Eazy Bot, More Crypto Trading Results And Company Zoom Call Later!

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video, so first things: first, it is going to be a company zoom call later um today is friday, so you know guys every monday, wednesday, uh friday and saturday, there are company, easy part Company zoom calls uh, so today it is one later um and the times being at 6 pm south african time for um. You know for all the south africans watching this um and then for everyone else in the rest of the world. Okay, this is wednesday, but again monday, wednesday, friday.

Eazy Bot

The times are the same: uh 12 noon, est 5 pm london time 8 pm uae time and 12 am in taiwan and wherever you are in the world, just work it out for yourself, you know um all right. Let’s get into the trading results, as you can see, i’m already on the charts. Um i’ve been on the charts quite a bit today, just for interest like um, it’s the old trader in me.

You know it always intrigues me what the market is doing, um so yeah. Here’s some results um just from this morning, look at the trades were placed yesterday afternoon, but it took profit very early this morning, 12 59 am just the only weird thing after it took profit again, so i put a buy in and then it just stopped trading Because it was it’s, this inactive glitch again so yeah, some of you guys, might have had this um. If you haven’t signed up yet don’t worry about it yet! Well, i’m just i’m just letting you know that yeah it goes after it takes profit, it goes inactive. So just go back in switch it from inactive to active and then click save and then go back, and then you should see so what you should be seeing is: okay, let’s go back there back again back again, um there should be a little green tick there.

If there’s a little red x uh, then your body’s inactive so just make sure it’s active, especially you know after it took profits. So i thought they they sorted out the glitch. By now it’s um it looks like they’re still busy, with it um and yeah.

That’s why i guess, if you look at these individual covers, i mean like, etc, um ethereum, classic that i’m trading it’s it’s gone down at least um. You know if i think, if i think we’re putting the last buy um. If you look at the chart uh at least around seven eight percent – you know from from the when it bought what 44. So it went down all the way down to 40 dollars.

So that’s around seven, eight percent, maybe a little more so the bot should. I should have um caught the second okay should have had the second cover there or first cover and second cover right along with the initial buy it put in right, so it should have, should have caught those and made it made. Maybe a profit again well a profit now worth the second cover, but i didn’t put in those trades.

I think it’s because it went inactive then i had to switch it active again, but that’s no problem um. What i did was the body is working. It’s just that little glitch guys they will fix, they will work it out, but anyways.

What i did is i decided oh well, i’m uh i just felt like it’s uh i put in a a buy order by myself. Um should have taken that little bit of profit because i put in a buy order year at 4181, and then it had this little drop went up a little bit there and then i should have taken profit there. I’M actually you know i put in a buy around there.

I don’t know anyways. I had a chance to take a little bit of a profit. I didn’t so then it dropped a little further, so guys, yeah again trading is not easy on by yourself.

Even if you have an idea of what you’re doing so having a bot like this is really awesome, um, so yeah but anyways. I just put that buyin, because uh the bot would have done it anyway. If it was, if it didn’t, have that little glitch.

You know switching from active to inactive, so yeah. I have this buy order in i’m probably going to close it. Hopefully, if it goes up to 43 44, then i’m gon na close it um yeah so hundred dollars just over a hundred dollars worth of ethereum classic. So 24, etc that i bought so yeah and i’m just proving another point guys for some of the guys complaining, oh, that the bots are making enough profits for you whatever guys again, you can’t take it over a few days.

In any case, the market moves a lot, but some of you complaining guys um. The point i’m making is is it’s so it’s it’s not always easy, catching the trades just right and you can wait a while a while for them to come back. If you don’t so in my case now so, and you have to watch it, you know like most of you, don’t have the time to watch it or to recharge all that stuff. You know to learn how to trade so yeah this spot is awesome, um.

The fact again that your funds are safe, these are this is where your funds are guys in your own binance or coinbase. Pro wallets, okay, they’re working on coinbase pro it’s not available yet, but almost like, maybe in a week from now they’ll release it to everyone week or two, but binance is available for everyone. You can use binance. So yeah, that’s just the point! So that’s just what i want to show you guys.

So that’s it’s completely safe guys and it’s something that you can build on for years and years to come. Unlike with these other scams that promise unrealistic returns every day, high risk high returns, yeah, but usually high risk and um. You know with no transparency. Easy body is completely different: full transparency, an amazing community, amazing team and management behind it, um and just again guys where you can, we can finally have something where you can build yeah.

We can build a four on for years and years and years, especially i mean not just if you’re i mean, obviously you don’t have to sign people up right. You could just use the bot and i’ll get into like a little bit of compounding at the end of this video like i always do, but well um, but yeah. If you, if you are signing people up, you know as you can. You know you are an affiliate marketer network marketer like myself, um, then you don’t.

You have something like this. We don’t have to feel ashamed to um promote to people, because you know it’s going to make money for people, and people will never lose their money because, again, even if easybot were to just disappear um tomorrow, your your initial investment, along with your profits, will be Safe and sound in your own binance or coinbase pro wallet right with any other platform. You don’t have this and again guys.

Even the easy part is again designed to make profits for in all market conditions. They’Ve tested they’ve done a bunch of testing for months and months. I’Ve got a lot of videos where, like this one video, where i show you seven months of testing all market conditions, the bot was profitable.

Okay. Even so, even when the mark crashes, the body is profitable, unlike unlike other bots, so that’s also just a nice thing to know um if you don’t know that already all right, just a quick market analysis, if this interests you so usually if it goes down like This, if you draw a line, um a trend line to there and it breaks through the trend and it’s going back up again. So it’s just! It’s just got to push back up again, but going by this.

That’s why i put the buy in because i because i strongly believe that it’s sitting on some sort of a level of support here that it’s going to go back up again but we’ll see anyways. So it’s going to put things into perspective, guys again for for those that are impatient and don’t actually know what they have here, like a lot of the guys. Complaining are usually guys that that don’t have a lot of capital in and like aren’t serious about the platform and haven’t traded a day in their life, and i used to scam platforms. Okay, guys, this is a real platform of real results, real people behind it real officers, everything so so again.

This is something you can build on and promote with pride. So, let’s just say: um: okay, no, definitely not daily, let’s just say: um, okay, so hypothetically right um, like the three coins that i have in my one, video where they tested over seven months, one was bitcoin the two and a half percent um a month average For those seven months, ethereum almost did five percent a month for those seven months average and like per month and then uh are they perform the best that was around nine percent average for those seven months? Okay, those aren’t guarantees but yeah and i’m not allowed to promise percentages, but i’m just saying those are results. We’Ve been seeing so so you can expect anything between five to twenty percent in all market conditions average every month, so someone she might make five some months.

She might make ten some months she might make three someone she might make even 15 just depends on the market conditions, and you know what kind of coin you’re trading for trading with so usually ethereum, classic and ave are good coins to trade with, but it also Just depends, you know, because you know sometimes any coin can be volatile in just it just depends guys. It is crypto, it’s a lot of stuff to watch, but usually what what i noticed over a long period of time is ethereum classic is pretty volatile. So that’s why i chose the coin right and a lot of guys enjoy over again, like i just said so, let’s go with five percent.

Let’s just say you can just make five percent monthly right and and i’m put using 600, because that’s the that’s like what the minimum recommended amount to trade with for each coin, in um uh in easybot, so yeah, i’m just going to use five percent. Obviously again guys you can trade the listings, i’m trading with leslie’s 600, i’ve just under 500, but i’m just saying it’s recommended for the strategy, especially when the market is crashing. Okay, but you can always add some funds because your funds are about as safe as in your crypto exchanges as it would be in your bank and in your bank you’re, not making anything. But again, that’s just another point.

So let me just get to the compounding here. Like always like i like to show people uh, i forgot to put in a year there: okay, um, okay, that’s compounding five percent a month for a year. So in a year you almost double your money. That’s not bad, it’s really not bad, but i mean you can’t if you’re just taking five percent 600, not adding anything.

Let’s take it, i’m guessing the goal for many of you is probably to eventually get to a million dollars and retire early. I mean that’s. That’s my goal is to at least make a million dollars. Okay, so 10 years, just by compounding at an average or five percent a month.

Um you’ll have 209 almost 210 000 um yeah you’ll never get this from a bank, that’s for sure or from a scan platform. Because what will happen with a scan platform is yeah. You might make a quick buck, but you know in it long term. It’s not gon na.

It’s usually you know these scan platforms aren’t lost and you won’t get to these amounts. I’M showing you right now so over 20 years, guys just compounding five percent monthly. With six hundred dollars.

Look at what you will have 73. Okay. 20. Is a long time, but again guys how many people are making 73 million dollars after 20 years, so you should be at a million, let’s set it about 12 and a half years and again no promises, i’m just showing you guys.

You know what’s possible with the realistic i mean five percent is pretty realistic for the easy bot to do um you know monthly. I would think you know, but again this isn’t financial advice. This is just me, showing you what i do and what’s going on, what’s possible and again guys these profits. Let’s just say you you want to you extremely patient.

I just i didn’t see a lot of people that are this patient, but you compound this. For for for um, 20 years, this money will be safe and sound. I mean you didn’t, have to worry.

Imagine after 20 years, you’ve compounded and you have 73 million dollars and you can’t withdraw it right, um that would that would suck, but obviously because it’s in your own crypto exchange you’d be able to withdraw it and crypto obviously is going nowhere. It’s the future of currency, guys all right. So, let’s say: okay, let’s use the percentage we got from always so that was nine percent. So i’m going from results we’ve seen so it was for seven months.

It was averaging nine percent, so some months are probably maybe like 15 or 20. Maybe some answered three five, but yeah. It was probably around five to twenty percent um that it was you know, ranging per month. I would think um, okay, so we’re calculating nine percent.

Um monthly, okay, let’s see what our when like, how quickly we can get to a million just so you see the difference between five and nine percent: yeah yeah, that’s that’s pretty impressive and again this is just compounding with one with one coin: um one amount again. You can trade as various different coins. If you want um, you know, if you have more, let’s make sure you allocate 600 for each coin, to make the most of it of each coin, obviously, and strategy um yeah.

After just after seven years, you should have a million dollars. You know compounding at that percentage at like almost nine percent a month, um so yeah i mean that’s, that’s an early retirement package for most people and again guys you can just google compounding interest calculator. I also have the link for it below uh my videos and then and just play around with it, but realistic percentages, guys like um what i just mentioned in like five. You know you can even do three uh five to let’s say five to ten percent.

I think is on average. Um is a realistic, realistic expectation. You know some some months you might make a little lower but yeah. Let’s, let’s stick with that.

Um and again no promises just saying it’s. You know letting you guys know what to expect. So, let’s use five percent again right, just um, very realistic percentage.

There um and let’s say we add 100 to our investment every month, just 100 bucks so to our binance or coinbase pro wallets. I mean you can obviously add more because again it’s safe, but you know i think, for most people hundred dollars is quite a bit of money. You know especially to put away every month, but again guys you want to get rich.

You want to do it. The proper way you got you got to say, but you got to save the right way while invest actually poor people safe, they put their money in a bank and can make like not almost nothing a year. Rich people invest – and this is like you know, putting it in your. This is basically like taking your money um.

Instead of putting in a bank account you put in your binance wallet or coinbase pro wallet it’s about as safe as it would be in your bank. Again, like i said, and then just let it grow just a lot faster. You know with crypto, okay monthly, let’s see okay, this is just using five percent.

Remember it took like it took quite a while for us to get two million um yeah to get to a million um without adding money. I think it we had like what 10 years was 200 and 2 000 or something so just after 10 years, you you’re almost at a million yeah after 10 years, you’re at a million dollars, and it’s just adding 100 a month. It’s reinvesting reinvesting 100, a month out of your own pocket, which is obviously going to be safe, safe and sound.

So if we use again the percentage for ave – and this is starting with only 600 guys – i mean some of you watching this have a lot more money than that to invest. You know, like some of you are serious, but a big investors there guys you can start with. You can obviously just start with a lot more.

Eazy Bot Crypto Trading Results

Some i mean some guys watching. This might have ten thousand dollars that they’re looking to invest into something, but they know what i mean. I would highly consider just putting your money in your binance account connecting the easy body. The easy body is free guys you can try it out for free and then and then seeing you know what happens.

You know if you’re, if you make some returns, you’re happy with it and continue to use it. It’s that simple! Oh, you know other packages that you can buy that give you extra perks here and there, but i mean the easy membership to start off with is perfectly fine. I mean i’m using the easy membership.

I am happy with it. I’M complete everyone gets the same. You know bot and default strategy setting with um.

It doesn’t matter what package you have and all that and if you’re signing people up, then the affiliate bonus isn’t that hot exactly the same from a free package to a vip package: okay, so so yeah just over six months, you know obviously using the rv percentage Compounding adding a hundred dollars a month six and a half months you, you will be sitting at a let’s say about six and a half or just before that just be sitting at a million dollars. Seven years, you’re yeah six years, sorry, seven years you’ll be sitting at 24 million dollars so yeah. You know.

I hope i hope you guys get a little bit again get some perspective from this, and i’m gon na try and show this to you. This kind of stuff to you guys more because this is again i find this is very important to know. Um, not a you’ll, be like a lot of you’ll.

Be surprised how many people um actually um, pay attention to compounding interest, but it’s just because i guess so many people struggle to find the right platforms, but again guys. Rest assured easy bot is the right thing. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, give it a try.

What do you have to lose? It’s free um, your money is safe in your wallet and you’re only going to make money, because the strategy is simply so good. I mean the way they worked it out. It’s a genius. It’s a genius strategy, guys, it’s very it’s! Yes, it is very conservative, very safe, but it’s meant to again you’ll be you’ll, be happy that that it’s so safe, especially when the market is crashing.

Okay, you want to make profits consistently, even if it’s small profits, it’s better to make small profits consistently. Then, eventually end up with then make big profits at start and then eventually end up with a big floating loss anyway, okay and again guys – i just want to mention um my telegram groups, links are below for the telegram the official, easy part telegram groups, but this Is just something i want to bring to everyone’s attention: do not contact anyone in the easybot official or easybot official announcements telegram groups about any other opportunities. It is prohibited for any member to solicit easybot members. Please do not post your easybot affiliate link in the easybot official telegram group as well.

Please adhere to this to this guideline or you will be removed and blocked from the telegram groups. People have been removed for this. Please don’t let it be you you will be removed. Thank you so yeah guys.

Just don’t be that person that that does this, what i just mentioned, you know be that person that basically messages individuals in the group you know and trying to promote whatever you’re promoting already. Don’T just don’t do that don’t be that guy. If you want to join the group guys, please first sign up so use my link below the video sign up to easybot and then join the telegram group and you can feel free again. You can feel free to reach out to me anytime, because my phone number is below, as you guys know again, i don’t buy it guys, reach out to me anytime.

If you need help to get set up and everything, i have videos that show you how to get set up but anyways. If you stuck somewhere or you just want to be part of my whatsapp group um, you want to meet the team. That’s great and i’d love to reach out to you as well so yeah.

Just my phone number is below pop me a message on whatsapp and we can. I can help you get started and introduce you to my team and yeah. We can make some money together and another thing is yeah again, all my other links are below the video, including for the zoom meeting this afternoon, guys remember it’s starting in about 2 hours and 45 minutes from now uh.

Oh, when i post this video, it’s going to be like two hours and 40 minutes once it’s uploaded, so all right, guys, um, like always thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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