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Are you tired of being scammed out of your money with easybot? That’s simply not possible. Here your money is safe and secure in your own account at all times, and the best part is it’s free to get started so do so in the link down below fill in an application. I’Ll get right back to you. Awesome everyone marcus here so today we’re gon na have a presentation about the easybot.

I’M super super super excited. I have never seen this amount of growth in such a short period of time this here. What i’m sure i’m going to share with you is completely unprecedented. I’Ve never seen anything else like this before.

Eazybot Presentation

So if you like, the idea of having money work for you, instead of you working for money while having your funds safe and secure in your own account and on top of that get started for free, then you are in the right place. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na share my screen and we are gon na uh. Take a look at a presentation here right so one second, and here we go boom awesome, so crypto easybot, so crypto made easy.

So i asked them first and foremost because when i want to join with a company, i want to do know my i want to do my due diligence right. I have had my fingers burned online and i’m sure many of you on this call here today has had that as well, and we don’t want that to happen right. It sucks to you know, be losing our money, but also, first and foremost, is that all the people that you bring into a new opportunity, it doesn’t work out. I mean it feels feels really bad.

We have a very big responsibility towards you know our team, when we introduced them to something new. So the first thing that i was looking at was like what is the vision of the company, because you know the security aspect which we’re going to go to in just a second here is, is topnotch right. I got some new intel here as well on the zoom which i’m going to share with you, but right now what they want to do.

They want to make a bridge right. They want the easy, but to be so easy that even people who are just starting out with crypto when you’re talking like people like my own mother, for instance. She i don’t know if you’ve ever heard the word bitcoin.

She didn’t want to make it so easy that even she could get started right and if she can get started, everybody can get started so they want to breach. You know the the the fiat currency and the cryptocurrency world right, and they have put this here together and it’s you know based on the name easybot, because it’s so so so easy. So let’s take a look at this and remember easy, but there are no. I can share with you what projections there are right in terms of of trading, but under no way – or you know, under no circumstances is this a guarantee right.

So this is a a financial disclaimer that you know that the it’s no guarantee right and past results are not indicative of what might happen in the future, because this hair company, they are based in dubai, and they are compliant right. They have all that legal stuff worked out, so there will be no um. You know money money, claims that hey. You can earn this much.

This much is guaranteed and also they are very sensitive about sharing your personal information in the back office as well. So your privacy and security is of utmost importance for easybot as well all right, so i want to have that instead, so there is a story right and um where there is problems. There is solutions – and this gentleman here uh muhammad muhammad ali – actually right so you can tell he’s a champion just like the like the boxer uh.

He saw that there was a a problem right. He saw a problem and he knew that he could have the solution right and this guy. He is like a mathematical genius like a genius right, so he put this together, whereas you can profit from them from the crypto market.

You put together the bot in such a way that it can both trade when the market goes up and when it goes down and we’re gon na take uh. Take a look at that as well. But everything is gon na be happening behind the scenes so that even people who have heard you know the name of crypto or trading for the first time will understand it right so they’re making it as easy as possible. So this here is muhammad ali he’s the founder and the ceo of easybot, so they’re missing their mission right is accelerating an easy transition into crypto by pro providing an opportunity for everyone and when they say ever mind they literally mean everyone.

This is not just for people in certain parts of the world, with the ability to start for free and build a team where you can lucratively make make money from it. This is something that everybody, no matter where they live as long as they have an internet connection, can take a part of so so. This is revolutionary because when you have too high fee to get started, you automatically there’s like billions of people that you just will. Never be able to access it right; they can simply can’t afford it, so they found a solution, so they’re really a very big goal of really connecting the whole world and really creating an opportunity for everyone who is business businessminded, no matter their previous.

You know their previous conditions right where they went to school, which country they live in. None of these social factors matter right. Everyone starts on a level playing field with easy bots right, so they want to create the bridge into the future through uh technology and crypto. So the values which they they talked a lot about today, you know the service and in the service department they want to take all the burden off of you guys all the burden they are gon na have stepbystep videos for every part of the the getting started Process so no longer you don’t have to be the technical service person.

You don’t have to help. Every single person on your team find how to connect things so in the company they’re going to provide stepbystep material that everyone can plug into. They will have live zooms for technical questions where people can jump on so that you can focus on building your business or just passively trading and the integrity part. They were talking a lot about this in the summers recently, where they first and foremost protect our uh predicts our personal data right, the the uh they protect.

Our personal data they’ve also have a third party. Did they mention this in the zoom? Yes, now, a third party that handles the transactions via the company, so that nobody can like uh break into or hack into easy bot and run away with some funds. That’s simply not possible because they had a a trusted.

Third party, who, who is like a processor that it goes through right, so the trust these guys have been in the industry. They have a huge amount of experience in this here field right, the leadership, the commitment, the patience quality gratitude is awesome, consistency. These are the values that this company is founded upon so easy, but let’s go into the nittygritty ideal for new traders and perfect for advanced traders as well.

So this is something for everybody right, so we make investing in crypto easy. You know, hence the name. So there will be consistent, profitable returns, the crypto you can trade crypto confidently, because your funds are safe and secure in your own account.

At the time of this recording you can trade from your coin base or binance wallet, but they’re also going to add ftx kraken hobby in the near future and from there progressively and more and more so. This is something that is off hand, so you don’t have to look at charts going up all day right, so there will be a passive income coming in from this here trades. So you can withdraw these profits at any time. They are generated inside your own account right, so this is super important for for me, right.

I’Ve been in opportunities where the funds that i had in the back office. It stayed there for weeks and even months before i get paid – and you know you can simply not work like that, so all all profits are generated inside your own account. There’s no previous experience needed, as i said, easybot has made it so easy that even my own mother could do it and if she could do it like everybody can do it. Trust me on that one.

So easybond has an easy oneclick strategy set up right where they have a strategy right made by muhammad ali right. This mathematical with they have a strategy. So the only thing that you need to do is that you have to input the amount of uh money.

You want to be trading with the amount of crypto you want to be trading with, and this bot is so smart that we even compound it right. So when you earn profits right, it will then next time you in the next trade. It will then add more money into the next trade as you earn more money, so there is a uh automatic compounding uh effect to it as well. So you can basically just press in how much money you’re trading with and then just leave it right hands up.

Forget about it and it will be working for you, 24 7 and you can get started like i said for free. This is this is awesome. This is awesome right, so they have made a way right because they are operating both with spot trading. For those of you are familiar with that right, uh for those of you who aren’t you know it’s it’s not it’s a technical term, it’s not important that you know it, but it’s just like the current price and then the market can go up and down from That price and then it will buy and sell on that price, but they also have something called scalding, so the more the market drops down, then they will wait.

It will not follow the market, the all the way down until there’s a drawback and then from the profits generated at the lower levels. Then 50 will go towards uh profits for you and the other half will dollar cost average the other position and what that means. In plain english, is this right when the market goes down, the value of the coins you’re trading with goes down as well right, it’s this price difference where we make our money right, but they will make they have a strategy in place so that the the money That you have you know, gone down in value, will as quickly as possible, go back to its original original buying point, if that makes sense right, so only profitable trades ever, which means that even when the market goes down, they have strategies in place. But what? What the cool thing about easy about that is: if the market goes down, they will never ever sell a position when uh when the value of the coin you’re trading with has gone down, so it never ever does losing trades ever right.

It will just wait and use their advanced technology to make sure that you get up to your original buying point and then trade from there so easy automatic compounding this we’ve already touched upon. It’s so easy, like i said you put in the amount of money. You are trading with you trade with that amount and then, when you start to generate profits, the more it will then trade with the next time around.

So it’s automatic compound effects. So it’s also customizable for advanced users. Well, for people have experience in trading, they can say they can make their own settings.

They can make specific strategies and specific settings specifically strategies for different coins for different markets, all of that good stuff, but for people who know absolutely nothing, the only thing they have to know put in the number you’re trading with and easybot will take care of the Rest so getting started is easy right. Hence the name. So you get started for free. You open and connect.

Your crypto account connected with an api key from the exchange to uh to ease about, and then it will start trading with with this strategy that that they have created here with easybot. So it’s really really simple, and here this is something where, if you share this with someone you say: hey, here’s a cryptobot, you can try for free and all your money is safe and secure in your own account. But you must realize now that there’s no reason whatsoever why someone would not try it right. There they’re asking you all of this, the technical question: what does the bug do? How much can you earn from it blah blah blah blah? The only thing you have to do is say: the results will speak for themselves right.

The results will speak for themselves, get started, get connected, see for yourself right so, like i said before, there are no guarantees whatsoever with easy, but these are real trades happening in real time and they follow the flow of the market on a daytoday basis, but based On previous results, which is in no way guaranteed, that will happen in the future, has been somewhere between five to twenty percent right: five percent when there’s a bear market and then 20, when there’s an uptrend and five and 10 to 15, when it’s moving sideways. But these are no guarantees. This is what people have experienced in the past right. I want to make that very, very clear.

All right awesome, so the best way is to let people cry for themselves right. They get started for free money, safe and secure in their own account and hey. They can judge for themselves.

So starting trading with easybot is easy. 24 hours per day, automated trading, one easy click put in the amount quest click boom, automatically compound the more money you earn with about the more it will then start to trade with you, it’s customizable for those people who know what they’re doing it’s perfect for people Who are starting with a smaller account with a smaller amount of money, but even for people coming in with really really big money as well right and you can get started for absolutely free. So, let’s take a look at the different packages, so we have the free package here where you are able to trade up with two coins.

Right, you get the you get the bots. You are able to trade on one exchange, one exchange only there will be guides and tutorials available for you. You can join the affiliate program and make money we’re gon na.

Look at that as well. Uh you can go on group support. Calls group supports calls and trainings, so this is where you can plug in those people in your team who needs help getting started.

You just pointed their phone right, so you will have access to a professional marketing app as well from what i have heard uh. They are gon na have done for you, uh funnels, uh things like that, uh, which i think that’s from the advanced package, but i know that there’s gon na be a lot of things that will help you and make it easier for you in terms of marketing. In the advanced package, which is 250 dollars for the year right, also, what i forgot to mention here was the 30 software service fee right. So when you’re trading with a free account, what happens is that 30 percent of your profits will go to easy bot, so easy easybot does not have any any access whatsoever to your funds in your account, so you have to manually, send it to easybot.

So it can deduct from that amount for you to continue to trading, so that amount is 30 when you’re free and it’s 20, when you are advanced and when you’re a vip member. So here uh and the advanced package, which is 250 for the year you’re able to trade with 10 coins. You’Ll have the bot you have the guides. Tutorials you can earn as affiliate.

You can trade on two exchanges and you get. The group support calls the same as the free package as well. The vip package you are, this is 995.

You are able to trade on all coins on all levels, uh all available coins. You can trade on five exchanges simultaneously and you have all the uh all the the benefits of the previous uh packages, but also you will have vip support right, so you can get on vips support as well.

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