Eazy Bot| Another Slow Trading Day| Made 2 More Package Sales Today On Level 2 And 3๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

Hello, everyone and welcome again to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, a video so yeah guys just a quick little update as usual um. I’M still waiting for my uni swap uh trades uh to take profit, i’m still waiting for the bot to sell off all these positions. Again, the market has been pretty difficult. The last um few days as you guys can see so my bot bought in.

If we look at where it brought in at bought 8 17 pm the 31st of uh july. So if we have a look at that the 1st of 31st of july at that time, so basically around around here, because this uh trading use time is different. In my time zone so yeah i bought around here somewhere market dropped, the bot brought in you, know, dollar cost averaging. Then the market swung back up again uh and it just didn’t go up quite enough to actually take profit because, as the average price is eight dollars at 64 cents, it just um, it needs to at least go up by 15 percent above the average price you Take profit so yeah that that didn’t quite happen yet um but yeah.

Eazy Bot

You know that’s the markets guys. This is the point we make is: is that uh easybot cannot manipulate the markets cannot force the markets to move. It can only follow the markets right. The markets are the markets guys they move, whichever way they fee, whichever way to feel like it, it’s it’s just how it goes so, but the easybot will follow the markets and eventually, we’ll make profits for you.

You know, as as some of the proven results you’ve seen again, i always bring up the slide. This picture, i mean um, as you can see guys. These profits are really good, considering that we’re in a bear market we’re still in the downtrending market, so in a bull market.

It’s going to be really interesting to see. I might we might see three four times five times. Maybe the the returns right compared to this, who knows right, no promises, i’m just saying, based on the data we’re seeing um but but yeah generally writing.

If, if the market is more bullish, the bot will tend to perform a way way better right, but the fact that we’re still making profits in a crashing market tells tells you the story right other bots on doing that. That’s where easy bot stands up, so yeah guys um just a little weight, but i had you know i had one bitcoin trade. I was trading with bitcoin before this. Let me just show you guys my results so far: uh bitcoin from 5th of july to the 29th of july, and i made 72 profit for 24 days.

I did really really really good there with bitcoin um. So then i switched over to uni swap 04. So, foreign and guys this is based on the amount i had i added funds since then, so i work out my percentages based based on you know the amount i have at the time.

If i, if i add funds, then i just um, adjust it accordingly right. So these are accurate percentages that i’m giving you guys again. You can just go back back to my previous videos.

You know if you want to see that so yeah seven point: six percent of foreign hasn’t even been a month yet guys. So i’m really really happy with this. I’M really happy with the performance of the bot um, you simply again you’re just waiting for this trade. It’s been in now for well, it started this.

This cycle started or the session started on the 31st, so it’s been in now for uh, two and two and a half days, yeah two and a half days, because it’s this was in the afternoon. Well, this was at night. I mean this straight when it was triggered, so you have august august, it’s the first of the second of august yeah. So two and a half days, that’s almost two and a half days.

It’s been in so which isn’t a long time guys like i said my one bitcoin trade took five days to take profit because the market was just simply not doing anything. But but the point is it still take profit. The bot will never sell at a loss guys it will just wait until it gets into profit and then it will solve your positions right.

So again, it’s just mainly be patient. So this is what it’s done so far with uni, swap these little again guys. It will make little profits that add up to big profits over time, so yeah but um. So these profits were made, as you guys can see.

My buying was was lower right. It was first twelve dollars twelve dollars per position. Then it went up to fourteen almost fifteen dollars, uh buying per position, then uh. Sixteen and again guys.

I added funds added funds again from some of the commissions i made um number and i’m up to 2139. So, the next time the bot buys in a position it’s going to buy in 2139 worth of uniswap coin right, as you guys can see it’s born in the uni swap coin. It’s just waiting to get into profit and it will sell off to usdt right and then it will just continue that same cycle again and continue continue, rocking and rolling and making some profits for you right and then at the end of the month.

You know um you’ll make a pretty good return and again guys, i’m promising anything. Just just saying right, the bot is is performing and making good results. So this is obviously where your capital is like.

I said guys, it’s brought in the actual uni swap coins. Um waiting for the price of uni swap to go up and you can choose whatever coin you want to. I just chose uni swap because it tends to be a pretty pretty good coin.

So, let’s see, let’s hope for this month. It’s pretty good as well. Uh order history, as you guys can see those are all the positions the bot brought in and it’s just waiting to sell off and, as you can see, some of the positions that sell it sold off and made a little bit of a profit. So yeah now we’re just waiting, but but but as you guys can see, this is where the trading is going on.

So this is where your cap, your trading capital, has to be um. You only need to to have like a little bit like, depending on how much how much funds you’re trading with but yeah just a little bit of usdt in your easybot wallet just to cover the service fee. So just keep that in mind.

If there’s no, if there’s no money in your easybot wallet, then the bot will stop trading, because you know um again: easybot has no access to your funds and your binance or coupon exchange. You can also use kucoin it’s by the way um. So the only way they can take the service fees is, if you have a little bit of money in your easybot wallet just a little bit like, i literally usually leave five to ten dollars, i’m trading with like what six hundred and thirty dollars now.

So maybe ten dollars should last. You should last me at least a month. I would think maybe less maybe like. If it’s going, i mean it just depends on well, it’s anything from two weeks to a month.

It will last me and then i’ll just have to um top up my wallet again, but that’s not an issue right. If the bot keeps making profits for you, you don’t mind paying that 20 or 30 service fee uh. One thing that i wanted to actually go through is um yeah. I think that’s that uh, i don’t think, there’s anything else.

Oh yeah, just basically um service fee commission, i mean service fee. Well, just my commissions, i made some more some more commissions, guys, just by the way um yeah just keeps rolling in um two package advanced package upgrade on level two and three, and i received twenty dollars and twelve dollars for that. So thirty two dollars, so i mean the last.

If you look at the last few days, um got some service fee commissions. There uh package, sale commissions was pretty good, i mean literally from the 30th of july. Let’s take it from there. I had one commission on 26th of july as well, but let’s take it from between from the 30th of july 30 72 dollars plus 60 dollars is 100, 132, 144, 156 um, 156.

216. All right, that’s yeah, 216, uh, 228 and uh 248. So almost 250 dollars.

Just made from the 30th of july so like four days pretty good, just with just with um commission package, sell commissions guys so again, if you’re only interested in the trading. Fine just use the bot guys no problem just enjoy it. But if you’re also interested in the affiliate program, it’s very lucrative, um and again guys with with proper duplication. Once you build a big team, you can build this for the long term.

That’s the thing and if you wan na and if you wan na work with six and seven figure earners on a daily basis like i do then again guys just feel free to send me a message on whatsapp or you can join one of my telegram groups. The links for that is below my video and you know they start working together. You know otherwise just enjoy the bot, so yeah guys again just keeps rolling in, and you know the quality people are are buying. Packages for the big thing again is: if you go back to this um picture, it’s because of diver, you know you have to consider diversifying your portfolio.

Right is obviously i don’t have a lot a lot of capital yet to actually start diversifying properly, but i will in the future um because then you just have more opportunities right. The more coins you’re trading with the more opportunities you have to profit um. You know you don’t have to be stuck with one coin.

Like me, i can i’m i’m thinking of eventually switching to two coins, maybe 315 dollars per queen um, but i’ll i’ll see um. I just want to give uni uni swap a little bit of a chance. Uh but yeah, so i mean diversification. If you can then cool, if you can’t, then it’s also fine guys just enjoy again.

You can trade with up to two coins with a free package, but if you, if you really want to you know trade with, i don’t know five coins ten coins just make sure i mean you got enough capital right to take advantage of it. There’s no point: you buy a package, but you only have like six hundred dollars or three hundred dollars or two hundred dollars or whatever to trade with right. I mean um. If you want to take, if you really want to take advantage of the packages it’s like starting at least from the advanced in for then i mean minimum two thousand dollars guys or more right that you’re trading with and then two hundred fifty dollars for the package.

That’s two: two: fifty right make it two three, because there’s some fees and and stuff right and then, if you obviously, if you want to take full advantage of the vip package, you know i would say i mean no less than five thousand dollars because then you Can trade with all the available coins? It’s like, i think, currently, at the moment, there’s 18 different coins. You can trade with they’ll, probably add some in the future right but yeah. So that’s that’s! Really big diversification right there with the advanced package. Again, as you can see, 10 coins, you can trade with up to 10 coins and you get the added benefits of trading on up to two exchanges at a time um.

Some people, like that i mean i personally, i’m finally trading up to one exchange, but i mean, if you can trade with up. If you know having your money, i guess on more exchanges makes you feel more more at ease, then cool right, um, eventually you’ll be able to trade with up to five exchanges. There’s there’s only three exchanges available to easybot by net right now: binance, binanceus and uh. Queen but exchanges like ftax uh, kraken and that will be added right, um, it’s just again company we’re only four months old guys so just be with us.

We’re growing so yeah be a part of that grow growth. If you’re, not just on a side. Note right! Awesome so yeah guys, i guess most of you already know, get the packages so yeah guys um.

I will update this as soon as i make some some more profits. Then i will update this on the uni swap out. That’s queen and now that’s going uh yeah. I mean you can feel free to join my telegram group again the link for that is below this video uh and, i think yeah.

I think. Basically, that is that so, let’s hope uni swap swings up. I mean what will be nice.

Actually, you know like what i just quickly want to mention is if it goes down enough, it’s going to bind another cover which i would actually like, because then it’s buying in more of the uni swap coin and then the average obviously comes down, and then it You know can make profit faster and maybe potentially a lot more profit. Who knows we’ll see so yeah that will be pretty cool to see, but otherwise you know, i think, if it stays in, it’s probably just going to jump up. Hopefully it will at least go to like nine dollars so that i can get a make a decent profit pretty soon, but yeah again guys.

It’s, let’s see what happens. The markets are the markets. What can you do? I mean the best is just to let the bot do its thing and um yeah.

That’s that all right, guys, um. I think that’s all for this video i just want to quickly, if you guys are, if you guys want to watch a brilliant video, as this was a corporate update, it’s about 20 minutes long. I definitely highly highly recommend that you watch this video. It’s just some of the recent results and also about the founders club.

Guys, if you don’t know about the founders club, you should really like look at it. It’s something very lucrative. It’s only it’s exclusive to only a thousand people. So once once those if you go to your dashboard, you will see the founders club countdown.

So 67 members have currently qualified for the founders club, so they saw still what 933 positions open. But once once um the founders club has reached a thousand members. It will be closed off forever right, but basically, as a founder, you get you get an additional. Well, you get five percent of the companies, the whole company’s revenue every single month right – and this is for as long as the company keeps going.

So i mean it’s like another, just another awesome stream of income, so this is something i’m pushing for. Personally, i have a lot of people in my team that are pushing for this. That there’s one guy, that’s pretty close.

Uh almost have a founder in my team. Basically, a founder before me, so that’s that’s! Really! Awesome um and yeah. Probably gon na have more founders in my team very soon and if you wan na again, if you wan na also shoot for a founder’s position, guys feel free reach out to me and i’ll work with you and i’ll help.

You get there right, uh, so so yeah anyways um. I talked a little bit about it about the founders club here easybot company overview. If you want to know more about the company and founders and all that um, you can also join the company zoom course guys.

Um again, my the the company link telegram link is below this video, so yeah again just join that group and and uh. You know, you’ll see when the zooms are happening. Okay, so this is the affiliate program.

If you want to know more about that, so yeah guys, let’s have a look at my channel or reach out to me personally either way: um yeah and if you guys don’t know yet just talked about the company zoom calls so uh. Let me just quickly check. Well, here you can see the the replays from the from the zoom course right and um. Let’s go, i think it’s company overview.

No, it’s not uh she’s, actually forgotten that we’re gon na go for the zoom calls. Ah zoom course. That’s right! Then it’s right there in front of me.

Oh my word, anyways, guys, yeah, it’s right in front of your faces. If you want to know when the zoom calls happening all right, so i highly recommend that you join them. You can actually speak to the ceo and the ceo of the company face to face on a zoom call, which is really awesome.

I mean i don’t even think i really haven’t seen any other company that has that kind of transparency. So i mean any real, especially the tough questions you can. You can ask the ceo himself face to face right, all right, guys, um, thanks for watching, don’t forget to, like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel um.

If you want to get again, if you want to get signed up to easybot right straight away, my signup link is below the video, along with my telegram group link and everything. So yeah have a good one, guys cheers

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