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Hi guys i wanted to give you another little update now i started this uh trading account with my easy bot with 600, so i’ve got to take this 700 and two here, i’m going to pop this into my calculator and i’m going to minus the holding of B and b, because, obviously i’m not trading with that so minus the 5627, because it’s that b and b that pays for the trading fees inside um binance here so i’ve made. This is my second day. This is the start of my second day, so yesterday um. So this is the start of my second day, so it’s not uh 48 hours yet so i’ve.

EasyBot update

If you take off 600 off of that, that means i’ve got a profit of about 46. As you can see there now, what i’ve got is i’ve got a little hack for you that i want to show you so that you can set up more than one bot and set up a bot and trade with less than 600, so i’ve just sent some Uh some money in here, because i want to top up uh this ustd balance. So, as you can see there, i’ve got a balance of usdtc, which is the stablecoin uh.

This finance coin is not nothing to do with the trading. That’s just to cover the fees. I’Ve got matic, so i’ve got two trades informatic. I’Ve got two trades in for salama, and i’ve got two trades in for for uni swaps coin.

So there’s there’s two lots of trades there. So if i go over to uh here – and i go down to the trade history – let’s just go down here so i’ve got these buy orders that it’s bought in okay, there’s the sell orders, but the market’s dropped a little bit. So what uh easy box bot does? Is it buys in um? You know more than one lot. So, as you can see, if i look here, this is a matic trade with usdt, it’s done a buy.

This was the price that it paid for the matic. This is how much matic it bought says. 25.

This is the b and b trading fee that i paid to finance, which comes out of that b b balance. This says that you’re a taker, so that means that you’ve taken away liquidity. I wouldn’t worry about that, and this is how much is being spent 2032.

So this this particular trade has got to go higher than 80 128. You see 08. 128. Now, if i come over to easybot so here i am on easybot and uh, i’m going to first off go to my box, because i want to show you the little hack that i’ve got.

So you don’t have to have six hundred dollars to start trading with. So you can start a free bot um with a lot less than six hundred, so i’ve got these bots here. I’Ve got three now what i should add. If you see this is allocated 600.

600. 600. Okay, that one i’ve paused at the moment. At the end there, because i was just testing something so i’ve got these three bots here.

You can see that i haven’t got eighteen hundred dollars. Okay, i’ve only got seven hundred dollars because i should have eighteen hundred six plus six plus six is eighteen hundred. So i’m trading with less so, let’s just show you what you can do if you wan na trade with less than the six hundred dollars.

So if i click on this button here, that says, add a new that takes me to this screen now, if you’ve got the, if you look here, it says: use default configurations. Okay. Now, if you try, if you’ve got that tick in the box and you put in here less than 600, so you say you put in here 100 then when you try to save it, it will say: minimum is 600.

So, look if i put in here test 2, for example, choose the exchange, finance, just choose a trading pair and i’ll choose, etc. That’s it and i put in there 100 now i click save. I get these red messages, so what i want to do is to remove that tick. Now what i’ve got for my hundred dollars that i’ve got there, so i could trade with a hundred dollars and i want to do the trades into at least ten dollars.

So i’d have to move this ticker until this says ten percent, so i don’t know whether that will. Let me write in there ten percent. It will i’ll click out the box, that’s 10, so your minimum, you can trade with on binance, i think, is about 10. So what i’ll do is? I will do that.

I’Ve got this test, 2 uh, i’ve got binance and i’ve got this etc. So i click save just to show you and, as you can see now, that’s added the ethereum classic. So now, if i’ll go into this box, what i’m going to do is i’m going to set it to inactive, because i don’t want this bot to start with the hundred dollars and i should be able to go on the settings here to edit the bot and I’M just going to put this as inactive and then save let that refresh now, when i go back there, that one’s inactive and that one so they’re just two boxes. I’Ve set up to show you that you can trade with less than the six hundred dollars.

If you didn’t have six hundred dollars and you wanted to get started, obviously the lower you trade with the less money you’re gon na make you know i’m doing uh a bit better, because i’ve got a bigger fun, but i’m gon na slowly build this fund up. You know to you i’ll, you know i want to go beyond the 10 grand mark. I want to be trading with good amounts of trades because at the moment, i’m trading with 20 quid 20 quid 20 quid 20 quid or 20 20 um, and i really want to be trading with uh 100 200.

Something like that. If i want to earn well now, if i go over to here – and i go down to my wallet now remember when, when the easybot does a trade for you, when it buys easybot, doesn’t charge you anything and it doesn’t show up in your in your back Office in easybot as a as a profit, because the trade is still open, and so you can see here that i’m being charged these little fees on the wings. Now i did a little bit of maths on one of these traits just to show you because i’ve got a you know. A few of these is a few sheets of these trades.

Now i did this little bit of maths right, so i’ve got. This is one little trade that the easybot did for me and i’m going to walk you through it, so it did a buy of and thirty 2038 cents. It then sold at twenty dollars and fifty nine cents giving me a gross profit of 21 cents on one trade. Okay.

Now, obviously you want this to carry out multiple trades. That’s why you want to be setting up lots and lots of bots. Now, finance fees were this because i got them from the binance and if i go over to binance and show you the trade history on here, we were, you can see here.

It shows you the this was a buy uh. It bought the matic. This was the price it bought out.

That was how much it bought. This was the finance trading fee now that finance trading fee automatically comes out of my finance balance in my binance account, but i still need to account for it. So, as you can see here with finance uh, when they’re buying and selling doesn’t matter what way you’re doing it, you’ve got a fee. So there’s two fees, so i’ve got this buy fee.

So when easybot bought binance charged me a fee of that much bnb and when easybot made the sale, you know to get this 21 cents profit. There was another binance fee. So if you had those two fees up and then at the current price at the time of doing these sums here, that’s uh cost me three cents to do that. Trade now easybot charged me uh 20, because i’m a vip.

So if i take that amount there, because this actually is a dollar – let’s just put a dollar sign in that, so you don’t get confused here. I i was got a profit of that. So forget my calculator. Let’s just cancel that and i put that in there times, uh 20 is what easybot will charge me.

They will charge me 0042, which is there 0042, and if i go over to easybot, i can show you that there, which is that one. This is where i did my maths on 0042. Okay, so the numbers all add up.

So that gave me total fees of this much okay. So what i’ve got to do is i’ve got to take this amount here? So i put that in my calculator minus the zero seven two seven, which is that number there equals that much so that the the the net profit was just over 13 cents, the 14 cents on a on on one trade. And that was only on a 20 trade now, obviously, if i want to do a hundred dollar trade, then i got ta times this by five okay. So if i was to times that uh times that by five and then equal because it obviously it won’t be exactly this, but give you an idea for times that if i was trading with a hundred dollars – and i times that by five because obviously there’s uh Five twenties in a in a hundred, so if i, if i did the uh that amount there times that by five, that would equal 68 cents uh a coin.

Now, if i wanted to do say a thousand dollars, i would times that by 50. Okay. So if i was trading uh with bigger amounts – and i had a balance of for say a thousand dollars that i was doing the trades with – i would put that amount in there and then times that by 50. So that’s for one trading pair now, if you do all the trading pairs and you where there’s 19 at the moment, so you you take that sub there and you do times that by 19, that’s roughly a hundred and thirty dollars per one cycle of trades.

Now, at the moment, i can see that the easy bot is doing around about for each coin. It’s doing four to five trades in a 24 hour period. So if i times that by five you know i could be on 652 dollars. So that’s my target.

I want to up my balance to up my trading balance so that i can get to sort of six seven hundred dollars a day in trading and that’s seven days a week. You know. So if i take that there and uh i i times that by seven equal that up that’s four thousand a week and if our times are up by four again that’s a month, you know it’s eighteen thousand dollars a month. I think that’s very achievable to get that twenty dollars up to a bigger trading amount.

So i’m going to build up my fund inside my binance account. Now what you must understand. You’re, building up this fund in inside your binance account or any fund you’ve got it’s your money.

If, if easybot disappeared tomorrow, this money won’t he’s still here, yeah, it would have bought me solano would have bought me matic, and i would still have this tether. It’s my money that i can get out. I could decide to delete my easybot account and easybot’s not going to take any of this money from me. This is my money.

They can’t they don’t get access to withdraw this money. Okay, so um, it’s uh! It’s it’s! I think it’s almost riskfree: where does the risk come well? Of course the risk comes at finances side. That finance goes out of business and steals your money.

You know there, you know can’t say that would never happen. I very much doubt it because finance is one of the biggest exchanges in the crypto world, so i think binance is going to be around for many many years to come. So, of course, this is not financial advice and you should always do your own due diligence but easy bots.

It doesn’t have access to these funds here now, if you want to join easybot and create a free account and get your first bot set up, then below this video you’re going to find a link, that’s going to take you over to my affiliate link. It’s going to you’ll join my team, okay you’ll, be under my team and then what i’m going to be doing, i’m going to be setting it up right. The way through september, i’m going to do a special thing for my team for people that have set up certain bots and got a certain level inside easy box.

You can start here for free and you can start trading. You know. Obviously, you need some money inside your finance account, but that money is in your control.

100 in your guitar. You must make sure you understand that that money inside your binance account or your kucoin account. Whichever exchange you decide to use, it’s in your control, easy bot can’t take it sign up for a free account. You’Ve got a link below this video.

You can only join this company by invitation, so hopefully you want to be part of my team and what i’m going to be doing for some members. Lucky members inside my team, i’m going to be promoting their easy bot, affiliate link to build up the people below them and in my next video i’m going to show you how much you can earn on the affiliate program. Now you can join easy bots and just do the trading, but i’m going to show you if you’re in my team, i’m going to start building your team for you.

Okay. So if you want me to build your team for you and you want to set yourself up a free count, click the link below this video. You have a fantastic day, bye now,

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