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Welcome to easybot crypto made easy. We are reshaping the future of crypto trading. The disclosure all information presented here is for informational purposes.

Only presenters are not financial advisors, all all the presenters opinions are their own and it is not intended to be a substitute for financial investment advice. Past results are not indicative of future results. This is our story. What do we mean when we say crypto made easy? More than a catchy slogan, this is a this is our mantra, and it is our story for too many people crypto is hard.

EazyBot Official Presentation

It can be difficult to learn, confusing to understand and laden with risk. Eazybot was born from this struggle. During the spring of 2021, ceo and founder muhammad ali was confronted with these realities.

Having stumbled through his own challenges and losses, he saw the potential of automated crypto trading. He was introduced to a solution that performed well at first, but as the market took a massive drop, everything changed. He and those he introduced to this platform were no longer experiencing the best of crypto and no longer making profits.

When problems, inspire solutions, genius is born. Unwilling to allow his friends to sit in frustration and panic. Mohammed went to work leaning into his professional training training.

As an engineer and his passion for numbers. He began developing a strategy that will that eventually saw their trades and portfolios begin to grow and perform once again over the next few months that winning strategy evolved and evolved beyond the capabilities of the platform he was using, and thus the vision for easybot was born. Easybot is special powered by amazing technology and brilliant strategy. However, what makes easybot most special to us is the people and the problems it was designed to solve.

We believe crypto is the future and it doesn’t have to be hard, so we made it easy albert einstein said we cannot solve all our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. This is our ceo and founder muhammad ali in the dubai head office. As we brainstorm with the vision and the mission of our company, our mission, accelerating and easy transition into crypto by providing an opportunity to everyone, our vision, creating a bridge to the future through technology in crypto, and these are our values and, of course, there’s more service Integrity trust, respect leadership, commitment, patience, quality, gratitude and consistency.

So what is easybot easybot is an automated crypto trading platform. It’s ideal for new traders and perfect for advanced traders. We make investing in crypto easy easybot puts you in control. There are consistent, profitable returns.

You trade crypto confidently through the default settings of the bot. You build passive income and you can withdraw profits at any time. Best part is, there is no experience needed.

There is a oneclick strategy setup. The default strategy that mohammed created is the strategy that everyone will start with. You do not have to adjust the parameters.

This is meant to sustain huge drops in the market. You do not have to be an expert to trade like one. We can sustain more than a 50 drop in the market watch. Your profits go up even when the market is going down, so the strategy can withstand huge market drops, and thus it is a oneclick uh set it and forget it strategy we only close trades in profits.

So, whenever a coin, whenever coin goes up and reaches the profitable parameters and the retracement is met, it will close out that trade in profit. If the coin goes down, we will continue to add funds to the coin, to the sequence of trades, to our to dollar cost average of price and bring down that price so that the bot does not have to go as high to close in profits. So if the point goes down, we’ll hold the funds in the coin and we’ll continue to add funds to that coin, so that we can drop the the average price down so that the bot can close and profit every time it closes in profit. It starts the next series of trades all over again.

There is an automatic compounding feature. This will accelerate your earnings on a monthly basis. The way the automatic compounding works is as follows. So let’s say you allocate a thousand dollars for a particular coin.

Let’s say it’s bitcoin, so the bot will take three point: three percent of that thousand dollars and initiate a trade. So three point: three percent of a thousand dollars is thirty: three dollars uh. If you allocate 600 to it, it’s 33 percent of 600, which is 20 so for this example, we use a thousand dollar account trading. Bitcoin, right and initial trade will be 33 of the thousand.

As soon as that coin goes up, all the money will go back into your balance, so you will have a little more than a thousand after the profitable trade, so it’ll grow from 1000 to 1001, 1005, 1010, etc. Each series of trades will always take three. Three point: three percent of the total balance.

So if your balance grows to a thousand and ten three point, three percent of a thousand and ten is a little more than thirty three dollars, it’ll be thirty three dollars, and maybe thirty five cents. So that is how we automatically compound the earnings. Every closed trade will add to your total balance and the next series of trades will use the total balance and we’ll take 33 percent of that to initiate the next series of trades. The the bot is fully customizable for advanced users, so for new newbies on on into crypto and newbies into trading.

Don’T worry, just use the default strategy. All you have to do is allocate the certain amount of funds that you want, and you pick the coin and that’s it. The bot will do the rest for advanced users.

You can customize all of the settings. You can adjust the take profit ratio. You can adjust the number of covers. It is so customizable that you can day trade with this.

You can swing trade there’s so many different things that you can adjust on the parameters itself, so for those that are um are experienced in trading. You can come up with your own strategies and keep testing it come up with different uh parameters, and if it’s a, if it’s a profitable strategy after a few months of testing um, you know present it to one of the owners and then they will look at It and if it’s a viable strategy that will help everybody in the community it can, it will be added as one of the options for people to choose from and if it’s your strategy that’s being accepted, then you will get a small piece of the profits, but For anyone that uses that strategy getting started is easy. All you have to do is set up an exchange account we’re using binancecom and coinbase pro to start so set up.

That exchange account, get yourself verified, add funds to it, add funds to the usdt for binance and i believe you can use usdt or usdc for coinbase pro i’ll confirm that and then, once you open up your account, all you have to do is set up the Api connection to the bot, we’ll teach everybody how to do that. That’s not very difficult, and then you, you allocate the amount of funds for the coin that you want to choose you and you select your exchange and then you select your coin and then boom. You hit go and that’s it.

The bot will do all the trading for you. It can withstand withstand up to a 60 drop. So that’s why we say this is a set it and forget it strategy based on back testing and based on the testing in february. We are we’re looking at five to 20 percent earning just based on that back testing and remember.

Past profits are not indicative of future profits, so just based on what we’ve, what we’ve experienced and the analysis, we’re looking at five to twenty percent per month on each of the coins, so trading with easybot today is easy, get started there is. There are trades that happen, 24, 7, so cryptocurrency never closes. It is a oneclick strategy that’s set and about on the back office as a default strategy. You can automatically compound your earnings and, of course it’s because this bot is customizable for advanced users.

This is perfect for small accounts, as well as large accounts. In the previous platform, i’ve seen people trade over a million dollars. This is a perfect bot to use for high accounts as well.

The best part of this part of this platform is that you can get started for free. These are the packages that you can start with, and i mentioned you can start with a free package. The free package allows you to trade two coins and use one exchange. The recommended amount is 600 per coin, so make sure that you have that much so that it can withstand the market drop.

The advanced package is 250. This is a yearly fee, and this allows you to trade 10 coins on two exchanges simultaneously. Even the vip package is 995 and you can trade all the coins on the platform, plus five exchanges that will be available to you. The vip package is, is the package that you need to have if you want to participate in all the pools that will be available in in the company and, of course, the big pool we’re going to be talking about today is the founder’s pool we’ll get to The question and answer um: does anybody have questions right now in the chat? Nothing so far? Okay, awesome we’re gon na get into the affiliate program now.

So this is a twotier affiliate program so on the bot packages. Whenever someone signs up under your link and purchases, one of the um advanced package or the vip package, you will receive a 40 commission on that. So anyone signing up on your link if they buy the 250 package, you will get 40 of that which is 100.

If they buy the 995 package, you will receive 398, which is 40 on your second level. If anyone signs up on the 250 package, you will receive 10 percent, which is 25, and if anyone signs up on the 995 package on your second level, you will receive 10 of that which is 99. So it’s a twotier affiliate compensation for the package sales.

This is the um software service fee. These are the fees that the bot collects for the profitable trades. So if you’re on a free package, the bot will take 30 of all profitable trades. The way it takes.

That is that you will have a reserve wallet within the bot platform. The bot cannot take out funds from your exchange account. It can only trade for you through the api connection, so all profitable trades that happen in your exchange.

Account will is subject to a service fee, for example, if you’re on the free package, where, if the bot um makes a 10 profit in the exchange, it will take three dollars from your reserve wallet within the bot platform and all of these service fees are used To pay out in the compensation plan – and these are the levels that are available for all of us – we can – it pays out twenty levels deep and the first five levels pays out. Eight percent of the twenty percent that’s collected or thirty percent collected on the free account and the six level six to level eighteen, it’s one percent of the 20 collected or the 30 collected um, remember 30 for the free accounts, 20 for the paid packages of 250 And 995, the last two levels, 19 and 20 pays out 05 for the service fees. An amazing feature for this company uh muhammad came up with this is brilliant, is that there is no breakage to the company.

So that means, if you sign up somebody directly on your link, that will open up two levels so yeah that person that signs up directly on your link has to be on a paid package which will open up two levels of compensation for you. And then all you have to do is continue to build sign up people directly on your link. Each person that buys a package one of the paid packages opens up two levels at a time so to optimize the levels you need.

10 people directly signed on your link with a paid package and all 20 levels will be open up to you for commissions, but some people may take this at a slower pace. So if you sign up somebody directly and let’s say this person, um builds a huge organization right away and they will open up all 20 levels for themselves. However, you only sign up one person directly on your link, which allows only two levels of compensation. The company is going to hold all of your potential earnings in an escrow account within the bot platform.

So, as you open up the levels you will receive that compensation back into your wallet, so you continue to build all of the funds that you’re supposed to get. If you had the levels open will be held in escrow for you until you open up all the levels and all the money will come back to you. This is a brilliant uh idea that mohammed came up with and it’s it’s attracting a lot of people to our platform, because the company is for the people and um.

We stress that in all of our calls – and we stress that every time we talk to individuals – we are a company made by the people for the people. The affiliate program has also a check match bonus for the service fees. So if anybody on your first level, let’s say they earn ten thousand dollars on all the service fees from their team, you will receive an eight percent check match of that.

So eight percent of ten thousand is eight hundred dollars on your second level. You will also receive a check match of three percent, so if somebody on your second level makes ten thousand dollars on the service fees, you’ll receive three hundred dollars. This is a twotier um affiliate program for this uh check matching on the service fees. So this slide explains the breakage and how the breakage is not going to the company and it’s health for you in escrow, for you um a brilliant strategy.

Just you can go through this slide when you, when you get a chance to go through uh the powerpoint on your own. If this powerpoint is available in the uh telegram room, so go ahead and use it do not alter it. Please and if you’re changing into a different language, please get that approved by um the owners and then you can use it um. I know in all of your present presentations so we’re going to talk quickly about the founders pool, which is uh available as soon as we launch and if you follow and get this structure set up, this will qualify you for one of the 1000 uh shares of The founders pool, so what you need to do is have three people sign up directly on your link and each of those three people must be on one of the paid packages either the 250 or the 995 package, and they also need to have at least 600 Trading in their exchange account those three people have to have three people each below them, and they all have to be on at least the 250 package or the 995 package, and all of them must be trading at least 600 in their exchange account.

You can start your position for free and then upgrade to the 995 package. If you have this structure set up and your package is a 995 package, you will qualify for one share of the 1000 that is available for the founders club. Now this is going to be very significant. The company is setting aside five percent of gross sales of the of the company, and every month all one thousand members will share in this five percent pool.

If you can imagine how the growth of the company, if you can imagine how big it’s going to be every month, this pool of five percent is going to grow, bigger and bigger, and some people are saying this could be retirement income um. So please pay more pay a lot of attention to this and it is something that could be very lucrative for you and can set up retirement for you. So this is something great make sure you understand it make sure you know what what you need to do in order to qualify for this. So that’s it um easybot is crypto made easy.

Please um! If you have any questions, unmute yourself, if you want and or put your hand up all right breezy, i did want to add something to that um. This is such a phenomenal project in the sense that there is people called brokers who will advertise to trade crypto for you, but what they do is you have to pay a particular person and give them your money to trade with the beauty of the bot. Is that you have your money in your exchange? We don’t touch your money that you’re trading with we meaning easy bot.

The bot does it for you, 24 7, without emotion, the broker, if he individually, isn’t doing it, has people that work for him trading. For you, and even if it’s a 24hour operation that they have it’s still based on emotion and with the algorithm that the bot has developed into the bot is emotionless, it goes by an algorithm. It goes by the strategy that mr muhammad was able to come up with to help us try to get out of holds from the other bot, but it’s implementing it in this bot so that it can sustain the drops that had happened in the past, specifically may Of 2021 so we’re trading 24 7 on an automated system. That does not involve emotion, and it goes by an algorithm and your money stays in your account where you can withdraw it at any time.

Awesome what better way there is no better way. There is no better way we we have the ceo of the company and the ceo of the company on the call. So can we get those two gentlemen to unmute themselves and say hello, muhammad and david? That’s you guys, maybe they’re not in a place to unmute or can’t get to it david. His sake right now say david or habiba, um, mohammed or david.

Can you guys uh meet yourself? If you can there, we go yeah. Give me two minutes i’ll, be right with you: okay, all right, no problem, muhammad you’re on the call buddy. Are you or was that just david’s uh login? No, i don’t think muhammad’s on the call.

Okay, no problem! We have the ceo awesome uh. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any questions, please um, actually you can. I meet yourself and ask the question.

I don’t think, there’s any hands up right now, uh dave. We had michael on the call today with some great leaders, uh michael, come on in and say hello you’ve been here. Thank you so hard, fake, yes, fantastic job again and and before david jumps on. I just want to tell everybody, as breezy just said realize.

This is all about mathematics, this isn’t about. If i’m having a good day or a bad day, the mathematics are what happens and what muhammad is created. This is engineering of numbers, and so the numbers are what is going to accumulate our profits, whether we do it or not, and one of the cool things about this – that i’m learning is, we don’t have to learn trading.

We don’t have to sit there and figure out crypto. We don’t have to worry about what the market is, bringing or what’s happening in the world. The bot does all the transactions for us and, as breezy said, it stays in your wallet. There is no put your money in and then never be able to get it back out.

Somebody took off with your funds or none of that stuff we’re here. Our job as mabub said, is share this with people. Don’T get hung up on all the answers. Don’T get hung up on how the trading works? You can figure that stuff out as you go.

If you want to mess with the parameters but realize this was put into place, for average people the masses to have success, the masses to benefit from what all these people have been through through their previous experience in trading bots. Now we’ve all come together and we have a great bot. That’s going to do trades, you’re, never going to lose money on your trading. That’s how it’s designed! Then you compile that with a network marketing component, an affiliate piece where it’s free for everybody to participate.

There’s no barrier of entry, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can participate, there’s no excuse! Because it’s free everybody realize this. It’s free! You can come in for free and build your way to the top without any outofpocket investment.

Unbelievable! So again i just wanted to jump in here and thank you peter for everything that you’re doing and again i never say it enough, but my boob is the person that that brought me to the company, and you know he just told me about it. He was in dubai and i’ve been saying: where’s the slide deck where’s, the slide deck for a week and a half or two weeks you know, come on get us our links. You know just been burning up his phone, but coach and david and breezy and peter and especially mohamed, for making those decisions that is always putting the people first.

You all have to realize this. Putting the people first is what this company’s all about, and that’s what’s going to sustain this long term, this is something that you can put your flag in. You can be proud to invite it in your friends, your family members, your coworkers, and not have to worry about anything they’re dotting, every eye and crossing every t to make sure this is a sustainable business for all of us and our family, so peter i’ll be Quiet i appreciate you more than you even know brother.

I just i it’s so thankful to work with people that that have those types of morals and values of putting people over profits. Thank you, michael. Thank you. So much you’re, amazing, michael absolutely amazing.

I had the pleasure of meeting with michael over zoom over almost every single day he’s bringing new people to the table, and you know what he said. It’s true um this product itself is what makes the company you do not have to worry about. Building teams or anything the product itself is what’s unique and it’s unlike any other product.

I’Ve ever tried in the crypto space, i’ve traded about seven different bots last year and this product will sustain the market crash, which other bots were not able to do so. That’s why this works, because we have something special that we can offer to people and it we can offer this for free. So you can you know you use the product software for free anywhere in the world.

You don’t even have to pay for a package and then just put in attach your api key to your exchange and then test what just the parameters that mohammed has already set up. So this is a brilliant, brilliant uh platform for everybody in the world to participate in is david ready to come on. In not sure david are you there, buddy yeah, hey peter hi buddy good morning, nice, nice sweatshirt.

There good good to see you. How are you man, i miss you? I missed that room. We had some calls in that room where you’re sitting right now we had some dynamic dolls and david, i feel so empty without you.

You don’t have time. Indeed, hey listen, i am uh, i’m i’m excited. It’s uh, it’s 4 30.

Am i literally just i dragged myself out to get on this call to be with you guys, um. I i don’t get to get on this call as often as i’d like being uh uh being that it’s four o’clock in the morning but uh, i think about you guys all the time. So i went to jump on and we had the new presentation. I want to see you go through it.

I love the way. Peter tells the story, so i i i caught the end of it, but uh guys the uh, the presentation’s out, uh translations are being done. So if you guys are building teams in different areas with different languages, i think lucky’s on the call lucky’s working on some translations.

We’Ve got some other folks that are working on spam. I think right now in progress, we’ve got spanish, hindi, french, dutch. I think martin’s got uh russian coming, so we have some translations coming. If you need a translation and that’s not one of the language, oh and lucky is doing crayolas as well.

Uh, lucky anything else. Anything else on this. I think swedish. We have swedish and portuguese as well awesome wow guys, so i got to tell you we um, you know.

Obviously, we’ve been working to get the the presentation completed and approved by the attorney and uh. When we started down this road, i mean every challenge we have in in in the company today is because of the rate of our growth, and it’s it’s incredible challenges to face. You know we release the presentation and it felt like five minutes later. I was like okay where’s, the french where’s, the spanish first, so uh, you know the, but again is the enthusiasm of the leaders to to jump in and grab those and um and make sure that they are already working on it without within 24 hours, you’ve got Translations in progress, so if you’re building teams, then you have that to look forward to that’s for our team builders.

For those of you who are on the call and you’re interested in this because of the product. I think i heard both peter and breezy and michael already touch on the fact that the product is amazing and we’re proud that we have. We have something that we can lead with the product.

In fact, when we, when we start doing these, calls post launch most of what we’ll talk about on this on a call will be about the product uh. We we will do separate calls where we go into training with those of you who are building businesses, but we want those those people that come to the call to understand that we are proud of the product we stand on the product. The easybot will make them money if they are looking for an opportunity to make money they want. They don’t have to build a team to do that and that’s that’s absolutely powerful.

It is so so very powerful. I don’t. I don’t think that we’ve really grasped totally uh what we have here from our side from my side and the boob and coach ken. I think it’s starting to really uh we’re starting to see it.

I know peter and breezy, you guys are doing these calls every day, you’re, seeing it michael you’re, seeing it and what i mean by that is just the the how special how unique this opportunity is. You know i have the privilege of being on the calls with uh with folks who are who have big teams. I was on a call this morning, uh with some folks at six am and six am my time and uh tough questions like you know either. These are, these are folks that have massive organizations making six figures a month and they had some there’s some really great questions, some tough questions and we have we had a great conversation.

I’Ve been on a lot of those calls and the level of enthusiasm for people who have large teams. Large organizations who’ve been in this industry who understand the power of networking to see their enthusiasm for what we have and their commitment to come and build with us is really humbling in a lot of ways. And it’s it’s exciting for those of you who are building with us and you have an opportunity to be a power, a partisan founders club. I i want you to appreciate what this means for you is that you, you may not have a michael or a mabu on your team.

That’s that’s helping to build thousands and thousands of people. Maybe it’s it’s you, your hard work, your friends and your family, but if you’re part of founders club you get to leverage folks like like, and some of these some of these guys who are building large teams, because all of that everybody’s part everybody’s part in this. In this part of the the company and the growth of the company forever and ever and ever is part of that five percent pool, so we are building significant momentum.

I think founders club is a lot of why we’re doing that. I haven’t looked at the count. Lately, but we’re probably closing in on 8 000 members, and that’s just it’s just amazing guys. If i tell you the number that uh that was the target for our for our first year, uh we’re going to blow past that uh before you possibly will blow past.

That, before our first 30 days in business, so i’m just very very excited i’ll, hang out on the call, if you guys have questions um i’ll stay here and hang out with you and take any questions. Thank you, david awesome, to hear from you and you’re not getting much sleep. I see four three more.

No. I just watched this man just like go. Go, go, go, go he’s on calls all day he’s in the office taking meetings.

People are coming into the office. Um, you know he’s doing presentations back to back. It’s yeah, it’s go time, so yeah man, you guys.

I appreciate you peter and breeze. You guys show up here every night, every single day to do this presentation and give folks an opportunity to hear the story. So we’re all doing it we’re all you

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