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Let’s talk about free people, please free people, yeah trading that’d be great. Let me just uh get my excel sheet here and thanks for this time. I appreciate it guys, no problem, okay, so i’m making this thing from scratch. So forgive me if there’s any uh, if i’m going to take a little bit longer than normal.


So, okay now uh. Let’s talk about the ssf commission, software service fees, commerce! How is it made? It’s paid on 20 generations level, one level two up to level 20. Yes, so in percentage point of view, this level one we’re paying five percent level, two five percent level, 35 percent, five percent – so all the way down up to level five and then it’s four percent, that’s from level six up to level ten and then it’s one Percent all the way down up to level 18 and then 05 percent for level 19 and 05 percent.

For a little point, i just want you to help me with numbers uh, if you can myself okay. So this is the level and this is the percentage. So people – okay – let’s say the person on the top here – is – is a free member who’s started with just as low as 600. Let’s say he’s using two coins and it’s using two uh two coins.

So this person how many people of the same financial capability can, can he get give me an approximate number? I just ask you i mean you: can click this one, okay, okay, so how many people that he can get for free? Yes, who can trade? The same capital that he have a small council, small fry um, let’s say let’s say 20, so he goes 10 wide, correct, 20. Okay, he got 10 20 people there. So these 20 people how many people can they get? Let’s make a duplication down i’ll just stop at level. Uh 10: i’m not going to go deeper because there’s going to be crazy numbers.

So, okay now i know the average person only sponsors 23. But if you have a system uh you can get more. So if you help those 20 sponsor uh, i’m sorry, what’s the question now yeah those people? How many people can they sponsor? I mean each one: how many average people could they get? Well, average person could sponsor two, so that would double to to to 4 40.

Okay, so let’s take it all the way down with the same we’re not putting more than all the way down: okay, okay, so these are all three members: the capital traded per person, capital graded, 600 right per person. Okay, so the total capital is going to be the number of people multiplied by the 600, so this here multiplied by the number of people, pull it all the way down. Okay, so uh, as far as what we have seen now in your own account and what what was the average uh monthly possibility.

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I i know it’s not guaranteed it’s not uh next month, maybe very different than last month. So what kind of number do you want? Like the lady said before it was around percent three percent per month. Okay, so that’s, let’s consider the same number three divided by hundreds.

That’s the profit! That’s been made for the users, so those are free members, so the company is taking 30 right 30. This is the ssf ticket, so here this multiplied by 30, divided by 100, so that what the company gets from those trades. So what does the person on the top of this organization is getting? Is getting this percentage right? Yeah? Let’s see, yes, approximates monthly permission. So you just have to multiply this one, what the 30 percent of the company is taking multiply by the percentage that is getting for that level.

Okay, so that means the based on the numbers that you gave me right now. All of these are three members trading. Only 600 and the average monthly income is about three percent. That’s fine! So this person have a potential to make four thousand four hundred and fifty two per month: okay, those three members without anyone having to upgrade without him having to upgrade without anything else.

So he just need building this organization. What you need, however, or the person on the top he needs like, as per this example, to open all these five generations down. He needs five paid members, whether they’re, advanced or vip, and within the people.

They would get definitely and we’re, taking also the example based on the application of two. Only, of course he’s the only one who’s very serious about the business got the 20 people, but everyone else spreading approximately about two people all the way down. So this is the potential, and not only this.

We have also the matching bonus, so the matching bonus is for level one level, one and level two and one and level two. Let’s say the people in his level one and level two were doing exactly the same and they they’re getting this kind of income every month, so getting uh. 30. Sorry, eight percent of this, which is the earning of his downlines, multiplied by 20 people because they have 20 people level 1 for helping them well, the team so divided by 100.

This is per person, so multiplied by 20 people level, two matching boss. Again, this amount multiplied by three divided by hundreds, that’s per person, and then this is one multiplied by the number of people in level two instead of 40, so we have potential to make more 12 000 usd on the matching ones. If the people he helped the people in his downlines to achieve the same kind of structure, so this is the potential that for a free member who doesn’t who may be trading as low as 600.

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So this way from this income they can even increase the capital that they’re trading upgrade to vip even and open all that the 25 bucks that they and then the 30, then then, and when they go to um advanced in vip, that 30 becomes 20. So they get 10 profit and then they should focus on the three getting three so that they can get to the founders club. So they can get other things except inch by inch yeah you, you kill an elephant by one one bite at a time.

Exactly exactly exactly that’s why we, because we know actually we made this free membership is because we know that there are some people that might not be able to afford it. I know some place at some places. I have a friend that he who lives in in nigeria – he is his weekly income – is as low as four dollars, so he definitely will not be able to even afford, like trading 600 or paying the 250 for the package, but they have this vehicle. They can come in, they can pay zero start recruiting.

Maybe they can quit the job very soon uh, because the income that’s going to come from here is going to be much more than what they’re making at the moment with their uh with the job that they’re doing, but they still can join and do. But if we restrict restricted to only paid membership, then we are leaving out some of the people who might be needing of this uh vehicle to move forward and to feed their families and also to to generate kind of income uh a passive income. Thank you. So much sir thank you, gentlemen, and that that’s that’s, that’s beautiful! That’s beautiful! You know, because you see so much.

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You know he gets you kind of get discouraged with all the success that’s been thrown at 500, getting in and a thousand. But you know if you stay focused, then stay one person at a time. It’s gon na grow.

It’s gon na grow. Thanks a lot appreciate it

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