The Eazy Bot Is Officially Ready For All The Free Members Using Binance! Coinbase Pro Ready Soon!πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel, so i just got off of the official um grand opening of the easy bot. So yes, it is available should be available to all the free members right now. So if you check, if you go into your back office, you should like, if you go to bot management, there should be an option to just to get it going.

Eazy Bot

I have a lot of updates and a lot of interesting stuff to show you guys. I just have somewhere to go now, so that’s why i just quickly! I wouldn’t let you guys, know um, okay, so, but for now, if you just want to get the bot um set up so assuming you verified your binance wallet guys because that’s important um, if you haven’t verified your binance wallet yet verify it first, that’s the first Thing you do and then you can do your api management and all that you know to connect the bot with your exchange and obviously make sure your binance wallet is funded with as much as possible right because that’s where your trading capital is going to be that’s What the bot’s going to trade with um? Okay, so as you guys, can see i’m just here on my channel. So if you go on my youtube channel um the bot, the bot setup, video, that’s that was made by one of our leaders, um brynn. So let me just see which one it is uh, that’s one of these guys.

It’s, i think it’s um, oh, how to upgrade and activate your easy bot with uh my upline bring. So it’s this one guys. If i click on it now you will, you will see private oneonone support is exclusive for okay, so you’ll see it’s this one um.

This is what it looks like. So this is just to get your bot up and running for everyone using binance guys coinbase pro. Isn’T ready yet, but um yeah, yes, brain is gon na show you how to do your bot management.

It’s it starts from about. Let me just see into the video uh: where is it at? Let me just see: um. Okay shows you how to exchange uh.

That’s what i’m gon na be looking for: bot management management, uh! Okay, here we go yeah towards like the end of the video, mostly so all right, guys, um, that’s just a quick update from my side. Very exciting stuff happening guys very exciting announcement very exciting stuff that they showed us great stuff. Again.

Easybot Free Members

What i love is the transparency. Is they even showed us the back testing that they did for the trading um. Some results over over the span of a few months with a few different coins so that i will be updating you guys on uh, very, very soon as as soon as in a few hours from now. So i’ll do my best guys anyways guys uh yeah, thanks for watching the video don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

All my links are below, including my easybot signup link, um, all that for links for the telegram groups for the company zoom meetings everything’s there guys um all right have a good one, guys cheers

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