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Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you.

Let’s take a look at the affiliate program, this will be the same whether you are an advanced you’re, a vip or you are free, so pay close, close attention here. So this is you you start here and you have. This is a uni level, so you will only have people on your first level here, you’re, not building under anyone else.

Eazybot Compensation Plan

It’s not a binary, it’s just a straight line. So when you say that you join for free and one of the individuals that you bring on, he gets on as an advanced package. In your first level, you will earn 100 usdt in commissions on the second level, say this person that you brought in gets a new person on board and he upgrades you will then earn 25, and this is you starting as a free account. Now, if this is you you’re, starting as a free account, say that, for instance, and in the first level, someone signs up with as a vip member, then you will earn 398 usdt and if they happen on the second level, you’ll earn 99 usd, and this is From starting from absolutely zero right for starting for free, this is amazing.

This will really uh really allow people you know from all over the world to really change their financial situation if they put in the work right. So the affiliate program here here is something the easiest i’ve ever seen right. So with 10 people in your team, 10 people actively active people.

In your first level, you unlock the whole compensation plan, the whole compensation plan. You don’t have to hit any ranks, you don’t have to have leaders under you with the same rank as you, something like that 10 people. The whole compensation plan opens up to you right, so this is based on the service fee.

Remember what i said before. As a free account, 30 of your profit goes to the company when you’re on advanced or vip member 20 goes to the company and of these 30 or 20. You will earn an 8 commission on that amount for level 1 to level five.

So one two three four five and then from six all the way to eighteenth, you will earn one percent of these twenty or thirty percent, and on the 19th and 20th level, it’s 05 and as you see here, the qualifications for the different levels is that you Need to have a a a paid direct, so in the first level right, this actually isn’t uh there’s another one, another another uh uh. What’s it called another another this here? This is same for the true. The first one is even for people who has no activated. I have that on another slide, so even for people on the first level you can earn, even if you don’t have one active member right, so if you’re a free account, you bring in other free accounts as well, they start trading, they start earning.

You will also make money. Okay, you will also make money right, so free account getting other free accounts as well, whether they upgrade or not as long as they’re trading and making a profit. You will also earn from that awesome.

So this is the matching bonus, earn a percentage of all ssf commissions paid to one and two members right. This is awesome. This is awesome, so this is a matching bonus say that you have someone on your first level and he’s making ten thousand dollars per month. Right from his team that he built, eight percent of that goes to you for bringing him in, and this matching bonus is three percent on your second level so and this here in easybound.

What you want to do you want to have as many people in your first line as possible right. So that’s the way that you will make you know as much money as possible because then, when they duplicate it will go all the 20 levels down. But it’s also for the matching bonus, so as many people as you can on your first level, that is what you want to do when you build easy bot right so easy about affiliate programs with commission qualification and notes right.

So the the software survey fees commissions are paid through 20 levels. Each paid personal referral opens two levels of commission eligibility right. So if you uh paid member you’re qualified from earn for one and two, but also if you’re, a free member on your first level.

Only if you’re a free account, if you refer five paid members, you’re qualified to earn from the first to the tenth. If you refer 10 paid members, you are qualified to earn from all 20 levels right and now here’s a really really cool thing: there’s no loss commissions, there’s no breakage right, so any commission earned on the levels you’re not yet qualified for or held in a reserve Wallet once qualified these reserves will be paid to you. Oh my god guys.

Do you understand what this means? So if you are just unlocked the level number one and two and then on the uh on level three down to 20, there’s a lot. A lot of you know things happening, there’s a lot of money being generated that money you’re not losing out on it. It’s just simply waiting for you to have enough active members in your first level to be eligible to receive it right, so you will never lose any money.

There’s no breakage in the compensation plan right. So when you have a lot of big leaders coming in a lot of duplication, going through all the levels, all the way to 20 – and you have no right now – you can’t earn it. It will hold it for you until such a time you become eligible to receive it.

So this is super awesome. This allows people to join for free wherever they are start. Training use their profits to upgrade share this with other people and there’s with no money lost.

No money lost. This is absolutely amazing and now in the founders club, because, as you know, we have not yet at the time of this recording we have not yet gone live right, so this is scheduled to start from tomorrow. So there is a special founders club right: it’s 1 000 people that will share a pool of 5 5 of the company revenue right. So, in order for you to qualify for the founders club, what you need to do is sponsor free members, free paid members who are uh, who are trading with at least 600 dollars and help those free sponsor free people or also uh advanced user advanced from vip Users and are training for at least 600, then you’re eligible to become a part of the founders club and earn five percent of the company revenue right.

So this is awesome right and also be on vip yourself, be trading, at least with 600 right

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