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Thank you for joining us on the easy bot corporate update call today is monday, may 16th at 12 pm eastern standard time. Welcome to everyone here in the world. We have uh david on the call, and we also have peter we’re trying to see who else is going to be joining us today and then um we’ll give you all the updates that we have so david. Are you available at this time? I am good afternoon.

Eazybot Updates

So uh it’s monday, monday, 12 noon here on the east coast of the us. It’s a good day, uh to be in the world of crypto last week was rough. Last couple of weeks have been rough and um. It’s exactly why we’re here! It’s exactly uh! It’s it is this moment the moments that we just lived through, that is uh, really the genesis of why easybody exists and so to live through it and to experience how easybot has handled itself as a solution to this very problem has been an exciting, exciting thing And uh, if you don’t know what i’m talking about, then uh you missed it.

So let me get you up to speed. We did something really amazing on friday and hopefully, if you’re on this call, you caught that call or uh you’ve seen the notification in your back office, but we had an amazing call. Uh muhammad see our ceo muhammad was on spent some time with us on friday and again on saturday, with our with our spanish speaking community and went through the performance of easybot in the last couple of weeks. Looked at a live account and answered a number of questions about how easy bot has performed and how it’s managed navigating some of these really volatile moments.

In the last couple of weeks, we looked at a a particular coin in an account that is, 71 has dropped. 71 percent, since it started trading about five weeks ago, 71 drop and easybot is still trading opening and closing and making profits in that account. So guys, if you haven’t seen that um.

If you haven’t seen that that recording, i strongly strongly recommend that you take some time go through that call it’s about an hour long, but in the first 20 minutes or so you’ll you’ll get the picture. You’Ll see the story and if you hang out, you’ll get some uh some additional insights through the q, a so fantastic guys. You know, obviously nobody hopes for the market to be down, and certainly we don’t either. We all all of us would prefer.

The markets are up and our portfolios are growing, but for us it was really a week of celebration because there was, you know incredible proof of concept that when, when the market does these crazy things, like drop 50 60 70? What what happens to easybot? Of course we got an opportunity to see that, and you know, there’s there was the lunas of the world, which obviously we just can’t do anything about, and so that also uh happened in the last week. Luna for those of you who aren’t super clear on. What’s going on in the world with luna, luna was one of the top cryptocurrencies.

We actually had it in our portfolio available for members to trade and for a number of reasons. It crashed lost 99 of its value, uh, almost literally overnight and uh, and it’s many people think it’s done. It’s never coming back and it’s attachment to its uh to its partner. Stablecoin ust has also crashed, and so this this will be a story that will be told in the in the uh.

In the histories of telling crypto and the beginning days of crypto, luna will be a story that will be told it was a major major event, and so we we’re living through it. We’re witnessing it. So let me talk a little bit about a couple of things that we’ve done uh to address some of those issues with what we’ve seen in luna uh. What when, when we saw the effect of of that coin, going uh almost like steam like to zero and it’s pretty close to zero? Today we stopped making luna available to trade in easy fight.

I think finance uh not long after stopped making it available for you to trade as well. So there wasn’t there wouldn’t have been an option, otherwise um so right now, luna is not an option that you can select as a new coin to trade. If you are already trading, luna finance isn’t going to trade it for you.

Eazy bot Trading Update

So my recommendation is: if there’s a if there’s something that you’re holding in your finance account in luna just leave it there delete that bot and uh and then hope for the best. Maybe that maybe it rallies, but just let’s move on it’s just one of those anomalies in the world of crypto. That will happen from time to time. This is the inherent risk of being an investor, and so one of the things that we’re in testing for right now, because it’s it’s brought a light to the industry on stable coins and, of course, usdt has had uh some question around its stability, and it even Was tested its its own stability was tested last week and usdt tether dropped as low as 95 cents, which really is very concerning in the broader scheme of things, this stable coin should be pegged to the us dollar, which means it really should never vary very far Away from the us dollar, hence calling it stable and so even a night, even a drop to 95 cents was a little bit of a concern, but it recovered very quickly um.

Nonetheless, there is some concern in the broader crypto industry about usdt. So we’re aware of that we are currently testing busd as an alternative stablecoin um, not to re not to move away from usdt but to add as an option for users. So we’re testing that this week and uh look for more information on that coming um. It’s not a it’s uh, it’s early in our testing phase, so again, just something that we’re conscious of what’s going on in the marketplace and looking for alternatives and solutions for you guys.

So that’s! What’s up um, i saw muhammad pop into the room. I want to defer to uh to our ceo muhammad. If you had anything specific that you wanted to talk about, i don’t want to ramble here.

I want to give you the floor and let you jump in and share anything. That’s on your heart, all right, while muhammad may or may not be able to jump in with us we’re up to 85 people on the call good to see you guys, uh! Welcome to our easy about monday corporate update, call we’re glad you’re here on this call we’re just going to go through uh, some of the things that are happening, the most important things you need to know about what’s happening in the world of easy buy. There are a couple of big announcements. I just talked a little bit about something.

That’s that’s happening. You know, what’s happened in the world of crypto uh make sure you get the you watch the video the easiest way to access that video is just go into your back office. Look for the notifications! Tab you’ll see a bell at the top of your dashboard and click on that bell, and the last notification is a link to where you can see the replay from the video that muhammad went through last week, where he shows you bot performance um. A couple of things that you can you can look forward to coming in in the very near future is we are launching kucoin whoops.

Sorry, i’m you button. We are in the final phases of testing kucoin, and so let me see if i can grab a uh something to share here. So here’s what kucoin provides for us before i even go down the kucoin road.

Let me say this because i think we’ve had a few people that have been waiting on um on us to release uh coinbase, and so we haven’t talked about coinbase for a while. Let me talk about coinbase and where we stand as it pertains to coinbase um. If you have been following what’s happening in crypto, one of the other big stories, potentially the biggest story of last week, that caused so much of the volatility in the crypto markets was this story from coinbase.

That suggests that they may have to file bankruptcy and as a result of having to file bankruptcy, that the funds that their users have in their crypto wallets in coinbase may be at risk. Just think about that for a minute um. This is it’s almost surprising.

This isn’t a bigger story than than it is but uh major crypto exchange, coinbase uh, basically saying they’re they’re, not sure of their financial stability. So for that reason, amongst others, our development of of uh coinbase as a as an exchange partner, has come to an indefinite pause and uh. The timing is is perfect for us, because we are just around the corner from launching kucoin, so we’re excited about kucoin, because uh it’s going to allow you guys.

Those of you who have not yet had access to trading kucoin will allow you to create an api, create an account without having to get id verified and create an api connection, and we can also do a trusted ip on kucoin, with an a with our api. Uh that trusted ip means simply that cool coin will only execute trades that are authorized through the easybot platform. It keeps your account safe, that’s what we just implemented for binancecom and us so same thing for crew coins.

Easybot Coinbase KuCoin

We’re really excited about that uh. That is coming. We’re in the last last little days of last few days of uh testing mohamed’s been trading successfully in uh in kucoin.

So look for look for more announcements coming. We don’t have an exact date to tell you on a release just yet uh we’re pushing to get it out for you guys this week and as soon as we have an exact date we’ll make that announcement. So that’s big big news, coinbase permanently or indefinitely on hold for the moment, but we are very excited to say that uh, you can look forward to kucoin, we’ll, have guides and updates ready for you guys this coming week, so that when kucoin is released, it’s very Very easy to set up there are a couple different steps from what you’re going to do with your binance setup.

So look for that guy to come out this week, all right. The other thing that uh happened over and it’s also an announcement in your notifications, but in the event that you haven’t seen it. The other thing that you should be aware of is that all bots are now available per the subscription level. So for our free package members, you can now trade up to two bots and for our advanced package members.

You can now trade up to 10 bucks and our vip package. Members can now trade all available coins, so very very excited about that. Everybody’s got complete full access, big big deal here and so we’re uh make sure we want to make sure you guys who have been waiting to be able to trade some additional coins additional bots. It is now available to you fully based on the package that you’re subscribed to all right.

So those are the uh updates, some of that stuff we’ve already talked about, but there is something that we haven’t talked about. We did mention it on the business builders call. So we do a call every saturday for our business builders.

Those are the folks that are really focused on taking advantage of our affiliate rewards program. We are a product driven company. We are absolutely in love with our product.

We want to spend most of our time. Talking about our product, but we share our product with others through this amazing affiliate rewards program that rewards you for sharing the story of easybot. There’s really no better story than the word of mouth in your own personal experience and being able to reach out to folks and build a team.

If that’s what you choose to do, have an amazing rewards program. So we do that call every saturday uh specifically designed to inform, educate, inspire motivate our affiliates who are out there sharing the story of easy vibe. So they got a sneak peek on saturday of some big news, i’m going to see if muhammad is able to come in.

I want muhammad to should be able to share this story or this uh. This event. This decision that’s been made that i think is going to be absolutely phenomenal for those of you as it pertains to founders club for those of you who are already qualified for founders club and are working towards qualification uh.

This one is for you so before muhammad comes in just to give him a moment. Um, a couple of things pertaining to founders club, so founders club prequalification, is going to come to an end at the end of may, because going into june we will 100 for sure have kucoin available for every member to trade, so everyone will have access to to An exchange where they can trade the minimum required amount of six hundred dollars. So look for that um.

Look for that to look look for it as we go into june 1st for us to start um displaying the total qualified members, so we’re not currently displaying prequalified members, but we will start showing qualified members beginning in june and muhammad, if you’re, in a position. If you jump in and talk about the decisions that’s been made as it pertains to founders club, did we lose muhammad? Yes, uh? Oh there you go, okay, hey come on in and tell them the good news, okay, so yeah regarding the founders club. Actually, we have, because there are some people who already got qualified uh, so we need to really incentivize those people who really took to uh took a step uh and really build their team and uh help us as a company to grow to start rewarding those people. So uh and since we have we we’re going to have popcorn uh very soon, uh available for everyone to to trade.

Easy Bot Founder Member

So anyone can trade and get fully qualified uh starting from end of june uh, to be specific. The first week of july we’re going to pay the founders club, the commissions and in end of june, beginning of july. We’re going to pay actually not only for the month of june, we’re going to pay all the previous month like june and from march march, because it starts from middle of march, so we have half of march april may and june.

So three and a half months will be paid at once to all the qualified uh team members, all the qualified people to understand, regardless of the number, even if they are just only one person qualified still, this person will get to get the whole the whole five Percent of the last four months, so this is a really uh good incentive to everyone here to start getting qualified. You have still one month to get qualified. You have to coin to trade.

With you have finance, you have finance dot us uh. You can get qualified very easily again. Maybe david or coach can go through the requirements for qualifications, but but this is going to be, i think, a good chance for everyone to start really uh getting into the club and uh and and reserve the seat. Basically, in the founders club yeah, this is this is the the big news that we wanted here today, because we didn’t have actually a defined date for when we’re going to to complete the 1000.

Initially, we wanted actually to complete the 1000 uh member stress before we start trading, because we spent like a couple of two or three months for the people to get qualified and uh, but but unfortunately, the exchanges were not in place. Now we have the exchanges in place, so we want to start rewarding the people, build your team, get qualified for funders plot and you start getting paid by end of june, beginning of the relative, precise

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