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Easybotcom is now live as a website and it’s a beautiful website. If you haven’t been there, let’s actually take you there and give you a better look at what you have that you can be proud of. So, let’s start there, easybotcom has a new home and it looks like this all right.

Hopefully you guys can see my screen. This is the new easybotcom website uh. If you were a member prior to yesterday, then you were going to easybotcom and you were seeing a login page and so in order to get to your login page, you can do one of two things.

EazyBot New Website Overview

You can still go to easybotcom and, as you can see on my screen, there’s a login button on the top right corner, so you can go right there and click login and that will take you to your familiar login screen now, while i’m here you’ll notice that The address for this page is now myeasybotcom, so you can go directly to your login page by using myeasybotcom, okay, so uh. We’re really really excited that we were able to get the website up and launched, and it’s a great looking website we’ll scroll through here. For you very professionally done, thank you to vineet and his team for putting this together great job, all right, something that you guys can be very, very proud of, and all of the learn, more buttons launch, a presentation that tells you the entire story. I think it’s about 17 minutes for that presentation, so that was a major accomplishment for us.

This week we were able to launch the site, and that means that there’s some other really important initiatives that are coming behind, that this site that you’re looking at will be available to each one of our users. Absolutely free you’ll actually get a replicated version of it. Guys do me a favor just because it’s a little bit distracting we’re going to ask you not to raise hands until we get into a q, a section uh. If you have questions that we can address in the chat.

Do me a favor drop them there, but we’re going to ask you to just hang tight for just a moment because it does kind of clog what we’re seeing on the screen. So it’s a lot to manage um right. So what you guys are seeing in terms of the website, you will be able to you’ll you’ll, have your own replicated copy of this site. So, instead of having to send somebody to easybotcom to explain the story about what easybot’s all about you’ll have your own version of it, that will be linked to your own, unique affiliate id.

So for those of you who are sharing easybot with others, we know that’s, not everybody, but if you’re, one of them you’ll have a copy of this, and a couple of things that will be a little bit different is uh. The learn more button that you see here, which is now presenting a video, will actually turn into a get started button. So when you share your link out and somebody clicks, the get started button. As you already know, you get started with easybot with a free account and you can always choose to upgrade later so when somebody clicks on that get started button on your version of this site, they’re going to go directly to a sign up page, your signup page With your unique affiliate id uh already connected to it, so that you’ll get credit when they sign up from your unique page.

So that’s something really exciting: to look for uh the team’s working very quickly right now behind the scenes to get all of that dialed in for each and every one of you so we’re excited. We were able to do this major first step in getting this launched. All right, so the next thing that happened in the last 24 hours is, we also launched our support portal.

So one of the things that’s important to us at easybot is that number one. The most important thing is that things are easy. We know that uh we’re still dialing that in for some of you guys but part of how we make that easy is by providing access to support, and so we actually just finished up a support.

Call peter just held down a support, call uh that happens by the way uh peter’s it monday to friday. It’s uh, 11am eastern, that’s right monday to friday, 11 at 11. Am eastern.

There is a is one hour that we do a group support, and so you have access to that for those of you who are vip members. Of course, you also get access to oneonone support and so uh make sure that you’re taking advantage of that, if you have any questions, but if you have questions uh, one of the things that we did get launched just yesterday is our support. Portal and there’ll actually be a link here from the website in the next day or so that will take you directly from the website to the support portal. In the meantime, the address to get to this portal is supporteasybotcom, easy enough to remember so.

The support portal is designed to do a couple of things. It is designed to answer a lot of the frequently asked questions that you might have. If you scroll down here just a little bit, you see that we have some sections that are already being built out now, guys we’re continuing to gather more and more information, questions and so forth.

So you’ll see this knowledge basis continue to grow, and so there are different sections here that you can jump into with various questions that we’ve already answered. So a lot of the questions that you or people that you’re introducing to easybot a lot of the common questions that come up. This is a great place to start and you’ll find a lot of those answers are dialed in here. We’Ll add a lot more roulette.

Videos and all kinds of other things that add additional value into this portal, but we did get it launched for you and that should help answer a lot of your questions. There is a search function, so if you have questions about something, try the search function. First, just pop in a term here, and you can search now if you have a specific challenge and you need help to resolve that, and it isn’t answered in any of these questions here then your next step to reach support would be to go here and hit Submit ticket, so we want this to be the way that you reach out to get help. We do have a ticketing system, it all is going to go into a a portal, that’s managed in the back end.

Breezy and peter are managing it. Do us a favor guys and please please, please use this system. I know a lot of you like to reach out on telegram or you reach out in personal messages.

But honestly, it just makes things more difficult for us to help everybody, because we’re chasing support issues in all of these different areas. Peter and breezy are trying to be responsive in telegram rooms and in personal messages and whatsapp, and all of this it just makes it a lot more difficult, and if we get it all into our ticketing system, we have visibility from the corporate side of what are The common questions that are getting asked: we can tag those things so that we know that we need to create support material for it or it. We know it’s a real important issue that we need to deal that we need to put some attention to. So you can help us to help you and help our own collective growth.

How To Get Eazybot Customer Support

If you use this ticketing system to reach out for help, our commitment is that somebody will respond to you within 24 hours. So please be patient as well. There are a lot of users right now and we’re growing our ability to support all of you guys so we’ll respond to you within 24 hours can’t always commit to solving everything within that window of time, but we will absolutely do our best. Some things are out of our control.

We will do everything that we can, that is within our control, to solve any issues or questions you have as quickly as possible, so really excited to be able to streamline our process for how everyone gets help. Please, if you can communicate this to those of uh those who you introduced. Please use this system again.

There’Ll, be a link from the website to the support and there’ll be a link from within easybot itself into our support portal. So supporteasybotcom also very easy to remember and that’ll help you get going if you need specific help friends, this is an amazing opportunity i have ever seen. We are at the forefront right now it would be best if you got in now before the snowball effects happens.

We have left our sign up link in the description box below and instructions to get you started immediately. We would like you to be part of our team and we’ll work with you closely as needed. We will provide you training and marketing materials to maximize your success. Thanks for taking a time out to watch this video presentation, we look forward to working with you thanks.

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