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All right, good day, everybody, my name, is david d, charles uh. Welcome to today’s call. We still have folks coming to the into the room.

It is good to be here with all of you. It is a beautiful day. I’M i’m calling in dialing in from sunny south florida and uh wherever you are joining us around the world today.

Eazybot Trading Profit

We want to welcome you we’re so appreciative that you’re here with us and uh, this has been a really interesting week in crypto, and so we want to spend some time with you. We have uh just about an hour to spend, together with our ceo, muhammad ali and muhammad’s, going to spend some time talking about easybot we’re going to talk about easybot, but we’re going to talk about it in the context of what’s happened in the last week. To two weeks uh, if you’ve been paying attention to the crypto markets, it’s been especially volatile and so the big question, if you know the story of easybot, you know that uh we come from a place where uh, what really really mattered to us wasn’t whether or Not easybot could perform in a up market in a market that was healthy and thriving, but it was whether easybot could perform consistently in any market and particularly in a market that was really volatile and going into downtrends.

And so we had the opportunity to really validate that and test that this week, and so we want to dive into an exploration of exactly how easybot has managed that we’ll look at a live account. Muhammad, our ceo is here to answer some questions: to share some additional insights, so muhammad you’re in the position to come on in hello, hi, david yeah. Thank you very much uh for this instruction and thank you. Everyone for joining us in this call uh we’re going to be discussing this interesting market movement.

That’s happening right now. As you all know, we don’t have control in the market, but we have control on. How do we behave during the market movement and right now we have uh. We all have seen a huge drop in the market in the last couple of days, and we have seen also good movement in in easy bot how it’s performing during that time, and we can now we have a chance to even share one of the live accounts.

Uh that i was looking at it’s live accounts of a demo or anything like this and uh. Even any one of you can even share their experience with with easybot during the last couple of days, uh or so so. Let me just start with uh, with sharing that account and see see how the movement was was going and uh what kind of major additional measures that we we did in order to to move on and to keep the people trading uh. One of the things that we added yesterday uh morning was uh.

We added more covers. If you know what cover is, is basically the number of times that the the bot is buying into the market uh. What how we have it we had it programmed before. Is that it can buy up to 35 covers, as the market goes down, it buys more buy and sell, buy and sell during the market uh fluctuation and for some bots for some points.

Actually, it have reached already to the maximum amount to reach the 55 copper. So what we did as a quick action from our side is we added 15 more covers, so if any one of the users wanted to to get use of that market downtrend, because what? What? What? What is what is doing is, basically, it can sustain 50 plus market drop, as you know, and right now the market have dropped more than 70 in some coins and uh. The 35 covers have finished in some of the coins by around 66 or 65 percent of drop of the market. So what what people can do right now is maybe add more funds, add more funds and open that covers that covers have been opened already for the default strategy.

But if you’re, using on your own strategy, you can add more covers down and add more funds so that you can get use of that market movement. Let me just go ahead and share that account and we can go through the coins one by one. This is an account that started on april april third year, third of april uh with eighty one thousand dollars in it, and it have seen all the market kind of market drops. From that time i can say like, for example, aave.

The market was only dropping from since we started and until now it was it’s dropped. The market have dropped. Actually, if we can go inside here uh when we started this coin, the aave price was 251 251 and right now the price is 87 as low as 87, and yesterday it was actually 75. So if we, if we see the difference between 75 and 251, it’s actually more than 72 about 70 to 73 percent drop in that market and let’s see how the market, how this coin have behaved during this time, what happened is that it made a profit of 264 dollars during this market drop see the market was only dropping it, but while dropping it was fluctuating fluctuation is one of the nature of this uh of this market of this uh industry of the crypto market always fluctuate whether it’s going up or if it’s going Down and as you know, easybot is taking chance of that fluctuations of buying and selling buying and selling buying and selling small portions of the money, like small percentage of the money and keeping a small profit and half of that profit is being used to drop down.

The average price – if you don’t know what average price is average price is basically the first four trades on the top. All of these four trades on the top, the initial plus three covers is taken as more angle strategy. So multiple strategy means that taking the average price as you buy more, for example, let’s say you started at the price of 100 and then the second buy was at 50. So that mean now, your average price is in in the middle is like around 75.

So it does like this in the first three covers, so our average price when we started when the bot took all of these three four covers at the beginning. It was 223 so right now, because the market is down and it keeps on buying and selling buying and selling. The small independent covers 50 of the profit is used to offset this price, the average price, so the average price actually went down from 223 to 198. So that’s a drop of about, i think 25 and 25 dollars.

When you compare it to the initial price of 223, it’s actually dropped that every price by 10 in a matter of five weeks. So what happened again? What happened for this coin is that the market dropped about 75 or 73. It made a profit of 220 264 dollars and it dropped every price by around uh, 11, 11 or 12 percent.

So if the market stays uh either it stayed at the price of around 100 or 80 or at this price now, and it doesn’t move up, i’m not worried. Why is that? Because, during this time, while the price is down, the market keeps on fluctuating and the bond is going to be using that fluctuation in opening small trades and closing small trades and at the same time making profit for me and sending parts 50 of that profit. To that every price and bring it down, bringing the average price down means bringing that trade that was open on the top of the market down by it. Now it was brought already by ten percent.

So if the market goes like this another five weeks, it’s going to go down another five percent, twenty percent, another five weeks, another ten percent, thirty percent. Another five weeks goes down another five, ten percent, which is uh. That means a matter of 35 weeks.

It’s going to go down 50 and another five weeks, another 10 percent that’s going to be 60 down another five week. Guess guess what it’s going to meet with the market price 70 down and then close the whole cycle get all the money back into your ct. With the profit that is have been meaning making and when it closed this uh big trade on the top at the bottom of the market is going to be making a chunk of profit. Maybe another 2 300, just in one trade, by closing the whole cycle and then start all over again at that bottom of the market, a new cycle.

So if the market goes down we’re again prepared for another 60 70 drop of the market, if it goes up it, just buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, sell, make profit. So this is exactly how easy what was uh planned to be and that’s how it performed. Let’s look at yesterday yesterday was one of the lowest market points in in all of the crypto. So let’s look at this coin specifically and go to yesterday and see how how many trades were opened and closed during yesterday so or even today, 13th of of uh of of may.

So all of these trades all of these trades we’re on 15 until here, because it works in just like about two percent. Two percent down one point: five percent up close two percent down open one point: five percent up close, so this is sale. This is profit, profit, profit, profit, let’s count them one, two, three, four: five: six: seven: eight, nine 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, smaller, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.

Easybot Trading Live Demo

So 26 trades only happened today and still we are not at the end of the day. Yet why is that is because the market is so volatile, it goes up and down up and down up and down and in very fast movement, because the market is not stable right now, many people are thinking that oh, the market’s gone up, let me buy it. So the market goes up a little bit. Other people say no, it’s going down more, so let me sell then work.

It goes down, that’s how exactly the market is behaving and how the traders are are thinking is some people think the market is going further down. Some people saying that no, it’s a good chance for me now to buy so the market goes up a little bit so that that’s how the easy bot is is not having emotions. It’s not having any kind of of of fear. It just works as programmed and how it’s programmed is to use these kind of fluctuations in benefits of the users like buying and selling buying selling.

If we see the profit that was made only today like here, like one dollar, one dollar, 12 uh approximately 175 34, and then here’s a now a question why this is 3, and this is 07, even though it’s the same volume. If you see here the same value approximately like this is 1 uh 69, and this is 174 almost the same, but this made way more than this: it’s because of the retracement. What retracement means is that if the market is going up rapidly, it doesn’t close it. It has to wait for the market to start retracing to move down a little bit by 05 percent before it sells.

So what i can tell at this moment – and at this time you can look at the graph if you want – and this is debate time by the way, because i’m opening it here at this time. What happened is that when it bought this cover, the market actually went up by 15 percent, but it did not stop moving down. It went up rapidly, maybe to three percent or four percent, and that was the time when it start moving down and that’s where it closed that trades, it waited for it to to get to the top of the market and then close it that way.

It made way more profit than all the other trades here, exactly the same, but here’s 25 34 he’s just 07 here, just 05, so it it just it’s working exactly the way i programmed it. The way i made the the parameters work by the way i i made, i asked the programmers to do the the whole strategy. The way the strategy was made, so it’s it’s really doing well, even if you look at yesterday, maybe more than 35 trades, i made the count of that.

More than 35 trades happened yesterday, a day before yesterday and the day before. Is that almost the same because the market market was moving down and there was a lot of fluctuation in the market now this is one of the coins. Let’s look at the other points.

Let me take this chance and analyze the whole account this account. All of these coins were opened at the same point of time and having the same amount invested in each coin like it was eight thousand one hundred invested in each of those coins exactly five weeks back, look at trx trx made one thousand and fourteen dollars in Profit, i remember very well the first two weeks. This coin was the worst coin.

It was giving the worst amount of profit because was not fluctuating much, but then the second two weeks, the market somehow flips. This is why it’s really important for the people who have big portfolio to uh, diversify the pro the portfolio put it in more than one coin, put it in as many coins as possible, because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, like today, the the at That time the trx was doing bad. Other coins were doing well, i remember very well, etc was doing one of the best coins right now.

It’s not the best. We have uh trx and we have also crv and we have uh. Also, the xrp is doing well and we have also aave.

So you cannot. You cannot know how the mark is going to move tomorrow, and this is how easy buttons program is to work in all the market situations where the market is going down or the market is going up and behave according to the program done on it. So, diversify the funds very important, and even when we have now more exchanges, it’s very wise to even put your funds in more than one exchange and trade, all of them. At the same time, because i know the advanced package and the vip packages are having the option to add more than one exchange and trade, all of them at the same time, that’s why we gave because uh also it’s wise not to post, put all the eggs In one basket put them in two baskets and maybe trade different coins in both of them, at least, if something happened here you have here a backup and so on, and diversifying in in coins is also very, very, very important because you don’t know now the way We programmed easybot is that uh we are blind, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the market, but we are prepared for the worst case scenario.

If the market is going down, definitely if the market’s going up it’s going to be performing even much better, but if the market’s down we are safe and we’re going to bring that trade on the top to the bottom of the market and close it with profit. We just have to be patient and let the bot do the work, don’t interfere with it. Don’T get your emotions coming into the trades and start doing some things manually in your accounts and that’s what actually makes the people sometimes lose is that they get they interfere into the trades and they put their emotions in they try to uh adjust, put up and Down like, for example, i have a friend of mine he’s actually my colleague he he started he’s about, but when he saw the markets moving up some points are giving big profit.

He started increasing the starting trade of of that coin. I told him don’t do that. Let the lead, let the bot choose for you, you put how much funds you have and the bot will choose for you that he said no.

I want i want to have more profit because the market is going up. I told him how how do you guarantee that the market is going up all the time? Maybe once you do this the market’s going down and that’s exactly what happened he added he increased, the the the starting trade and the market started moving down. Then he started buying big amounts more than what he had in his wallet and he came to to a low amount.

So anyway we adjusted his account and he was able to add more funds to to do that. So don’t don’t get your emotions get in, don’t be greedy when the market is moving up and also don’t don’t touch it when we don’t don’t have the fear when the market is going down. Just let the bot do it, for you make sure that, if the mark, if the, if the bot crosses that’s for 35 covers or 34 covers, add a little bit more funds, as you can as low as 100, maybe 200 and let it buy into the low Market, because that’s where the market’s fluctuating more and making more profit so um, if there are any questions about this part, please guys just uh jump in so muhammad.

Can you uh? Can you jump back back into the ave spot? Real quick? I just want to emphasize this point, so our start, our initial trade happened at 251 dollars. Can you find in this uh in this trade cycle, the lowest point at which the uh the price dropped? I think it’s in the 70s we’re not mistaken. It’s 75! It’s 75.

I checked it 75. Can you do the calculation on and i just want for, for transparency for visibility for everybody? I just sent you a link to a website. Can you display that for me and then take the difference between 251 and 75? Let’s? Let’s look at the the drop between those two points, while muhammad does this? The reason we’re doing this guys is that you know, as as we talk about uh what easybots capable of uh. We we always talk about having it been designed for to sustain a 50 plus drop in the market, and what you’re seeing here in this particular example, is a drop that is more significant than that 50 and we’re actually going to show you what that percentage is Here in just a moment, i think it’s the the last one muhammad there you go from 251 to 75 if you can find that line at 75.

What we want to show you here is that, at this juncture, at this percentage drop, 70, okay, so there’s a 70 drop from the 251 hours. When we open this trade to where it’s currently trading, can you go back to the to the trade muhammad and and uh? Can we can we find where it was trading at that 70? 75? Yes, i should. Let me just see that price guys.

The the point here is that this bot never stopped trading went past. The 50 drop went all the way from 251, all the way down to 75 and it’s making profit. It’s not just buying additional positions, but it’s buying positions, selling those positions and dropping the average price.

At the same time, there’s just a tremendous amount of activity here, totally captured. Oh actually, we went below that 37 72 yeah system by four is the lowest. Maybe there is lower, let’s see here, 79 yeah, it looks like the 72.

Eazy Bot Update | Easy bot

Is the lowest yeah all right? So, let’s look at we we’re actually making profit at 72 dollars. Can we can you make that a little bit smaller and let’s see what was happening around that time? Okay, yeah, all right! So here it is we’re still making profit and, of course, the market comes back up and as it’s coming back up from 72 we’re making more and more profits, and we can see some some trades closed at two dollars. Three dollars and, above just absolutely amazing, we’re very, very, very proud of what we’ve seen here.


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