Eazy Bot Updates, New “Get Started” Feature Added To The Dashboard And More.

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to this easy bot update. So i just want to talk about a few new features: uh that have been added to the back office while basically one new feature um. So it’s it’s basically um! It’s it’s this! Well: okay, it’s uh! This welcomes you easy by click here to get started, um and then also don’t forget the notification bell.

Eazy Bot Updates

You know on all the latest um videos zoom recordings that are basically um. Some of them have high importance. You know it’s a lot of good information there and then also another feature. I’M actually going to look at this myself for my back office.

I’Ll have a look at it. Now they posted this in the group. You can send um usdt with the bep20 chain. Um.

That’s one of that’s the binance chain. I think one of the binance chains – uh yeah, you well, you can use it now. Basically, so you can send usd trc20 to easybot or usdt bep20 and again guys, i’m going to say this for the hundredth time.

For those who don’t know yet that you don’t you don’t need to send any any of your trading capital to easybot, so the money that the bot is trading with is always in your binance or kucoin wallet, safe and sound. You can’t get scammed. Okay can’t get scammed here because your money’s always in your control and you can make money on your money um right, that’s what makes easy bots so great.

Compared to these other platforms. You know where it’s basically it’s touch and go that’s a different story, but all right, so the only time you’re gon na need to send money to easybot is obviously when, when you know for a little bit like ten dollars or twenty dollars for the service fees, Um, you know, because obviously easybot does not have any access to your to your um funds in your binance or kucoin wallet. So, in order for them to take their service fees or the trading fees, you just have to leave a little bit of money in your easybot wallet which isn’t much um and then another, and then the second one is.

If you want to buy a package. Okay, i’d only recommend that if you, if you have five thousand dollars or more to trade with all right, so i know a lot of you are already sick of hearing this from me. Uh, you know, but um. So there are, there are people out there that still ask me the same question and um.

You know there’s new people, so i have to try and cater to everyone all right, guys um. So so, if you do click on, let me just take that off. If you do click on welcome to easybot click here to get started so for especially for all the new people, this is great because um, you know you don’t even need to go to all my.

I already have all the videos on my youtube channel. You know that that you need to get set up with and everything but um. This can just take you straight to it all right, but for this so for all the south african guys um, i would say: there’s one video that you should look at on my channel um uh right but anyways.

You can contact me just send me a message. Um on whatsapp, if you need help getting set up uh because again, you’re gon na have to go to you know, buy x or p on luna and then send x or p2 binance, or i don’t know how cool coin works. I don’t use. I use binance.

So if you can send you know money to google directly from your your bank account. You know to kucoin then do that if the charges aren’t too much but otherwise go through, you know, bikes i’ll, be sending to binance, convert it in the exchange and um to usd trc20 or b or yeah um. Okay and yeah, then you’re sorted all right um. I just want to look at that feature.

Uh my wallets. Okay. I just need login again.

Okay, the color scheme changed. I do not like this light. Color scheme, some people like it, i prefer the darker one, it’s better, in my opinion, um.

Okay. This is something else. This is affiliate commissions. I just want to say deposit.

Aha, as you can see, usdt be p20. So you pick what you want to do. I i usually go with usdt or trc20.

I think that’s got the lowest fees, but you know you do what you want to do just saying it’s an option now: okay, so another thing is um. If you want to get set up, you can simply sign up for free below the video right. Just click on my signup link sign up.

You want to get set up, welcome to easybot, so especially for everyone. You know all over the world you can. This is for everyone. I just mentioned the south african guys because i’m a south african myself, so we can’t buy um crypto directly with our bank cards on binance.

So i don’t know why it’s just one of those things, so i just thought i’d mention that as usual all right. So then, you just choose if you’re using um here or easybot, getting started steps if you’re using binances for binance, if you’re using kucoin, you click on kucoin and it will take you to a video by bren. I think he’s my upline somewhere because i signed up under someone who’s, basically in his team, so um yeah he’s sitting figuring online, he’s the one who does the videos, so you can just click on either one of them and – and you should be – you know, sorted All right guys um as usual um, you know if you need help with anything uh, just pop me, a message on whatsapp and then all the system, all my links are below the video, including the telegram groups, to the zoom calls and all that so yeah guys Feel free to reach out anytime right, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one cheers

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