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Okay, this is the status of the account that we have been following and uh. As you know, 1000 has been invested in each of those coins and these are the profits. Let’s compare the profit right now with the profit that we saw on 22nd.

On the last call on the last friday called here, you go, this is a comparison. This is the last one on the left, the previous one and, on the right hand, side is the new one. If you see the total profit on uh on 22nd of july was 934, which is 1587 today first of august. The total profit is point three four percent: that’s been one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven.



So that means the profit have increased, almost uh two percent. Two percent within the last ten days. So if we take the same page, that’s uh in ten days it’s uh, two percent.

So if every ten percent it gives two percent, that means it’s around six percent. In a month again, we don’t know how the market is going to be have in the next 10 days or the next one month or the next one year. The bot is only going to be just climbing the the candles and buying and selling based on the algorithm i designed in it.

The highest performer is still the matic mavic was i have given uh 30 23 previously, and now it tries to 26 percent. Almost all the coins have given more profit. If you see file is the one have increased, maybe the most, it was only at 54 percent.

Easy Bot Trading Performance and Profit

Now it’s 107 that means have increased. Almost five percent uh link have increased from eleven point. Six to thirteen point: six: six percent, that’s about three percent or two percent uh litecoin ltc from eight point: eight, eight to ten point: seven: seven percent x, rp from seven point; seven; six to eight point: eight and btc from three point: three to three point: five: Three uh xmr from 66 to 77, etc. From nine point, three: nine to fourteen point: eight point: eight yeah, so this is almost five percent for, etc.

Ethereum classic uh, dodge uh changed from nine point: five. Six to ten point: nine! So that’s about uh! One point: five percent one point: four percent trx from six point: six: eight to seven point: one percent, uh xlm from six point; four; seven to seven point and then btc from 499 to 588 dot from 66 to 926. If you see there is big variety between the coins uh, some of them have increased just one percent, some of them have increased more than five percent. That’s always that’s why it’s always wise to diversify in terms of coins.

Easybot Reviews

Have your your your funds, uh trading in as many coins as you can, because you don’t know which coin is going to be performing the best in the next hour or the next one year in the next four months so put to the funds in as many Coins as possible and let the bot trade for you or choose me as many coins as possible and let the block trade. So if some coins are not performing well, the other ones are going to compensate and you will end up having a kind of a stable and a more stable profit month in and month out, you

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