I Received Another Eazy Bot Commission Today From A Package Upgrade! πŸ˜†πŸ€‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today i got i got a very exciting uh, very exciting, uh video for you guys, another unexpected commission has come in from an advanced package upgrade. So let me just show you guys, let me get to it so i’ll go to my wallet right. I can see all the commissions, so one of the people that um upgraded uh that bought an advance package.

Eazy Bot Commission

This uh decided well has already started trading, as you can see this other commission here is like list. That’s well, it’s a few cents. That’s why it will um yeah.

It says this year, but it’s a few cents um. It’s part of the you know the service fees, but guys this is amazing. I mean it’s like i wasn’t expecting any of this. I wasn’t expecting any of my team members to upgrade.

But again, then again i don’t. I don’t know most of the people on my team because most of the people on my team are from youtube. I do ask you guys to reach out to me you know, but if you don’t want to that’s perfectly fine, i’m just you know, i’m saying uh.

So so yeah, that’s i mean that’s pretty awesome, guys literally 200 commissions coming in um from uh two people upgrading to the advanced package totally unexpected, but i mean you know when you, when you keep doing the right stuff when you’ve got a great program here, then It’s just i mean it’s a nobrainer right um. We really have something special, so yeah. Let me just show you guys how you can also check uh yeah, okay nonactive, one of my members. It’s just weird that it’s saying everyone’s, not active.

I mean i have one active member because he’s actively trading. As far as i know you know, otherwise i wouldn’t get that service fee. Commission uh okay, so both of these guys are my first level, i’m not going to click on it because in the show names and just for the purpose of protecting the privacy of everyone on my team, i’m not going to click on it. But if you click on this, you can see it’s 20 27.

Here then, you can see like all the the names of the people in your team right and then obviously, if i go to 32 people in general in my team, but some of them are on my second level, so so yeah guys i mean i was actually In a zoom call with um one of my business partners, well, the guy who signed me up um marcus and he and, like literally, i was showing him something uh. While i was screen sharing, and then i saw that i was like okay, another one. I was crazy so to the person who who upgraded to the advanced package.

Um. Congratulations, i can. I can see, i mean well both of you guys. Congratulations that that upgraded.

I can see you guys are very serious about this and that’s awesome, because there are some benefits that you do get with the paid memberships. Obviously coming in with the free package. Guys again is perfectly fine.

Everyone gets the same bot but um yeah, it’s just as as well as you know, getting the paid packages when you can it’s an awesome investment in yourself and also a point i want to make. So if i do go into uh, i think it’s all right. Um, if i no, this is the wrong one.

I think yeah. If you go, go to the free packages to the packages on this presentation right, you can see some of the the differences always discuss this. You know you can with the advanced package and other vip package, you can trade more coins. You get a few more benefits like um.

You know, oneonone support calls on a vip package. Um, that’s perfect for experienced traders uh all that stuff. So at least the free package you can trade up to two coins, that’s more than enough, especially if you’re coming in, not with a lot. If you don’t have a lot of capital guys.

The free package is fine, like the advanced package in a vip package would benefit more people that have like, like more capital, like at least, i would say guys if um, if you want to buy a package right like out of your own pocket. Now from the start, then, i would suggest that you obviously make sure that that you can afford it. Firstly, because, as far as i understand, it’s a yearly membership, but i i i think, that’s what they said so make sure that you have enough trading capital as well, because, like i mentioned the recommended trading capital. But the current strategy is um 600 in your binance or coinbase pro wallet and many others to follow you can you can obviously start with less guys you you can.

I mean if you only have fifty dollars or hundred dollars or whatever to start with? That’s perfectly fine, just find your buyness wallet and then connect the bot with easybot connect the easybot with your binance or coinbase pro wallet and let it start trading. Obviously, you won’t get rich overnight as this isn’t a getrichquick scheme or anything, but you can expect some returns. You know because the bot’s going to be working 24.

7 for you right. It’s going to make money for you in all market conditions. That’s what it’s programmed and designed uh to do.

You know um, so yeah guys coming into the free package. You can start with with less capital guys coming in with advanced package um. I recommend that that you at least have six hundred dollars minimum in your uh binance coinbase pro wallet to trade with, because you know otherwise, you can’t really take advantage of you know like like trading more trading up to more coins, because the six hundred dollars recommended Is for one coin guys you know according to the the strategy and all that um, so i mean it would be more beneficial for guys who have thousands of dollars to trade with um, so yeah, so basically and then a vip package i mean these are for Guys, especially with trading up to five exchanges, you know some guys like to diversify their portfolio like to train on different exchanges at a time um some guys like to trade with almost every available coin, but these are for guys that definitely have a few thousands of Dollars um in their binance or coinbase pro wallet, i would say you know at least starting from you know – maybe two thousand dollars minimum ten thousand one hundred thousand million dollars, because you will get some guys with with a million dollars coming in uh. You know that will be trading with a million dollars or more definitely because this, because this bot is simply just that good guys, and obviously you have that aspect of of the safety right.

Like always mention is the bots going to be trading for you in your own exchange. This is either in binance. This is where your money is going to be guys. It’s perfectly safe, it’s about as safe as it would be in your bank account right and here on, and here’s coinbase pro and many others will be added guys.

Just again, we have to be patient uh many like kraken ftx. I think, what’s other one hobby uh, you know all those those crypto exchanges will be added so that because they’re making sure that the whole world gets access to this amazing lifechanging bot and opportunity guys. So i mean, if you’re thinking especially of building a team, i mean these commissions that are going to come in it’s um. It’s just a bonus guys, i mean it’s, i mean you’ll, be surprised because you like, especially if you just take action, if you put yourself out there, you know like i never i never thought that you, my youtube channel would take, would take off the way it Does but you know it’s just i just decided to take action to do something and um.

You know it’s really not hard to make youtube videos and i just decided. Let me just get something that really works like the easy bot and share it with people. You just you got to share the people, just be real guys, just show them show them how the bot works. Um.

You know what you can. What are the benefits? You know like um, more or less hypothetically, what kind of returns you can expect? Obviously guys don’t promise fixed returns or carry you know like percentages or anything like that, because that’s enticement, that’s illegal, i believe in the usa. Don’T do that just show them get them on the zoom call so that they can see results from other people there, and so they can make like calculations that in their heads um. I also go by what the ceo said is that it was the ceo or either coach ken one of the two.

The sales director order, ceo, who said that that you can rest assured that the money that the spot’s going to make for you over the span of say i don’t know it just – depends how much capital you’re starting with, could be a few months for years i’ll. Let’s just go with a few years, you know: have the the investors mindset what it will make for you in a few years, um you’d be able to retire and retire comfortably with that money. That’s just with the bot training guys.

That’s because again you don’t have to sign people up if you don’t want to, but let me tell you, let me tell you something now guys um. Let me just switch back. Let me tell you something that this tomorrow is the big launch and if you guys know i i just um either another video that i just uploaded tomorrow there will be a company launch full launch for and it the three members will go live so first on The binance and then coinbase pro should be available next week, but everyone on binance should be able to use the bot for free tomorrow, guys um, so this thing’s gon na the whole world’s gon na know about this eventually right now you are in the beginning, um.

So especially if you know, if you don’t want to sign people up, i think maybe think about it, because again, if, if the bot’s going to be making money for you, it should be your moral and ethical obligation. That’s just me is what i’m saying it should be your moral ethical obligation to um. You know, go out there and at least tell someone about it.

You know, maybe your friends or family, because again guys there’s nothing. You can lose you because your funds are safe. Right, so if it’s making money for you, if it’s doing good for you, then share it with people, and you can benefit from that right. If you, if you get, if you give other people what they want, you get what you want right, and i even made a video about about how you know crazy.

The commissions can be. You know, like i go on this one where um you know where i i basically i show this and then i go into another slide or to a notepad and i’ll show you some what’s the potential that you can earn with these percentages. It’s absolutely ridiculous guys when you actually do the math when you sit down and you think about it, so obviously from the service fees 65 goes to um. Well, it goes to the affiliate program.

So, as i worked out here, 54 for these days, i mean every trade guys remember. These commissions that you get off from these percentages are from every trade down the line 20 levels down on your downline. You know in your team, so only on level. One again, all your direct signups, the rest are guys that your team signs up and eventually you benefit all the way up until 20 levels.

Guys, if you, if you have an idea of what i’m saying like like how big this is, then this is a nobrainer to i mean sign some people up, but again you don’t have to do that. Just just sharing with you guys why it’s such a big deal. Obviously the two commissions i received was guys on my first level that that upgraded to the advanced package vip at 390 and then even on, even on guys on my second level. So it only applies.

The same with the matching matters level, one two, the others, one, the other one – is until 20 levels, um, ten percent guys. So even if someone on my directly will sign someone up that, i don’t even know, then i still get for advanced. I get 25 and uh for the if they decide on level 2 to buy a vip package, and i get 99 from that and in the founders club some some of you, i know, are shooting for this, and i mean you should think big guys, because this Is really this thing is going to take off? This thing is going to take off guys with a with or without you, but we’d love to do it with you, we’d love to see it to see others succeed.

I, like personally, i like to see my team succeeding. You know i usually try and do everything in my power to make sure my team’s ready, set up properly um and ready to go ready to make some money if they have any problems. I always try and resolve it things like that guys, but the main thing is um. I want to see other people succeed, i’m a people’s person.

You know, i don’t want to hype myself up or say how great i am or whatever i’m just saying. That’s i. I try and and do that you know i just because there’s a lot of guys out there, they sign people up and they never from there. They just leave them inside.

You know just don’t help them out. It’s just. You know at least send them a few videos how to get started and stuff.

You know, that’s that’s what you should be doing. You know, because again, if you, if you help others you’re helping yourself as well right, but even if you don’t get anything out of that, i mean it’s still still good to it’s still good to see others succeed. It really is um, but anyways, guys uh.

What else i want to show you um, i think that’s, i think that’s probably going to be it for this video, so yeah guys again, just if you really want to see the bigger picture, if you’re still sitting on the sidelines, come and join us tomorrow on Uh, you know the uh, the details are or on the other video i will. I will put it on the end screen, so you can just click on it and it will be tomorrow, thursday. Maybe just let me just go on to times.

Let me show you guys: oh it’s on one of the groups. Oh here we go the grand opening, here’s the times, guys so just work it out wherever you’re from in the world and just um, you know check it out so yeah! That’s that’s about it! For this video i reckon um. I hope this will excite you guys, because i’m really excited i was completely.

It was completely unexpected, all the commissions and that um, you know in the last few days. Yesterday, 100, today again, we haven’t even launched yet guys like fully tomorrow is going to be the full grand opening and the launch for everyone will be able to use the bot um, but but i’m already making money, because people are seeing the potential they i mean Again guys it’s just getting yourself out there mainly is you know, showing people just showing people the product, what we have um, how the bots making money for us uh, whether you, whether you just do something or not, i mean again, it’s that’s the main. That’s what we’re looking for right! You will literally wan na wan na.

You know just sit back, go to work whatever and just while you’re at work, while you’re on the beach or whatever um. You want money coming in right on autopilot, and this is what this this is, what the spot is programmed and designed to do and again guys. You also have again it’s a nobrainer when, when you can’t desire you’ll see many other programs out there that promise unrealistic returns on a daily basis, but you’ll notice that you always have to send money to someone else right once once that person has your money, then, If they just decide to to run away one day or the company falls, then then you won’t get those funds back guaranteed.

It’s like it’s! It’s when it’s when it’s gone, it’s gone right, um. So this is why this is so great is because you can’t you don’t have that that that lingering or that thing at the back of your mind, we have to worry. Am i going to lose my funds or not because again, your funds are perfectly safe in your own wallet at all times. No one can fidget with it.

The bot can only trade for you guys, that’s all it can do so, yeah guys as usual um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. My sign up link is below my easy about sign up. Link is below the video. If you want to get signed up, you want to get going.

If you don’t have a binance wallet, then my binance links also below all my other links for the telegram groups. Guys join the telegram group so that you can get all the updates on a daily basis and the link for the the company zoom calls um, including the one tomorrow. The grand opening is uh below the video, also so anyways guys.

It’s all just just check me little bit: it’s all there. Anyways guys have a good one cheers

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