How The Eazy Bot Will Make Money For You 24/7 On Autopilot!πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today, i’m going to just give you a short little explanation of what the body is going to do and how it’s going to make profits for you on autopilot guys! That’s going to make money for you, while you are asleep: 24. 7 handsfree right! That’s what everyone wants! A a money printing machine basically – and this is what the easy bot is so just a few points i want to address, obviously with the easy bot um making money for you passively uh, you don’t have to recruit people or any of those things right. It’s going to trade for you, 24 7, on your crypt exchange, regardless of, if you sign people up or not, but there is an affiliate program for those who want to build um a network right um and there is – and the compensation plan is very, very generous.

EazyBot Autopilot

I’Ve made videos about that. It’s it’s fantastic, so yeah you can either just be an investor um or you can be both an investor and a business builder. So it’s up to you guys, and another thing is like always mention is that’s very important – is the security? Is your funds are not going to be in easy bot? Your funds are going to be in your own, crypto exchange perfectly safe.

There so say, for instance, if the easybot company were to fold overnight, which it wouldn’t make sense for them, because they make money with. With trading fees, every time you want to trade um but anyways just say: hypothetically well, one they they fall overnight and you don’t have to worry about your funds being in their control and you know not being able to get it back because remember your funds are In your own crypto wallet, either by nance harby uh coinbase broke kraken or fdx at the moment, there’s only binance and i think coinbase pro is available, but they will roll out the rest so guys get your binance accounts ready so long before before the 30th of March, oh yeah, the 30th of march um. The launch will be ready all right so for everyone, including the free members, oh yeah, guys and the body’s free.

I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this before, but it’s it’s free to use. You just simply connect it to your crypto exchange and it will trade for you once it’s available all right. So let me explain to you guys how it will trade for you and make money for you.

So, as you can see, i’m here on my easybot dashboard right now, as you can see, because the company is still hasn’t fully launched it, we are still in um sort of in a prelaunch um uh. At the moment, it’s only open to the. I think the national directors can only use the bot so from the 30th.

It will be open to everyone like i’ve mentioned. So all the features won’t be available right now, but there will be a feature where, where it will probably pop up here where it will give you the option to connect your bot via api key. So api key is basically a key that binance or any exchange will give you to so that you can connect it to your easy bot, all right, so that the easybot can trade for you. But that’s all the easy bot can do right.

So if we’re clicking on buy and answer all the easybot can do, is it can’t go into your account and access all of this stuff and your funds right um it can only all it can do is just simply, let me just go to the market, so I think yes, oh no man, trade. Let me just go back mark. It straight convert advanced no, because if you want to convert crypto, hey guys, i’m still new to binance, i actually use the other wallet how, before a different, that was the other bot i joined, but i’m switching over to um easybot strategy trading, so anyways uh exchange.

There we go that’s what we were looking for all right, so here’s the exchange, so all the bot will do is um. Let’s just go to easybot again once it’s connected once you’ve connected once you’ve gotten the api key from binance and and connect it with your easybot. So obviously, you’ll have to have both open to connect it right. Then all the easy bot can do is execute trades.

For you on the exchange, that’s all it can do and obviously you can close. You can also stop the trades anytime. You want, you can close the margin, call, which will mean it won’t open any more trades after that.

That’s if that’s, if you choose guys you’re in complete control, but but obviously, if it’s making money for you right, then you wouldn’t want to close. So i’m just saying so so it’s kind of a nobrainer guys, it’s free! It’s going to trade! For you! It’s going to make profits for you yeah, and that’s just that’s just simple. So all of these exchanges that i got open now will be available.

This is how we global it’s very big, especially on asian markets, we’re one i’m currently using for a different part um but yeah. Once the easy bot launches i’m going to go fully over to easybot, then we have coinbase pro kraken fdx and there’s also talk of rolling out as many as possible. So eventually, we’ll have all these five exchanges available and the rest also, so you will be able to connect to your bot to any of these right and that’s where your funds are going to be perfectly safe.

I can’t emphasize that point enough. You know, with other things that you guys would join your funds, are not safe. All right.

Let’s go back to the camera, so other things you’re joining or joined in the past. You you always have to pay it into someone else’s account right or wallet or whatever. Then it’s then, then your funds are usually in control of the platform. You put your money in right.

So what? If the company were to fall overnight and it could put perfectly it’s not just a scam guys, i mean scams, it can also be legitimate companies. At times like they can also fall overnight. Something can happen with the ceo or you know, some dishonest guy just decided to run away.

The money doesn’t mean that the company is bad. You know just in defense of some platforms, i’ve seen in the past. It just means that there’s some bad apples in the company right um, so so anyways guys we don’t.

We don’t have that fear. Yeah we we have to worry about ah, is is a thing just gon na fall tomorrow and you know they’re, just gon na run away with our funds right. There’s none of that there, so you can just keep compounding guys.

You can just keep adding to your wallet and let the bot keep trading with every little bit of capital that you have and it’s this bottle says automatic compounding, which means that as soon as it makes profit, it will add it to your balance. And then it will trade with your profits as well, so that you can keep compounding so that you can turn 100 into a thousand dollars over x amount of time um and then maybe a thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars in x amount of time. It will keep growing guys and – and you don’t have to worry about that money – just disappearing overnight right. So let me just read you guys something.

This was a. This is on our group. It was posted by a guy who signed me up marcus right now.

He talks about he’s talking here about the guy who signed him up. Let me guys tell you how exciting this stuff is about the bot right, because, obviously i don’t have any re. I don’t have anything to show you about the bot, yet any results or anything because again, it hasn’t launched, but the guys that, like the national directors and obviously ceo and the founder and a few select few guys are using it and they’re talking very highly of It right so um so marcus, says yeah and i quote just got to presume with my upline uh, multiple seven figure dollar earner in the industry, so seven figures guys and in dollars. So it’s yeah this guy, this guy, that signed marcus up, has earned over a million dollars um in the affiliate industry network marketing um online in the online industry, basically um crypto trading industry.

Whatever right this guy’s, a seven figure earner online um and i quote, he made a thorough analysis of how the bot works and it was even better than i thought and he and he is super picky with the companies he chooses to work with and has done. Significant due diligence before starting his personal goal is to have an income of 1 million dollars per month in 36 months. Right, that’s 36 months is what three years in three years earning earning um, what a million dollars a month g! That’s! I would also like to do that.

You know that’s yeah. That’s awesome goal when a guy like this says something like like that, you have to pay attention. Now. Is the time to share this with your contacts, end quote so yeah guys.

Obviously again, you don’t have to recruit anyone with this, but if but if you change your mind or if you are a network builder, if you are a business builder, it’s just so much potential. It’s the easiest thing to promote in the world. It’s it’s free and it works according to these guys and i’ll take their word for it, because these are again like i just read.

These are high profile, guys, like the seven figure earner, the ceo and i’m the founder. You know i can. I can add you guys i can put the telegram group below if you’re interested and then you can attend our zoo meetings on. I think it’s every monday, wednesday and friday, with the ceo and with the founder right, then you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

You know what what they have to say and basically the results they have seen so far with the spot right and it’s already a big thing. It has even fully been released to everyone, so so so yeah guys, i hope i just um covered covered all the inner workings of the bot, for you guys, um how safe it is, uh what it can do for you, percentagewise of what you’re going to earn. Every month i don’t know yet um, but what i do know is: oh yeah just quickly make a point here, so i think you know this is just my personal opinion. If i have to do a hypot hypothesis, i am.

I am a trader myself, i’m not the best trader in the world, but i you know, i have at least a basic understanding and knowledge of how the markets work right, so training myself, especially crypto and experiences with other bots. I have seen a problem with something called a floating loss. Let’s just go on a weekly chart here. Uh.

Can we enlarge this? Oh there we go all right, so we are on bitcoin and i have seen well. You see, i have a problem with the other bot. The one and other bots are just basically joining the past right with crypto spot training. You can’t lose your money per se right because advising the digital assets – and you know it can’t either stop loss anything.

So you can’t lose money. The only thing that can happen is you, your the amount of coins the bot bought in can lose um its value temporarily right um. Once the trade goes down, you can have something called a floating loss right and sometimes it can take months for the thing to come back.

So obviously you have to be patient and wait then, but with this part, what they’ve mentioned is there’s artificial intelligence built in there. That’s going to avoid this as much as possible. You know big floating losses, because one, if you have to wait for your trades to come back guys, you’re not going to make while you’re waiting you’re not making any profits right unless, unless you um, unless you add more capital out of your own pocket um, you Know in the meantime and yeah you know, so let me just give you an example of the other bots that i joined in that you know were trading for me.

Yes, they were still making some profits, but you know once the once they made a mistake like, for instance, as you can see, that bitcoin reached a high, let’s use bitcoin as an example, 69. 000. So the what the bot did with one coin, because basically, when bitcoin dropped, as you can see this big drop, all the other coins dropped right.

So the strategy of that bot is kind of it’s kind of dumb, so it will, it will buy in if it thinks the market is still going to go up, which is already at a high. So it’s highly unlikely. It’s really the alltime high here the bot will still buy in and think it’s gon na it’s gon na go up.

You know this is with another bot. This is not the easy bot guys, i’m just doing comparisons here now when the market drops that bot buys in and buys in and buys in. So all your capital, that’s really brought in with all your capital up here right. So what happened? The market dropped? You end up with what at least a 50 40 50 floating loss, so so now the value of your coins that was up there is obviously it’s a lot less now, because the market has dropped 40, 50 percent right.

So now you have to wait for it to go all the way up to get to here before your trades might break, even and eventually maybe if it goes further, you know reaches another alltime high to make a profit, and this can take months hell even years. So the easy bot is this is eliminated as much as possible. The easy bot is something called scalping, so what it will do is even when the market is dropping, you will see little.

Let’s uh, i think the date shot will be better for this. Okay. So, even when the market is dropping won’t just buy in all the positions there and yeah just let it drop, because it’s a little bit smarter than that.

If it sees the market is going to crash, it will wait, so it won’t just it won’t just buy, and yet we’ll wait until the market drops and it’ll wait for it to turn. So, probably here at what fifty three and a half thousand dollars for the um for bitcoin, it will see. Okay, the market is turning temporarily right, so what it will do is it will buy up these positions right until what almost sixty thousand fifty nine thousand, then it will hopefully take all the profits there. Um, that’s what it.

What they’re saying it’s doing right then? Then it will wait, it will see the market’s dropping it will. Then the market drops it will wait again. It won’t just buy in and then and then wait for the whole position to reverse and have a big stop floating loss. Like i mentioned it all wait, and then you see this little little um move here, this little green move from 48.

Let’s say: okay, we can take the wicks say from 48 000 to 51 000, almost 52 000 right at all. It will also it will see the markets turning temporarily again. It will buy in this little position, make a profit and then wait again. It will buy in this position again market’s dropping.

It will wait again and wait until the market drops all the way down again and then it will only buy again when it’s going up these little. These little swings guys, so it will scalp these little moves it. It won’t wait for the market to drop all the way down before it buys in again it’ll buy in these little. As you can see, there’s still the market still moves up and down, even though it’s moving all the way down.

It still has a little bit of ups in between and the bot will will um capitalize on those moves, we’ll scalp those moves right. So yeah, that’s that’s kind of a very big deal for me. I’Ve never seen a another cryptobot that does that usually cryptobots. You have to set them, and you know how you want, and the default settings are just are not great because, again what it, what it does, is it like with the one default setting i saw with this one one bot.

Is it literally when the market’s going down it will trigger a trade when it’s going down 01 percent, it will trigger trade, because 01 percent triggers a trade, and and that’s that it’s only it can only do that. It’s it’s not set for anything else. Really it doesn’t have any artificial intelligence built in so again.

That’s why you’ll end up with a bot like that you’ll end up with a big flow floating loss if the market is crashing or if the market is bearish, if the market’s bullish out and that might work. But you want to make profits guys when the market is bullish and bearish at all times and with the easy bot you will have the best possible option to do that right, um, so yeah. I don’t think there’s anything else.

I want to cover in this video uh just thought. I’D make it short, but i just ended up, ended up giving you guys a more detailed explanation, but i want you guys to have the full picture um so yeah guys there you have it bot that works. Yeah full security.

You can’t it’s scam, proof you’re in control of your funds, that’s free! So, what’s holding you back guys, all my links are below the video. You know, like my easybot signup link um, my binance signup link. If you don’t have a binance account, you create one, get it ready so that when the time comes, you know on the 30th that you can get started right away and make some money and yeah. I think that’s it guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

I really appreciate the support. Um and yeah guys have a good one cheers

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