EasyBot Review SCAM or LEGIT

Hi guys this is my first 24 hours inside easybot and i want to give you an indepth review now, if you, if you follow me, you’re already aware that i’m into crypto and uh i’m into high yielding sites. So i’m before i go into easybot, i want to show you what’s happening in the market with some of the things that i’m involved in so i’m involved with safu. This is a rebasing site. That’s paid me a lot of money in the past.

EasyBot Review

I must admit. Uh, but recently because of the bear market, what’s going on um, you know with whatever’s going on in the world at the moment this coin has gone down from uh. I think it was 120 and it’s now down to six dollars, so it doesn’t matter how much it’s rebasing. The coin is dropping through the floor at the moment because of the bear market, so it doesn’t matter about the high yield doesn’t matter if you’re getting a very high interest.

If the coin that you’re being paid in is dropping like a stone and that’s the same case for another website called titano uh, i went into this site. This coin was up as high as 20 cents. It’s now down to triple zeros and the six.

So it’s not even a penny, it’s less than a penny, so this site again i’ve earned lots and lots of money out of this site when it was in the bull market when it was up to 20 cents a coin. You know i’ve drawn out a lot of money, but i’m not drawing out any money at the moment. I’M just letting it compound up because it’s not worth me withdrawing out because it’s dropped through the floor.

So the high interest that i’m getting is irrelevant because the coin keeps dropping down and the same if we go over to another website that i do uh staking in is pancake, and if i get the calculator up here, i was getting a lot of money when This coin was up. If i just click out of here, the pancake coin was up at forty dollars a coin. It’s now down to three dollars and eighty nine cents, the um apy that i was getting was five hundred percent.

It’s now dropped down. If you can see there to sixty seven percent, okay, if you’re doing it on a a flexible interest rate, it’s three and a half three point: one five percent a year and that’s if you’re compounding so i’ll. Just give you an example. If i put six hundred dollars into here – and i locked it up for a year, so that means i can’t get my six hundred dollars out for a whole year.

My six hundred dollars will earn me 405 dollars in a year. So you know, that’s not a great return so at the moment, because the markets are all low and if i go here, we’ve got a little bit of a pump this morning. But if i go change this for uh, the top 100, there we go, and i put this on a week.

This is a crypto bubble. If you want to know what this site is, if i put that on a week on a week, you could see it’s just a red and if i go on a year, it’s red as well. Some coins have done well, but you know i didn’t. Have these coins so i’ve? Not this one.

Here, look lost 100, so the whole market. At the moment we’ve got in the last 24 hours. We’Ve got a bit of a pump in the market, but if you’re in the crypto space, whether you’re holding or whether you’re staking you’re suffering right now, so i started to look for something that would earn me money in a bear market, and i found it now. What i did was, i joined this in the vip package.

So if i go over here uh and i go to pricing because i’ve just got this on another tab here, just to show you now, you can start with a free package. Now, i would say: that’s probably where most people want to start. I went straight in at this vip package and i’m going to tell you why in a moment, so let’s go through what this is.

So if you’re serious about earning on uh, you know a passive income in a bear market. This is something you should look at. Obviously this is not financial advice and you should always do your own due diligence and i’ve done a lot of due diligence on this particular business. I’M very happy with my findings.

So far now, if you’re in the free package, you can have two trading coins which i’ll show you what that is in a minute. You can connect one exchange and you’re going to pay a service fee from the profit that you make. So if they do a trade for you and they make you a dollar, you’ve got to give them 30 cents.

Okay and i’ll show you that in a moment, there’s a few other things down here, but i’m not interested in that. I’M only interested in these top three things now in the next package i can trade ten pairs, so i can diversify from two pairs up to ten pairs, which obviously some coins will do well. Some coins will do bad and, if you’re diversifying then you’re picking up on those coins that do um better, you know if you’ve got some coins that are doing bad, then, hopefully the ones that do better will give you the profit that you need. You can connect two exchanges.

Well, i’m not really interested in two exchanges at the moment, so that’s irrelevant. For me, this is what i’m interested in this here and also the service fee that i pay. So if i, if they earn me a pound or a dollar, i’ve got to give them 20 cents and i get 80 cents in my pocket where here i’m losing 10. Now, if you take that on, i earn a thousand dollars, then i’ve given away three hundred dollars, if here i’ve only given away two hundred dollars for them to trade for me and then this vip pack.

What i really like about this is that i can trade all of the pairs that they’ve got. It says i can connect five exchanges, but i’m only connecting one exchange at the moment. The service fee again is still 20, but i like this because i can trade all the pairs now there is some more advantages to being in these paid members and i’m going to cover that in this video, this video might be a little bit longer than my Normal videos, but if you’re serious about this, keep on watching so let’s go over to my easy bot, so we’ve established now that the markets are doing really bad. Now, what i did was i connected my binance account, so i come up to here.

I go down to bots and i’ve got user exchanges and if you look here, i’ve connected my binance account. Okay, my username for easybots is join jeremy and uh. I’Ve connected that bot and it’s now trading for me on binance.

So, let’s just go over to binance and show you what’s happening here so in finance. I had a balance here with the ustd. I started with 600 i’m up to 60561 and also, if you look here, i’ve got uh forty dollars worth of matic.

Now i’ve got easy, bots bought trading for me. So let’s go over to the bot. First, let’s go to box, i’m gon na go to box.

Here. It’s got some open trades. I’Ll show you in a minute.

I’Ve only got one bot set up because i’m not going to add all the bots at the moment, but, as you can see, in the first 24 hours, i’ve got a profit at 231. On the trades closed, not captioning not is the the available with the polygon coin, which is matic and i’ll. Show you why i chose that in a moment, but i’m going to make this nice and big and if you look here, we’ve got some arrows.

Can you see that arrow, it’s not easy to see, i’m afraid, but there’s a red arrow pointing down. That was where they sold here’s where they bought matic and that’s where they sold it. They uh sold another a lot up there because they’ve gone into multiple lots and i’ll show you the trade history in a minute, and now they’ve got one here that they bought.

EasyBot SCAM

It’s not sold it yet because it’s still in a profit and the and the price could still go up so they set. This training stop loss if you like, but they follow the coin going up in price, because if they was to sell out you know they could have bought here sold over here and yet the coin kept on pumping up so they’ve got their algorithm locks in this Trailing stop loss so it follows the coin going up and if the price drops back down to that stop loss. If you like, it’s not a stop loss, it’s a trailing, stop loss. It will then sail and take me some profit.

So, let’s just recollapse this screen and we’ll go down here and, as you can see here, i’ve got uh the trade history, trade, history and i’ve got one week. I’Ve only been in this 24 hours, but um. I wanted to show you everything here. So if i go down here now, okay, scroll down it’s a bit – it’s always a bit difficult to use! So look! This was the first buy.

They did okay, so as you can see, they bought the price 07883 they’re by matic, okay uh. There was a sell there that they sold it. So there was a profit there uh a small profit, it may be, but it was a profit.

So if you could see here on this right hand, side they bought for 2033 sold for 2058, not much of a profit. But the point is it closed on a profit. Then we got a buy order. Now it did a buy there for 25, okay and 40 cents, but the market must have kept on dropping because they’ve got their.

You know i’m trading with 600 dollars, but they buy into lots and their software they say, can have a 50 drop in the market and they can still get you a profit because you’re trading with that 600. So, as you see they bought in there at 7982 and then they the market dropped again, so they bought in again at 7846 and if we come up a little bit further, there’s a cell there so that first one that they did 7982 got sold at 8023. So they bought in at 20 and 27 cents and sold at 4115 20 profit there on that trade, almost brilliant. So then, this trade is still open this 7846, so we go up, they get another buy there for me, um and if you can see here, this is interesting.

If you look here this one, they sold at this rate here this buy here they did it 259, but you can you see that they did a a seven dollar and that’s because the market was dropping and they’re doing this cost a dollar average. I’M not going to go into that, but basically, let’s just say that you were trading with a hundred dollars or uh and you bought into the market and you bought in all. You spent all of the hundred dollars that could that’s very risky because the market could drop after that. So if you’re gon na trade with a hundred dollars, what you want to be doing is saying: well, i’m gon na buy ten dollars worth and if the market drops again, you can buy another ten dollars.

You buy. The market drops again it guys another ten dollars market drops again, you buy another ten dollars. You’Ve now got four trades in now. It may never ever get back to the price for the first buyin that you did, but it could make profit on say two of the ones or three of the ones one and below, and it could be making you profit down while the market’s in a bear Market and it will equal out what you’ve lost if you like, on the one that you’re holding okay, so this robot doesn’t close on a losing trade, it will hold the uh the the coin until the price reaches the profit, but what it does do is it’s Buying in this dollar cost averaging and it’s uh, it can do that up to 54 and i’ve seen in their videos uh.

They say that it could go up to 70, but you should do your own due diligence. So then, if we come up here, there was another buyin. So if you look, my orders were set up to go down the bottom. If you’re looking here about 26 – and so, if you take here, they saw that the market was dropping, their robot did obviously not them manually physically and they bought in the market now what they did.

So if i get the calculator and i’d get 26 okay and i minus seven dollars leaves 19 and, as you could see here, the market did drop and they bought in again. So they didn’t spend all of the 25 in one go because the robot worked out. The market is dropping, is it gon na carry on dropping it wasn’t 100 sure because nothing’s 100, you know with the algorithms that are in place.

It said: look i’m going to place a smaller order, the market dropped again and it placed a big it put. The rest of the money in then, if you look up here, it did a sell, so this one it sold uh this one is one eight four three well! That’s obviously got to be for one of these ones down here: the ones uh zero, seven, eight. Four. Six, as you can see here, it’s uh it bought in it cost 20.

And then, when you look at the sale, it got 2068 made a small profit. That’s the point here made a profit coming up a little bit further, it’s got another buy in there. Another buy and that’s where we are at the moment so currently, when i go here, i’ve got 605, so this started with five dollars and if i got the robot to just close out now and say: that’s it, i don’t want to do anything. No more! That’s made me a profit in 24 hours.

45. Now to me, that’s mindblowing, that’s mindblowing! Now, obviously, you can’t go by 24 hours and i’m only trading one coin and you might say well: yeah, you’ve got 600 in there um you know and and if i get, let’s just get a a calculator. So if i go to johnny blockchain, we’ll use this uh percentage, calculator and i’ll come here to my tools and go down to the trackers and let’s just go back here to my wallet.

So i’ve got 605. Let’s get my calculator out so one 60561. What i’ve got in the medic, so these trades are open at the moment, so they’re not counted in profit because there’s no profit being taken yet so.

But if i was to close them now, then, if i asked the robot to close them, then it would show that they’re in their part of the profit from the 600, because i started where it was 600. So then we’d do the 40 point 84 equals. So we got 645 and if i come to johnny blockchain and i go to this calculator and if i put in 600 in there because that’s what i started with and i’ve now got that six: four: five: that’s showing a percentage of seven point: seven: four percent: In 24 hours now i don’t care what anybody says.

That’s absolutely mindblowing! Now, that’s not the profit at the moment, because the bot hasn’t closed, all the trades. It’s still got those buy orders in place and it hasn’t sold them all and it will always have buy orders in place because it will buy, sell, buy sell. But what i’m looking at is, if i close got the robot to close. The trades went in and said: that’s it.

I don’t want to trade, no more close. It. I’Ve made 45 just over 45 dollars in 24 hours. So that’s quite mindblowing.


Now i will have to pay. If i come back here, let’s go back to the dashboard. So, let’s just say that i did close those trades out.

I would have to pay 30. So if i go back to johnny blockchain and i get that 46 46 45 – let’s say i close the trades in here and uh. I got to pay my trading fee.

Okay, that comes out of the back of here, so i’ll i’ll do times, uh we’ll say the freo percent. Let’s say you was on a free account. You was on this one.

You got to pay that 30! Okay, so if you were paying that 30, so you do uh times, 3 0 percent you’d have to give away 13 nearly 14. Now this 14 is what’s the interesting bit that i love. So if i come back to here – and this is why i’ve upgraded now – i upgraded to this package here – not this one, but i think for five reasons and here’s the first reason.

The first reason is, as i can open up as many trading pairs as i want, which is gives me diversification. The second reason is: i’ve only got to pay a 20 fee and not a 30 fee. So if i take that there again, let’s just calculate that again and then times that by 20, so instead of me paying 14, i’ve only got to pay 10, okay, nine just over nine dollars.

Actually so i’m making more profit. The next reason is, if anybody below me that i introduce into this business, buys this package. I earn a commission from it and if anybody buys this package, i also earn a commission from it.

But i also because i could be in either this advanced package or that one anybody below me that i bring into the business or they bring into the business. This goes down 20 levels. I earn a percentage of all the service fees.

Okay. Now i’m going to do another video on the f uh compensation plan. I will learn a percentage from that, so i’ll be earning from the sale of this. The sale of this i’m earning an extra 10 over here on the trading fees i’m earning because i can do more trading bots and i’m also earning from everybody.

That’s below me whether i’ve invited them or somebody else has invited them. I’M earning the percentage of that 30 so that 14, that the company is collecting in service fees. A percentage of that will come to me and that’s why i opened this up now. Some of you may be looking at the screen saying to yourself.

Well, that’s all very well for you, jeremy, because you can make videos like the one that we’re watching now and you can promote, but what i’m gon na do. This is what i’m gon na. Do anybody? That’s in my team.

That’s that’s been referred by me. Okay and you’ve been in my you’ve gone you’ve clicked the link. You’Ve created a free account and you’ve set up a robot. So what you would need to do is you would come here, you’d create your free account, you’d go to bots, and the first thing you do is you’d connect it to your exchange.

If you need help with doing that, i’m going to show you where to find that help, but i’ll also help you as well i’ll. I i’m prepared to get on oneonone calls for people that are serious about making a passive income. You’D.

Add the exchange in that exchange, you’re gon na need to deposit six hundred dollars because you bought. When you start your bot trading, it has to have six hundred dollars to trade with, so you need six hundred dollars inside your exchange. You’Ll also need another 50 inside your exchange and that money inside the exchange – let’s just come back here, that’s my money, it’s not easy, but i’ve got that i’ve got that. I can withdraw that at any time i want i can take it out.

I can withdraw this matt account, which they’ve got if they’ve done a trade for me. I could take that money out. The bot would try to trade it and show an error to say insufficient funds, because i’ve taken it out.

They don’t get access to my funds. Okay, they don’t get access to my funds, and so what you need when you set up a robot, you need six hundred dollars and worth of usdt in here. You need some b and b to pay the trading fees.

So if you’ve got b and b like i have, as you can see there and just hold it in my wallet, withdraw that whenever i like, because they’re robots carrying out trades for me over here, there’s a trading fee that binance will charge you well. If you’ve got b and b sitting in your binance account, you will get 25 discount on that trading fee. So there’s more money to be made.

Okay, so coming back to here, you create a bot. You need to create a bot six hundred dollars inside your uh finance, account plus a bit of b b, so i’ve got fifty dollars. So that’s six, six hundred and fifty dollars, and then you know that thirty percent that we talked about over here that 30.

Well, if you upgrade to this 250, that’s 250 for the year: okay, it’s not 250 a month for anything else of 250 for 12 months. If you upgrade to that, your trading fee will only be 20 that 20 percent, where they take that trading free from needs to be inside your wallet inside here. So if i go to my wallet, it needs to be in here i’ve put 50 or 40 odd dollars in here.

If you could look here, i’ve got a trading fee. That’s come out, look uh a service fee 20 deducted for trading fee 20 cents. So look they’re free winning trades. There they’ve got for me uh and i’ve paid that in dollars.

So what have i paid? I’Ve paid look. So there was obviously that one was a big win because there’s 11 cents there, okay, seven cents. There i paid there, but that’s coming out of this and part of that. These payments here will go to my upline, the people who invited me and if they not got a package, if they haven’t, bought this this package here, then what it does.

If you introduce say you said you joined you joined for free and then you said, you know your wife, your husband or your brother, your son or whatever you said. Oh look, this looks interesting and you join as well. They join, but the 30 won’t go to you because you’re, a free member, it will get passed up to the next person, that’s a paid member which could be me so if you’re not in this package. Here this either this advance or the vip you miss out on those commissions, okay, so it’s definitely worth doing that now.

Coming back to what i want to do for my team, okay, i want people to earn a passive income. That will obviously benefit me as well. So what i’m prepared to do if you’re, one of my team and you’ve created a free account and you’ve set up a robot and you’ve you’ve started that robot trading.

I will find you your first free people. Now they only need to be free users; they don’t need to be paid users because you’re, a paid user. You will learn from their trading bots, so once they set up a trading bot, you will learn from that 30. I will do another video on the compensation plan to show you that how that works, but if you’re serious about having a passive income – and you want me to help you build a downline video because you might not be able to market i’m going to show your Videos, because you might want to market i’m going to show you how to market, where you haven’t, got to tell your brother, your mother, your uncle here and the donkey down the road.

I’M going to show you where to buy quality traffic, i’m going to show you how to promote this business so that you can eventually do it on your own. But while you’re learning that i’m going to get you your first free people, your first three people providing you’ve done the following you’ve created a free account below me. You’Ve then opened up a robot, so you’ve put 600 into your exchange and you’ve set that robot up and then you’ve paid the 250 the 250 to get you on the advanced package.

Okay, because you need to be on that, so that you can earn commissions. I will then, if you fit, those three criterias join under me, create a robot upgrade to the 250. I will find you the first three people to go under you so that you can start earning from you’ll already be earning from your trading robot, but you’ll also be in line to earn commissions as well. So, if you’re serious about having a passive income in this, bear market click the link below and create your free account now, if you’re already created a free account now, if you’ve already created a free account below me, then what you need to do is to leave Me a comment or reach out to me personally either on facebook, youtube uh telegram wherever it is, you know where i am or you can leave a comment below this video and i will get in contact with you to show you what you need to do so That i can start building you a downline so that you can start earning from your trading robot, but also earn from your downline.

There’s massive money to be made here, and i want to help you which in turn will help me. So, if you’re serious about having a passive income click, the link below, if you’ve, already joined under me and you’ve got a free account. Then let me know about it and i’ll help you.

You have a fantastic day and i look forward to working with you in the future. Bye now,

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