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So I’m going to start uh this dive into some specific examples with uh an example that you’ve seen last week and the week before david and muhammad shared this example of a session with ethereum classic it started here. It opened the trade at 4207 and closed at 2753, which was 35 3456 lower than where it entered, and then with – and this was a 667 profit.

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I’M just going to take you into my mark up on it to share with you and elaborate on a few points that bren had said so during that session, from when it opened until it closed it closed it bought and sold 945 times during that time, and It came through a full market drop of 703 uh. It’s just mindblowing, what’s what’s possible here and then it closed as you can see the line it closed that much lower than the initial buy here.

So, just to give you a visual of what’s possible, it’s just absolutely incredible what happens here then i’m going to give you another view and don’t let all of the lines on the charts here overwhelm you, but this is an example. A chart markup. That muhammad asked me to do, and this is that same trading session and what it shows is.

Each of these green lines is one of those 945 trades that were closed in profit, and it’s just incredible how it goes through the price action that makes these. So there’s a couple points that i want to elaborate here and the points that bren made. Do you see here these sections, where it’s less green? So there is less trades that happened during that time and it is when there was a longer stretch of candles and that pullback that point five percent pullback that muhammad so brilliantly coded in um. It didn’t happen so the trade action, whether it’s a buy or a sell, doesn’t happen until that point.

Five percent takes place. The relevance to that. That’s just really important to build trust with you of what’s possible.

Here is number one on the way down. It’s risk management, so it will not open another trade until it does that pull back, and that’s so that if it does a huge drop all at once with one candle or two candles and doesn’t do that pullback, it’s not going to open a whole bunch of Trades, so that is risk management. It’s protecting your account and then on the way up as brent showed that one example where it was doing a stretch up. Here’s an example right here and i have a zoomed in example, coming up for you there.

It is a trailing take profit, so it’s well. It’s risk management on the way down on the way up. It’s profit, optimization, just absolutely brilliant.

EasyBot Trading

So here is uh that session and just showing you how busy the bot is well you’re, just going on with your life. It is a minute by minute, actually in nanoseconds, observing the market and taking all of these trades and that these open sessions here, where you see less lines, that is the part that bren had mentioned, that the enhancement is coming so make sure you’re here, as david Said on next monday’s call, when muhammad talks about that incredible enhancement that is coming so here is mine and bren’s account our uni session. It opened up, we had started a balance of 600 and, as you can see here, the initial buy was on april the 5th and it closed out on july 28th.

With that final trade was a profit of 5051, which is another example of that trailing. Take profit where the profit optimization is in place with that retracement um added into the code and the total profit of this session was 12540, which we oh wait. Did you hear that? Can i get some celebration for that? Sorry, i can’t help but have a little. The child and me get so excited with all of this, so let’s bring that session.

I see you laughing ken, oh okay, so here let’s bring this session over to the chart so that you can have a visual of what what’s happening with the price action with that, so that entry was up here at 11 66. It came through again over 70 percent drop created. All those trades 1248 profit was gathered during that trading session.

How crazy is that, so, as the market was crashing, we grabbed 1248 on just this one. Just this one bot. We collected that the fine that final trade of 50 was an 84 percent profit in itself that one trade, because of the brilliant strategy that does the weights for the retreat spent that trailing take profit.

We got an 84 trade with a total profit on that session. Of 209 and it closed up here and here’s another example. Do you see this long blue stretch of candles? It did not close until that retracement happened, which is the reason for this 84 profit um.

Yes, so it was 1994 lower than the initial buy session. Just brilliant, i’m absolutely in love with this strategy uh. So here is the next session of etc.

Starting balance of a thousand the initial buy was again on april 7th. Our the time that we started all of our bots was brilliant. It was right at the top right before the crash, so we got to watch. It all happen, proof of concept that the oneclick strategy can manage.

These massive market drops so it closed as well on july 28th with a closing trade because of that trailing take profit. 120 19 cents, with a total profit of 23724 on this particular account and wait for it. Are you ready there? We go okay, so here we go we’re on the charts now and we got 117 during that trading session, which was also more than 70 percent market drop, that it was stood 7123. In fact, to be specific, and once again here is the example of that stretch that waited for the retracement 237 total profit on this session, so what happened with etc after it closed that long session that had to come through the crash well, since july 28th, until August 7th last evening, at 10 pm my time 23 sessions have opened and closed over the last 10 days, resulting in 36 overall gain a pretty impressive.

24% Profit in 70% Down Market in Eazy Bot

That’s a lot to celebrate, and that’s just one coin here we go here is another visual. So what is the difference between those long sessions and the short ones? This is the volatility that we keep on talking about so here. In that 10 days, 23 sessions opened and closed in 10 days, creating that 36 profit because of all of this extra movement.

So that’s what you’re looking for, if you’re deciding which coin you want to use and you’re, been told to go to coin market cap and look for volatility, that’s the difference! That’s the comparison of what happens. It’s the and bren also mentioned that all of the alt coins will likely it’s highly probable that they’ll be more profitable than ethereum and bitcoin, because they make these extra volatile these extra movements minute by minute in the market and that’s what creates the profit and here’s. The visual of the price action of that long session, where it was going down and then up so that’s the difference between the 10 day 36 and then the long. I should have marked the days here.

But you can see the visual of how much longer this session was. That is that, is it

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