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Hello and welcome back to my channel in today’s video we are checking Easybot Strategy again and how my profit has been in August. Now, it’s almost end of August, just one week more to go, but many people requested for an update video. So so I decided to not let you wait any longer and just show you how my profits are going on in August and how it is compared to July which coins are currently performing well for me and yeah, just how the chart goes. How easy but strategy is working and also what you can wait for like they are planning a really nice Improvement, and I trust this will give us even more profits in the future.

Easybot Strategy

So if you don’t want to miss this, leave me a like subscribe to my channel and comment down below if you like this kind of video also, I am planning to do a video where I will give you access to an Excel file where you can just Track your own results with your Bots and see how it all went in regards of profit. It will give you a nice graph also for your profits and, if you’re all interested in this, please leave me down below comment. Yeah people are interested in or not so I can decide if I do a video on it so before we start as always, please keep in mind that I’m not a financial advisor, I’m just showing you my experience, my meaning my opinion. What I am testing yeah, how it’s working for me past results, also never guarantee future results.

So please keep in mind. This is still a high risk investment and only invest money which you can afford to lose, as it is possible still that you might lose all your money. Even though I really like this trading bot and even though I trust this trading part and even that our money is on finance or coupon, but still it’s trading, SO trading is always high high risk.

Keep this please in mind and on just invest money wish you already can afford here you can see some of the trading Bots, which are active, though I know many people are always asking me. What are the best thoughts which coins should I start with um? Please keep in mind this is always always different, depending on your start date on your budget there and so on and so forth, but for my site, the best performing Bots currently are uni swap other and curvedao. So these three are currently the best performing, but also keep in mind that not only the entry point decide, but also like the market situation. It can change from day to day from month to month.

So just have a look yourself and choose High one or two points, because those will be the coins which are performing the best. We will later also check some of the charts how the board is trading, how it all works. But as of for me, these three coins are definitely performing the best as of now so yeah.

As you can see here, it’s not so much comparable, but I told you which other parts which performing the best for me. So I have a charge for you, which are showing the prophets which we generated with the easy board. As you can see here or if you have seen my previous video, you have seen like a prox till end of July um the results from the trading board, and then you can also see like at the beginning of August.

It was pretty um less of profits, not the big increase and then sometimes it’s doing a small jump and yeah. But it’s steadily going up, and this is for me personally really really nice, though I have to admit that, as of now in August, the profits have more been like three percent: okay, something like this an average um. They have been boss performing better.

Like I told you like, I have a curved out and the uni swap, but also someone’s performing less, but if we keep in mind that currently the crypto markets is just going down and crashing and also there’s low volatile Market, I’m really really happy with these results. If I each month, get like three percent and the crypto Market has been going down from minus 11 and I still made profit even in this down Market, I’m really really satisfied with it. Okay, so I have nothing to complain and I’ll now show you why the bot has performed last in August, all the board works and let we will see how it goes in September with the market. Please always keep on mind that easybot is not guarantee you any percentage, any profit they’re making it really General like up to 20, which is definitely possible depending on the market, but easy bot is not creating the market easy, but it’s not promising you any percentage or More profits but like easybot, is more like riding the waves of the market.

Okay, so they just go smoothly with them. If the market is high volatile, you will have really high high profits with the easy part. If the market is going down and has not having much volatility, then you will have the best products with easy bottom, but it can change month to months day to day and coin to coin. So keep this in mind me personally, I don’t just put all my money in one coin because I’m saying oh, I was performing the best as of now so I’ll put everything on there.

No I’ll definitely spread it because it can really change from day to day and we want to keep it the wrist as low as possible right. So we are spreading everything. So now, let’s have a look. How the easy but strategy goes.

Okay, let’s say, for example, we started the easy part here, so this was our initial buy point. Then the market went down down and it reached cover one at the point of cover. One easy: God will buy some more tokens. Why? Because they want to reduce the cost average effect.

Okay, here at the initial budget, I bought the code pretty expensive as of this time chart, and so it covered one. They are buying more to keep the average cost lower, and here then, after some time it started increasing a little bit, though not much enough as the buttons sell. Yet and after this it went down again but did not reach any new covers, so it increased but still didn’t decrease much enough that the bot could sell and after it went down down down again till it reached cover two at the point of covered two, the Bot will buy again more coins to reduce the average cost again and then it failed again again again.

Okay, so at this point it just bought one initial by second by and a third pie and not sold at all. So as of now, as of this time frame, we have not made any profits but still holding the trade and whenever it goes up and the cost of this coin now is more than the cost average the bot will sell, though it will not sell immediately, but It will rate for retention, so, for example, if a chart goes up like this, you can see here it’s waiting for a peak and when the peak is reached, how does the spot know that the peak is reached? It will wait for a red candle and only then it will close the same. And how does the butt know when the peak is reached? It will simply wait till another red candle will appear and then the pot will close the trade and sell the coins with. But – and this is really really exciting – plus easy board is still improving, improving improving.

They introduced us to another additional strategy with they will soon launch and just update the existing boards, and these are some independent layers. Let me show you: this is how the bot will look like with the independent covers. We still have the comparison to, as it is now initial by the chart for each cover one down down down just a bit up more downwards cover two, and, as I said as of now, with the current strategy, the bot will just have bought some coins, but Not sold so the trade is not closed. Yet what will happen with the independent numbers? Okay, the bot will still have the initial Buy.

It will reach cover one, so it will buy more goes up. No, but not enough, then it goes down with the independent cover. At this point, the bot would have bought again new cards, but it will be fully independent, as the name suggests up from the initial buy okay, so here the bot would have bought some more coins and it would have go up. The bot has been waiting for a red candle, so it would have salt sold here again.

Okay, so we would have already made one profit. So once again, here’s the buy button because the market went down and then it had a green candle. So it went up, the bot would have poured here and here it would have sold and have reached the peak first. I have a red candle and then sell it here at this point, so we would have already two closed orders.

So two times the profit Market goes down down. Here it went a bit bearish, so it would have poured here some more coins, all the way down and it reached the current bottom. It would have bought again went up waiting for the red candle sold here and again board here, sold board sold.

So, as you can see current strategy, you see what would have just one open order and we are waiting to get it sold with the new independent cover strategy. It would have one two three four five five closed threads already would have mean some profit. Of course, additional profits, so this new strategy will soon be uploaded on the Bots and I’m really excited to see how the profit just increases and also one more thing which I want to show. You is that you should not worry in case.

The bot is just one two or three days or whatever it is not trading or not having any profits, as I have shown you before, and let’s jump, for example to this uni swap USD Tshirt. If you would have bought here, for example, the market went all the way down down down down down until it just goes up, okay and depending on your entry, that would have not even sold here, okay. So this means there can be few days um with no selling point okay. This is totally normal if the market is not volatile enough, and I also want to show you how it looks in the dashboard.

So, as you can see here, for example, one of my other Bots board here at this cost and then it reach cover one for the garden bridge – cover two but again reach copper, three board again – and this is just like from or the session started one week Ago, okay, um, okay, cover four cover: five Table: Six: okay for seven, then I have been testing something so I’ll make a cup was not covered, but I really just tested. So I don’t recommend you and I will do another. Video and there’s also uh bridge cover eight nine, ten eleven and only on the 20th.

So after, like three days that only sold covered eleven and then covered ten and let’s see how it goes, it’s sold cover eight and nine salt, copper, seven here so yeah. I have at least covers still cover six still open trades, and this is just due to the market right. But still I have still open trades with this and I still make profit like six dollars um, but they are still open trades and, as you can see, it’s just pretty long session yeah for this watch yeah. This is just due to the market of the bearish market and, as I told you, the crypto Market just made uh in these days minus 11.

But I personally made around plus three percent with the spot, which I really find great and also, as you can see here like we have a good market right. It’s just buying and selling and session ended. That’s.

It can also look simple like this, and here you can see another one initial buy reach cover one, and then it went up again, so it sold the trade and everything is done. So this is how the Bots currently look like at my end and also, if you have not seen my Founders Club video, yet please check it out, because I have an offer for you for everyone who’s in my downline who’s with me. I will help you and support you and your affiliate link within my videos and within my telegram groups, and this I want to reach the founders club and also help you to reach the founders cup.

So to take your piece of the cake of the five percent global company bonus tool, okay, so this makes up an additional income and if you have not seen it yet, please check it out. I will link it after my video and that’s it for today see you in the next one.

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