My Eazy Bot Affiliate Commissions Withdrawal Arrived In My Binance Wallet Just Now!😎🤑🔥🔥🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video so again, another exciting video for you guys just keeps piling in i mean easybot just keeps delivering. So i finally received my affiliate commission that i um withdrew from my easybot wallet to my binance wallet, so guys don’t get confused between your between your affiliate commissions and your trading capital. Your trading capital is always safe. It’s always in your own binance wallet right and your affiliate commission.

Eazy Bot

So this is that this is the commissions that you get. You know when someone in your team upgrades for um package, you know for upgrades packages, you know that gets the size to get the advanced package or the or the vip package. You know you get commissions for that, and obviously you get service fee commissions as well.

That gets paid into easy, easy bot wallet that you can obviously withdraw to your binance wallet. So let me just show you guys um how to work. So let me just go to my easybot wallet.

All right. As you guys know, hey okay service fee deduction right. There, okay, it’s cause, that was, for the trade, never mind, as you can see, amount requested, 180, usdt right and there’s a two dollar fee with the withdrawal. So so i should receive 128 dollars into my binance wallet and today it is in because i just needed to uh sort out a few glitches um.

What a withdrawal – and i did so as promised – and look it’s in my wallet – it’s right there, guys you you get paid this. This is a platform that pays you when you decide to build a network plus, if you just i mean again, you if you just use the bot, then it’s the bots going to make money for you in your own finance wallet. So why why in the world, would you not want to do this anyways? So let me go to my fiat and spot wallet now, as you guys can see.

I have. I have 4626 um dollars worth of assets, so some etc, because obviously it bought the bot bought some etc, because it’s trading with ethereum classic right. I bought some uh bmb for bnb trading fees, which i haven’t taken. It’s weird those like that.

Some of the guys in our group said you just have to have that um to help your trading run smoothly, but i don’t know it’s it’s pretty much stayed the same or maybe they’ve taken a little bit. I don’t know like a very small percentage. I don’t know really it’s to me.

It stayed the same. The value of my bnb um. I actually just need to keep my amount uh just watch the amount of bmp i have you know if it slightly decreases. Every time the bot wins the trade, whatever minor minor details, guys don’t worry about that.

Just make sure you have a little bit of bmb five or ten dollars in your wallet or three percent of your account as they say. That’s a good coin to hold anyway. Anyways guys minor details um now i have usdt 100, almost 429 worth of usdt for the bot to trade with because the bot trades of usdt and buyers, so trade usdt to whatever coin you choose so in my case, i’ve chosen ethereum classic and that’s what it Is trading so yeah, i’m gon na i’m gon na do a few things here. If you guys want to stick around and see what i’m going to do, i want to do a few.

I want to just change the bot settings slightly, because now i have more capital, you know to trade with um, as you can guys know. If i click on the bot you can see, it gives me a little bit of profit. I only got it to work as yesterday, so i really made some profit, it’s small, but it’s getting there.

You know again guys you have to be patient with this. It adds up like even with. If you look at the market at the moment, it’s not really doing much once the market starts moving a lot, especially with ethereum classic being a volatile coin. You’re gon na see it’s gon na it’s gon na.

Do a lot of these small trades. That’s gon na. Add up to quite a big amount.

You know compounding interest takes over over time, guys again guys. These are real trades, real results, real legit platform. You know, unlike a lot of other stuff, we joined in the past, you know which was just yeah just didn’t.

Do it for us, was it legit? You know. I also i got burned quite a bit in the past and again like this. This.

This i’ve haven’t seen a platform like this, where your funds firstly are safe and we can still where you can keep building on it for years and years to come so anyways. I mentioned that in pretty much any video, because i just feel it’s very important to know that all right so available. So let me just put the valance i have in what in usdt, so i’m going to put there has to be a round number, so decimal places copy there.

428. 428 usdt. That’s my available balance. So that’s just what i’m changing! I know.

What’s gon na happen now, if i change it back to uh default settings compounding interest now, why does this thing not wan na change back now this is weird huh. It doesn’t want to change back. Okay.

Well, that’s that’s! That’s really! Unexpected um huh! Well, it’s something! I’M going to change on my own, then guys, i’m definitely going to going to try and change it. If i can, because that’s what it’s supposed to it’s supposed to change, i just don’t know why it won’t hmm. Well, let’s click on save and see what it does.

Okay. Well, it saved it. It’s just it’s the weirdest thing, but i can’t change it back to default for some reason: okay, well anyways.

What i’m just going to do is i’ll change. The initial order for now then um still 12 dollars uh. How much am i going to make it if i have to calculate now in my head, i think probably think around. Let’s make it 20, it’s a little bit much.

Actually i’m going to make it yeah. I think 20 is okay, the microsoft moving much anyways at the moment, but guys i don’t really suggest uh fidgeting too much of the settings uh. If you know, unless you’re an issue, you know what you’re doing like most. My default settings are still the same.

Eazy Bot Affiliate Commissions

All i just did was remove some of these um margin calls. You know right all the way down here. If you notice with the default settings, is up to 35, so i only have 16 left um. Because, again i didn’t have the initial recommended amount of 60 dollars so um like six hundred dollars to trade with, because that’s recommended with the default strategy.

If you guys don’t know so, i just changed it up a little bit. I just took off auto compounding which you know you actually want to have, but uh yeah anyways. I will tweak the settings as i go along once once i have more than six hundred dollars, then i can and i should be able to change it back to the default settings.

If i can’t do right now again, anyways, that’s something! That’s my problem. Not yours! Anyways guys uh yeah, i think that’s gon na be it for this video. That’s gon na, be it for this video uh yeah, thanks for watching guys. So again, as you can see, we do get paid that this platform was really amazing.

It’s again, i don’t know why you wouldn’t want to do it because yeah, it’s like a cash printing machine on autopilot, it’s safe, scam, proof. What else is there to say just sign up get started? All my links are below my sign up link, my even if you don’t have a binance account, it’s all be listed below there. I have tutorial videos all that um links to telegram groups to the zoo meetings.

Again, i highly recommend that you get to the zoo meetings and see the bigger picture. Um meet the whole community, the ceo, the founder, ceo, all those guys. You know you know, you know the deal guys so yeah. All my links are below the video.

If you want to get started so anyways guys um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. I think i’ve already said it, but anyways have a good one: cheers

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