Eazy Bot Announcement! 📣ERC20 Payments Methods Enabled. Great News For Coinbase Pro Users.😎🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today i just have a little bit of an announcement for you guys, especially for all the coinbase pro users. This is very good news for you, um. Let me just go on a telegram group and show you so this is the latest announcement, easybot official announcements um my link for this group for both of the telegram groups.

Eazy Bot Announcement

Official telegram groups are below the vid below all of my videos, my signup link and everything’s. Also, there anyways, so additional deposit methods are now available in your wallet for deposits, so erc 20 payments methods enabled so what’s the erc20 mean that’s basically um the ethereum network chain um so from from now on, you can send usdt with with all with the trc, With the neutron chain and ethereum chain, but okay i’ll go a little bit into more detail for those who don’t quite understand what that is. So i said, the additional deposit methods are now available in your in your wallet for deposits.

You may not add deposits in the following currency: usdt, trc20, usdt, erc20, usdc rc20 – so not not only is usdt available but usdc as well. So this is specifically for the coinbase pro guys, because i know because i know you guys can only use um usdt with the eos with the erc20 chain and usdc as well. So that’s all you can use for uh coinbase pro, so this is going to make it a lot easier for you guys to just send the stuff another.

Another thing here is what you have to keep in mind. It says here please keep in mind that usd trc 20 will be the most cost effective method of adding funds to your wallet. The erc20 network has much higher fees.

These fees are charged by the network, not easy, but it’s or its processor important do not deposit funds. You intend to trade with into your easy bot. Wallets only send funds you wish to to use for subscription purposes and for and software service fees so guys.

Please take note of that because because, as you know, and as i explained in basically almost all my videos, that your money that the bot the easy body is going to trade with, is going to be in your own crypto wallet in in your full control. So either in your binance or coinbase pro wallet so again, this was what this is. What also makes easy bot so great is because you know you can’t lose your money because you’re in full control of it right, you don’t need to send your money to easybot, except if you want to buy a package or would you that’s that’s up to you? If you want it, i mean, as a free member you’ll, do fine as well. Everyone gets the same bot like i’ve mentioned as well, but yeah.

That’s if you want to want a package um or if you want to um or if you need to just add a little bit of funds to two easy bots, so that they can take their service fees from because guys remember. What you need to understand is as well, and what i also explained in my videos is that um easybot has no has no control over your your binance or coinbase pro wallet your it has no control over your your crypto wallet right. It can only what the bot can only do is trade for you on your wallet, that’s in in yeah in your own exchange. That’s all it can do.

It can only trade for you. It can’t and can’t do anything else. It can’t do anything with your money or whatever right.

So that’s why you have to send it’s not a lot. It’s probably going to be like for me, i’m going to send maybe 20 30 bucks, maybe 50 at the most that i’m going to send to easybot. So that they can deduct their service fees because remember guys for the free members, you keep 70 of the profits.

The bot makes for you and easybot takes 30, and then obviously they supported a 30 goes to the company. Part of it goes to the affiliates and for the paid members. Obviously that goes 80 20. So if you’re paid, if you’ve got a package or whatever, then the only difference there is you keep 80 of the profits and easybot takes 20 all right, so so yeah guys um.

This is good news for the coinbase pro guys i did. I did tell you guys this should be available. They are obviously if you watch. If you watch my previous video that um i uploaded where my um my upline um brin, is a seven figure where he talks about uh.

He talks about a way that you can convert, or he shows you a way that you can convert your um your crypto, easily into usdt uh with the trc20 chain and then send it to easybot if needed, all right. So yeah that’s available um at least the bot can also trade now with the usdt with the erc20 chain. So it’s all good guys. Um.

Someone asked me on the comment section about withdrawals, so i mean, if i quickly go into my dashboard, i mean if i try. If i go to my wallet, because that’s probably, where you’re going to be able to withdraw, because that person sent too much money to to easybot because she wanted to buy the 250 package and she sent 500 um to easybot um. I have no idea right now to withdraw because again it’s for me, it’s not an issue right now, because i don’t have any money that i need to withdraw from easybot. So but i will that person she knows she is um.

I will um try and i’m trying to find out from someone. You know how to how to withdraw on that, because there should be an option here, but again guys. What you need to understand is that there’s everything installed in prelaunch phase, they still adding stuff um. So just be patient.

Everything will be available very very soon. Um again, like i said from tomorrow, the from tomorrow the paid members will be able to to uh trade with the bot right and from the 31st of march. The free members will be able to trade.

So yeah just keep all that in mind, guys so yeah. If you have any more questions, let me just end this video off. I think that’s it. If you have any more questions or queries, you can comment below.

You can even reach out to me personally on whatsapp. You know just send me a message and you know i’ll get you as soon as i can. I usually respond very quickly, so i try to um and also yeah as usual, guys um.

If all my links are below – and just i mean you can you can use the bot for free, so just sign up um, you know get get familiar with with your dashboard, with your account verify your binance wallet or your coinbase pro wallet and uh yeah. Try it out guys, i mean that’s, that’s all you can do but yeah everything is. Everything is rolling out nicely. They are working around the clock to make sure everything is available for all of us all of the users, and so that’s a so that’s a userfriendly experience for everyone, so yeah guys just be patient and bear with us we’ll be with the easy bear with the Guys that are working behind the scenes are doing their best.

Alright, guys, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and yeah guys have a good one cheers

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