 thousand Dollars i mean you beating inflation you’re, making the real returns of real trades, and you can expect this to obviously go around for the long term. You know like i believe the easy bot will be around as long as crypto will be around, and i don’t.

I don’t think crypto is going anywhere because you know it’s that’s being it’s being adopted more. You know like this bitcoin atms out and you know even dogecoin atms. I think in some countries you even get like a bitcoin atm card.

Mass adoption guys hasn’t even really. There’s only we’ve only scratched the surface right, so it’s still a good time to get into crypto and to make some money with it. Right, like i said, let’s take five percent, let’s say let’s say i add 100 bucks every month, which isn’t a lot. I mean, like you, know some of the some of the like, really really rich investors um.

I don’t know if it was warren buffett or someone, but they said, like you, should at least put put away 10 of your salary every single month to save – and i know guys times are tough, but i mean like if you really, if, if you really value You know basically time uh time, freedom and you want to eventually quit your job and before obviously guys you don’t want to leave it to retirement, then then consider you know putting away. At least i mean, if even not even i mean, if you can’t put away 10 every month – that’s fine, because that’s that’s quite a lot right, but some people are doing that. Some people do more. You know in a savings account not making real they’re, not really making anything on a savings account, but i mean, even if you can do one percent of your salary every month, just a little bit guys add it at it over time.

It will make a difference, as you can see here we after 10 years, we were looking at 200 and what 224 000 are just because i added 100 bucks every month, um you’re, looking at 900 and almost almost a million after 10 years. Right, just you know again adding 100 bucks extra every month for 10 years. So again you could add more. You could start off with more capital again guys you could with this.

You could actually, you know, put in a lot a lot of money right because you know you’re always in control of your funds. You can put in a lot of money with confidence in your binance and kucoin exchange and know that it’s going to be safe. There um and still make the returns, i mean with other platforms. You don’t get that the other platforms you’re sending money to someone else most of them, especially like um, like i’m, not saying there aren’t legit platforms out there we’re sending money to.

But still i mean you’re sending money to someone. Then you, you don’t have control of your funds anymore right, so so there’s nothing really stopping many of those people. Many of those platforms, especially the scam platforms, from just disappearing overnight, with your money, there’s nothing stopping them guys, nothing! You can do right to this.

Your money is always in your control, so you can make that so you can ex you can make returns right, real good gains every month, realistic gains without without worrying about your your money disappearing tomorrow, right and without you losing your progress, because i mean, let’s say: Let’s say you start with whatever thousand dollars right and you built it up to 10k after a few years and and then as soon as you want to withdraw then suddenly, now the the platform has an issue and you can’t withdraw. Then all your progress is gone. So it’s not just the money guys it’s the time that you lose with some of these platforms. You know, because then you have to start all over again and it’s just you know like personally i, no i i’m i’m i don’t.

I don’t want that. So so! Yeah i mean again: i’ve been using seven percent a lot in the zoom course as a hypothetical example. So yeah i mean seven percent, look at the difference.

It makes just adding a hundred dollars every month. Um you already. I mean around seven and a half years.

You’re, looking at a million i mean you know, and these returns again, like five percent of my seven percent a month, it’s highly possible it’s what we’ve been seeing consist consistently right, so yeah and obviously you know, if you can diversify more coins, then you um. That will be even better because you’re giving yourself more of a chance. You know so, like i discussed it.

The paid packages in more detail more detail in other videos, but you know, if you have, you know two thousand dollars three thousand dollars or more, preferably then i mean consider going for the advance package or if you have five ten thousand dollars plus then consider going For the vip, because then you can trade with all the available coins and make use – and basically i mean like make – make use of all the market fluctuations and all the different coins right take full advantage of it. But if you don’t want to do that guys, that’s fine again, the body is free to use. You can trade with up to two different coins again like, like i’m, eventually going to switch over to two different coins, but right now i’m pretty happy with uni.

I don’t have a lot of capital in right now so because this is this is all i got guys. This is my modest portfolio, but you know again it will grow over time and uh. You know eventually i’ll get there so yeah. What else is there really that i want to say yeah, i mean here’s, a good video on the founders club, uh corporate update.

Again you can have a look at that uh i mean i do almost daily up like almost updates every single day. Affiliate rewards. You know if you’re interested in affiliate program very very good affiliate program that you can also build long term with you know there. It is for all those guys that you know want to want to build a network and so on, easybot company overview.

If you want to look at the at the full company overview there, it is uh yeah, guys, founders club, like i said, um, that’s all obviously available so again like. I would really highly recommend having a look at that, wherever you are, if you’re, just an investor or if you, if you’re, both right because again guys, like always mention you, don’t have to recruit people here, you can simply just use the bar enjoy the bot and Let it continue to print money for you on a daily weekly monthly basis. You know, because that’s what it did, that’s what it does proven track record so yeah, but if you’re also interested in the affiliate side, then again, if you’re interested in building a long, lasting online business, a respectable online business as well right, then again you can work With us guys, like i said, i work with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis, um.

The reason why i’m doing so well in the affiliate side of that is because i have i have a support team around me. I have all the right mentors and people around me. You know whenever i want to jump on a zoom call, then then they’re always there to assist me.

You know when they always take time out of their schedule to work with me. You guys, but i’ll but i’ll tell you what. So, if, if you give you 100 i’ll give 100, if you’re willing to work with me, then i’ll work with you. That’s that’s how i operate right.

I will make a plan for you um. So yeah, that’s that’s! I i don’t know guys, that’s basically, when a little few examples on the compounding interest – calculator again guys you can play around with this. If you want just go on uni, swap back in uni, swap spot wallet yeah, you can join the company zoom course as well. Guys, company overview you go on your dashboard again guys how to get started.

All of that is there right, so so yeah guys um again. If you join my team, what you do get is um my all my team resources to help you. Basically i mean you could literally just if you have. If you have people, if you have prospects that are interested in easybot, then um, you know friends and family.

Then then, just you know send them. You can basically just send them a few. Your obviously your sign up, link first and then to get started. I mean obviously it’s all there already, but my team resources make it even easier for you right.

It helps you. It helps you to duplicate easier, so i mean that’s that you get all of that as well by joining my team and you get like full support as well. If and whatever you need right, as whenever i’m available, you know, i don’t mind helping out so yeah.

This is success channel. This is the chat um. This is the channel uh. As you can see, my team resources or somewhere somewhere here is like it’s just a link and then there’s a bunch of things that you can use yourself.

You know a lot a lot of good stuff, guys, um and zoom calls that you can join. You know we’re giving you the best opportunity to get your business up and running from the start to hit the ground running, all right so guys. So i think that is that for this video um, i hope you enjoyed it as usual. Uh, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my signup link is below the video along with my links to the telegram groups, also to the official company telegram group.

You know if um to stay, updated there as well and feel free to reach out to me guys personally on whatsapp or on telegram every anytime guys, really all right so yeah guys as usual, have a good one cheers

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