Eazy Bot Founder’s Club, Become One Of Only 1000 People Who Earn 5% Of The Company’s Monthly Revenue

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to this video, where i’m going to talk to you a little bit about the founders club um, so yeah i haven’t talked too much about this as of yet um, i got a lot of videos on My youtube channel about easybot in general um, but yeah. This is specifically this is for specific people right, the founders club, it’s for people who um you know are looking for something. Longterm uh.

Eazy Bot

You know company long term that they can be invested in for years and years and years to come, um and also you know, big leaders and yeah. I mean just guys looking for another stream of of income that could possibly last them for the you know the rest of their lives, so it’s kind of it makes you think of um. You know buying shares in a company and getting royalties for it every month. I mean it’s kind of the same thing with the founders club and except you can’t just throw money at it.

You know you can’t just buy shares and or be a shareholder and um. You know there you go and you get your royalties every month. You actually got to earn it as well.

So here are the requirements, i’m just going to talk about the requirements at first and then i’m going to talk about hypothetical numbers and what you could potentially get every month. You know once this is um what once you know this, they start paying the founders, and you know where it’s going to be in five years, ten years, whatever from now again guys. This is, i would look at this like a like a medium longterm, investment right in in yourself and yeah. Just just see it that way: okay, so founders club sharing a bonus pool representing five percent of all the company revenue.

So i’m just going to scroll up quickly, i’m going to go through the affiliate program, just quick and um, because some of this is still part of the old affiliate program, advanced package and the vip package and all that um. You know level one two there’s actually ten levels now so so they updated it. So yeah not just two levels for that anymore, but obviously the ssf commissions.

That still say that’s still the same 20 levels down: okay, so yeah for the leaders out there. This is, this is awesome. I mean 10 levels for the packages 20 levels for the service fee commissions. It’s just insane.

You know if you’re building, so if you want to build something medium and longterm you’re, tired of all all these rug pool, um scams, you know like scam, companies and easy bot is, is basically the best thing out there. You know when it comes to transparent transparency, sustainability and, basically um. There’s no rug pools here because again you’re always in control of your funds. You know you don’t need to send your trading capital to anyone.

You know easybot just trades for you, so you know just connected via api key to binance or kucoin, and it does the trading for you. Indeed, all the trades happen in finance and good coin, not in not on some platform. You know so just the point.

I’M gon na make is uh once you know. Obviously, once uh these, once you got these uh, you know what what did i want to say now, once the company has paid the affiliates uh and so and so and such you know, with service fees, i don’t know if they also take if the company also Takes the share out of the the packages um they might so but anyway, so if whether they do or don’t i don’t know, okay, i’m pretty sure they probably. But but let’s just say, even even just by taking the service fee commissions, i mean again, the service fee commissions you’re, looking at um every single trade right that you have on the free members, they take 30 of um.

You know what the trades went so so, if um, you know, let’s say the bot makes um a hundred dollars of profit for someone right and then for, and that is a free member, then obviously 70 percent goes to. Let me just go there. I think.

Where is in this presentation? I don’t think it’s on your, but anyway so 70 of that you know, um goes to the first well um, the you know 70 would would go to the person. You know they keep their profits 70 right and 30 um 30 of that will go to the affiliate so of that sixtyfive percent will go to the affiliates and thirtyfive percent. Of that thirty percent will go to the company right and then obviously with the paid members. It’s eighty twenty, so eighty percent the person keeps you know what the bot makes for them and then twenty percent goes to the affiliates and the company right.

So so so yeah, that’s basically part of you know. If you just cover the service fees, that’s what the company can make um, that’s that’s what they take um and then you’re sharing again. So that’s that’s going to be part of this five percent.

So um i’m going to go again on the qualifications here, the first thousand members to accomplish the following. Okay, so i just want to stop there because i just want to go to a point here that i want to make and um so yeah. As you can see at the founders club, they’re updating, so the qualified members um, i i heard from a little birdie – okay, i’m just i’m gon na say who and what and whatever, but there’s there’s only under a hundred founders.

Eazy Bot Founder’s Club

Okay – and i first asked if i was allowed to share this information, because you know it’s um yeah, i got it from basically someone high up so anyways um yeah, so it’s only 100 position less than 100 positions, full so for those interested in the founders club. They still, you still have a chance. I mean the company’s been running now for like what, since the 31st of march okay, so so we’ve been going april may and june right.

So it’s been. It’s been three months already, but only 100 founders so going on. That point is because you’re probably wondering you know emma, can i still make it yeah? It’s a story. She’s still probably i mean personally.

I think these founders positions will only be filled by the end of the year. That’s just at the right current rate. We go.

Maybe it’ll take a few months longer than that. You know maybe the beginning of next year, um, so so yeah there’s still basically a chance to to make it um, and then i just want to go on my organization always go my wallets and show you guys. Where you’ll see your founder position.

You know um bonuses, okay, so so this is where you’ll you’ll see it. You know it’s it’s a monthly as well as a standard, monthly payment, so five percent of what the company makes so now, you’re wondering okay. How many members are there so currently there’s about 50 to 60 000 people um? That’s that has uh signed up. You know to the founders club, no sorry uh, i signed up to easybot but um, so free that includes free members, advanced members and vip.

You know those who got the vip package right so 50 to 60, 000 and eventually you’ll see guys um we’ll be at a hundred thousand. There will be a million 100 10 million 100 million. I think we can at least get to 10 10 to 100 million um people using the easy bot, because, again it’s it’s.

Firstly, it’s free to use, look, you can get the packages and i talk about this in different video, the potential and that you know the benefits that you get from the packages but uh the you know it’s again it’s this. This is anyone can use this right. Anyone can use the bot for free and you know upgrade if they so choose, but the main thing is even offer the people. You know the free members, you still the company, well the affiliates and the companies still making money, because you know off of the service fees because again, like i mentioned their service fees um every time the bot wins a trade right.

The company takes a small percentage and that gets allocated to the affiliates and into the company itself right, and i guess a big chunk of that is going to go to the founders club bonus as well, so yeah guys uh. Sorry for the long explanation of a few other things but yeah, let’s get back to this qualifications, and then it’s because i keep jumping around too much sorry, okay, so sponsor three members who are advanced or vip subscribers trading, at least six hundred dollars, so guys you At least one you at least need to be a vip member yourself, which is, if you don’t know, it’s a thousand dollars to be a vip member right and then you got. Then you got the benefits of that, where you can trade, all the coins and such and such you know, it’s a lot of benefits to being a vip member um and but then you also need three members right. So so this is you right this this guy? At the top and anyway so this is you, then you then then you’ve sponsored three three people right.

They decide to get the advance package, so you’re a vip. They have advanced, so they can either be vip or advanced. It doesn’t matter they, but they at least have to be advanced for you to qualify for the founders club right. So you have to be a vip member.

What else do you need? You need to have at least six. You need to be at least trading with six hundred dollars. You know with the easy part in your coin: finance exchange right there. Then then they need to have three advanced um.

You know members under them so that they sponsored right so in total, you’re gon na you’re gon na need 12 advanced, p, advanced, uh members under you or you know in your team. Basically so it’s quite simple again: there’s three three members advanced packages or higher or vip and and then they need to do the same right and then you have your 12 and then obviously yeah. Then you you qualify for the founders club and obviously you’ll, say oh, why they make it so hard or whatever you know, for some people, the big leaders for this is not hard but anyways, specifically speaking to the the big leaders. It’s it’s not hard to get to vip um to get on the founders club.

For those you know what you know for those who are affiliate, marketers and gogetters, and and that really want us – you know i don’t know what they’re doing, but even for those people that are just getting started on. You know on the online journey, it’s still possible. If you really, if you want, if you wanted enough, you know if you really, if it’s something that you would like so yeah, it’s it’s definitely possible guys.

Like i said, less than 100 positions have been filled so yeah. Let me just do some number crunching, i’m just going to do it, some simply on a calculator um. So let’s say now: after the company has um, you know paid affiliates and they eventually they’ve taken their share right.

So let’s just go on a small amount. First, you know um because it’s still a startup, so i think in the beginning, you know you know that farthest. Bonus is not going to be a lot.

You know, i don’t know, you know how much the company is making, but i’m assuming we’re still a startup. You know only 50 to 60 000 members, and i say only because i mean eventually we’re going to be in the millions um. So yeah you got about 1 million right then i would so.

Let’s say that: that’s that’s what the company’s making 1 million. So then we just then we say uh times, 5 divided by 100 um, it’s basically five percent of of a million right, and what’s that fifty thousand and then you have to divide the fifty thousand by uh, a thousand okay. So that that’s not a lot.

That’s like uh 50 bucks right. That’s that’s only if the cup is making a billion, so this is extremely modest um right, let’s go to bigger numbers. Obviously, then, if, if the company’s making 10 million then going by that same calculator, same calculations, um five percent of what the company makes you know again that would that goes to the founders, so that would be 500, no uh. It’s it’s something i mean now.

They make now you’re making something. So if the company is starting to make a hundred million a month, that would be like five thousand dollars. You know five percent five thousand, then you know five percent of that is obviously five million. They need to work out to five thousand dollars going to each founder every month, right passive.

You know once you’re a founder. It’s it’s gon na that money is gon na keep rolling into you. So, as the company grows, you’re gon na get paid more and more and more, you know, as the company makes more you make more right, because that five percent is going to going to increase and increase and increase right.

So let’s say the company is making a billion like like they taking home a billion dollars right and you’ll, say whoa. That’s a lot um! There’s a lot of companies out there that are making a bit like a lot of big companies that are making a billion a month and i believe easybot can get there because again, if you look at it this way guys it’s the company’s making. I mean a company as as a great product.

That’s stands out from everyone else. Um, it’s longterm, it’s something again! It’s something that there’s! No! You can’t get scammed or anything you know, even if easybot, even if they said if they had to disappear tomorrow. You know your trading capital, your money would still be safe in your own wallet. It would still be there.

It wouldn’t disappear. You know, along the platform that i’ve seen with many other platforms. You know, platform goes down. Website goes down boom, your money that you have in there, including the profits you made it’s gone but easy bot.

You don’t have that issue right, that’s the main! That’s where easybot stands out from from these other companies and the thing is platforms and the bot works. It makes profits for you and you know it’s been proven. It’s got a proven system, great affiliate program, all those things that you want they’re doing everything right so i mean again long term can can easybot make a billion dollars a month.

I believe so right that they’re taking home, because i mean eventually if they get to millions and millions of members trading and you’re gon na – have the big investors you’re gon na have guys uh putting in a hundred dollars. You’re gon na have guys putting in well. I would say putting in you know like trading like having the easybot trade 100 you’re gon na. Have the easy you can have guys.

You know having the easybot trade thousand dollars for them in your in their exchange. You can have guys invest putting in ten thousand dollars for the bot to trade with a hundred thousand. Even a million you’ll get those big investors, because if they can see that they can make decent returns, you know realistic returns, um on a monthly basis and without worrying you know is my capital say for not then wow the sky’s, the limit guys in terms of Growth right so again we just what was this a billion, so we said we said five thousand we’ll go to each five.

Five thousand will go to each founder with a hundred million, so fifty thousand um will basically they will go. You know if the company’s making a billion, then you know five percent of that – will go to the thousand founders and then it’ll work out about 50 000 for each for each founder, if i’m not mistaken a month and and that’s very, very good money – and this Is i mean again, i think the company can even walk home with more than a billion a month, but let’s but let’s stop it at a billion. Because again i just it’s just hypothetical numbers, guys i’m not promising anything um.

But i’m just saying like the potential. The potential is there to to have that extra stream of income right. You know, obviously, with the with the bot itself. You can eventually with with it, compounding your returns.

You know over a few years or so you can make a good amount of money. You know just investing just using the bot all good right with affiliate program. If you’re a business builder like myself, then then obviously yeah you, you can make a lot of money there, as well with the bot with that. So then, you’ve got two things that you’re making money with the founders club is just another bonus income, a third stream of income that you have with the easy bot right so you’ll have.

At the end of the day, i mean i mean easy bot is offering you three streams of income. If you know, including the founders club, if, if you decide the founders club is something that you want to go for and that’s why i say the founders club is isn’t for everyone. It’s for people specifically that that really want to do it right for for big leaders. You know online that are again looking for something long term to build for people who aren’t big leaders, but want to be big leaders.

You know to go, get us right and for guys who just want to be a part of the founders club, but they don’t really want to recruit. I mean there’s people that would literally that that would buy. You know people that would they would buy.

Basically, other people advanced packages just to get on the founders club, so obviously they would buy themselves a vip package. They would. They would look for three people and say: okay.

Well, i’m just going to buy you advice package and then they would even buy advanced packages for those three people you know under under the you know the three people on the first line. There are people that would do that right because obviously yeah they have the money and yeah they they they see the potential right, maybe you’re, not shortterm at longterm. You know you have people that are longterm in you know have that longterm investment, you know um, brain or thinking so so yeah i mean i i can talk about this more uh, but yeah.

Let me just see what else is there that i wanted to share? As you can see guys, i don’t have a lot in my easybot wallet because, like i said my the money that the body is trading with is in my finance account right. This is just for service fees, and what’s nice is, i can always just add it if i do need, if, if i do need um more, you know like me to top it up, for you know so that the bot can take the service fees. I can do that at any time. You know i just send some usdt to it, but anyways.

That’s just on the side note for those who don’t know, because that’s that’s an important point guys again, if um, the the whole safety thing of your funds, um company overview, okay, so yeah great subscription, so yeah guys. That’s! Basically, i can talk about a but a bunch of other stuff now, but i just i just wanted to cover the founders club, because it’s again it’s for specific people, i’m looking for you know these big leaders that – and i spoke again – i was on a zoom Call yesterday i spoke to two big leaders. You know who are interested in the founders club well, well, one’s already a founder and the other ones are interested in. You know the founders, club and um.

You know something to shoot for so yes, i am looking for specific people. You know again, if you want to. If you want to talk to me personally, you know if you’re serious about this, then then send me a message on what’s up and we can talk about it. We can arrange the zoom call um yeah, you know and discuss easybot the whole company.

You know and we can discuss the founders club um. This is something that that i’m gon na shoot for um. You know i’m gon na try my best to get there because, obviously, as you guys know, i’m not i’m not a rich guy, you know i can’t buy packages for everyone like that um and such and such you know it’s, but but um, i’m one of those Guys i’ll try my best i’ll i’ll, try and work my way up and if, if i can become a founder great, but the thing is i’m not limiting myself so so i’m definitely going to shoot for it because there’s some massive potential long term.

If if the company becomes massive like really massive, like a unicorn, a billion dollar company, you know, then, then that again, this five percent is is gon na is gon na, be a really good. You know stream of income every month i mean it’s like again. It’s like, like i mentioned it’s you’re gon na get money for doing nothing just or just not for doing nothing. Just for of like like for for doing something once you know for just becoming a vip member and getting your 12 people and then it’s going to pay you for the rest of your life, along with you know, using the bot affiliate program again guys what what? What more can you ask for and um again, like the like? What i always mention is you have something like this that you can promote to people right without shame without without um? You know any doubt that that who’s, the ceo who’s um, you know who’s running the company um do they show their faces.

Um are my fun safe, there’s, no there’s no doubt at all like you could literally go on a zoom call and you could speak to the ceo himself face to face right, um and if, if you have any questions or queries whatever i mean like what kind Of where are you going to get that transparency? You can literally, and then you know on the trading side, you can actually see the trades happening in your own exchange. You could go in your own exchange and all the trades will be happening there. You know you’ll see you’ll, obviously see um in your easy bot back office. Well, how much the body is making for you right.

You know um, but you know again those prophets are going into your wallet as well. So you know again, i don’t want to be like a sound like a hype, man or something like that. You know, i’m just being being honest and realistic here is like where, where else are you going to get that transparency with any other company? Yes, you’re you’ll, probably get you’ll, probably get like programs that will what they will like um promise. You fix returns every day, but but they’ll never the most.

Basically all of them won’t be. They can’t show you the actual, there’s actual trades happening in the background and there’s always gray areas. You know like, like things that problems with with the with the platforms again with easybot. It ticks all the boxes in my books, so again guys big leaders out there.

If you’re interested in the founders club uh feel free to contact me and we can even work, we can work together to try to get you um. You know to get to your your 12 people um and then you know, let’s, let’s all try and shoot for the founders club. I think you know for again go get us out there. Let’s do it guys, let’s do it all right.

So hmm, i think uh. That’s that um there’s nothing more when it’s a cover. I keep thinking.

There is um, but i don’t think i think there’s anything i did. I did mention like more or less what you what you can make um. You know what the company’s gon na make so yeah. I think that’s it guys um as usual, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel again guys any questions or curious comment below or even send me a message on.

Whatsapp, if you’re interested in all that okay guys and have a good one cheers

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