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You go into, and so now i’m going to my coins and the last 24 hours. There’s been a lot of activity and i qualify that because um two of my coins, the revenue just doubled in 24 hours, so they had a bump up. Now they got ta bump down, and so i’m going to demonstrate how money in a down market, because one of the things only three percent of the world are into crypto and a lot of them don’t understand trading in bots and um.

EazyBot Trading

When you tell them, you can make money when the market goes down, they think you’re, doing leverage or they’re short selling and you’re not doing that at all it’s just this morning. This is ave at 305. Am it bought it a 173 dollars at 10 cents? Then the market dropped 2 percent and it bought another lot. Then it dropped another five percent, so it has four positions right now and it’s waiting for the market to recover um last night, and this morning it bought at 170 sold at 173 made 29 cents uh.

Yesterday it bought at 170, it dropped about four dollars, so it triggered a buy and then it popped back up to 170 and sold. So you can see there’s just trade after trade after trade and i think there’s um there’s a number it shows since i started how many trades there’s been, but you can just load more and more and more one of the things i show people if they’re new Can you see the um coin market cap screen? Yes, we can see it so a lot of people. You know they say. Oh you got to buy this.

This coin obvi’s the next uh bitcoin – or this is the next ethereum and a lot of people are buying. Um ave, i think it’s the 54th largest coin overnight, so it’s had spectacular growth, but if you bought it a year ago today, you’d pay two six 262 dollars. Well this moment it’s 154, so it’s half price. So if you bought it to hold it you’re you’re down a lot of money, but if you look at it every time you see one of these up downs up downs, you know there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of trades.

Now, if you go to the threemonth chart, you can get them more. Even if you go to the last week, you can see say you came in one week ago: you’d be selling selling here’s a dip. You buy, you sell you buy yourself so far, so on and so forth and i’ll show you the default settings so um.

This is just in the last day, and you know when i look at this chart. That’s a sexy chart because if you look at it and it’s reflected in the trading, if you came in here, it went up more than two percent. You sold, but look here’s your two buying and then you sell you might have another buy here. Then you sell, then you buy, you know.

So this is what you want to see. You want to see a lot of trading in it, and this is the um last 24 hours. So one of the things all the coins that they have chosen are coins that they’re not lousy coins. These are coins that have markets and a lot of people are trading them, and so you do have a lot of fluctuations, which is what you want.

So i’m going back into my account: i’m gon na go into the settings on average. So it’s it’s very easy. If you want to add more money and one of the somebody asked yesterday, you know: can you what can you do without changing the defaults? Well, one of the things you can do is and one of the things i do. If i see the markets down a lot, i will put more money in because it it increases your initial order and you really want to buy on those depths.

If you’re wondering how the bot is programmed and right now, this is on cycle, which means it’s the default program. If you just want to pick a coin and sell it at a certain price, you can do that also, but you know here’s you know if it goes down. Two percent advised again it goes down.

Doubles down buys two more if it goes down eight percent and i get really excited when the more it goes down, because i know it always comes out. It buys four times then, after that it buys one time after 16 level half a time, but the important thing to realize is most people. The knee jerk reaction is okay, the market goes down and it’s like, oh my god, i’ve lost all this money right.

So, let’s just go to the three months: chart you know, okay, so i’m i’m way down and but the way i look at it that’s great, because the bots doing what it should be doing. It’s been buying all the way down and it doesn’t have to come. Even if you bought at the very top here, it doesn’t have to come up all the way, a matter of fact it never even has to come up to the high again. It can just go sideways up up and down and you’re going to make money.

So that’s one of the exciting things about the bot i’m going to show one. It’s very, very easy to set up a coin. They’Ve really done a masterful job on this, so this shows roughly in about a week.

It’s i got 31 trades on 10 coins. Three coins – that’s 10 coin, 10, trades per coin and two of the coins i set up later so to um. Add a new coin is really quite simple.

Just let me go back one more. You just simply add a coin. I usually name it so say it’s ethereum, so eth the exchange, i’m on binance choose eth.

Leave it at cycle, leave it at active, say we’re going to do the 600 recommended minimum, and i don’t have the balance here now and the initial order is 20. It is set on auto compounding, and so it’s that easy and initiate immediately there’s no fun, so won’t do that you press save, so that’s how easy it is to set up a coin um. The three things when i deal with people number one objection is, i don’t understand crypto and i say well, neither really do i and you don’t have to the bot. Does the work they say.

Well, i don’t have time to learn. I don’t have time i’m working. I got family, i got responsibilities and that’s the beauty, the bot trades.

24. 7. You don’t have to do anything.

Another objection is uh. I’Ve been burned before well, the nice thing about this. Is you don’t give anybody your money? It stays in your exchange. If you want to take your money out, all you do is stop the trading.

Take your money, send it to your wallet, send it to your bank account in my case, in about five ten minutes, i can have my money out. The bot has no access. Nobody has access to your money, but you and anybody who’s dealt with that exchange. You know how many layers of security in kyc and verifications they are.

Eazy Bot Auto compounding

So that’s quite um reassuring another question: i get i’m just going to send this quickly and um. It’s a compound interest calculator because a lot of people don’t understand this, and i send this out because people say how much what am i going to make and of course you can’t tell them you can tell them. Historically, it does five to twenty percent.

So i just tell them use your own numbers, so you know, let’s say somebody starts with six hundred now i’ll drop this uh link in in the uh, but this is very useful and i i just did this on a call. I said pick a conservative number. So they chose seven percent, which is on the low and they chose seven years um. I think because they believe in shmita years you you work for seven years, you take a year off and the compound interval is 12 times per year.

Every month we’re saying it compounds, even though we know it’s compounding after each and every trade, the bot does not do losing trades and so for deposits. Let’s say just going to pick a figure you’re, not even aggressive at this – that one executive package is going to show up a month. You know so you’re going to make a hundred dollars and say from all your downline and the other people uh well, just but really conservative 150 dollars a month is going to come in and you’re just going to put 600 in trade one coin and forget it And i think everybody will admit this is pretty conservative. You know some people will put in a couple hundred dollars a paycheck, so you calculate it now.

This is seven years i mean there’s eight hundred thousand dollars, that’s nuts, i mean, but it shows you the power of compound interest. So i tell people to do it. I tell it to be conservative, you know if you take it back to three years.

You can knock yourself out with this in three years. Your 600 dollars is 62 000. So three years you know so there’s no way you can predict the future, but it can give you an indication of what is possible.

So i’m going to thank you for anybody. Have any questions. No, that’s great! Martin! Thank you.

So much um martin is the country leader representing russia. He lives out in victoria and he has a lot of contacts all over the world. I just wanted to edit him a little bit.

He is a screenwriter, a lecturer in the hollywood business and i’ve had the pleasure of talking to him who resumed over uh just phone calls, and you know he got a great history with uh celebrities in the hollywood business and just just getting to know this gentleman Um, you know he has a lot of knowledge in in um this bot trading world and he has been influential in a lot of our calls. So if you wanted to get more information, um about trading and and the bot analysis, we will have martin come on the calls more often, and do this simple analysis, so you guys get an idea of what our back office looks like you,

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