The Eazy Bot Website Is Up And Running, The Website Has All The Info You Need To Get Started!😎💪👌🔥

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel, welcome to another easy bot video. So today, i’m going to show you um the website of easybot. So finally, the website of easybot is up and running it’s up and running guys so yeah.

Eazy Bot Website

This is what the website looks. Like so, if any of your prospects or anyone is interested that you’re referring easybot to they can just go on easybotcom and check out the website for themselves all right. The big thing is here, for you guys getting set up and everything is if you go on help right click on help here, um literally everything you need is on here guys i mean, and if you have an issue, then what you can do is submit a Ticket to support right, if you have, if you really have an issue like there’s some weird glitch whatever with your bot, feel free to contact support um, they are receiving tickets right now. So keep that in mind, but here’s all the questions can i create multiple accounts.

Is money safe all that stuff? It’s there um very important stuff is bought in this explanation by mohammed, the ceo and founder. How did how to start trading with easy part with binance? So if you click on that, it will show you step by step. Um uh! Yes, this is once you have funded your binance account with usdt, trc20 and api is connected, ensure you have three percent of the trading amount in bnb from dashboard, home and yeah. It tells you all of the stuff that you need to know uh.

If you, let’s see a few more okay, also the coinbase pro guys um again, they were talking about coinbase pro after the zoo meeting today so we’ll be available. I know in the next few days or pretty soon pretty soon. They want to make sure it’s.

It’s ready when they make it when, obviously when they release it, for you guys yeah. What trading strategy does the bot use? Easybot buys long position and dollar cost averaging, along with independent grid trading positions, exchange deposits and withdrawals, easy about deposits and withdrawals um again guys. Everything is here, just go through the website um and see so yeah.

That’s all i wanted to show you guys uh the website’s up and running um. Everything is on the website that you need to get set up. That’s the main thing, and – and you have a nice website to show your friends all right – guys, um yeah, that’s gon na be the end of this video thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and obviously, if you’re Interested in easybot, my link is my signup link is below the video, along with all the other links to the telegram channel to the zoom meetings, although that is below the video as usual.

Guys, as you know, all right have a good one, guys cheers

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