📣Eazy Bot Zoom Call Later! And Talking About Some Of The Eazy Bot Glitches That Are Being Fixed.😎👍

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel. So just a quick reminder: we will be having a company zoom call uh today for easy bot, so um. I would suggest that you guys join uh because a lot of the things like the current glitches in the system and that are going to be discussed um. So the withdrawals are back um.

They fixed that the issue that they have i’ll i’ll go to that now. So that you guys know what was going on um, it was a slight glitch there and um. There are a few glitches with the bot, which is i mean. All of this is understandable.

Eazy Bot Zoom Call

Guys again, the company has just launched it’s new um and they’re working around the clock to make sure everything runs smoothly, because a lot of people also piling in now using the bots. So you know these guys are have a lot of work to do. You know to to basically make sure it runs smoothly for for everyone and they’re doing a great job.

So far, it’s just you know this. It’s it’s again! It’s understandable that they that they’re gon na pick up a few issues again guys, i just say just be patient and um and work with us. You know like they, the easybot staff or management is doing everything they can um to sort out all your problems and to and to make the bot workable for you, and so that you can obviously trade and start making some money right.

Okay, so the issues specifically that were discussed was a bot, so i have an issue myself. Let me just go to so i basically um i’ve got a bot management, so i’ve already set up my bot and i even like adapted it to the strategy so that i can trade with less than 600, because at the moment i only have 273 dollars to Be available to trade, with i’m still waiting for my commissions to show up in my binance, while let you know that i withdrew the other day, then i’ll have a little bit more to trade, with at least about an extra 180 dollars so yeah. I should have over like 450 dollars around there to trade with after that, and then i’m going to add some more funds just waiting for some more money to come in guys.

That’s all um, because i’m going all in with this um because again, like you, can’t use your money and you can just keep making money. That’s like how great is that, okay, but first these issues must be resolved. So let me just go into this uh.

Okay, so i have no idea, like i’ve seen other guys where it was actually their bad. They they forgot to do like to do something properly and that’s why the bot wasn’t working. So some of it was on their side, but some of it was easy about.

Having glitches, i don’t know if this is a glitch, because i have no idea what this means. Signature for this request is not valid. So what signature exactly like, um, uh, yeah, so anyways, so this.

So this all of these little glitches and that again it’s not a problem, it’s just it’s just a glitch that they need to fix, and then it’s and it’s working, fine, the bot’s working fine for some guys, at least so far. So that’s good um! It’s just these glitches that need to be sorted out that will be sorted out, but it will be discussed tonight on the zoom call all right. So that’s um issue i was other. I was having other guys are having other issues other glitches, um, all right, um, even muhammad ali, their ceo and founder, was on here um.

Just talking about easy about official. I think i think that’s that might be david or coach ken, so david, the ceo uh coach, ken being sales director anyways one of them shouting there, but he is muhammad ali himself um just responding to the members. So that’s great, i mean you know, he’s just letting us know it’s all fine. I mean what ceo’s gon na go on telegram and chat to you.

So that’s pretty awesome. I love the transparency and the community. We have here um. It makes me really confident about about this and really passionate about it.

Um, okay, so i, as you can see there was my comment there um, i haven’t, received the response yet uh. Let me just see i’m looking for the withdrawal issue here. I think it wasn’t. Official i’ll find it now, but anyways guys, um.

All the links for the telegram groups are below my videos. So you can. You can just join the telegram groups if you stay updated guys. You know like and join the zooms again that links also below my videos.

Along with my signup link and binance signup link as well uh, so yeah just keep that in mind. Let’s do draws uh, okay well anyway, so i remember more or less what the issue was um. So they said there was an issue with the withdrawal where um funds, where we some members were able to withdraw more than they had in their easy bot account.

So they could literally have zero in their accounts and it was um. You know, and i could withdraw more than that – i mean it’s. It was weird, it’s really bizarre, so obviously they got a hold of some of those members and you know probably asked him to send the money back or something because really guys you can’t do this honest stuff, like that.

You know, easybot is a honest company, again just work with us guys and like then you know we’ll well, the management, the easybot management and the company as a whole will reward you. You know with the bot – and you know like yeah, so i can’t believe some members decided to to take advantage of that. You know like if there’s an issue like that you should you should report it.

You shouldn’t take advantage of a problem in the system like that. You know you. Basically it’s like stealing money from the company, because it it’s not yours.

If you were drawing more money out of your easybot wallet, that’s not yours, then you should. Firstly, you should report the issue and you should send the money back right away. You know the usdt, otherwise you know what does it say about you as a person, you know like um yeah anyway, so easybot they are trying their best to do everything um as to the best of their abilities, and so far it’s been really good, and you Know compare it’s been a lot smoother than other companies, uh launches and rollouts that i’ve seen so the main thing is they are working on it guys. So don’t worry that everything all the issues in that will be resolved or every issue you might have, whether it’s with the bots already whether it’s with the withdrawal, the withdrawals again all are available now.

So you shouldn’t have an issue. It should take about a day to 48 hours and it should be fine um, but with the bots, the body issues will be discussed tonight and they’re busy working on it. Guys again, like i just showed you, the ceo himself, muhammad ali was he’s on the chat group.

There is aware of of the the glitches and that in the system so he’s on it anyways guys um thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and yeah join us. What in it’s about about an hour and a half, so in about an hour and a half i’ll, also post all the times below, along with the link zoom link to join us, so come and join us guys, it’s um! It’s going to be it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be great and it’s going to be good um. You know you always you always learn a lot on the zoom calls and you always walk off with a smile and feel inspired.

Anyways guys have a good one cheers

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