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Six things which you should not do when using easybot as your crypto trading bot, because this could cost you a lot of money, so make sure to watch this video till the end and avoid the mistakes in order to save some more profits and not close any Trades in loss – and if you like this video, i would love you to hit the like button subscribe to my channel, of course, and also leave me down below a comment uh. If you have any questions or if you need any support, you can also text me anytime on telegram, especially if you love easybot as much as me, and you want to join easybot. If you want to start trading with at least six hundred dollars an advanced package, because if so, please make sure to watch my video to the easybot founders club, because there i explained you where you can make even more profit with easybot on a regular basis. In order to get access to the founders club, that’s not only me, but i also want you to become part of the founders club.

Easybot Review Experience

And this is why everyone who wants to start with at least 600, who wants to buy an advanced package and maybe even build a network marketing with this um, i’m here to help you and also to support you and even to sponsor your links. In my youtube videos on my telegram channel and so on, so if you really mean it serious with easybot contact me on telegram, you will find my name down below and now, let’s start with the video and six things you should not do when trading with easybot. In order to save some money, the first thing you should not do is putting your entire money in trading just one coin pair.

Let’s say you have just six hundred dollars and you decide to start trading with one coin pair whatever it is. Don’T do so better. Go to kucoin, where you can start trading um using the easybot, even with three hundred dollars per coin, and split it to two coins. It’s much better for the risk management to separate trading bots for different coins, rather than putting all your money in just one basket and trading one coin, pier even if this coin pair currently is having the best results.

The second thing you should not do is just changing your pots day in and day out, because you have seen and heard somewhere that the other board, like other, is performing better than uni swap or curved out or whatever. It is. Okay, don’t change it every day because, first of all really matter when you have your entry point, okay, everyone will have different profits depending on when they started the entry point if they use the standard configurations or not and so on and so forth.

So just don’t switch it every day, because also um, let’s say last week we didn’t perform well, but next week it can perform really really well and really it does depend also on the market situation. Okay, so don’t just change it all the way back and forth. The number three of things you should not do is also correlated to the thing before, and this also is part of the point before. If you want to change your coins, don’t just inactivate it, but put it first on single cycle and once the cycle is finished only then the it will become inactive by itself.

So let’s have a look at the dashboard on how it looks and how you can deactivate like a bot and how you should do this if you want to switch the coin or if you want to stop trading for whatever reasons. So one thing, of course, is you can just go here on editing your bot and on the status you can see active and, of course, you could just head to inactive and save it. But this is the thing you should not do, but you go to cycle what option cycle and you put it on single. This means that once your current trade is closed, it will automatically become inactive and you can delete the the board you can do whatever you want to right change, the balance um.

This is also a thing you should not do just changing the balance when you have an open trade. Okay, don’t do this if you want to change the balance. Also, please just put it first on single cycle once the cycle is over, go back to your balance. Here and change the balance then another thing which i know i have to admit.

Sometimes it’s really tempting to do, but you should really really not do, and this is one of the worst thing you can do – is putting too much money or assigned too much money to easyboard or assigning more money to easybot than you actually have in your binance Or coupon exchange um, i have tested it in my first video. If you still remember – and yes you can do – you can have like only one thousand dollars on finance but assign like two or three buds: three thousand dollars each one thousand dollars. So a total of three thousand dollars. Yes, it is possible, but don’t do you are removing liquidity from the bot and the bot is configured this way that even the market falls.

At least 50 is still coverable with easy bot and easy. What would still make profit for you, and actually it even can be up to 90 percent of market loss, and your bot can still make profits for you as soon as the market goes up again, but if you’re removing liquidity, you have much much much much much Higher chance that you will end the trade with loss, so don’t don’t do this? Yes, i know you also can have like more profits and you can do it technical wise, but don’t do it really. It can be the worst and we still want to trade safe. We prefer to have a bit less profit, but on a continuously and ongoing basis, rather than losing all our money right.

So just take it. So please take this advice really seriously. The next thing you should not do is never having a look at easyball at all.

I know easybot is set up to be easy and it’s trading for us, so we don’t have to do much, but at least once a week you should have a look at your easybot dashboard and see if everything is going well and what you should have a Look at i’ll show you now so. First of all, you should have a look at your boards and you check if all your bots are still active. So you can see here it’s a green cake. If it’s not active, you will see here it’s a red x.

So have a look: if it’s a red x, you can just go. There see what’s happened, why it’s not trading anymore! If you don’t have enough balance in your binance because yeah you just assigned too much money or changed anything there, and sometimes just because of an update, it might be inactive. But there’s actually nothing happened. So you can just turn it to active and let it go.

Then the other point you should have a look at is your wallet, not your finance wallet, but your easybot wallet that you have here. Some balance left to pay your 20 to 30 service free from all the profit easybot is making. If you don’t have any balance here, left easybot will stop trading for you, so we don’t want it right, especially maybe if the bot wants to rebuy something this can be really yeah, sad um.

So don’t do this, have a look regularly and make sure that you have enough balance here on easy, but to keep on trading. The last thing you should avoid doing is changing anything in your body without knowing what you are doing. So if you don’t know what you are doing 100, please just don’t do it and just use the default configurations.

Okay, easybot is really made with a great strategy. Have a look at my previous videos about it. If you don’t understand how easybot is trading for you yeah, we can tick off and don’t use the default configurations.

We can also assign more or less balance than expected and also change the initial order, size or the percentage here and also deactivate the compounding. But whatever you are changing here from the default config, don’t do it if you don’t know 100 what you are doing, because this can mean that you are giving the bot much much higher risk to close your trades even in loss, and this is something which we Really want to avoid so if you want, for whatever reasons, change something in the default configurations me, i personally only trade with the default configurations, then please contact your contact, the support from easybot or your upline, and discuss this matter before doing so. I hope this video was helpful in order to avoid some mistakes. You should do with easyboard or not do with easybot, and if you like, this video hit the like button subscribe to my channel and then we’ll see each other in the next video.

The next video about easy bot will be like an excel file, most probably, which i will give to you, where you can track your profits on a daily or monthly basis. So you can compare it much better and also see the actual profit of each trade of each coin pair and also have it a great visible in a chart. So if you would like to see something like this, then leave it down below in the comments.

So i can put it like, so i can take care of it much sooner um if there is a lot of demand for it. So that’s it for now and see you in the next video

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