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EasyBot Spot Market Trading

All information presented here is for informational purposes, only presenters are not financial advisors and all the presenters opinions are their own and it is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice and, of course, past results are not indicative of future results. All right. Thank you for that. Welcome everybody.

Welcome to today’s call. This is the easy, but trading and market insights call we are excited to be here today excited to do this call with you guys and we’ve got lots and lots of great stuff to talk about and uh. We want to jump in today’s call, but we’ve got folks still coming in through the front door, so we’re going to give it a couple more minutes for people to get settled and situated uh.

Just so you know. For today’s call, the chat is turned off. You can reach out to the host and cohost. If you have a question any q, a that we do during today’s call will be at the end of the call.

If you have a question, we want to keep it centered around today’s topic, which is trading in easybot. If you have support related issues or anything else, uh we’ll deal with that in another setting. So, let’s give it a couple more minutes, while our folks are still coming in and we’ll get started here shortly.

Muhammad’s in the room, coach ken is in the room. Welcome to everybody. Welcome to all our guests from all around the world make yourself comfortable, we’ll get started here shortly. All right welcome again uh good afternoon good morning, good evening, good night, wherever you are in the world joining us, we want to welcome you to today’s call.

This is the easy bot market trading and market insights, call it’s a special time that we get to get together and we get to spend some time with our ceo muhammad ali. The purpose of today’s call is to for our guests: we want to welcome you and introduce you to easybot, it’s an amazing, automated crypto trading platform. It’s a piece of software that trades crypto for you, 24 7. In really amazing ways we’ll get into a quick overview for the benefit of our guests and those who are new on the call with us.

Today we are going to do a quick overview on easybot and all of the features that you can expect when you’re using easybot and then, if you hang it through with us on the call, then muhammad, our ceo is going to jump in and actually open up A couple of live accounts and we’ll look at how easy bot has performed if you’re familiar with or have been paying attention to. What’s going on in the crypto markets, then you’ll know that the market has been struggling as of late. Last week we saw bitcoin hit 17 in the 17. 000 range hasn’t been that low in a number of years, and so a good question that a lot of a lot of you may be asking.

How is easybot handling all of this volatility? That’s happening in the market, well, we’ll open up a couple of live accounts and we’ll actually answer that question for you, but today to get us started. We do want to do an overview uh just to ex just to expose those of you guys who might be new, who might be guests on the call we want to again welcome you. Thank you for joining us. Thank those who invited you for joining for inviting you to this call.

So, let’s jump into a quick overview, we’ll do this for a few minutes and then we’ll come back and spend some time with muhammad uh welcome. This is a presentation and a discussion about easy, buy slogan for easy bot is crypto made easy, and we believe that we are reshaping the future of crypto trading now. First things: first, we’re going to cover some important business here, want to make sure that everybody here understands that any information presented is for informational purposes.

Only presenters are not financial advisors. All the presenters opinions are their own not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice now. Past results are not indicative of future results. So let’s talk a little bit about easybot.

I think it’s important that you understand not just the product, but you also understand the company and the people behind the story and we really do have a very interesting story. So, let’s start by asking the question: what do we mean when we say crypto made easy? It is more than just a catchy slogan, this is our mantra, and it is our story you see for too many people cryptocurrency is hard. It can be difficult to learn confusing to understand.

It’s laden with risk. We’Ve seen a lot of that happen in the markets. Here lately now, easybot was born from this kind of a struggle you see during the spring of last year.

In 2021, our cn ceo and founder muhammad ali was confronted with these kinds of realities. He stumbled through his own challenges, had some losses and then he saw the potential of automated cryptocurrency trading. He was introduced to a solution that performed well at first, but then the market took a massive drop similar to what we’ve seen here recently and everything changed.

He and those people that he had been introducing to this platform. They were no longer experiencing the best of crypto and no longer making profits and maybe you’ve been in a program or an experience like that, and so muhammad was unwilling to allow his friends to sit in frustration and panic. He went to work.

He leaned into his professional training as an engineer and his passion for numbers, and he began developing a strategy that eventually saw the trades that he had and his friends had in their portfolios, begin to grow and perform again and over the next few months. That strategy evolved beyond the capabilities of the platform that they were using, and so the vision for easybot was born and easybot is very, very special for a lot of the reasons we’ll talk about here today. It’s powered by some amazing technology and a really brilliant strategy. However, what makes easybot most special to us is the people and the problems that it was designed to solve.

You see, we believe that crypto is the future and it doesn’t have to be hard, so we make it easy. This is muhammad ali. He is the founder and ceo here in our home office in dubai, and what we’re talking about in that meeting are things like our vision, and so our vision for easybot is to create a future, create a bridge to the future through technology and crypto.

What does that really mean? What it means is that we recognize that there are hundreds of millions of people coming into crypto. We want to give people a bridge to a future where crypto is going to be central to the lives that we live. Much like the internet is today and so we’ll do that, with a focus on our core values.

Those values are service, integrity, trust, respect, leadership, commitment, patience, quality, gratitude and consistency. Now, let’s talk about the star of the show. The reason we all gathered here today and that’s easybot and easybot is an automated crypto trading platform.

It’s ideal for new traders and it is perfect for those who have some advanced trading experience. Now we make investing in crypto, easy and easybot puts you in control of this entire experience. You can count on having consistent, profitable returns. Your crypto stays in your exchange.

You can trade crypto confidently you get to build passive income along the way. You can withdraw your profits at any time and you can get started with no experience needed at all. So let’s talk about some of the key features that you’ll get to take advantage of.

If you decide to use easybot for yourself, so first up is our easy oneclick strategy. Now you don’t have to be an expert, but you do get to trade like one so, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user. There’s no need for you to spend countless hours, tinkering with parameters and settings and strategies with easybot’s proven oneclick trading strategy setup.

You can be up and running closing profitable trades in no time now, beyond that, what we’ve been able to see and experience for ourselves that makes us really really excited about easybot. Is this point right here? It’s ability to sustain a 50 or more dropped in the market. You literally can watch profits being created for you, even when the market is going down.

I’M sure we all know the crypto markets are volatile. Even when there are drops of 50 or more easybot is intelligently designed to continue to trade and make profit for you, no need to wait for the market to correct easybot is designed to close trades in profit continually during. Even the most severe drops important to know that easybot will only ever close on profitable trades, so we don’t do anything that is high risk.

We don’t do leverage or anything like that. Easybot’s programmed to respond to any market condition, keeping you safe from the worst possible scenario, which is taking losses, and so with easybot in control. You’Ll never have to worry about taking a losing trade again.

One of our favorite features is something called automatic compounding and with easybot you get to do it automatically and easy on autopilot. With that automatic compounding feature selected, you’ll be able to grow your crypto earnings faster than ever easybot will take all the funds it earns. For you and automatically add them to the calculation of available funds for future trades, we think it’s absolutely genius. In fact, a genius himself said that compounding was the eighth wonder of the world.

Albert einstein is uh quoted as saying that, and so compounding allows you to take earnings that are happening that are being made for you passively easy bots doing all the heavy lifting all the work in the background. Take that new money it made for you and put it back into the market to make you more new money if you’ve never seen a compounding calculator. Maybe we look at one here today, but definitely spend some time on a compounding calculator, see the power of compounding over time. All right, so easybot is definitely designed and loved by those who are brand new to crypto and brand new to trading.

But we haven’t forgotten about our advanced users: either you see with an advanced user. You have customizable settings that put you in total control of your trading strategy, whether you’re day trading, scalping or just tinkering. Easybot puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to modify existing strategies or to create your own, and finally, we’re really very excited to share that. We have launched a free affiliate program and marketing app so easy by offers a generous and innovative affiliate rewards program.

There’s no cost to be an affiliate or to enjoy the benefits of the worldclass marketing and training app build your team with professionally designed funnels stay connected to easybot, with push notifications, watch trainings and call replays all right from your mobile device and getting started with easybound Of course has to be easy and it is three simple steps. First, one is to create your easy bot account. Everybody starts for free, open and connect.

Your easybot account to your cryptocurrency account and then use our one click strategy setting to start trading now. Here are a couple of different options for you, our packages and upgrades. So we have a free package.

Everybody has access to. We have an advanced package and a vip package. So, let’s start with the vip.

Excuse me with the free package. So here’s what you get you get to trade up to two coins on one exchange. You get access to our worldclass oneclick strategy, setup, you get access to guides and tutorials our affiliate program, professional marketing app and it’s absolutely free for you now. Every time a trade is closed.

If you go back to the top of this slide here, you’ll see software service fee paid per trade, there’s 30 percent for our free members. So if easybot makes a dollar, that number would give these about 30 cents of that trade and keep 70 cents. Now for our advanced and vip users that software service fee is only 20.

The number of coins for our advanced users, the benefit of being an advanced user. Is you get to diversify your portfolio? You’re trading, more you. Can you can trade up to 10 coins on up to two different exchanges and you get all these all the same features that we talked about in our free package? So the most important thing with our advanced package is the ability to diversify, and why is that important? It matters because in crypto one one day or one week or one month, you may have a coin that is really struggling and that same coin could turn around and have an amazing week or month or day around the corner.

Well, having a larger portfolio that you can spread amongst all the different coins gives you the greatest opportunity to take advantage of the fluctuations happening in the market across all of these different coins. Now our vip package is really designed for those who want to trade. Larger accounts and want the maximum level of diversification, so they can trade all available. Coins in easybot believe that’s up to 25.

Today they get access to up to five exchanges and the the really key differentiator here is they get access to our private support calls and they become eligible to qualify for founders club. We’Ll talk about founders club here in just a bit, but our vip members are they get the benefit of the oneonone support. I’M going to pause for just a moment and make sure that you understand and appreciate that easybot’s an amazing piece of software.

But beyond that we’re also a very supportive community. We have a lot of different places that we’ve designed for you to be able to get support, so here’s a tool that you can use that’s going to make crypto trade crypto for you passively making money. But you don’t have to do it alone.

We do support calls multiple times throughout the week. Live support. Calls you get on.

You can ask any questions that you like we do. Community update calls every single monday where you get to hear from the executive team and so we’re constantly in communication with you and if you’re, a vip member, you get access to oneonone support and we also have a ticketing system. We have an entire knowledge base with a ticketing system.

So if you have questions there’s some place, you can go, look at guides and tutorials and if you have a personal specific need, you can always submit a ticket and somebody will get back to you and help you so you’re you’re here. It’s all. It’s all super easy to do, but if you ever needed help, there’s help right around the corner.

The other thing that’s really important to know is where your funds go. So a lot of people think that they need to send their money to easy, buy and that’s absolutely not the case. The beauty of trading with easybot is your funds stay in your account and they’re, always in your control. So today we have access to binancecom finance.

Us and cool coin, and whatever you’re trading, whether it’s a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, it stays in your crypto exchange. Now in easybot, you do have a couple of options that you’ll need to send funds for, and we covered those just a moment ago. So if you decided you wanted to upgrade from a free package to say the advanced or the vip well, those funds would need to go into your easy bot wallet the software service fees that we talked about the 20 or the 30 percent.

Well, that goes into your easy about wallet. The reason we do that is it easybot, doesn’t have any access to the funds in your trading account so that twenty percent that easybot gets or the thirty percent it can’t get it out of your trading account. So we have you essentially prefund, that into your wallet in easybot, all right, so just to be clear where your funds go they’re, always in your control, you can always take them out of your trading account whenever you’re ready all right.

So a quick review of what we’ve talked about here today. If you decide to start trading with easybot here’s, what you’re going to get 24 7 automated trading, you get access to our easy oneclick strategy. Settings that’ll! Keep you trading in profit continuously in a market going up and the market going down. You can automatically compound your earnings.

You get customizable settings if you’re, an advanced user, that you’ll absolutely love and whether you’re trading with a small account or a large account. Easybot is perfect for you and we help you get started by making it free for you to do so all right. So that is a quick overview for those of you who are guests who are hearing about learning about easybot for the very first time, it’ll make everything else that we talk about here today, make a little bit more sense for you and for those of you who Are users who’ve been with us from the very beginning, uh? We are a company, that’s in really the early phases of our launch. We launched easybot officially for trading back in march in the middle of march, and so this is we’re just past our threemonth mark and we have seen amazing amazing progress in that short period of time uh.

But without any further ado, i want to introduce and invite to uh to join the call with us uh somebody that most of us are familiar with somebody. I’Ve gotten to know very, very well very personally, and i speak just about every single day and have done so uh since early this year, amazing leader, amazing visionary. You heard a little bit of the story about how easy bot came to be, but until you actually get to spend time with muhammad – and you realize how committed he is not just to this business or to this project, but to the people behind it, you really Can’T appreciate how amazing it is to be a part of what we’re doing here and so we’re going to spend some time with muhammad he’s going to open up easybot uh some means about accounts. Do what screen share with us and then we’ll come back at the end of the call and we’ll allow you guys to ask any specific questions that you have for muhammad, so muhammad good morning, good afternoon, where you are muhammad, is joining us all.

The way from united arab emirates in dubai, where our headquarters offices are hey muhammad there we go all right good to have you on the call. It’s all yours, sir, you can take over. Thank you guys. Okay, thank you.

Thank you. Everyone for joining us on this call, and we appreciate your time and we appreciate the your patience uh without further ado uh, what i’m going to want to just make a refresher. I know it’s difficult for people to grasp that from the first time from mathematical equations and how the easy part works, and so on, i’m just going to make a quick refresher now for just like five minutes uh. So, whoever is, is the trader, whoever have traded crypto before just keep keeping attention on on the coming part, because you will understand exactly how easy performs and how it trades and how it buys themselves.

Okay, let me just get the whiteboard here. You go: okay, uh! A brief introduction about crypto trading, what we are doing here in in easybot we’re doing spot trading, we’re not doing margin trading. So, what’s the difference between spot trading and margin trading margin trading is when you are trading with more funds than what you have in your pocket. The profit is yours.

The loss is also yours, so, whatever profit you make, you can keep and pay to the exchange or whatever the forex uh platform that you’re using and then you uh, you profit, you make your ticket and if you make a loss we also you might lose all Of your account, because you are trading with much higher money than what you have in your account uh, the other type of trading it’s encrypted. It’s called spot trade spot trading is buying coins, you’re not buying with more than money that you have you’re buying. With your money that we have, if you have five hundred dollars, you buy points with five hundred dollars and that’s it if the price goes to zero. Still, you have that point if the price goes shoot up to one thousand percent.

Still you have that points. You can sell it whenever you want, you can buy it whenever you want, so this is very safe and this is where we are trading with easy ones. So how do we do trading very simple? Well, it’s not simple, very simple, but i’ll.

Try to make it simple as much as i can. Okay, let’s say this is the time, and this is the price access and yeah. Okay. Let’s say this is the the time access on the right on the horizontal one and the vertical one is the price access and let’s say you started trading with easybot, i’m going to explain right now the default strategy.

However, if you’re an expert trader, you can customize it, you can do it. The way you want to that you can do your own strategy with ease. What’s very customizable, you can change parameters, you can do changes. So let’s say you started here with x amount with in uh with x coin, it’s called x coin, and then you start at this specific point of time and you just turned on the bot.

What it was going to do is, first of all, it’s going to buy only with three point: three: nine percent of your capital. It’s not going to buy with hundred percent of your capital and leave you out of uh dollars. You have to keep your account. Failure account with dollars, which is usdt, is the equivalent amount of dollars.

So that’s a stable coin. You use it as a base coin and then you use that easy using that that money that usd to buy other coins and then sell them at higher price and put back the money back to you in usd so, let’s say: you’re trading x coin, whatever the Name is, and then you start you hit start, then it’s going to buy immediately at this point of time, so there are only three possibilities: the market goes up or the market goes down or the market goes sideways. Let’s take all the scenarios.

The best scenario is that if the market goes up, if the market goes up, there is a stopping point here or take profit point at plus 15. If it goes plus 15, it’s going to start the process of taking profit. It’s not going to to close the trade immediately and sell everything.

It’s going to wait. It’s going to wait for the market, because this might not be the highest point in the market. Maybe the highest point of market is there.

So how does easybot understand? There’s? No technical analysis: there is no news uh. It doesn’t listen to the news to understand where the market is going. It’s all mathematical equations, so it looks it waits for the market to retrace to pull down to move down here by minus 05. If it doesn’t do that, it’s not going to sell it’s going to just tell the bot okay be ready now to sell it already hit 15 percent.

But if the market doesn’t go down and goes up, it’s going to always look at the highest point in the market and then put an imaginary line below that by one 05. So if the market goes should up higher and then start moving down at this point, it’s going to close the trade here at minus point, five percent from the highest point. So it might make five percent or six percent or seven percent, and we will see that now live on some of their accounts, but the worst case scenario just goes hit. One point: five percent go down by zero point: five percent sell this three point: three nine percent at this point convert everything back to usd and start all over again and buy again at point zero and at that point of market price, and then, if the market Goes up it’s going to be the same.

If the market goes sideways, it’s never going to go sideways in a straight line. Cryptocurrency market uh, as per the the history. It’s it’s it’s very volatile market.

It never goes in a straight line. So then, if it’s going to go, sideways 05 is going to buy here and it’s going and sell, buy and sell and sell it’s going to be making profit. So the worst case scenario the market goes down, and that happens every day.

If the market goes down, then there is a stopping point here at minus two percent. If the market goes minus two percent, then the bond is going to uh start the process of buying again into the market. First of all, let’s let’s call this here. The first amount that we 359 x or one time one x.

So if the market goes down, the minus two percent is going to the both going to be ready now. But it’s not going to market just straight down the bot’s not going to buy anything. It’s going to wait for the market to stabilize and move up by at least plus 05 percent and then start going, let’s start buying again to the market. But the worst case scenario is that it just hit the minus point – minus two percent and goes up by the point – five percent.

Then it’s going to buy again to the market here. How much is going to buy is going to buy equal amount to the initial amount, equivalent amount, so if this is 1x is going to buy here again 1x or use equivalent amount of usdt to buy that x coin at that specific time. So what happens now? We have two trades one trade at this price and one trade at this price. Now our new break even point is going to be somewhere in between so this is we call it average price or break even points.

So if the market now, the market doesn’t have to go up again to the initial price, plus one point, five percent to start selling, no, it does have to go above this new average price or break even point plus one point five percent and then start the Process of selling the same way explained before, let’s say the worst case scenario just come down here, goes up and hit the plus point. Five percent and the market keeps on going down, that’s very possible and it’s happening every day. It have another stopping point at minus five percent. Now all of these numbers are changeable.

You can change it the way you want it, but i’m explaining now about the default strategy. So if it goes down and hits the minus five point, minus five percent from the last buying place, then the bot again is going to be given again a lot now, it’s the time to buy but don’t buy it just wait, because maybe this is about a Bad market moment and the market’s going really down it’s going to again wait for the market to stabilize and go up by 05 and then start buying into the market. Again.

The worst case scenario is just hit this minus five percent and goes up by 05 here at this point, it’s going to buy, but it’s going to buy a bigger amount. It’s going to buy 2x or two times the initial order. So right now what happened is that we have two orders on the top and we have a bigger order at the bottom down here. What’s going to happen to the average price or to the breakeven point is going to be pulled down here because imagine you have a bigger order at the lower of the market and then you have two orders on the top, which is key in cheap market.

So that’s going to bring the the uh sorry in a higher market, it’s going to bring the average price closer to the big volume, so our new average price is going to be somewhere here again. All of this is going to be happening. At the background. You don’t have to know it, but i’m just explaining to the people who knows about trading and to know exactly what’s happening so right now the market doesn’t have to go back here, plus 15 and then sell, because we don’t know, even when the market is going To go back to the game here, it’s going to just have to cross this one, this new average price plus 15 and then sell all the three orders and make profit and start all over again from point zero at that point of the market.

The worst case scenario is that again you just take this order and goes down and that’s always that’s always possible. That’s always possible. Let’s say the market just hit this one and goes down. There is another stopping point here at minus uh, eight percent.

It’s minus eight percent minus if, if it comes down to the minus eight percent, let’s just give me a second here yeah. So for that. So if it comes down and hit the minus point, five minus eight percent and at this point of time, is going to again initiate an order. But it’s not going to buy immediately because again the bad news might come at this point and the market should really down.

Then it’s not going to buy anything. It’s going to wait for the market to supplies and goes up by 05 percent at least and they’ll start buying again into the market. But let’s say in the worst case now just hit this minus eight percent and goes up by 25 percent is going to buy here, but now he’s going to buy bigger amounts going to buy four times or four x the initial amount. Now we have bigger volume down here.

Our average price is going to move down it’s going to be somewhere between those lines, so our new average price, our final average – has moved in different colors so that we can recognize that okay. So this is our new average price right now the market doesn’t have to go back up again to the point: zero plus 15 percent – to sell and make profit. It just has to cross this new, every price price plus 15 percent and then start the process of selling everything put the profit aside and then start all over again from point zero. But at this point of the market uh, let’s take again another scenario that the market just hits here and keep on going down, keeps on going down and goes to like minus five plus my fifty percent or minus sixty percent and stops here.

So, what’s going to happen at from this order, onward, everything is going to be uh independent. We have, we call it independent covers or independent uh orders and the orders here are going to be really close to each other’s life. The first one is just minus one percent from the last order: minus one percent and people right here and the next one is also the same.

Almost one percent actually one to two percent, all of them. It’s like a grid. It’s going to be all the way down.

So what happens here in these independent orders or in this individual orders? What’s happened is that the boss is going to buy a simple order. Just wait for the market to go up above that order by 15 percent. Only and then close it sell it and take profit uh. What happens to this order on the top? This will still here and in the normal case, scenarios that the market have to go, but it will close those order that has to go back up again to this average price above that one by 15 and close it and take profit.

But what, if the market? Never goes back up again here and that’s possible that no one knows what’s the next move for the market. No one knows so. We are prepared for this. Let’s take a small uh trade that happens here.

Let’s take this trade here, let’s say the market. They both uh, purchased a coin here and sold here and made a profit, let’s take as uh, for the sake of example, it made as low as just two dollars in profit, so how we program the ball is to recognize only 50 of that as profit, which, In this case, one dollar is going to be profit. What happened to the other 50, the one, the other one is going to be used to pull down this average price or this trade on the top.

So what we want to do is to close that trade, that up that’s hanging here and close, maybe down there at minus fifty percent or minuses or whatever the possibility is so what happens? How are we using this one, usd or one dollar, to pull down this average price? Let’s get back one step back in this average price. What do we have? We have actually spent some money to buy these orders here and here and here and here let’s say we spend 300 usd or 300 to buy those uh orders. And what did we purchase here is coins right.

We purchased coins, it’s a spot trading again we’re just buying coins with the money that we have. So, let’s see how much points we have pressure. Let’s say we purchase 05 points with that 300. What’s our breakeven points for our average price, our break even point our average price is very simple: we have to divide the amount of usd or amount of money that we spent divided by the number of coins and that’s the price where, if we sell everything we’re Going not to have any loss, so it has to go above that 15 and uh close with the profit so applying this formula, 300 divided by 05 is 600.

This is our average price. So how are we going to use this one dollar to offset the average price or to bring it down so this one usdt is going to be used in the same equation, we’re going to just use it and minus this. The 50 percent of the profit from the 300 usdd that we spent so 300 minus 1 is going to be 199 usdt and again how many coins do we have is exactly the same number because we are holding that points 05 coins. What else is going to change? Is the average price? Yes, the average price will be the same formula.

The 299 divided by the 05 is going to be 598. So what just happened is that this available price just moved down a bit right. It was moved down from 600 to 598.

Another trade happens here. It moved down further. Another trade happened. It moved down further until it comes to a point that it meets with the current market price and then plus one point five percent above that and then close.

The whole cycle put all the money back in your city and then start all over again. All the cycle at this point of the market, which could be minus 60 minus 50 or whatever the market is so eventually it’s going to either the market goes back up, goes back up faster and meet with this somewhere or this. Every price is cooled down and closed here, so literally, what we’re doing we’re closing a trade, that’s open at the price of 100 at the price of 50 and still make profit. I hope this makes sense to uh some of you, if not just get that.

Okay, so um i’ll keep the questions to the end. If you have any questions about what i just shared, you can just uh knock it down and at the end you can take questions and answers. Now, i’m going just to see how this strategy have worked in real life in a real account, i’m going to just check one coin that we have been following for quite a long time. And yes here we go it’s aav.

Maybe most of you are familiar with this coin. With this specific pot uh, the amount invested in this spot is uh uh, 8 100, and when we started this coin, this trade, the price of this coin, was 251. It’s aav the coins, a b you can see here. We started on third of april and the price was 251, as, as we went down, the market really went down after that and the coin price.

If you look at the coin, price today is as low as just 629, so we’re talking about 70, maybe 76 or 75 uh. You can just divide this by the amount, so the market really went down, but still deposits trading and making profit trading and making profit see those small trades trading making profit trading. Those are the independent positions that we talked about. The independent trades like this is cover nine purchase here and then sold here i made a profit of five dollars and then he has sold me.

This profit discover a and then buy sell by selling a daily basis frequency. So this what’s displayed here is just 50 of the profit. The other 50 is used to bring down the average price. The average price was when we started this trade, and it was it take.

It have taken only the first four trades. The average price was 225 hundred and twenty five and right now the average price because of this small trade that are happening is one hundred and twenty and eighty two. So let’s, let’s make the math and uh calculate that so 225 minus 182.

So that’s 43 dollars brought down so divided by 225, so that means it’s 191. So we brought down the average price about 191 percent and, as the market stays there, it still is going to be bringing it down, bringing it down, bring it down until eventually, this average price is both. Sorry, it’s going to meet with the current market price at the point of time, plus 15 percent close the whole trade and make uh and put the profit back and use it.

So, literally speaking, this trade, which was opened at the price of 251, could be closed at the price of 66 and still make profit. Let’s look at the uh, the movement of this coin. For yesterday, for example, let’s look at 21st on 21st. How many trades have happened because now the boss is working on the daily range, the market can move up five percent and go down.

Five percent goes up five percent down five percent in a day several times, maybe two percent one percent and what is being programmed to trade in that trend like buy at the point of zero, sell at one point: five percent and then, if the market goes down By months, two percent take another cover, bring the average price down and then the market goes upsell. So that’s why you see too many trades happening here in a single day, if you look at only 21st, which is two days back. These are all trades happening only on 21st and still going down yeah up to here, one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight! Nine 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 27, trades happen in a single day: it’s because of the market for quality, the market fluctuation and at low market at the price of 60, 59.

60. 59. So it keeps on buying and selling and making a small profit two dollars, one dollar, 09, 11 and so on and so forth. So while i was taking this um this specific coin, i have noticed that there is one trade that made really big profit.

If you look at this one, it made 13 13 usd in profit. So the way i look at it here, i i was sure that there’s some big jump in the market because remember again remember but explain that the market, if the market goes up a little bit by 15 percent, the body is going to be just only be Notified to sell, but don’t sell, now wait for the market to reach to the highest point and then move down by 05 and then sell. Let me just show that i just get a small uh slides here, just to explain to you what happened exactly for this specific yeah. So this is the trade and if you look at the time exactly when when it was open, this is cover 47.

So we’re talking about this one here so it opened. It was opened at 3, 00 pm on 21st 3pm on 21st and it was closed at 6, 00 pm on the same day. So, let’s look at that in the graph when i opened the uh the chart in binance.

I saw this and if you look at the time it’s almost the same time of and the same day where that trade happens, the bot never sees the graph, never see the chart. You just only look at the programmed parameters in it and that reflects here. The market really went up and when we went deeper into this, this is the smaller time frame. So that’s chosen details, so the the trade was taken here.

If you look at the time here, it’s 3pm where it was taken on 21st and at the price of around 67, and then the market went down and went down, kept on fluctuating here and then shoot really up here. It was supposed to close just here at 15, but because the market was really going up without going down, so we waited for the market to reach to the highest point, which is here. So this is the buying point, and this is the highest market point, and this is where the pot actually sold wait for it to start showing some movement down and then close the tray, because maybe the market is going up but waited for it to reach. To the highest point and sold here, and instead of making just 15 percent one percent mid 1453, and if you can see here in points, you can go back to the actual chart in violence and see this movement.

It’s on 21st of uh june and the time of this candle was uh. This is 16 or 18. Please confirm so that you can go to the right place: yeah that was 6 pm, 6 pm, 18 6 pm so yeah.

This is this: is one i’m not surprised to see this one, but i’m sure that the professional trader would have drawn maybe a support and resistance and many lines here, and maybe they would have known that the market’s moving this way, but for the bot it would Never know that the market’s moving this way from the chat it knows only from the mathematical equation that was programmed and it happens, i’ve seen many of this, but this was the recent one that i saw and i wanted to share it with you guys so 14. Instead of one percent, we, the market was moving up. So that’s all about sharing about the trade.

Let me share uh one of the accounts that was opened like one month and four days, so we’re talking about 34 days. Performance of this account that i have used here, almost all the coins, except for those two coins that were open, uh recently, like 50, 50 or 30 off of may. So i’m not considering this in my report, i’m considering all the others, because all of them have opened on 19th of may.

So if you see here, there is different. What david was talking about at the beginning? Is you want to diversify your funds in many coins because you don’t know who is the next superstar or which coin is going to be making you the most of the money and your bad coin today tomorrow might be the best one look at this here. We have here this one made forty dollars in profit.

Each coin has one dollar had one thousand dollars or one thousand usd uh trading, so This is 4083 50, 46 year 50 and you have 60 to 109. I would have never known that. Uni is going to make me the biggest profit, but you just have to split your funds among all the possible coins. 59, 34, 48, 59 and then 51 51.

57 and then we here we have the last one uh 23. Those two were open later, so i don’t want to consider them in the report. So i’ve prepared this small excel sheet just to give you some uh perspective of uh how this account have been performed.

I’M sure that if any account of any other person was open at the same time, it would have given the same kind of performance so uh the percentage. If you look here, it’s, it differs from coin to a coin, and you no one can predict this, because it depends on the movement of that point on that specific uh time period again, this is this guys is not a guarantee that you’re going to be making Uh 538 every 40 to 54 days, but this is just a steady case for that period. I’M not sure about the next 34 days. How much it’s going to make it’s going to make money? Yes, it’s going to be making for sure, but how much you’re going to make it depends.

Oh, it depends always on the market movement, how the market is moving and how the how uh fast does it fluctuate and how high does it go? How low does it go, but what we can do here is the body is. What you can say here is that the bot is being prepared to work, even if the market goes down to like more than 50. With the current default strategy, you can still uh finetune that and play around with it, and do your own strategy to handle more than 50 percent drop.

Remember it doesn’t have to buy immediately, as this replacement might be. Instead of minus two percent could be minus five or minus ten percent, and everything goes down. So that’s all for my site for today, uh i’ll, keep it for david now and if anyone have any questions, let’s keep it to the end of the call. I hope that you guys have learned new thing today.

I’M sure that the maybe the the charting is not so uh easy for uh for every anyone to to learn but uh by the time. That’s why i keep on repeating it every time i have a chance to do. I do it so that people would get the the education and at least they know, what’s happening in their accounts. Thank you very much david.

The floor is yours. Awesome. Thank you.

So, thank you so much mohammed uh, one of the things that i think is important to uh contrast for context is uh, what’s been happening in the market so before you go too far. Muhammad i just wan na i wan na show this chart real quick. So i went to coin market cap just to pull up a a quick chart for us to take a look at, and this is bitcoins we’re just looking at bitcoin here bitcoin tends to drive the movement of the rest of the market, and so this is the Period of time, most of that time, so we can get a little bit more in here, so the 19th of may was when we looked at all right. So that’s right about here.

What you’ll look at is: where did the? Where did the market go in that period of time? Well, it’s going mostly down, and so really the the context of what you just witnessed with what muhammad just shared with us is that all of that profit that was made in that account that five percent average some some accounts were more than that we had over 10 and one in that in uni that profit was made in a market that was going down and in some instances in a very, very significant way if you’ve been paying attention here lately i we’ve we touched on this earlier. Bitcoin has seen some of its uh. Some of the lowest points in the last couple of years, and so this is easy about working in an environment where everybody else is panicking and uncertain about. What’s going on and even bitcoin going down as much as it did we made over two percent in profit in the last 34 days using this amazing technology, so uh muhammad? Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

I know you’re going to hang tight and we’re going to we’re going to ask you guys if you have questions uh now is a good time to get lined up for questions, but before we start taking your questions, i want to do some quick announcements. So a few things that you guys we want you to be aware of is uh. There are a couple of new resources on the easybot dashboard that i want you to be aware of so two new links that you’ll find on the easybot dashboard.

The first one is a link to the company overview, so that video that we just watched at the beginning of this call – that is the company overview, there’s a separate port portion of that that goes into the affiliate portion of the business right. If you know us – and you know easybot, you know that we’re. We are absolutely in love with the product we’re product first company, but we also do have an amazing affiliate rewards program, and so, if you’d like to learn more about that, just click.

The company overview link right there in your menu from your easybot account from your dashboard. The second link that you’ll find is a link to the zoom call calendar, so we’ve had a lot of requests for you guys to be able to keep up with calls that are happening. So we have a global call calendar that you can now access, which includes calls like this, where we’re doing uh deep dives into the into the product itself. You’Ll also get access to some of our leaders, who are doing calls in other regions and in other languages.

So we have calls being done in french and in spanish and in arabic. So if you’d like to tap into some of the other calls that are happening uh, you now have quick and easy access right on your easybot dashboard in terms of communication and connection with us. We are also really really excited about the marketing and training app that we released here recently.

Uh. Do me a favor if you guys know how to use your reactions, give me a thumbs up if you are in the easy bot marketing app and having a great experience, you’re getting push notifications through your app uh. We’re super super excited about being able to release this for you, uh you’re, able to now share your share funnels professionally curated funnels, which tell the easy bot story for you that will share that webinar presentation the overview. Thank you for the thumbs up, appreciate you guys.

Um, so if you’re not already in the marketing app, then you’re missing out you’re missing it’s not just for our affiliates. Let me let me be super clear. If you’re sharing easybot with others, you absolutely must have the app if you’re, just a user, if you’re, just using easy buy for the joy of being able to trade crypto passively. You still need to use the app and here’s why you need to use it, because it’s the best way to stay connected we’ve got all kinds of great training.

That’s coming into the app that’s already there lots of great resources notifications. If you want to get notified when a call is coming up, uh like this one, that’s what we’re that’s, where we’re gon na! That’s where you’re gon na find the uh the best way to get notified and what you’ll find here in the next coming weeks is we’ve had a lot of you guys ask for how do we get notified? Let’s say the bot stops trading, there’s an error, or i’ve run out of money in my easybot wallet. Well, the best way for us to be able to send you a notification is through that app.

So if you want to get notified when there’s something that’s going on, that’s a piece that we’re developing now look for that to be released in the next couple of weeks, so that if something is happening that needs your attention, you’ll get a push notification through the App so again, if, if you’re not in it, get in it, there’s a link on the easybot dashboard to get the app it’s absolutely free guys. This is something that the companies charge, lots and lots of money for it’s uh and we’re very, very proud to offer it to every one of you for free again, it’s not just for our affiliates. We encourage every one of our users. Get the app there’ll.

Be lots of great resources there for you all right, i see a couple of hands already raised, and so, if you have questions i know there’s a couple of questions you guys have been sending to the host and cohost uh. Do me a favor we’d, certainly love to hear you and encourage you to raise your hand, come in and ask questions we’ll give priority to those who will come in and ask questions also going to ask you to keep your questions short we’re already at the top Of the hour uh keep in mind. Muhammad is eight hours ahead of us, so it’s 8 pm.

Excuse me 9 pm, where he is so. We want to be respectful of his time. So keep your questions short and we’ll move through this and try and get as many of them as possible.

Remus. I see your hand up first come on in sir. How are you today um? Can you hear me? Yes, we can hey remus, hey um! Thank you. So much um david and mohammed.

I really love the bot good, bye, um uh, quick one question: um: is there uh future plans on trading bitcoin? Yes, um, like all like all coins and then they’re? Probably uh coin is bitcoin. Yes, for those who may not understand remus’s question today, excuse me today we trade uh, we trade coins against usdt usdt is a stable coin and the reason we do that is to keep your account stable means that every other coin is going up or down, but Usdt is designed to maintain its its value at a dollar equal to the us dollar, and there is uh. There are intentions.

We do have the intention on giving the option to trade all coins against bitcoin and ethereum, and some other uh bigger coins that we know there are a lot of folks that are in crypto that want to collect bitcoin. You want to collect ethereum, and so you’d like to be able to use the power of easybot to to be able to help you to do that. So look for that coming! It’s not right around the corner.

That is something that’s a major release that we’ll do in the future, so it is on our roadmap. Look out for that. Coming good question there: uh remus! Thank you! So much yogi you’re up next see if you can hit that on me, yeah hi there guys thanks for this um a question a bit of a technical one for mohammed, or maybe you might be able to answer so. The bot’s been working.

Fine, absolutely great! So when the trade happens from say we’re hovering from the two percent to the minus eight percent and say we’ve got a sideways movement like i think yesterday was, and the day before was a sideways movement. For a few of my coins, there was like literally, nothing happening what if this went on for a couple of weeks. I know we won’t book profits, we wouldn’t even be booking a loss, but is there anything um in between that can be taken? Profits like you’ve got the grid way below ie. To put it in between that two and eight percent.

I love your question. I love your question uh. Yes, we’re working on that and very soon you’ll see that happening right.

Okay, great! Look forward to that. Thanks that you know we’re just uh enhancing the default, the default strategy a little bit and that’s part of the enhancement that we’re doing brilliant thanks for that awesome, great question, you’ll be next up. We have cv ipad, go ahead and see if you can unmute come on in with your question good morning for me, can you listen to me good morning? Yes, we can hear you, okay, i want to know who pays the taxes on the 20 or 30 percent that you guys are taking for yourself who pays the taxes on the 20 or 30 that we take for ourselves they’re easy by takes. I’M not sure.

I understand the question: well, you know i mean at the end of the year i have to pay taxes on my profit. Okay, so you take twenty percent of my profits, so i want to know who pays those the taxes on that 20 percent got it. So any any tax related question. I think the the best way for me to answer that for us on a call that is that includes individuals from all around the world is that you’ve got to consult with your tax professional, because tax laws and requirements are going to be different from region and Municipalities, municipalities, so unfortunately i don’t have an answer for it.

For your specific situation, any tax related questions we’re going to refer back to your jurisdiction and your tax profession, all right, joel, higginbotham love that name come on in joel. How are you today good? How are you, mr david, can you hear me okay, hear you great? Thank you. Oh i’m fairly new to the easy bot. So this is probably a stupid question.

No questions. I love. I love the system.

I was with another one before so. I love how it trails down and you’re still able to make profit, but i want to know: is there a way? How can i make more per trade, more per bot um like do i just entry increase my trading capital per bot, or is there a way to make more income uh trying to just increase the um? I guess the passive income that we make that i make monthly got ta muhammad, you wan na you wan na tackle that yeah. I don’t know if you understood the the question, can you just repeat it? What can you repeat one more time, uh joel the question? All right here we go.

Okay. Can you hear me now yep, okay? Is there a way to make more per trade um? I’M i’m excited that i’m making positive amounts, but is there more? Is there a way to make more income per trade like to increase, maybe increase the trading capital per bot, or something like that? I was just seeing just a way, i guess – to increase the uh like the passive income. Okay, very good uh. Yes, the the uh.

Are you a trader in profession or no, sir? No, so i’m fairly new, so my advice to you is first of all, uh uh, yes, increase increase the capital, but don’t don’t increase the in the the initial order. If you increase, only order is going to finish your money faster, so let it work the way it is, but increase your your capital, that’s going to automatically increase your trade volume because remember 339 of the capital. If your capital is one is going to be 339.

If your capital is 10, 000 is going to be 339 and then a 1 or 15 percent of 339 is much bigger than one percent of the 339 and uh just an advice. Uh, if you have a bigger capital, try to spread the funds among the coins. Don’T put all of it in one in one coin, for the hope that this coin is going to go to do good.

So just let’s say, for example, if you have a hundred thousand dollars – and you want to put in the book – don’t put it all in one point or two coins put in all the the 19 coins that we have at the moment or the 20 20 coins. All of them is pretty equal among all of them because you don’t know which one is going to be performing better in the future awesome. Thank you all very much, no problem, certainly great great great question.

Next up is our mia army come on in hi uh. Thank you thank you for for your. I hope you can hear me well. We can hear you well yo.

Thank you. My name is muhammad. I’M from somalia, eastern africa, okay, you’re good! My question is yeah.

Thank you so much. My question is, i can see. Muhammad has shown us like uh trading breasts and their total trading capital and their profit in percentage for 34 days.

My question is since uh there there is like a thousand trading capital for each trading bearer, and that pair has made a certain amount of profit in percentage. I can see the total profit varies depending on and the the percentage of profit that the specific trading bay has made. So my question is: does it depend on how much trading capital you have in your account in order to see more trading profit in uh of in percentage? Did you get my question i do mommy? Did you get the question yeah? I got the question now.

If your account has 600 or it has 1 million, it will be the 6 109. But 10 is much more than that comes from 1600, 10 000 and you put it in one home and another account. You have the same thousand, but you put in ten points. Maybe the one that has different points uh makes it better than one coin.

But if you are lucky, the one coin will make better than the other things you got it. I don’t know if you get it because by many points you get the average percentage of them like here. You see some of them, some of them at three point. Eight percent, but the average is five point.

Three. Five percent for the whole amount, which is 17 000 in the case, if this 17 000 was put only in one point, and in this case let’s say it’s bch it become cash, then the percentage would have would have been only 385 percent. I don’t know.

I answer your question. Yes, thank you. Thank you.

So much all right. I think it’s important also just to point out that the the percentage earned in that scenario is based on time as well. It’s the time that each of those coins enter the market.

So you might be trading that exact portfolio of coins and get different results in that same if, if your timing was just a little bit off even by a few minutes, if you started all of those coins, just a few minutes after say mohammed did, you would Likely end up with slightly different results, so timing also matters in terms of results, but what we think is really powerful of a story that that you get to see there, and i think that was a great question. Is it doesn’t matter how much you’re invested? Because it’s a we’re, it’s investing is about percentage gains, and so you could, you could benefit from those percentage gains, no matter where you get started. I i do think it’s also important for those of you who are guests understand that we do have for our default strategy, which is what we’re focused on here today.

What muhammad walked us through earlier in the call for that strategy? We we require a budget, a balance of 600 and, as mohammed has pointed out, the purpose of easybot is to allow you to continue to trade even through a market. That’s going down as we’ve seen here. Recently, that’s been exactly what’s been happening, and so, in order to keep easy by trading 50 in the in a drop, we need to have at least a 600 budget allocated for this strategy. If you want to use your own strategy, then you can trade with less, but in order to take advantage of that consistent experience, we need a 600 budget.

All right. Let’s get back into questions, we’ve got blockchains best. I can’t see your whole name, but i’m going to ask you to come on in with your question: it’s she and christy hello.

Thank you so much. I think this bot is wonderful and um. I don’t really have too much experience with bots, but i have um. I know of some people who have had some effective and very good experience with bots.

So thank you so much for rolling this out. My question is um with the bots that have come into the united states a lot of times. A lot of these bots would cease operation in the united states once it hit.

So is there? Is there anything that um that um, you all are doing on your end, to make sure that that does not happen? Yeah! That’s a it’s a really great great question. Thank you for asking, so you know one of the challenges in crypto in general. Is that uh it’s a moving target.

You know the the the the state of crypto a year ago is very, very different than the environment of crypto. Today, you know a an example of that is a major exchange finance, which is the largest exchange in the world. Um, you could access finance kind of anywhere in the world. You could use a vpn get access to to finance.

That no longer is the case. A lot of regulation has come into the industry in the last couple of months, and that will continue to happen. The industry will continue to evolve and, as these regulatory bodies figure out their relationship with crypto they’ll.

Hopefully i trust that eventually they’ll make it very clear. Uh, what kind of pathway to you know, licensing and and so forth today, especially in the in the united states, that pathway is not clear at all there. There is no pathway to get an official approval or licensing by any governing body in the united states.

They’Ll tell you all the different ways that you that you cannot or should not function, but they they do not give you a pathway to uh to to to getting licensing of any kind um with that being said, we’re constantly. We have specialists and attorneys that are they’re, paying specific attention to this question and um. That’s really at this point.

The best that we can do is you know, make sure that we’re aware of what’s happening in the environment, we’re having to cut proper conversations with the uh, the proper, the proper governing bodies and we’ll make whatever modifications or adjustments as as they’re needed and the reality Is in crypto that has been the case. Major major institutions like finance and other exchanges have had to make slight modifications as they’ve grown, so we’re prepared to be flexible as of right. Now we don’t have any particular concern. Hope that answers your question all right.

Muhammad uh, kabir and well let me before i go to muhammad michael. I see you, i see your hand up. Did you want to come in on that note or yes, michael, come on in michael, thank you and again i didn’t mean to jump the line, but a very important thing um for everybody to understand. If you look at the history and i’m not a crypto expert by any stretch of the imagination, however, if you look at the history of the issues with these bots in the united states, most of the time, it’s because people are sending up the red flags by Making income claims and if you all paid attention to what muhammad did he very specifically just like david and coach always do very specifically, we do not make percentage claims whatsoever.

He showed you the exact uh results of the trading, but again it’s all dependent upon the market upon the ups, the downs, the volatility as long as we don’t go around running around saying we’re gon na make three percent a day and five percent a day. Let’s all just remember: this is a software company. This isn’t anything other than software and we’re here in the beginning.

So let’s all do our part to protect the brand to to really police the people that run around and try or attempt to hype. This up by saying certain income claims on a daily basis. You know, that’s really all i wanted to say david. I’Ve been in a lot a lot of programs for a lot of years.

You know i tell everybody. I had long hair when i started this adventure. I’M just a lot more aerodynamic now, but realize this everybody.

This is a platform that we can all confidently know. The owners, the entire exec team, headed up by david muhammad and coach and peter and breezy, are always going to err on the side of caution to protect the brand long term. These guys aren’t out here making promises, making claims they’re doing everything in their power to be compliant when it’s a huge gray area right now, so make sure you capitalize on this and share with everybody confidently. You know nobody gets hurt when they join the easy bot program kind of thing.

Thank you for that, michael i’m, going to follow that up with a question that was sent to me in the chat. How can we feel safe at our funds and the bot will not be used for a pump on some cryptocurrency? There were many bots and not every developer had good intentions so i’ll address that in a couple of ways. One is that i i would challenge you to find a bot or a program that fits that bill that had its ceo and its executive team doing zoom calls multiple times throughout the week. Uh, probably not probably not the case and so part of the reason that we’re as visible as we are you’ve got access to to ask the designer and the owner operator of the company your own questions, and so that level of visibility is important to us.

Because we do know we’re aware that in crypto there are a lot of bad actors and they’ve ruined the reputation for folks with amazing intentions and great companies. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is that, in terms of your connection between easybot and the exchange you’re using a secure api connection, it’s secured by a trusted ip address that i p address only gives access to trades to be executed through the easy bot channel through the easy bot System – and it can only that means that it can only then execute trades against the coins that you see in the easy bot system.

Those coins have been researched by muhammad and our team and we’ve researched them for longterm viability, liquidity, not their their. Their actual use case how you know their their uh, you know how long have they been around number of different factors and then that’s how we’ve made those decisions and so the coins that that are available to you, we feel pretty confident, are really solid projects. So take all of that together, and i hope that that answers your question all right before we take the the next couple of questions we have a couple of.

We have a list of folks lined up. I’M going to ask you. If you have a question, i want to bring the call to a close, and so, if you have a question you got to get in line right now and if not then joel hingebotham is going to be the last question on the call and then i’m going To ask coach ken to come on in and wrap us up for today. So if you’ve got a question now is the time and we’re going to close it, we’ve got gunter.

I see you in there all right. While we get you guys lined up uh muhammad kabir come on in good day, sir hey yeah, i think the bot is working great. I just have a quick question: uh. What’s the eta on fixing that a balanced, insufficient error for qcoin? You know when they’re closing the you know session with a lot of trades.

You know because it happened with stellar today uh this morning it was already closed, but it’s just as balanced and sufficient. I think here so is that an et on that okay, uh kabir, i would just request you maybe to uh join. Maybe the support call or send an email to the support, and we will get back to you on this, because we know that some accounts have had this issue and we’re going to help you resolve that.

Don’T worry yeah! I have it with a polygon and also with a stealer so three times it happened so uh, okay, so i’ll do that to the support column and we’ll address that we already have the bottom of it and we get it done. Don’T worry! Okay, thank you appreciate that all right next up is damien damien. You should be able to unmute come on in with your question. Okay, can you hear me? Yes, we can okay.

Thank you. First of all, awesome job awesome. I love the.

I love the bot and i would like to push it to the limit, so i created my own strategy strategy with those dead zones muhammad mentioned 14 days ago, but i have a one problem. 600 is a little bit too much to test this kind of budget. So i was wondering: when would the coin exchange initial amount will be lower because coin has uh options to trade with one dollar? I don’t know. Okay, let me just address this one right now, if you’re using your own strategy, you can put whatever funds you want.

Even 100 or 50 or whatever you feel comfortable for your own strategy. Yes, i’m here uh yeah but uh i developed. My strategy is so it could sustain up to 77 77 drop with 400 or 600 dollars. I send you on telegram the spreadsheets and pdf formats.

So i didn’t quite show you because something was interrupted, but i will look at the playback when will be uploaded yeah. Let me let me chime in if you don’t mind so so that we can keep it moving. So the the current strategy requires 600.

If you want to use less than 600 dollars, you’re you’re welcome to do that. If you’re on cue coin, i think you already know the answer is that you can you can trade with far less in terms of your initial opening trade, but you’ve got to use your own strategy to do that, so just unclick default strategy and uh, you can Use your own strategy set it up, exactly how you like it all right. Yes, you’re welcome wealthy choices. You’re up next come on.

In with your questions, greetings. I think you answered sufficiently some of my questions. I think uh, the. What i’ll ask are.

Are you guys considering making use of any other stable coins in the future? Perhaps maybe some decentralized ones? Uh yeah? We haven’t looked into uh decentralized coins, but we have already tested. We have capabilities for busd, which is binance’s stable coin. It’s a audited people coin, so that functionality already exists. We’re looking into some other options.

We know there’s some questions there, um just keep in mind that usdt is the most commonly traded stablecoin. So in terms of availability against other peers. There just isn’t a comparison to.

What’s available to trade against usdt, and – and this is a broader question – it’s come up a lot, so this isn’t an official statement on the behalf of easybot. This is this is kind of me talking. If there’s a failure with usdt, you got much bigger problems than easy, buy. Okay makes sense.

Thank you. Okay, um! All right. Thanks for your question, jared you’re up next come on in sir: hey guys how you doing good good, hey gary, just wanted to say thanks for this opportunity and appreciate the uh transparency with this um, my only question is uh seems like and i’m just getting my Feet wet with all the cryptocurrency and and the possibilities with that, so it seems like there’s a large uh number and large group of cryptocurrencies that are using the usd um as a source. Do you guys see any uh problems or issues with that in the future? Um, when you say using usd, can you clarify just a little bit uh the usd when you said: okay, so they’re using usdt as a trading peer? Is that your question correct okay, so kind of similar to the previous trading question? Is there? Is there a concern against the the viability or stability of usdt being pegged to the dollar? Is that the nature of your question? Did we lose jared uh jared? I think we lost you.

So if let me just take a shot at answering your question, i think it’s similar to the question that we just touched on, which is there are some questions around the the uh. Maybe the word is stability or the the assurances of the of the usdt stablecoin. Being pegged permanently to the us dollar, it’s been tested here recently when we saw the fall of luna and its stablecoin ust uh, we saw usdt get its real, get its first real live market test when everything was falling apart and it was the greatest level of Uncertainty around stable coins was right behind that fault, and we watched usdt actually take a bit of a dip, but it recovered very quickly.

So i’m not i’m not a proponent of i’m, not selling us on the idea that usdt is stable. It’s not my place to do that. What i am saying is that it is the most commonly traded, stablecoin across all markets, and so there are more stable coins. There are more coins available to trade against usdt than anything else, and because of that, its impact and its effect on the broader crypto markets is massive.

And if there is some failure in usdt at any point, uh the the ripple effect and the problems that we’ll see from that will be much greater than easybot. That doesn’t mean that we’re putting our head in the sand and we’re ignoring it. We are preparing some other stable coins. It just means that there are far less options if you decided to trade again to trade busd, for example, which we have prepared um.

I forget the number right off right off hand, but it’s it’s. It’s maybe half of what you have what we have available in usdt, so that’s kind of where we are we’re, keeping our eye on what’s happening in the broader market. Uh we’re aware of some of the questions around usdt, so nothing major that we’re changing in the moment. As a result, okay yep you’re, welcome, joel, come on in and then our last question for today is going to be stefan after steph and i’m going to ask coach ken to come on in and bryan.

I saw your hand up earlier. If you want to come in uh coach, you and bren can tag team to close us up for today. Joel come on back in i apologize.

I forgot to ask this question earlier: um: are there plans to use the let use leverage tokens with kucoin as options for uh trading pairs? Not at the moment uh yeah, the the whole premise for easybody? Is we want it to be easy once we start getting into leverage, it’s no longer easy, gotcha, all right cool! Thank you. You’re welcome all right, gunter come on in sir hello, everyone very early good morning from new zealand. I hope everybody can good hear me uh.

I will only say this day very thank you to the whole team. What you make here, guys unbelievable and to everybody. What is here now and can hear me be happy that you are part of this spot. I think we will have a lot of fun and have a lot of good time in the future, but this what he is created is genius.

Thank you so much mohammed for her perfect explanation this day. Now, i’m really ready. I understand everything how the bot works and when i understand these guys, then you understand this also and we’ve been making here a really great time.

I have a very short question only about this business app. Is there a plan that you david make? Also, here a small workshop that everybody really know how to use this in the in the future is something on plan yeah, so good, good question: we do a business builder called with uh for everybody else who may not know what gunter’s asking about. We touched a little bit earlier on a marketing and training app that we recently released.

The the purpose of that app is to help our affiliates, our those who are taking advantage of our affiliate rewards plan to be able to share the story of easybot in a really simple, easy professional way. You don’t have to think about what to say, just use the resources, we’re bringing tons of more tons, more resources into the app for you guys for our traders for those who are just interested in using using easybot to trade, with lots of great tools in there. For you, i’ve had a number of questions come up about where to find the recording for today’s call it’s in that app.

So that’s the best place for you to find it get notifications on important things that are coming up. So everybody who is using easybot really should have that that app now your question winter is: are we going to do training to help all of these folks that are getting into the app understand how to best use it? So tomorrow, when you’re on the call with us, we do a business builder call every saturday, 11 am eastern, so we definitely focus a lot of our time around uh. You know questions and and concerns for our affiliate, marketers and so that’s a great place where we’ll do training the the uh.

The app was developed by an indiv by a company that we have a great relationship with so we’ll actually have the owner of that company. Come in and do a fullblown training for us as well. Look for that to happen within the next couple of weeks. So yes, it it! It’s definitely something that we’re aware of, and of course, once we start putting those videos together, it will be available in the library within the app for you and of course, there are tutorials in the app right now that will show you uh the basics: how to Use it.

Thank you all right. Thank you, gunter, all right, stefan, you are up next last question for the day and then we’re going to hand it off to coach king, hey, stefan, hey stephan. I see you’re unmuted. We hear you a little bit, but we don’t hear you talking yeah all right.

So my question is it’s a little more for muhammad? I don’t know if he’s still there, but the question is you know. Uh could muhammad like set up a second strategy for like people who don’t have the 600 say like have 300, but really don’t know how to you know they don’t have the trading acumen to to set up a strategy themselves. Knowing that you know, there’s no guarantees.

Of course it’s you know if it goes down below, say 30. Obviously you have to you have to wait uh at least you know. Could that option be given hey uh? Let me explain why it’s 600 uh, we have made it just 100 of 200, it’s because of the limitation that comes from finance uh. You know when the market goes down.

There are some orders which we’re taking uh 05 times the initial order. The initial zero is three point: three nine percent, so half of that with which out of six hundred it’s twenty dollars, so half of that is ten dollars and ten dollars is the lowest amount that uh binance is allowing for trading. So that’s why we made it. Six and it’s not because we like the number 600 or we don’t like people to trade with smaller mark but uh.

So this is because yeah you can still trade. You can still trade with with lower amount, i would say, but be prepared to add more funds. Like you need to tell the bot that you have, if you’re using the default seller, you have to put 600, you cannot put less than 600 put the 600 there, but maybe you have 300, but you know that in a month time you can add another 300. You got me so you put there that you have 600 in your finance, but maybe in your balance you have only uh 300 but be prepared to add that in a short time, because if the market goes down to around 20 or 25, then this whole 300 Would be gone with with the orders that have happened early in the in easy, so you need to pump it with uh with another 300 that sustains you for uh, more than 51 percent drop with kucoin with two coin.

What you need to do is to untick the default strategy, put the amount 300 and move on all right same settings. Don’T change them. So, basically, if you want to trade with 300, you basically have to set up your own strategy right now, with cue point.

Of course, if you want to do that, got it when you untick the default strategy actually have the same settings of the default strategy. Unless you change them, so you can untick that put 300 and move on it will trade for you, because kucoin is allowing lower lower volume of trading lesser than i. I think it was five dollars or less than five dollars. So 300 is good to go for two coin, but you need to untick the default strategy.

All right, awesome, great questions today. Muhammad, thank you. So much for sharing we’ve had a lot of questions around the uh, the 600 and and just one last thing i’ll say about that.

Is you know we? We certainly have an option uh. The easybot was designed from the very beginning to allow you full customization, so you’re not locked into the six hundred dollar minimum, that’s required unless you want to use the default strategy and so you’ve got full range of all of the features and functions in easybot. And if you like, the the the the peace of mind of knowing that there’s a strategy that you can choose, that puts you in a position where easy by trades consistently through all the ups and downs of a volatile market, then get the 600 use. The default strategy, and the thing that i want to, i just want to leave us with before i hand it off to coaches, as in as folks that are participating in the crypto markets as investors.

One of the things that i would encourage you to consider is something called dollar cost averaging and this isn’t directly dollar cost averaging. But it’s based on the idea that you’re adding funds to your account to your investment on a regular, consistent basis. So maybe it’s every week or maybe it’s every month – maybe it’s every quarter, but i want you to consider approaching using easybot in a way where, whatever you get started with, doesn’t have to be all the funds it ever sees.

Consider increasing your account, get the peace of mind, get the to get the confidence that you need as you get started, and once you have that then put yourself on a schedule so that you’re adding funds to your account every so often it’s just going to increase The rate with which you’re seeing your profits grow and it will allow you greater breadth to be able to trade into deeper dips in the market. All right with that said last couple voices you’re going to hear is going to be coach. Ken and any guests. You’Ve got coach ken for us coach is our global sales director and he’s so much more than that.

He’s an amazing friend, an amazing leader and individual such an honor, to have worked side by side with coach ken for the last year and if you ever get time to spend with coach, uh you’ll know how much he absolutely loves and cares about you. No greater feeling than that in the world, so coach take us out for today’s call guys you can see why uh this company is growing at the pace. It is uh with the leadership like david behind uh, the helm in the way of uh chief operating officer.

Muhammad as the ceo and the developer of the strategy uh the brilliance that we have here on on staff, guys it’s unbelievable and uh, i feel so humbled to be able to serve here guys. This whole thing was created out of a heart to serve one another. We were using another bot, we love bot trading and uh.

We were all in on it because you didn’t turn your money over to some unknown entity. That said that they were trading it for you and then ran away with your money. There’s been so much pain in this space and we were Tired of and when a friend of mine introduced me out of asia to a bot uh we ran with, and all of us came together through that experience and when the market dropped back in may of 2021. We found that that bot had us over extended, but it was customizable to some extent and we had built a community because there was no customer service, so we were serving our community, helping them get more out of the spot, walking them through the pain of the Market drop, the beautiful thing, though, is it was spot trading. It was not uh leverage or margin trading where you can lose everything. If you didn’t meet your contract, spot trading means you have the value of your coin.

Mohammed explained this earlier. You have the value of your your tokens at all times. If the market drops, you still have the tokens. Okay, that was the beautiful thing.

It’s why we loved it so much, but when the market dropped muhammad went into his his office and took weeks and figured out how to customize that bot, he needed more um of a uh, more freedom, more more areas to customize it was reaching out to corporate. They wouldn’t respond to him in the process he came into. Our support room showed us how he got his bot into positive trading again and the rest is history. We all started serving one another.

Well, muhammad served three guys that had large accounts they were friends, they didn’t want to come into the support room. They didn’t want to show people how much were in those accounts and he helped them get into positive trades and they came back and said: hey look! We’re investors and if you guys, want to start your own bot, we’ll finance it and that’s how this started guys. It was all out of a heart to serve. It wasn’t out of a heart to create a better bot.

We were happy and would have stayed with the other company. Do you understand? We love you guys and we want what’s best for you now i went to day trading school and my instructor taught us how to make three percent a month spot trading. Three percent.

Now, you might not think that’s a whole lot because, what’s out there right now in this, this crazy world of cryptocurrency, it’s it’s one! Ponzi preneur after another entrepreneur promoting all these ponzi schemes and they’re like well we’re getting that a day, no you’re, not what you’re about ready to do is get your head clubbed with a baseball bat and you’re gon na wake up one day after you hurt. So many people and yourself got hurt your reputation got hurt. This is real guys.

This is real. Now some people don’t care about that. They only care about greed.

They only care about line in their own pockets with money, but for us that have a conscience. We do care about that and i went to day trading school. My instructor was in his early 30s.

He worked two fulltime jobs while day trading earning three percent a month. He was putting in his account his money that he didn’t have to live on, got to a million dollars in that account and walked away from those two jobs. His wife walked away because that a million dollars in that account three percent was 30 000 a month.

Now fast forward that a number of years, not too many, he was still in his early 30s. He still had that same account. I was in the class, it wasn’t a virtual class.

We were in a classroom setting here in naples florida. He opened up that same account. He was still making three percent a month, but now he had three million in that account. He was now earning 90 000.

I know you guys that have been in affiliate marketing. You hear all these big numbers. Let me tell you, show me a product in this space that can do that.

That can set you free financially, there isn’t one okay, we we just saw what this market did and – and i know it’s an example – all accounts are going to be different, but we’re going to see similarities guys he made made over 5 in a downturn market. My instructor taught us never to trade against never trade, against the trend, guys we opened up in march. If you saw what um uh david did when he opened up that trading view.

If you look at march, that was the highest point of 2022 and we have dropped since, and i i’m so thankful because we knew this bot would perform. We didn’t know how it was going to perform how well it was going to perform. Let me rephrase that we knew it was going to perform great, but, oh, my goodness this! This is phenomenal guys.

So, as the market turns and we we believe that it will start a bull run here shortly. It might drop down to 14 000. I’Ve read several analysts they’re thinking about 14 000.

I’Ve heard 10 at the lowest, but then the bull run is going to start and if you believe in this industry like we do holy smokes guys if we’ve done five percent in a downward trend. I can’t imagine what this bots gon na do in an upward trend, so so grateful now listen. We have an affiliate program that it pays down to 20 generations on one side of it: 10 generations on the annual bot lease.

Remember what i said about my instructor. He worked two fulltime jobs; they probably hated going to work every day. If you love this spot, listen you’ll max out the comp plan by just bringing in 10 people that upgrade.

That’s it enter trading you’ll max out this comp plan. You might think. Well, that’s a lot of people we’ll just bring in a couple then take the lid off, though guys a lot of times.

People have this. This lid, that zig ziglar used to talk about that we bang our heads up and then we don’t go any further. It was a he talked about a flea circus and how to trade in fleas that he’d put a lid on a bottle and those fleas would pound their head up against that lid to the point where they realize their little tiny brain.

They can’t jump any higher than that lid because it caused them pain. At that point, they would jump up and never go past, that lid height then he could take it off and that’s how a flea circus was created. Well, some of you guys have been beat down.

Some of you guys only believe in the bare minimum, expand your belief system, guys, expand your tents, expand your territories watch what happens this bot is performing it’s performing beautifully. We have the funnel systems for you. We have the tools and more are coming guys, we’re only 90 days a little little over 90 days, maybe 100 days uh it opened up guys.

I can’t thank muhammad enough for his servant. Leadership david for his servant, leadership breezy for her servant, leadership and peter for his servant. Leadership.

Those are the two people that head up our support: they’re phenomenal servant leaders. We all work together prior to easy bot with another bot. We created this support system. We created this community and out of this look at what has happened, guys the sky’s, the limit here a year from now.

I can’t imagine how many people were helping and how many people were blessing, and one thing that i i really am excited about is the compounding feature in this bot, because you don’t have to sit down and figure out. You know what your next initial order is. Going to be it, does it every single trade that it closes for a profit, it adds it to the bottom line so guys we love you more than bitcoin and pizza combined, i’m gon na bring in brent real, quick uh brent. Are you here? Would you like to say anything bren is our national director over the british isles.

He is an incredible servant leader and he is a phenomenal educator with this. I don’t know if friend’s still available, i saw you were on earlier brenda here: buddy, hey ken i’m here. My signal is really bad, though there’s a storm here in ireland, so i might be in and out if you want to close this out, if you want to talk about the founders club, whatever you want to do and then we’re going to close it for the Day guys, you’ve been here an hour and 39 minutes, you’re amazing, but go ahead. Go ahead.

Uh brandon yeah! I could walk through just to change things up a bit. We could walk through a founder’s club presentation to close us out here as soon as it’s time. You guys like to do that.

There’s still 174 people on the call give us a thumbs up if you’d like to close out with a founder’s club, presentation, real, quick and then we’ll call it a day. Great call guys you guys are amazing. Okay, we’ve got a bunch of thumbs up, go ahead: brent 18, 19, 20, 21.

22. A ton of people saying thumbs up. These are my own slides now, so you know bear with me, but i just like to touch on some points that were mentioned earlier.

One in particular one woman mentioned that there was some socalled crypto bot companies that ceased operation in the united states, but i’d just like to clarify that there were. Many of them were claiming to be trading claiming to be bots that were using that as part of their exit strategy with the usual playbook that they that they play once recruitment starts to slow down, but obviously one of the most attractive things about this product. As we all know, is your phones are staying in your custody and in this shark infested waters right now. It really is a beacon of light, because there’s so many things coming and going just like ken was mentioning a lot of people getting hurt.

So we’re excited to build a solid, reliable, sustainable project. That’s here for the long term, and there is no better time, as has been mentioned multiple times to be dollar cost averaging into the crypto market. Right now, we’re bouncing off a 200week alltime low.

So your statistical chances of buying into the top of the market right now is very low, so the average person that is what they were doing they are buying into this dip, and some people are going well which dip, because there’s so many dips of no money Left, but if we are dollar cost averaging into the market right now, the bot is doing it automatically for you in the top 30 coins in the world by market capitalization, so you’re strategically positioning yourself on autopilot really to be positioned for profits now and into the Future as more institutional money as more regulation comes into this market, it’s going to continue to grow so obviously the foundation of this product. You have to have a belief in the longterm vision of the decentralization of finance finance, having transparency, visibility and traceability of every transaction and moving power out of the hands of the few into the hands of the money. And that’s what is possible if we do this the right way and easybot is the perfect entrylevel gateway vehicle to capture a large piece of that market and serve others by sharing it with them an easy product that removes the geek requirement that allows people to get Started and streamline the process of coming into this market, so we’re all positioned at the perfect time, there’s no better time to start trading with easybot than right now. You’Ve missed a big 70 percent drop, no no claims, but we have a very large builder in texas right now that just started trading about nine days ago, he’s already seen you know almost 35 percent on most coins for the last five trading days.

So that’s not average, that’s not normal, but that gives you a glimpse into the future, because the price action of those coins he was trading is behaving similar to what you will see in ebola and uptrend market when we move out of this crypto winter. So just think, what’s possible once this strategy continues to be enhanced by muhammad who is extremely handson with this passion of his anyways. I could rant all day, so i will share my slides.

Am i still coming through okay? Can you hear me ken yeah, you’re, coming through great brother? Okay, thank you, there’s something about that. Uh irish accent that that really brings validity to this stuff. It’s great, you can be talking nonsense and it still sounds somewhat intelligent. So i will pull up this.

So this isn’t for everyone. You were completely free to participate purely as a product user in easybot, but when you find something that works, it’s very hard to keep it to yourself and there’s a very lucrative plan. Affiliate plan distribution model attached to easybot, which allows you to not only earn from the product itself but add additional streams income in this ecosystem by actually sharing it with, and what are you actually selling you’re selling a passive income producing asset that once set up doesn’t Require a whole lot of human intervention and there’s one compensation plan called the founders club, which is time sensitive.

It’s very powerful, there’s still some spots left. So if you catch the vision, if this is something you want to run with and you’re planting your flag here and building a sustainable income with a solid product with servant leadership, then this is a great place to do it. So the founders club.

What is it it’s, where easybot is going to be sharing five percent of their gross revenue for the lifetime of the company? The first 1000 people that qualify world tens of thousands eventually millions of bots are getting in and out of the market buying and selling cryptocurrency. When they close out a trade or a trading session in profit, guess what’s going to happen, five percent of that is going to go into a revenue pool. Now this revenue pool is elastic. It can expand over time because again, let’s cast our mind back to the nature of this product, it’s automatically compounding on a per trade basis, so the person that’s trading with three thousand dollars in trading capital right now, three years from now, that’s going to be significantly More if they stay the course, the next thing that’s getting fed into this pool is five percent of every advanced in vip sales.

That’s almost 50 for a vip sale all around the world, whether it’s happening in sri lanka, new zealand, argentina. It doesn’t matter even if they’re, not on your team, it’s going into this pool powerful part. There’s a lot of revenue pools out there in rewards plans and compensation plans where they get diluted as the more people join.

However, this is capped to the first 1000 people. So you’re only ever sharing this five percent of equity with a maximum of 999 people if you qualify and meet the qualification price. Now, speaking to the choir, many of you are aware of the power of compound interest, but, as i like to mention a picture paints a thousand words and the blue line.

On the right hand, side represents linear growth and that’s where you have a fixed amount of capital in an investment or an income producing cash flow asset. That’s producing you a fixed amount of returns over an extended period of time. However, the red line represents exponential, compounded growth, where the money that your money is earning is earning you more money, and that effect compounding on itself over time is how you create wealth, and so keep that in mind when you think of this pool, because this can Create retirement day for we’re not talking about what is going to pay out next month or what it’s going to pay out three months from now the further into the future.

You can see the better your shortterm decisions will be as a good friend of ours says: you’re planting a seed right now that’s going to grow into a fruitbearing tree, so think about it long term. It may only start with fifty dollars each a hundred dollars each but initial. Eventually, as easybot starts to spread and the message spreads around the world and people’s accounts are compounding pool is going to continue to grow and it’s not going to get diluted with more people.

Joining so how do you qualify? First thing is network marketing day 1 class one, and that is find three who get three by going as wide as possible on your level one. This is a uni level, you’re going to statistically increase your chances of finding three people who are ready to run and lock arms with you and share this with three others. Everyone in this structure needs to have a paid membership, either advanced or vip.

It does not matter the ovp that could be all advanced, but you yourself need to be a vip. You need to have skin in the game, be leading by example, because muhammad and the founders of easybot wants to reward the people who helped in the beginning to build the foundation. But people do what you do and now you yourself must be vip. If you want others to go, vip next requirement is that everyone in this structure is using a minimum of six hundred dollars in trading capital connected to the bot on whatever exchange, if you’re deviating away from default out of box optimize settings and you’re trading hundred dollars.

On six different coins on coin do what you want, but it’s your bot, you’re managing it funds are in your control box in your control, but as long as it’s 600 or more in capital you’re good to go. So how do you what’s your action plan to hit the ground running right now and lock in your spot? First of all, you should focus on helping others, because that’s how you win in this industry. You succeed to the extent that you help others succeed and your success will be directly correlated to how many people you bring with them with you and lead by example, because the boss says go on a leader says: let’s go so by leading from the front.

You help simply focus on bringing three of your directs to founders club and as a natural byproduct of that by default, you are going to lock in your own spot in the founders club and create the right behavior in your organization. Next step is to prepare your crypto exchange with the minimum of the 600 usdt and the 995 to pay for your vip membership and then obviously share this presentation with your personal referrals and your team, so that you can duplicate the right behavior and get everybody running For founders club to lock in their spot and that will secure your spot and think about how many founders can you get on your team because somebody that’s a founder on your team they’re going over if they’re getting a passive pay raise every month, it might be In small increments initially, but as an extra 10 000 bots go online every 30 days a few years from now, that’s going to be quite significant and we’re not making any guarantees, and i’m not going to even throw out hypothetical examples but i’ll. Let your imagination do that you’ve seen how powerful the product is, the product is going to drive the rewards plan. Thank you awesome job.

Well, guys we’re going to close it up. We appreciate every one of you we’re here to serve you um and we just uh love you more than bitcoin and pizza combined, i’m gon na. Let you guys go ahead and uh unmute yourselves.

If we can uh uh, can you guys unmute yourselves on your own right now, if you can or if uh? Yes, we can. Thank you. Awesome. God bless you guys.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys thanks everybody.

Thank you goodbye. Thank you. Thank you. You guys are amazing.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks all appreciate it thanks ken welcome. Thank you. Thank you.

You guys have a wonderful weekend tomorrow, business builders call 11am eastern standard time. I know there’ll be an announcement in the app in all likelihood uh. There is actually the zoom schedules now in our dashboard on a desktop as well. God bless you shoes,

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