How To Fund Your Binance And Eazy Bot Wallets So That The Eazy Bot Can Start Trading For You.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel. So today, i’m just going to do a quick tutorial on how to fund your binance wallet and also for those that are struggling, especially in south africa, for some reason to fund a finance wallet. Um, i’m gon na show you a way how to go, how to get around that. You know if you’re struggling, otherwise it shouldn’t be a struggle, but yeah i mean i send my funds when i was using a um, the other bot.

Eazy Bot

Before i switched to easy bot, then i was on the hobby exchange, so all i did was i just sent my usdt um with the trc20 chain to to binance, and i was that that’s that was basically instant, so i didn’t need to you know, fund my Finance wallet from my bank to the wallet you know, so it just made life a lot easier, but anyways guys there’s a way around it. No, no stress okay, so, firstly, you’re gon na go to buy crypto, you’re gon na, say well: um you’re gon na choose one of these options: bank deposit um deposit gbp – i don’t know – i don’t use the british pound. So i’m not in the uk.

Uh buy crypto, so let’s use our card socrates instantly to your card and then you’re just going to choose amount guys again just follow the steps, because i’m not going to buy crypto right now myself. So it’s going to just showing you guys where to go. It’s either one of those, but if you want to use your card um – and this should work all right – it should work um, okay, but firstly um.

You got to make sure, because i’m doing this, assuming that your binance account is verified. So it has to say that so to verify it, you just got ta upload your id and stuff like that. Okay, all right, so we want to buy usdt we’re just going to choose a currency here, uh for the sake of this video i’ll use, south african currency rans, it’s a lot of dollars and then we’ll see.

Okay, let’s say: let’s use her just for the easybot’s sake: um she’s a recommended amount of 600 dollars. So that’s about. Let’s just use nine thousand. Well, okay: we won 600 usdt, so there’s going to be fees involved.

So, let’s say 610, so you spend over 9 grand you receive 610 okay cool, so this is in rants, guys um and i’m gon na use us dollars for the rest of the world. Uh usd right, uh, yeah, okay, so to receive okay! So, there’s about what nine dollars fees uh, let’s just see to receive 600. You need to spend okay, so let’s say you send 610 usd and to receive 600 and then okay, let’s let’s continue, let’s see see where it takes us.

Okay, then, you just need to add a card and then continue and then go from there guys again just follow the steps. It’s very easy: um, i’m not going to add my card and all that because again i don’t need to right now so yeah, my phone’s already in my wallet so yeah guys. Luckily the fees aren’t crazy.

Eazy Bot Wallets

So that’s just directing you guys where to go okay. So here’s for my south african audience now for some reason again i don’t. I don’t see how you should how you should have a problem with that um but anyways again i haven’t, i haven’t done it.

I haven’t funded my uh finance wallet from my bank again, so so i wouldn’t know about having issues or anything in that respect, so yeah again i’ll, just um. This is the way around it. Uh go to go to your lunar wallet. Okay, so lunar wallet is a south african exchange.

Only i think only south africans can use luno. As far as i know see they added some cryptos here, that’s interesting! Okay. They only used to have a few.

So that’s pretty cool um. Okay, so we’re going to use exchange then we’re going to go to mark it’s okay, i’ll see, xrp is already listed, but anyways um, so you’re going to choose x or p. Why so you’re, probably wondering okay? Why? Why do i have to buy xrp because the fees are the lowest but oh shish? Okay, i forgot.

I forgot guys. I forgot something. Okay, first thing: you need to fund your wallet with the rants, so a lot of you probably already know this, but some of you might not so yeah.

I almost have nothing in here again: everything’s in binance, um, you’re, gon na choose rand’s and you’re going to say deposits. So you can choose you guys. If you don’t mind waiting two to three days, then that’s fine, you can choose bank transfer or, and then either bank transfer instant eft with pay you um, so you can choose instant eft with pay you if you want it like it’s literally. It takes about not even five minutes, but you have to do it during the week guys so just keep in mind on weekends.

This won’t work as far as i know, all right, you won’t be able to find, but it will tell you in any case so from monday to friday, you will be able to fund your lunar wallet so again, just click on instant eft and then follow the Steps right put all your bank details in there and you should be good to go okay, so, whichever amount um you need to put in so you put your amount in and you can follow the steps, instant, eft and then follow steps. Put your amount in ready to go right and then you should see a balance of something random. If you put in the positive ten thousand round, you should see around ten thousand slightly less because it’s a one point: four percent a fee, as you saw there for instant um payments, because obviously you want to get started right away.

Um then we go to exchange spear with me here, guys, okay, so then we’re gon na go to markets. We’re gon na we’re gon na click on uh xrp all right! So then we’re gon na we’re gon na choose xrp to rand. As far as i know, right, then we’re going to buy some xrp so then choose not limit market right because you want market execution is uh.

You want to buy, buy your xrp straight away all right, so if you buy it on the exchange. Well, why? I want you to buy it on exchange, not just on luna’s because of the fees. So if you just buy it on the on on your wallet, then you’re gon na pay more so i’m so i’m trying to help you guys save a little bit of money here.

So on exchange, you pay almost nothing. You pay like a few cents or something like 001 fees compared to like 2, or something like that, if you buy it normally so don’t buy, normally use the exchange guys, i’m just a nice little tip here all right, so you just enter your amount here. So, whichever how many so how many xops do you want to buy um, the amount should be more than one x x or p? Okay, so let’s say we want to buy a thousand xrps? Oh, no! No! No, okay, never, mind! No! Sorry! Um! Let’s say we want to buy a thousand xrp’s we’re gon na need probably need like well. Let’s say we want to buy 10 000 rand with worth of xrp.

Sorry, let’s say you deposited 10, 000 rand and and you want to buy that in xrp, so you’ll get 802 xrp’s and you click your buy x copy and then you basically, as you can see, there’s a fee 01. That’s really nothing compared to usual fees. You pay, if you buy normally, so you enter into your amount there um, because this remember guys this is the amount that you’re going to send to finance just accepting xrp, so you’re going to end up with 802 xrp, or this amount once you’ve once you’ve clicked On buy with market execution make sure you get that right. Um, then you’ll see.

If you go to wallets right, we you should be able to see instead of obviously this xop, there should be almost ten thousand round worth of xrp as almost so. You should see 802 xrp instead of zero in my case right and what you’re gon na do is you’re gon na click on your xrp you’re gon na click on send and you’re gon na click. You’re gon na put a wallet address in there right.

So then, obviously, where are you getting the wallet address from obviously from binance? So, let’s put in the xop uh deposit, select network, okay, um xrp, i guess ripple because we’re using the ripple network um you have, you always have to make sure you get the network right, guys, um, all right, so click on get address. Please enter both tag and address start data which, which requires your deposit except youtube on us: okay, um all right, so i’m guessing the memo. What is the memo? It’s probably the x or p tag, because obviously, if you don’t put in the tag i’ll have to double check that but uh hmm, it’s a strange one. It usually says xrp tag, that’s what it’s looking for.

I’M sure the network is ripple, do not send nfts. Okay, well, then, we’re gon na put this in here paste this memo. You know, i don’t know it’s just another name for tag.

I guess, but again guys um just before before you do this just um. You see it, but maybe pop me a message. First um, especially about the memo and the tag just or just check for yourselves. If it’s the same thing, because that’s all it’s asking for you on binance, there’s no tags, just memo memo is required or you will lose your coins.

So that has to be the tag. I don’t see how it’s anything else, because that’s usually what they say the same thing about the tag. If you don’t have the tag, then you lose your coins.

Oh, how to retrieve crypto deposit is wrong or missing tag will mean. Okay, it’s the same thing. Sorry i did.

I didn’t see that there until now it’s the same thing guys just carry on sorry about that um. Okay, then we’ll click. Next, then, you enter your amount here.

Okay, what? What do we have to again? It’s just an example. 802. The note can be anything binance.

Whatever is finance next insufficient balance? Okay, so it won’t. It won’t carry on because i don’t have anything in but yeah guys um. So then once that’s done, then you should wait.

It shouldn’t take longer than than five minutes. It’s usually a few seconds really. Then. What will happen is it will show up in your exchange? So it will show up here.

So if you, if you click to on fiat and spot on binance, then you’ll see all of this, then you’ll also see there will be an xop balance as well. So if you click on xrp instead of zero, instead of zero, total you’ll have 802 and from there from there right, what we are going to do is we’re going to go to exchange right now. What we do is search for the coin.

How To Fund Your Binance

Let me choose xrp or let’s just click on usdt, right and xlp. Usdt right as you can see, the exchange looks a little bit different than luno’s, but it’s the same pretty much the same thing. Click on market execution down here guys um, then, okay, so just take note, you’ll have xop, you won’t have usdt like in my case. So what’s going to happen is just imagine this usdt is xlp now, so just imagine we have 802 usdt here on the left.

Right um and we have well zero zero usdt on the right. Then what we are going to do is obviously we’ll use the max amount of xope right so just say: choo take this thing, scroll it or take it all the way to 100 right and then it will say the amount or just type it in 802. Xrp’s here and then you say, sell xrp, and then you should be ready to rumble from there right.

Then your account is funded and just make sure after that, that you buy some bnb. So, as you can see, because, apparently you need bnb for um binance to trade properly for you with the bot. So it’s just a little binance thing. So, just a little bit like three percent guys so you’re gon na do the same thing that i just did now.

Let me just for again go to exchange. Now we want to buy, buy an finance queen. This is pretty much the last thing. You’Ll do once your account counter is funded well, except except you’re, gon na okay, there’s one more thing, but let’s use, let’s buy the binance coin.

First bnb uh, usdt sources, bnb, okay, yeah! So we’re going to click on bnb. Here: okay, we’re not going to choose everything, we’re just going to choose the amount we want, so in this case 273, what’s 10 percent of 200 and 3, sorry, 3 or 273 guys, let’s just say it’s around nine dollars or so ten dollars. That’s why i went to 10, so just scroll until you get your amount that you want. Okay, eleven dollars is fine and you say bye bnb, i’m not gon na buy.

Now, because i already have. I don’t need more and voila once you clicked on buy. Oh just remember: to choose market execution again guys so click on market. There then buy the amount you want and you go back and again.

You should see what i see now: um some bmb. So again guys three remember three percent bnb or whatever amounts you have. So if you have a hundred dollars it’s gon na, be i wouldn’t suggest trading with a hundred dollars for this, but uh the bot might still work um, no guarantees uh.

We we’re trying to work on a strategy to to trade as little as possible, but uh. What i’ve seen the lowest that that’s possible to trade with the easy bot is 100. That’s just a note so far.

Let’s keep that in mind. We might be able to do less soon, but again no promises um yeah. So if you have a hundred dollars, three percent of that will be three dollars worth of.

Bmb thousand dollars would be what thirty dollars worth of b b right. Ten thousand dollars would be what three hundred dollars worth of bnb that you need to hold, and it’s still it’s a good coin to have so guys. So don’t worry about it, um yeah! So that’s just a little formality. I guess um and the last thing you’re gon na have to do okay.

This isn’t really get started with you, but i just uh anyways. I can just as well go through it. Okay! Well, i didn’t log in here. So let me just log in okay: we go so guys.

Assuming now your everything is funded and yes guys. I do say that you don’t have to fund your easy, easy bot wallet. Your your trading capital stays in finance. Only you’re only going to need to send a little bit of money to easybot because they they can’t take that because they take their trading fees, their service fees.

You know for every trade that you win, um, remember the 30 70 um, where you you get 70. If you’re a free member, you keep 70 of the profits, the and then easy by takes 30, which goes to the company and which goes to the affiliates and then, if you’re, a paid member 80. You keep 80 of the profits. 20 goes to company and affiliates.

So just a quick, quick refresher on that um, okay, so we’re gon na go then, is to my wallet. Okay! So then you’re going to choose deposit right! Then you’re going to choose here: okay, one one of these three okay. So obviously, we’re going to be working with usd trc 20 right so for whatever trading amount you have, i would say, uh for the let’s use the minimum of six hundred dollars again guys you can just always add, because from binance to easybot the fees there’s. Basically, no fees, but if you’re sending money from easybot, like you, like your commissions or whatever, from affiliates um, if you’re, sending that that money to to binance is like a small fee of two usdt right um but from binance to two easy part: no fees.

Basically, as far as or like few cents, so i mean you can start with as low as 20 dollars. Usdt i mean maybe even 10, but you know i went to 20. I just think just to be safe so that they have more than enough trading fees to take, so that because, obviously guys, if i think, if, if your easybot wallet has less than two dollars in it, then um the bot cannot trade right because it has to Take its fees, you know it’s only fair, guys, um again i’ll, just explain how it works um. In short, so then you say add it’s: okay, let’s click and yeah.

Let’s see what it says: okay amount to be transferred. So if you want that, then oh it looks like this fees from binance as well. Okay, anyways, never mind.

I was just mistaken on that, still fees, so maybe it would be wiser to send a little bit more than 20 but anyways. That’s that’s up to you, but the point is it doesn’t have to be much copy. The clipboard um then we’re gon na obviously go back to binance here. Um.

Do we gon na then we’re gon na say: withdraw we’re gon na enter the address so that we just copied from easybot this one right. I’M gon na enter that here. Uh select withdrawal network.

Remember guys to get this right. Please please get this right. Okay, there’s a one dollar fee takes five minutes to arrive.

Then we put in the amount that asks for 22 points. What was a one and then we click withdraw and it should be in your easybot wallet in like five minutes, it should show up. Okay, um.

All right, so i can just go back from there, because, obviously i don’t need to do that right now: okay, anyways, uh, and again guys. What you should see is what i see now current balance, 20, 22 usd or 20 usdt is, if that’s, what you’re going to send and then you’re pretty much ready to go ready to connect your bots um. I do bot management in other videos, so i’m not going to do that right now.

This was just supposed to be a very short tutorial. Anyways guys, that’s that for that video. So thanks for watching um, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

All my links are below, including my easy about signup link. If you haven’t signed up yet to this amazing opportunity, um links to telegram groups to the zoo meetings. It’s all there guys just below the video all right, um, so yeah guys have a good one cheers

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