Eazy Bot Latest Updates On My Side, I Received 2 More Package Upgrade Commissions of 120$!πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy part, video, so yeah guys. I know it’s been a while, since i’ve been doing easybot video um, i also have other platforms um that i’m involved with um that i’m, basically you know making money with promoting, etc, etc. You know things like that. So yeah, it’s sometimes hard to split my time.

Eazy Bot Latest Updates

Between the different platforms, but anyways i mean i like to diversify. Only when i find platforms that are worthwhile, you know legitimate platforms and obviously easybot is one of them recently joined another legitimate platform, which is extremely solid, um as well so yeah guys. We just keep moving up in life um anyway, so uh, some of the updates. I want to show you guys, because this is an update video.

It’s like i said it’s been a while uh. Let’s first look at so i reset the bot because if some of you might remember um okay well, if you’re new to my channel, you wouldn’t, but some of you might remember that i uh set my own strategy for the pot which didn’t work out too well. Um, i should have just kept just stuck to the default strategy, but then again um i made a point.

Is if you’re, not a professional trader um then just just leave the bot. You know on default strategy and let it do its thing, because it i mean the person who the ceo actually designed the strategy to the bot knows exactly what is what he’s doing and it works, and it’s been proven to work. It’s a proven strategy.

All you need to do is just give it time. You know, don’t be greedy and try and change it up and try and trade too aggressively, because then you can end up like me, um, eventually having to reset the bot and um. You know it’s not fun. So what i’m going to do first is just show you guys some of the updates, so company overview um, that’s something you can again, that’s something you can go to.

If you wan na see everything about easybot um, it works right. A nice little feature that let’s go to my wallet, okay, so just another thing is recently: i i had two um people that upgraded to the advanced package, because, again guys they see the value in the easy bot and they are they are killing it. I mean the people.

People are making good profits with easy bot, but without having to worry, you know, is without having to worry about the safety of their funds with their control. Obviously, you always in control of your funds, like always mention so so you you make returns on your money without being worried about being scammed. That’s what makes the easy bot great and yes, you’ll, probably find other platforms out there that promise you ridiculous returns on a daily basis, but those are usually scams, like ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes and obviously easybot is legit.

So i mean, if you’re looking for something to build on medium long term. Obviously easy body is the place like one of the platforms. You you know want to be a part of right, um, so yeah.

Let me just see package sales, as you guys can see. 27Th of june and 6th july i had two advanced package upgrades and you’ll notice. Yes, it used to be 100, so they changed the comp plan a little bit, but actually for the better long term.

It used to be two levels: deep: the compensation plan for the packages, and now it’s 10 levels. Deep – and i’ve mentioned this in other videos, so yeah long term. The changes they made to the compensation plan for the package sales will be way way: better 10 levels. Deep is way better than two levels: deep, much more potential, long term um, anyways ss commissions, ssf, commission service, fee commissions, um.

So obviously, as you guys know, this is um. The service fee commissions that you make from um everyone in your team, because you get a you know when, as soon as they make profits, they keep their 70 or 80 percent and then 30 or 20 goes to the company, and some of it goes comes to You as well, so it pays to invite people because you get you really get rewarded. Well, and i know this isn’t a lot of money yet guys, but this will, as you guys, can see it’s increased over the last few months right.

It keeps increasing on july. I basically made 15 already just for these commissions um. So, but eventually you know like because this is 20 levels, deep, the service fee commissions. This will this will turn into 140 they’re, not a thousand four hundred dollars again guys long term, because this is a platform that has the potential to be around for a very, very long time.

As long as crypto is around easybot will be around that’s. How i see it right so so yeah long term, i mean this is massive potential right. We still i’m still early days still building, but i’m happy to see some results all right.

So since, if commission’s package sales matching bonus, i’m not sure other matt. I forgot how the matching bonus really works, but i got like what one cent thing, but uh yeah um. I think long term that bonus could also help a bit okay. These are some of the service fees, as you guys can see.

I reset the bot again on july, because the reason for that was um back then i was screwing around i was putting in my own trades. I basically changed the watch strategy completely and at the and at the end of the day i got stuck so i had to wait for my trades to come back first before i could reset the bot and, as you guys know, the crypto markets have been extremely Difficult the last few months so yeah guys, i would suggest especially you know, if you’re just looking to make a passive income out of this. You know passive returns. Passive investment then do not do not change the bot strategy.

Just keep it as it is. It is proven it works right, don’t be like me and fidget around and stuff it up, because you will get stuck eventually. If you don’t know what you’re doing, because again, the markets can be difficult, um all right, so, as you guys can see, i’ve requested a withdrawal. It’s at 126 usdt, there’s always a two dollar withdrawal fee from your commissions.

So i’m withdrawing the commissions that i got from my advanced packages, so basically yeah, i’m just waiting for that to pop up in my binance wallet, i’m probably gon na trade with that probably gon na. Let the bot just trade with that, and that’s that i’m not gon na fidget with this strategy, i’m just gon na let the bot do its thing um, but other guys again, like other guys who have been sticking to the default strategy right of the bot. That is built in have been killing it just saying.

I think i really said that, but i’ll say that say it again, because that’s a point, it’s a good point to be made um. Another thing is what you’ll see another feature added. Is the founders club? How many people are available or how many people have qualified for the founders club person who signed me up he’s qualified for the founders club he’s my mentor as well, so great guy anyways, um 41 people have qualified.

So if you’re interested in the founders club, then you still have a chance. I mean again the founders basically um. Once these founders positions are filled, then the founders will get five percent of the company’s revenue every single month. There are obviously requirements in that which i’ll go through in a different video, but um yeah i mean eventually if the company is making billions, which i believe it will.

You know billions of dollars on a monthly basis. Okay, not promising anything, but i believe that’s where we’re going. So if it’s bringing in billions of dollars in revenue every single month and and it’s giving five percent to these thousand founders, then – and obviously they divide it between the founders, but that will that will also be an additional nice um passive income coming in every month. So yeah huge potential there as well uh okay, so we have a zoom cool schedule.

I don’t know if i covered this in the previous video, but it’s another update, so you can check the when all the scheduled zoom calls are. Here we go yeah. We have a lot of scheduled, zoom calls and i would suggest getting at least attending.

Maybe a zoom call once a week. If you can just to see the updates – and you know what they’re working on behind the scenes and yeah you can meet the ceo and and the founder and the ceo in person, you know it’s, it’s it’s nice to have that transparency. I mean, like i always say easy.

Bots company transparency is almost second to none. I mean it’s. It takes all the boxes for me all right, so uh, oh yeah, if you haven’t gotten started yet, then again just click on my signup link below the video.

You can get started and um you don’t even need me. Actually, i do have tutorial videos, but you can just click on welcome to easybot click here to get started and you can get started if you get stuck somewhere. My phone number is below just send me.

A message on whatsapp, anytime, guys and i’ll help you get started but anyways. It is just again. Click on dashboard, welcome to easy part, click here to get started and you can get started right. So, let’s look at how how my team is looking um, like, i said, guys, big long term potential, because those service fee commissions, as your team, makes money and more money.

Um you get more service fees as well. I mean obviously they pay the same percentage of service fees, but as they make more money, they pay like the same service percentage, service fees but they’re making more money right. So therefore, that amount increases and you make more money medium long term.

So, basically, all you need is if your team makes money, you make money, the more the money your team makes, the more money you make. So everyone wins. Everyone makes money, whether you’re a passive investor.

You have two options: you can either either be a passive investor and just let the ball trade for you and make returns, which is perfectly fine or you can do both. You can be an investor and you can be a team builder, and i mean i work on six and six were six and seven figure earners on a daily basis. Who are helping me.

I mean i reached the next level, so i mean, if you want to work with us, then again just pop me a message on whatsapp all right, so i’ve unlocked so far six. I think six of my levels, so i mean, like i said, 20 levels deep guys. So if you know anything about affiliate marketing, you know 20 levels deep is as insane potential um, so yeah 82.

We have. I have 82 people who signed up as of now. So it’s been what, like four months since we launched um, pretty steady progress, 76 free members, because again, even as a free member, you have access to the full affiliate program and you can trade with up to two bots at once: okay or two different coins at Once but if you, if you want to get more out of your easybot experience and i’ll talk about this in a different video, then you can consider upgrading you know when you have enough capital again, i would say if you want to get to advanced at least Have like two or three thousand dollars to trade with to really benefit from advancing trading with 10 different coins and then vip package. You know, like i, don’t know, five to ten thousand dollars plus to benefit from from the advantages of the vip, while the extra added benefits of the vip package right but anyways.

That’s how i’m standing at the moment. Five advanced packages, one vip package and – and the point is that i’m trying to make as it’s possible to get the big investors it’s possible, it’s possible to attract people that that you know if you are. If you are a part of the affiliate program, it is possible to attract people to basically get them on your team and to also help them make money, and therefore you make money right so again, guys uh. My door is always open for anyone who wants to work with me a 96 in total okay, so i have 96 in total, my duplication, as you can see, all of these signups are my 8182 direct referrals guys.

So that’s on level 1, um, 96 signups. In total, well in my team, so my team needs to i don’t i don’t really have big team builders, yet i actually have one guy that i can think of. That’s needs to start. He wants to get going, but um yeah, as of now um.

Most most of my team consists of just investors again, which is fine, which is perfectly fine, just showing you guys how how it’s stacking up so far, so yeah anyways uh my profile. My wallets upgrade subscription um, that’s also, that’s always been there. That’s always been there uh. Let’s have a look at the bot what the bots is doing.

Okay, so some of you are um regulars to my channel know. I had a quite a bit more capital in my binance wallet, so obviously i sent 500 to another platform, which is basically almost as solid as easybot, which i’m always promoting. I’M super chuffed about that one as well um, but again, as you guys saw, i did send 114 dollars to my binance wallet so once that that is in my binance wallet.

It should show later, then i’ll have like 200 and well, depending on what bitcoin does to let’s say: 264 dollars more or less okay give or take 63 264 around it all right, so um as usual guys. What i want to show you, especially if you’re new, to my channel and to my videos as you can see, this is the transparency that you get all that the bot that easybot does right. Is it trades for you in your own exchange? So let me just show you guys the trades it’s been doing in the last week or so so, as you can see, all these btc orders, that’s what the bot did.

This is spot trading, so it gon na in spot trading, guys um you’re buying in the actual coin as well, which makes it like a lot safer than margin trading and so on. So the returns are a lot slower, but it’s it’s safe. You know especially long term. That’s what you want.

One safe, consistent returns right if you’re looking for get rich quick scheme, easy bot is not it um, all right, so buy sell. So this the sales is. Obviously it got to a certain point where it wasn’t in good profit and it sold off the position and then it took profit. So those are all the trades guys that the bot has been doing um.

You just go in here and show you guys. Let’s see what it’s been doing, okay, so this is some of the orders um. I don’t know if it did more in that it’s a since.

I reset it at the all of these orders here. So we have. We have made in total a dollar and 28 cents and um i put the date on here.

It was oh yeah um. I started it up again, the sixth on the sixth of july, so it’s been about five and a half days now, six days around me pretty good returns. I mean, if you consider about 100 capital, 128, that’s 128, so that’s pretty decent! So far, but again like i said guys, i’m adding more capital to it.

So what i’m actually hoping for is bitcoin to drop a little bit more and it’s going to trigger um this position on index three, so um. I think it needs to drop to around to give you guys an idea of how the bot works. You need to drop to around 19 000 flat around there, because that’s where i think more or less it’s going to hit there and it’s going to bounce off.

That support level and go again because bitcoin is extremely low, i mean maybe it can go lower. I don’t know, but i mean if you go even on the weak chart, it’s basically it’s on very strong support right now. It’s basically sitting on 2017’s alltime high. So so yeah, that’s pretty interesting, a very strong support level right now, so we’ll see where it goes, but i think it’s going to go to 19.

19. 000. Personally, it’s going to hit that position, so i’m hoping for and then it’s going to go back up again and it’s probably going to take profit see with all these positions.

Let me just show you guys: all these open positions are going to take profit, because what the bot does is it can take profit on the individual positions, but a dollar cost averages right so um. If it triggers that that buy at about 19 000, then my average price, as you can see, will probably come down to close to 20 000 so, which means that that all of these positions together only needs to get to about 20 000. Then um to be break even and eventually slightly higher um, i think about a percent and a half in profit and then um. If it doesn’t pull back too much, it will basically ride the uptrend as long as it can.

If it does a slight pullback, it will take profit so so yeah, let’s see what happens, but i mean if it doesn’t go to 19 000 bitcoin will probably shoot up anyways and if it gets above this average price, then it will sell off all these positions. Anyway and make profit, but again i’ll, make more profit if it hits that buy order, 19 000 bounces and goes up so but anyways the bot is working. It is making profits.

If i had more capital, you know for a thousand ten thousand dollars. I would put in but, as you guys know, i have limited capital, i’m not a rich guy, so but yeah. The main thing is what works? Making i’m making profits um, especially the big investors, are making a lot of profits, which is good.

But again the point. I want to make is, if you do get into this, and you want to put a lot of money in then. Well i mean your funds are like i said.

Your money is, is always safe and secure in your own binance or coin exchange, because you can use good coin as well. Those are the two exchanges. So if you’re a us citizen use good coin um, preferably so this is where your fund’s always safe. So i mean it’s about as safe as it can be, for, in my opinion, you know, crypto wallets, like binance, good coin or or crypto exchanges in general are almost or just about as as safe as banks are so.

Okay, so yeah guys my body’s up and running again. I’Ve got some nice updates and basically what i heard from a little birdie that they are planning on even improving the bot’s trading strategy because they tested some strategies and they found one that’s more profitable than this. One but again guys, don’t quote me on this. This is just what i heard um, it’s not official, yet it’s nothing official! It’s just you know, they’re trying to all i’m saying is they’re trying to make the body even more profitable for us right.

So so yeah guys, i think, um, that’s about all! I have right now, oh yeah. I just want to. I think one more thing i missed was just for security purposes. Um they added.

If you want to withdraw they added like a 2fa verification which just to make things more secure, um yeah, okay, oh yeah, this is just um, there’s no alert, so you can also check your alerts if you don’t know that all right, guys, um, if you want To know more about easybot you can just head over to my channel. I have other opportunities as well. This is the new this opportunity that i’m scrolling over is the new one.

I’M also part of um, just a bunch of videos on easybot and um yeah. I mean if you want to sign up with easybot again, my signup link is below the video um. My phone number is below for whatsapp, so you guys know what to do all right guys.

That’s it for this video don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, as usual, have a good one cheers

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