EazyBot David Story of Learning a Great Lesson When Falling into the Pool

So we like to start our calls on saturdays, especially with a few words of gratitude and i’m gon na kick us off today with a really interesting story. I’M grateful for something that happened to me yesterday. I fell into my pool not on purpose totally by accident and fully dressed so guys.


Here’s the story, so i last night it was beautiful, we’re in florida beautiful night. I i walk inside inside from the patio, and i just happened to catch a glimpse of the stars and i say to my wife: lisa: i’m like man, this, the the sky is beautiful tonight and so, just before i’m getting ready to do something i decide. Let me step outside and just soak that in once more and the rest is kind of uh the story right, so i walk outside and i feel my left foot not hit the ground and i just knew it was over at that point and guys, i’m fully Dressed my phone’s in my pocket, my bluetooth, my ear pods are in my pocket.

I’M fully dressed – and i am i know it’s over – i’m gon na end up in the bottom of the pool and i just surrendered and released to it, and you know i’m a person that i hate the cold, my family’s from the west indies. I live in the south because i just don’t i don’t like the cold, so i don’t like cold water. I don’t get into the pool uh because until it warms up so i was bracing myself for the shock and i was so appreciative that you know it’s been hot here in florida and so there was no shock. It’s a really warm and inviting experience.

But let me tell you why i’m appreciative for this, so i get everything was okay. I get out of the pool, thank god my iphone is water resistant, so uh it was okay. Uh lisa put my my ear pods in some rice to make sure that they were okay.

You guys ever dropped something in water. Sit it in a bowl of rice and it’ll, help soak up all of that stuff and uh. So it was okay. I actually.

I wasn’t traumatized by the experience i opened the door and i say to my wife, like guess who just fell in the pool, so i’m gon na tell you guys why? Why i’m telling you the story and why i’m kicking off uh gratitude? Why why i’m grateful for that experience? So, a couple of weeks ago, i’m sitting outside, and i and just kind of daydreaming and thinking about just whatever and in the house that we lived in prior, there was a uh. There was an area where there was a gym where we’d go and work out, and the house that we’re in now we don’t have a gym in the neighborhood, and so i haven’t been working out as often as i as as i used to, and so i Was just sitting outside one day by the pool, and i had this picture of myself doing laps in the pool, but i just hadn’t ever gotten in the pool i haven’t been in the pool and so guess what i did this morning. I got in the pool and i did exactly what i saw myself doing a few weeks ago, and so the reason i tell this story is that obviously i didn’t intend on falling in the pool fully dressed nearly destroying my phone, my ear pods and all kinds Of stuff that that was on me, but i had an intention that i wanted to get into this pool and do laps and to this morning, when i looked at the pool, it was a lot less intimidating. I was already in it.

EazyBot David Story

It didn’t feel like such a big deal, and so it was very easy for me to get into that pool and do the laps that i envisioned myself doing guys. I tell you this story and – and i kick off gratitude because i really appreciate – and i want us and i i hope to encourage you to appreciate that every experience that you have even the ones that come at you out of nowhere and the ones that are Even shocking and sometimes traumatic, they all work out for you, they’re all intended and designed. If you allow them to be to help, get you to a place that you would like to be ultimately and so the the faster you you release resistance to what’s already happening.

What’s already going and this and the second you point yourself in the direction of what’s working for you guys, i’m i’m so so grateful that i was able to get up this morning and do a couple laps in the pool, because that’s what i desired to do For myself, it took me falling into the pool to to wake up to that and to let go of whatever i was resisting. That was keeping me from doing what i desired to do for myself, and sometimes life just has a way of nudging us, and sometimes it nudges you right into the bottom of the pool, and you got to appreciate it, and sometimes you got to laugh at it. You really should laugh at it.

You know what i came inside. I went in the shower, got myself all all uh, you know cleaned up and uh. I walk into the kitchen, my kids are in the kitchen. Of course, lisa has already told them what happened and uh.

Great Lesson When Falling into the Pool

My kids are amazing. They just decided they just bust out laughing, not hey, dad, how you doing everything: okay, they just all busted out laughing at me. So we had a good laugh and it was an amazing experience.


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