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Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel right, so welcome to this easybot video, where i’m just going to show you some results. I think you guys will find find this very interesting um. So basically they back tested easybot. So this was last year before they even launched it um to the public um.

You know, as you guys know, easybot was officially launched the 31st of march and obviously i was there. I’Ve been with easybot since the beginnings i mean i heard about it. Um early march, and then you know i couldn’t wait, wait for it to launch, because i saw this is gon na. This is gon na, be something that is a breath of fresh air.

Eazy Bot

You know in a in an industry where there’s so many you know so many scams out there that promise you ridiculously ridiculous returns, but there’s no trading going on there’s no transparency. All of that so yeah guys, let’s get into it um. So this was, as you could see through to back, testing was started with these bots around february january february.

They started so this was gone on. The notes here notes notes on back testing this data data represents the initial incomplete back testing results for easybot’s technical capabilities and oneclick strategy, important thing to note: oneminute candle limitations, easy bodies, program to read and respond to the market every second, this high speed performance leads To more opportunities to open and close trades in profit, however, for the results presented here, we we could only access one minute, historical candles. What this means is that, for each minute we are back testing. There are 59 opportunities that were unaccounted for ge heapers, so we believe that easybot’s realworld performance will therefore produce even more profitable trades as a result.

So this was back testing results, guys so um if they actually had this on a real. If they had this on a real account with real money right, they would have probably made more that’s what they’re saying or even on it, just on a demo account to see because again, like they just mentioned here, there’s 50 59 opportunities that were unaccounted for. You know with the back testing so another thing, no auto compounding the results here.

Do not consider easy, bot’s automatic compounding feature with auto compounding enabled easy body sure to have returned higher higher profits over the same test period. So the auto compounding feature, as you guys know, is part of the easy bot right um. It’s it compounds of every single trade.

So every single trader takes profit right, your that, your basically your um account balance, increases right at every single trade little by little. So as soon as you’ve made profit of the trade, the bot will auto compound that so it’s auto compounding on a trade per trade base basis, so which is massive potential. Just you know, if you guys know anything about compounding interest. You’Ll know it’s huge.

So another thing i just want to go back to the back testing again back testing is what you do when when you trade right is you go back in history and you see how the markets move and then you work out a strategy, and then you do Your back testing and see okay, how how well did that strategy perform right, so the back testing basically tells you how you would have done with a certain strategy if you actually traded with that strategy, so whether it’s again successful with it would have been a successful Strategy or not so obviously, back testing is again it’s a very, very accurate way of seeing how your strategy would have done and and will do because, obviously, how do you, how do you know how your bots or how your trading strategy is going to perform in The future um you simply back test it, and then you get a pretty good idea right all right. So now we’re here on btc and eth performance so of the three coins presented here bitcoin i even need to scroll down on this. I don’t even need to, but okay sorry about that of the three coins presented here.

Bitcoin, um and ethereum do not generally perform as well as other altcoin cryptocurrencies, due to their comparatively low volatility. Easybot performs best when there is a lot of volatility movement up or down so the more movement up and down. There is the better for the easybot, because then it has more opportunities to make profit right. So what is back testing? I already said that back.

What is back, testing back testing assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data, back testing, simulates, a training strategy using historical data data data to generate results and analyze risk and profitability before risking any actual capital. So yeah guys, whether you’re trading yourself or whether you’re trading with a bot, you have to do back testing first to make sure your strategy or your bot works properly. A welcome conducted back test that yields positive results assures traders that the strategy is fundamentally sound and is likely to yield profits when implemented in reality. And if you guys want to know how to bot actually dirty more recent results on on actually on a real account.

But uh what is going on here? Oh, she was seriously okay, uh! Let me just go in here: there we go if you want to know how it did uh more recently, then um, just close that i mean. Why does it anyways? If you want to know how the pot did recently, you can simply just have a look at this um. This and again guys keep in mind. This is in a bear market still guys in the downtrending market and we’re still making these results.

So you can expect something crazy, the three to four like three to four times these returns in a bull market and again it’s not i’m not promising anything. I’M just saying you know, based on the data um being being this good in a downtrending market in an uptrending market. Obviously, we can expect better results right, but the big thing is, you want to know if the bot will make profits for you in all market conditions, so because everyone’s an expert when a market goes up, but when it goes down, you know that’s when you really See um: if a strategy really works or not you know, especially with spot trading, where there’s no leverage i mean you can only do buys in spot trading. You can’t do sales because again you’re buying into actual crypto um.

So let’s have a look at the best performing one or let’s go with the worst to the best okay, so the best the worst performing one was bitcoin, because so these volatile coins geez but even bitcoin bitcoin, is already a very volatile coin. But uh yeah. Let’s, let’s go to sheet: let’s go, have a look at bitcoin i mean here you can see all the trades that bitcoin put in. So it’s all these little trades, guys that add up pretty insane.

Is it just put the slide on? Let’s see uh, we can see the profit here so, as you can see all these little trades that the bot did 60 cent profit. There 60 cent profit there and it kept. There’s almost there’s like a nine cent profit.

Is it six? 066 profit? Here’s a three cent profit, but it performs so many of these little trades right that add up to a pretty big percentage, and especially if you compound this and again guys these results, these percentages are you seeing all without compounding and again, basically missing, 59 opportunities. So again, since the bot is live now, we’re seeing much better returns on this on it. So then the back testing results right. So all, basically this is all the trades that would have put in ultimately what 1 213 trades profit 108 dollars and 63 cents uh average monthly profit is 14 monthly is 236, so you might not think that’s a lot, but again guys.

It’s still. It’s still way. Better than what the bank will give, you you’ll probably end up making more money with this thing with any of those scam platforms, because because usually what well, if you have my luck in the past, you know i didn’t know any better.

So i would try other platforms thinking they are legit right and then i put my money on and all in and always when i wanted to withdraw. I couldn’t so you know. First, rule of making money is, don’t lose your money, that’s what warren buffett said and second rule is don’t forget the first rule, but this is the worst performing one and again no water compounding um and basically missing a lot of opportunities right.

So yeah. That’s that’s! Pretty good still we’re still making money and yeah, so that’s pretty cool, so i just want to have a look at the chart for that time period and we can just have an idea of how the market moves. So it was from.

Let’s have a look here: okay, it was from uh, i think, what february yeah, but basically january um, all the way down to uh g august. Yeah bitcoin did really well in that time frame, but you can see. We also had those market crashes, some nasty ones.

So let’s go from february 2021: it did pretty good okay start from january. My bitcoin is sitting at about 39 000. Then we went all the way up to sixty five thousand.

Almost all time, i obviously reaching almost uh it’s almost almost seventy thousand in uh november. Right but you, the thing is right: is the market always does pull backs? Always it’s always going to come back down before it goes back up again, so the easy bot basically made profits. Even when the market crashed down, there came back up again. So that’s the big thing guys is profits in all market conditions.

When other bots were basically i mean when the market was crashing like this, then other bots were basically all the gains you made were basically nonexistent anymore. So all right, so now we’re going to have a look at a coin called ethereum. A lot of you also know ethereum well um. So, let’s look at the results with obviously with no compounding and with uh, basically missing a lot of opportunities as well because of the back testing.

It’s just a rough. Basically, it’s just to give you a rough idea what the bot has been doing, what what it’s capable of so yeah, all that all of these trades and if we look back in profits, let’s look at the profit losses, sometimes 17 cents, there, 52 cents here, 64 Cents there i mean it’s that was was a good one: 73 cents little profits guys, but that add up and make a lot of profits right. That added up to those percent, pretty good percentage, almost five percent average per month and again with no compounding so yeah. There we have the six hundred dollars of capital, we made 2739 monthly average profit is 457 and if we have a look at the chart on ethereum for that time frame, let’s have a look at.

Eazy Bot In Depth Back Testing Results

Let’s have a look at it. Oh my word this thing: okay, let’s, let’s have a look. Okay, so ethereum was hovering when the bot started was hovering around one four one: five uh dollars. So then it had a big pump just like it looks very similar to bitcoin, really um, and then it had a big dump right, big pullback right there.

Then the market swung back up again. So a nice big, nice big push, so the bot probably started stopped trading around here. Well, the back testing i mean um so yeah in that time frame we made the profits that you just saw. So let’s have a look at another bot called another queen called ave right aave, so with the best performing one, eight point: eight nine percent per month – and let’s look let’s look at how it did right.

This is a very well it’s all coin. If you ask me, it’s just jesus, it’s crazy look at where it was and then all it’s a massive crash, but i think we’re gon na see a major pump again. The crypto markets are really really good. It’s a really good time to buy.

If you ask me, you know, but i mean, if you the easy bot, will will do it for you. That’s why it’s! The literally our slogan is crypto made easy, because why would you might want to make it hard for yourself right? You have to sit and watch tart still all day, all right, so aava e. Are they what started trading this around january february right had a massive pump.

This was crazy. Look at this massive pump right this then it did quite a quite a decent size. Pullback here right goes up.

It has to come back down again at least a 50 crash drop. Whatever you want to call, it then went back up again, she’s quite a lot of movement. In this coin, it reached this alltime high of what around 670 dollars a coin, all the way down to 170. So that was a very, very big drop sheepers.

They went back up again quite significantly as well. I mean that’s basically from 175 to 447. That’s quite a pump. It’s like one and a half times so yeah.

Then it went back up again knocked down again and we stopped at about what august july around there right. So it caught all of this movement and in that time, averaged nine percent a month with the crashes, with ups with the downs and that’s what you want to see right, you want to make profits all the time. So, even when the market’s going down what the bot will do is it will basically bring down the average and it will wait before it actually places a trade.

It won’t just mindlessly put the trades in, but even when it does it will just. It will continue to trade in between it. Never stops trading it’ll make these little profits even when the market’s going down.

Obviously, you need to be patient in with it and it will keep bringing down the average. Eventually it will get to a point where the market swings back up again. It will get to that average price it will.

It will cycle off the whole position. Take profit and um yeah also take your unrealized profits, so pretty good foolproof strategy, guys designed to make profits in all market conditions, even with a freaking volatile coin like are they so yeah, interesting stuff? I actually want to look at uh if we can manage to see one of the big profits here, because, like yeah, okay here was a pretty decent one, one point one dollar and thirty three cents, so that was probably where it’s cycled, where it uh sold off. One massive position: here’s also a big one, uh two, almost two dollars. I there what i would have done with auto compounding because again it’s a trade portrayed basis with water compounds.

I think it would would be pretty insane. Oh, this was a good one. Three dollars again: it sold off all of those positions so sell all, as you can see it triggered cover. One cover, two cover three cover four and it sold off all of those positions and it made more than a three dollar profit.

This is also a big one, yeah four dollars and 70 cents, and it’s pretty much the same as the other one. We talked about cover. One cover two cover: three sold off: all the positions made a good profit and the good thing about this bot guys is it won’t just sell when the market’s one percent or 15 in profit it will.

It will follow if the market keeps going up. It will follow the market and when it only when it does a decent size pullback will it take profit so again, a very, very good strategy built into the spot, to basically make sure that you maximize your profits, but also in a safe way. Right. You don’t you don’t just want to getting too aggressively and then at the wrong time, the market crashes and spreads yourself too thin good profit.

There, i’m just trying to look at a few good ones. Uh, oh well, i mean, as you can see, just small little profits and scrolling scrolling scrolling scrolling a lot of trades. Hey guys, i mean you’re looking at ridiculous amount of trades, okay.

Well, basically, 24th! Oh my word: okay, twenty four thousand two hundred and thirteen trades right – oh wow, now actually gee. I actually misread this, but basically um, including the buyers buys and sells, but the sales are basically just again selling off the crypto and putting it into usdt. So still a lot of trades done done guys, i mean probably half of half of this amount.

I just saw there, but it’s i mean i get. I guess you guys just get the idea, a lot of trades, a lot of small profits that add up um. So yeah capital 600, as you saw monthly profit average of 53 for that time period. Monthly, profit, 889 percent, pretty cool uh, there’s something i noticed here that caught my eye: um, okay, never mind all right! So that’s! That’s that guys.

I think we covered yeah. We covered all the coins, just some indepth analysis. I know for some of you.

This is probably really boring, but i know for you numbers guys. This is. This is a treat you want to see this stuff so yeah, let’s, let’s do something cool. Let’s use the same amount right, 600, uh and compounded.

I guess we we can only compound it monthly, but let’s see if it even made a little bit more profits, compounded monthly. So because, again like i said, the easy bot compounds the trade for straight trade basis. So, which is more obviously more potential, but yeah, let’s just go monthly: let’s go with bitcoin, first, let’s just type in a 238 percent or whatever it was right, um at seven, seven months, seven months since uh. Let’s just do one year: that’s fine, uh, okay, so calculate and we’re not adding any funds guys so we’re just taking this.

Oh no wait! Let’s just go seven months, because this is zero months. Calculate okay made slightly more yeah. It made slightly more in this amount.

So anyways, let’s go with ethereum was 457 and then we have seven months there calculate okay 220. How much do we? If we look back at the sheet huh, okay, okay, bitcoin was spot on there yeah. I thought it made more. Okay.

100. 236, not 238. But it’s almost the same thing really 191, but we got just with compounding monthly.

It’s really a bit of a difference here, but but ethereum was uh seven months yeah, it was seven months, always was 65 months, but queen was was it seven months. I think it was seven months. Okay, so let’s go with rv and let’s have a look. If you trade for trade basis, this would probably be 300.

I reckon or more i don’t know, 100 sure right. Uh, let’s go with harvey, was 89 889 percent uh. Six point: five: i wonder if we can type in six point: five: six point: five: there we go yeah yeah, that’s perfect! All right! So six point five months compounding at 889 percent total interest earned okay started with 600 400. So how much? How much does it say here i mean already 54 more and on 600 again guys that if we’re only using 600 of capital here, so your portfolio keeps increasing without having to worry, oh, you know is it is the platform gon na rug pool tomorrow um? You know where’s the money coming from things like that.

Right i mean if easy bot is simply a bot, you connect to your financial coocoin exchange and it trades for you and – and it increases your portfolio, that’s that if easybot disappears tomorrow, you’re you’re, your all of your money that that you have right in your binance Or kucoin exchange would still be there, including all the profits the bot made for you, because, because that’s where it’s trading um, it’s not trading in the platform itself, it’s trading in financial coupon, because you’re connected with an api key right, so yeah. I think i think that’s enough of that guys, um shed quite a bit there, trading uni swap so we’ll see how it goes. I started this spot up a day and a half ago made a pretty good profit with bitcoin. I think 24 25 days was like 72 percent right, so we’ll see how uni swap goes and bitcoin is actually one of the worst performing coins guys.

Just if you don’t know like uh, if you go, if you go back on that sheet up like i was for some reason it still was doesn’t want to pop up, but all right, it’s a little glitch there, um so yeah i mean, if you guys, don’t Know you can just do your bot settings here. You can see what it’s doing you know, obviously on easy bot boarding. Those two covers waiting for it to take profit and all your trades are happening in binance. Let’s just refresh this page because you’ll see how your your crypto portfol crypto fluctuates right.

So what all that the bot does? Is it um? It takes your usdt and it buys in the coin you’re trading with so in my case, uni swaps. As you can see, the uni covers it brought in buys an actual coin itself, which makes even lower risk because, as soon as you trade, this leverage off it can get nasty very quickly. Leverage can make you a lot of money really quickly, but it can. You can also blow all of your money really quickly as well, even quicker right.

So uh yeah, as you can see here, are the covers. The uni swap trades that it put in the bitcoin trade was one i sold off um myself, because i basically created a new bot um and the bostol had a position of bitcoin and i could have set the bot to single instead of cycle and a bot. Would have just sold it off anyways right and then stopped trading, and then i would have just could have just switched over to uni swap anyways but ah well.

It looks like something’s happening. Look at this something’s happening with bitcoin, interesting, so yeah. This is where the magic happened, guys in your binance or coin exchange.

Bitcoin looks pretty much almost the same right, so both are cryptocurrency exchanges, which are very, very secure. I mean for, in my opinion, crypto exchanges are about this. Just as secure in as your bank is, i mean i don’t keep much money in the bank um. I try and keep as much money in my crypto exchange, though, to keep making money or on it right, because i mean you’re not making actually using money by keeping your your money in the bank.

So why not just keep it in your exchange has something like the easy bot gradually increase your portfolio right, not financial advice, guys. Just saying from you know from my point of view: uh, yeah. Okay, so obviously guys, if you want to know more about the easy bot um i post like daily, almost daily updates on it – you know how i’m doing result wise um things like that. You know plenty of content content on so have a look at that.

You can also join my telegram group. The link for that is below my easybot success group, where i basically shared a team resources as well. This is actually one of the team resources that we have this.

This whole uh excel spreadsheet, uh, so yeah you can. I mean you basically get that for free as as part of my team, so yeah guys. You want to sign up right away.

My link’s, also below you, want to reach out to me personally. My phone number is also below feel free to send me a message on whatsapp anyway comment below as well. If you have any questions or queries all right guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. If you enjoy my content um and have a good one cheers

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