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Okay, so let’s pause here, i want to jump back into our presentation for those of you who might be interested in our affiliate program. Uh, we’re really excited if you thought easybot was amazing. Our easy body affiliate program is even more amazing, very simple, very, very generous, and if you’re, if you, if you get the possibility, if you get the sense of what’s possible in trading crypto with a tool, that’s as simple as what we just showed you and talked About if you decide that you want to share this with others, it will accelerate your ability to build wealth and passive income.


So let’s talk about that for just a little bit, there’s a couple of different ways that you can earn the first one is our twotier affiliate program and you’re going to earn off of the annual sales package. You could mean annual package sales. The annual packages are the 250 and the 995 and you get paid on two levels.

So on the advanced package, which is 250, your direct referral is gon na pay. You a hundred dollars when somebody that you personally introduced that uses your unique affiliate id purchases, an advanced package. You earn a hundred dollars on the vip package. If somebody decides to buy a va vip package, you’re going to earn 398 now we only we also pay on level 2, which means that if i introduce louie on the call here with us for the first time and louie decides i like that advanced package, i’m Going to sign up for the advanced package and then he goes out and he signs somebody up for an advance package.

Then i i’m going to earn 25 and if louie decides that he’s going to sign somebody up on the 99. Excuse me on the 995 package. Then i will earn 99 off of that sign up, because that person is on my level two.

That’s louise level one well, we would have earned 398 on that vip sale and a hundred dollars on the advanced. Now, here’s a really interesting and important uh thing to know about our affiliate program is. I gave you the example that louis decided to upgrade what, if louis decided to be a free member and he didn’t upgrade well louie would still earn commission.

If i introduced louie, he got off this call and he wanted to get started and i’m not trying to take louie from anybody. But louis decided. He wanted to get started and he decided to do that as a free member, but then went and introduced it to somebody who signed up as an advanced or vip member would louis earn commission 100. Absolutely he would so you don’t have to be a paid subscriber to take advantage of anything that we’re talking about here in our affiliate program, so you get paid on two levels: uh for your for the package annual package sales all right, so we talked a little Bit about the software service fees, if you guys remember a little while ago, if you’re a free member, the software service fee is 30 of the profit of a trade, so easy by only ever makes money when you make money.

So guess what these bots incentivize to make sure that the product works and if you’re a paid member or vip or advanced it’s 20. Now, from those from that percentage, whether it’s the 30 or the 20, you as the introducer as the inviter, get to participate in a portion of the profit from that software service fee and the percentage that you get paid varies based on. Where that person falls in your organization in your genealogy, we pay through 20 different levels.

You have to qualify to open up each of these levels and talk about how to do that in a moment. Levels. One through five pay, you eight percent, so somebody that’s five generations away. Five levels away from you might not have ever met that person – quite practically, quite frankly, probably didn’t uh you’re still earning eight percent, so on your first five levels, uh quite a bit to be earned in that in those generations level.

Six through eighteen pay. One percent of the twenty percent or thirty percent in level, nineteen and twenty pay – you a half a percent – all right, so lots to be earned there uh easy affiliate program that can maximize your earnings by building a team, and that is the matching bonus. So here’s how the matching bonus works, i’m going to use louie as an example again, so i’ve introduced louie and louie’s fired up about easybot. So he goes out and he’s sharing this with everybody louie’s on my level, one whatever louis earns.

If he earns a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, i’m gon na get eight percent of his earnings that gets paid every month now, even better than that is that when louis starts building out his team he’s going to have a lot of folks. That he’s introduced this to and as they go out and start sharing it with other people, they’re earning as well. So louie then goes out and let’s say louis introduced, ghee and ghee goes out and he’s building his team and gee is earning anywhere from a thousand to a hundred thousand. I’M gon na earn three percent of that, because gi is on my level.

Two super super powerful part of our compensation, because it means that we recognize some people are going to be build huge organizations and huge teams. You enjoy doing that. You’re really good at it. You’Ve done it before, and some people may not necessarily be that interested, but it means that if you bring somebody and introduce them to easybot, you have an opportunity to to share in their success and there’s no qualification for this.

So right out of the gate, you go introduce somebody that goes out and starts going to work. There’s eight percent check match or a three percent check match off of your entire level. Two super powerful all right so couple qualification and notes that you need to be aware of the software service fees are paid through 20 levels in order to qualify to open up all of those 20 levels.

Each paid personal referrals referral opens up two levels of eligibility. So here’s an example: if you refer one paid member you’re qualified to earn on levels, one and two, if you refer five paid members, you’re qualified to earn from levels one through ten. And if you refer 10 paid members, you are qualified to earn on all 20 levels of your team’s software service fee. Now something that’s very unique, we’re very proud of, because it is a it’s our commitment to your success, and that is that you will never lose a commission there’s no breakage back to the company.

What does that mean? It means that any commissions that are earned on levels that you’re not yet qualified for are held in a reserve wallet for you once qualified for those commissions, those reserve that reserve commission gets paid to you. So here’s an example. You have personally referred three paid members and makes you eligible for commissions through level. Six.

Eazy Bot Affiliate Program

Any software service fees generated on levels 7 through 20 are not distributed distributed, but are held in reserve and, as you continue to add paid personal referrals, you will receive the commissions on hold for you as you open up those additional levels. Super super incentive for you and those you’re introducing to continue to go to work. It’s just 10 people to open up all 10 levels, so there’s an incentive there. You can actually see in that wallet anything that you have earned but haven’t qualified to receive.

Yet. So that’s available for you as well and if you’re on the call with us today, you are in time to take advantage of something that we’re really very excited about. It has fueled our growth from zero to over fifteen thousand members in just three weeks, and that is our founders club. Our founders club is a bonus pool.

It represents five percent of all the company revenue. There are only 1 000 people that can participate in the founders club. This will pay forever. Every month, founders will share five percent of all the company revenue that revenue is generated through package sales and through software service fees in order to qualify.

It is very easy. Anybody can do it if you decide that this is worth it introduce sponsor three people who are advanced or vip members and are trading with a minimum of six hundred dollars and then help those three people do the same. At the end of that, you will have had a structure that looks very similar to this at the minimum.

You have much more people directly to you and all throughout your organization, but at a minimum you need an organization somewhere. That looks like this. That are all advanced or vip members, all trading with a minimum minimum of six hundred dollars, and you yourself need to be a vip member hit all of those qualifications and be one of the first thousands to get there.

And you will have secured yourself a spot in the founders club forever, and this will pay you, but muhammad has said number of times. He believes this alone could be retirement income as we continue to grow our company all right, so that is it. This is easybot.

You’Ve heard about the product you’ve heard about the affiliate program. Uh we make crypto easy crypto made easy i’ll, take any other questions about our affiliate program or about the product and um, and then we’ll call it a night. Anybody else, any questions.

Uh. Let me just go back uh eric, hey eric, come on in hey good evening, hey! I just had a quick question on the uh on the payouts, part of the affiliate program when people get their uh yearly, renewals of their of their plan. Do those pay out again, 100? Absolutely awesome. Thank you, yeah indeed, good question all right, any other questions.

If not we’re going to call it a night, it is uh. 4 20 am where i am. It has been a long day and thank you very much for your good zoom david. It was really appreciated.

My pleasure. We got a couple more i’ll, hang out with you guys. If you have more questions, so i’m not rushing you off, then uh ben spence come on. In with your question, sir, my question is um.

If somebody were to go with like um, you know the easy package um when it says it cannot nitrate on two coin. So if we uh found our account with um with usdt and we go into the software uh, which was bitcoin, for example – so will the easy bot um trade for us just on um on bitcoin, or will it trade any? I would say any point that will go into profit: no, that’s only it’s only going to trade. The coin you choose, you do have to make the decision on what coin is trading and it will only trade that coin so, basically um if bitcoin go into profit.

For example, if you know it was like 38 000 and it went up like 42 000 so and it started going down, so the easy bot will stop that fast. All right, easybot will profit, no matter where bitcoin is going. If it goes up, it’s going to make you profit if it goes down, it actually makes you more profit, as it goes down, because we’re buying bigger and bigger positions, as it goes down taking advantage of the discount price in bitcoin.

So it doesn’t matter to us which way bitcoin’s going matters to you if you’re holding you want it to go up because that’s how your asset grows, but if you’re trading doesn’t matter we’re buying and selling bitcoin we’re giving you usdt back in profit. Okay, thank you. That’s my question: you’re welcome lawson come on in hey david, great presentation, as always um.

My question is, i mean if you can just um just explain a little bit, i’m a bit confused when you say before, like um on the commissions, you can see the commissions you, you actually save them somewhere way. Um, let’s say in three months: does it mean that you can actually earn that money which is being reserved or you just start from about three months now you actually earn it. So, let’s say you’ve. You introduced three people which it makes you eligible to earn through level six, but somebody in your organization of those one of those three people they went to work and they built out and there’s people all the way in your organization down to level 20.

Well, you’re not eligible for anything past level, six, but that money isn’t it’s still sitting there for you and, as so as soon as you open up those additional levels, you enroll you sponsor your fourth person, that’ll open you up for the commissions that have been a Whole for levels, seven and eight and so forth, and so on all the way until you get to your 10th person that opens up level 20 right, okay, so he said so um so so so like when you say after you qualify. Do you like sort of getting paid that money like a back pay or something or you just start from whenever, when you start qualifying for those yeah? It’s i mean you could call it back pay. So it’s it’s on hold for you, it’s it’s money.

We we considered that you’ve earned yeah. You haven’t qualified to receive it right right, because you introduced the beginning of this organization uh. We we consider that you’ve earned it, but we do want to. We do want our affiliates to do a little bit of work, so we incentivize you to at least introduce 10 people to take full advantage of that portion of the comp plan.

Wow, that’s amazing. Thank you. I agree.

Thank you all right. Eric come on back in hey sorry about that real, quick uh. If i start on on a coin uh – and i start with the minimum amount for that coin – that you suggested 600 and i’m using muhammad’s one click strategy – will the bot recognize when i add funds to that and start opening larger positions in each trade? Or is it kind of pointless? You know you understand what i’m saying: will it will it trade open its positions based on how much money i have in the account or allocate that to that coin, or does it just open a certain percentage for each trade? I i guess, do you understand what i’m trying to ask the answer is yes, if you, if you decided to add additional funds to a trade to a coin, that’s trading uh and as it’s going through its cycles, it will automatically adjust and open in bigger positions.

Awesome thanks dave appreciate it great question: uh sean smith come on in hi, um well good morning, good night, everyone good morning, um. I have a question um for the funding right, because i need to get this perfectly clear and understand for the funding. If i put a thousand usd in my account, does it mean i have to purchase like 600 worth of bitcoin or 600 worth of xrp, or do i just have a thousand x usdt in my account uh good question, so here’s you’re gon na put a thousand Dollars, let’s say you have a thousand dollars, you want to trade and if it’s a thousand uh it’ll be one coin, so we’re gon na assign that to one coin, if it was 1200, you could do two coins uh.

So for a thousand dollars you’re going to assign it to one coin and easybots going to to open the trade on whatever that coin, is you choose at a certain percentage of the thousand dollars not going to use the whole thousand dollars? It’s going to use a small percent of it and, what’s going to happen, one or two things is going to happen that the position of that trade is going to go up in value or it’s going to go down the value of that of that coin. It’s going to go up or down, it goes up enough, it’ll close the trade in profit and your profits back in usdt. If it goes down, then it’s going to use the remainder of the usdt that it hasn’t used yet to pick up additional positions and it’ll keep buying additional positions as the market’s dropping, but it’s moving it’s doing so in such a way where it’s making you profit Along the way, so that’s what the remainder of the usdt is therefore, is in anticipation of the market going down and at any point can i say i decide to take the bot off bitcoin and put it on a different um coin.

It will be using the same usdt that i have in my account right. Absolutely yes, okay, that was alright! Thank you all right, you uh anthony, come on back answer. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir um, i got two quick questions, uh so on the um on the funding side. So once you fund it uh for each coin, you’re trading is there a certain amount that you have to have in there to trade, multiple coins? Or can you like say you had like 10 grand? Could i trade 10 coins? I trade all 20 coins. All right. You can trade one point with 10 grand you can trade all 20 coins.

You could do any combination. The only requirement, if you’re, using the one click strategy, is that it’s no less than 600 uh beyond that and you get decide how you switch it up. Okay, okay, awesome and then now with the affiliate stuff coming in commissions, are the commissions automatically added to your bottom line and also compound it or you got ta already have to press anything to handle that yeah good question again. Keep in mind that uh that the commissions are paid into your wallet in easybot they’re, not going directly into your exchange account and what he’s trading is.

What’s in your exchange account, so you actually have to withdraw your commissions and then add them to your exchange account in order to take advantage of the commission’s being earned awesome. Okay, that’s it all right, good questions, uh all right, ladies and gentlemen, i’m getting blurryeyed and all of that good stuff, so we’re going to call it a night. I really do, and i’ve enjoyed my time hanging out with you guys.

I appreciate all of you that continue to show up support, uh building your team sharing this story. Thank you peter, for hanging out, even though i tried to give you the night off

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