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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easybot video. Yes, i know it’s been a while, since i’ve made a easybot video, just a lot been happening, i’ve been promoting other platforms as well, but yeah. This is an important one.

This is one that i want to show you what happens when you trade with a bunch of coins um how much profits you can make i’m going to show you not my account. That’s basically, the guy who signed me up is his account. I’M going to show you all the different coins he’s been trading with and the profits he’s been making, and i have a very um, exciting announcement about the compensation plan. They’re working, so the management’s working on a few changes, that’s going to make it even better.

Easy Bot

It’s really amazing they’re going to make it even better, so you can make even more profits. You know the medium and long term. You can build a passive residual income for the rest of your life and that’s the plan. That’s the vision of easybot and again guys, like always mention easybot, is low to no risk, basically no risk because you don’t need to send your money to anyone right.

The easybot trains trades for you on in the safety of your own cryptocurrency exchange like binance, and they they’ll be adding more right, but yeah. That’s just crazy guys and the returns are really good, especially if you take it over. If you treat it like.

You know a lot a medium to long term investment. That’s why you should treat it if you’re treated like a getrichquick scheme or like a highrisk platform. I have those, then you know you’re gon na, be disappointed, because i have a highrisk platform that i promote as well. That i’ll show you guys, but some of you might know of it already but yeah for this video.

Obviously the focus is easybot so yeah. Here we go so yeah. These are profits generated in the safety of your own exchange um. Even if easybot had to fold guys, then you would stall.

You would still have your initial investment plus the profits you’ve made. So, even if eazybot had to disappear tomorrow, your money would still be there. Okay, that’s that’s a good thing to know to note and the bot will make profits for you guys. It’s been proven tested, even even in a crashing market.

It will make money for you. So yeah, these are just comparisons. Okay, i know it doesn’t look the best. I try to just enlarge these pictures a little bit.

I don’t know, but then it’s like uh, okay, i’m gon na try and make this as nice, as i can for you guys, uh. Whatever yeah, as long as you can see, what’s going on here, guys all right, so you’re probably wondering what is this so? Firstly, i’m going to tell you to to notice the dates okay, so this on the left is this is marcus’s screen now this is his account. These are his traits, so the 21st of april we’re now at on march, the 5th of may. So.

How many days is this: nine april is about thirty day three months, so nine nine days, plus four uh thirteen days, okay, so notice the difference here on the right uh. This was actually these profits were two days ago guys. So this is actually 11 11 days worth of profits right from from the left to the right on the right. Are you the more recent profits two days ago? This is when marcus made this video, so i’m going to focus on as you can see the difference.

Okay, firstly, i’m going to focus on the screen on the right, but i just want to show you like look how much marcus has made, especially with dogecoin dogecoin, moved a lot the bot capitalized and from like eight dollars and fifty five cents to almost a hundred Dollars so almost eleven percent in well, basically, ten percent return in in eleven days, guys. That is extremely impressive, considering that this is completely safe, that these are real returns. These are real trades. Full transparency that you can actually monitor in in your own binance account guys.

So any let’s see if we can see any more differences. Okay on that, if you look top left, crv uh, crv, usdt, okay, uh looks like i don’t know if he took that away anyways, so he he was on that coin and then he looks like he switched over to different coin. We just uh stopped that coin. In until no problem – and let’s look at if we see any more noticeable differences uh, if we look from left to right trading, this one ylm is that which one x excellent excellent.

That’s still the same, not moving much all right. So, let’s focus on on this screen. Okay, so, as you guys know, easy bot has been available just over a month now for everyone, including the free members, um so yeah.

This is what what marcus has been making. Some of you are like, oh well, this isn’t a lot of profits, you know, and this and that again guys um there are. I know there are iris platforms out there and i have one which i like a lot, but you know there’s no guarantee that those platforms will will just stay.

You know stick around for the long term. Easybot will stick around for the long term. You know these. This company is going places and plus, in any case, guys, there’s no risk of losing your money any at any time, so you can make millions and millions of dollars with easybot eventually over a few again.

This isn’t a promise, but i’m just saying if you get to that point, you know compounding if you just compound all the profits, you’re making you’ll get to at least a few thousand bucks and and all that money will be in your binance account, which you can Do whatever you want with? So, if you look at all these coins, that mark was traded, lunar usdt um he allocated about. Remember guys. This auto compounding is on so this 608 account started at five.

What was it five um, 580 89 589 usdt sitting at 608. He’s made almost 20 usd in profits, so that is about uh roughly. What like six dollars would be one percent, that’s roughly just over three percent profit right, i’m not mistaken.

That’s still really impressive, again, guys compound three three plus percent. I don’t know even a month for a few years and you’re gon na get crazy amounts and, and obviously, as you guys know, the market fluctuates so someone she might make more some months less. But the ceo did say – and this isn’t a promise guys – because i’m not allowed to promise percentages against company policy.

But i can say, is what, in the ceo’s own words. As you said, the the the bot is designed to make five to twenty percent a month and they tested some coins in the bot achieve that. You know at averaged between five to twenty percent a month with a few coins that they were testing bitcoin ethereum and are they are they being the best performer out of the three? I have a separate video on that so yeah i mean even in a crashing market cars you’re going to make money. It’s just the whole thing is being patience taking it over the span of a few months.

In a few years, then, then you’ll see some solid returns, so treat this like a savings account because you’re going to make much more year than what you’re going to make, leaving your your money in a bank. Why? Why leave your money in a bank these days? It just loses its value anyway and again. This is an investment advice which i’m just saying.

These are facts, guys you leave your money in the bank. It loses, it loses value. Inflation gets you eventually so yeah, okay, next, this next coin, um about how much return was this about the percent one and a half percent? More or less uh? That’s dot, usdt, phil usdt! I don’t know what coin that is, but anyways um was about one and a half percent profit there uh and you’ll notice, guys with the with the different coins different profits, so some coins might move more to one month than the other. I mean if you compare dogecoin to xrp, xop might move one more than one month.

Um then doge and then doge might move might move more the other month, then xrp. So it depends. Market fluctuates um, seoul, solano arcelona.

I think usdt a total profit there 33 dollars that’s about what 33 percent profit. Basically, that’s the easy one to calculate xrp uh. A lot of these coins guys also just just quickly gon na gon na say these.

A lot of these coins were added um recently like the last few weeks. These are not because i know marcus only started with about two coins. If i’m not mistaken or four round there, i i know for sure for a fact.

He didn’t start with these. Many coins so probably added it later on in the last few weeks. Some of these profits are only in a span of a week or two. It’s unbelievable, like i just said, with doge queens like doge queen went so much in 11 days.

It was like 10 percent, that’s how much doge moved and the bot capitalizes that’s what the bot does not guarantee that doge is going to always make so much profits. But you know yes, the bot’s always going to be watching it. So i’m going to make profits where you won’t um, yes, 26, with with xrp um, basically 10 with dogecoin, because it started at 900 and what 982 dollars basically yeah. If, because again guys auto compounding so, this 98 was added to the initial in order the yeah, the money for dogecoin allocated for dogecoin um bitcoin cash, almost one percent return, so not moving too much yet, but still guys, it’s literally money, doing nothing in the safety Of your own exchange right, it’s completely automated.

Are they usdt um? That’s about two percent profit, also pretty decent. If you go by percentages guys, which you should i mean all the top investors usually go by percentages um, then this is very impressive. Actually, for for it being a very safe, safe platform, while extremely safe, because, again your money, your initial capital, isn’t even in the easybot wallet, it’s in your binance account, which i’ll show you i’ll show you guys the proof of all my trades as well like. I always do total profit uh.

With this coin. I don’t even know xlm one dollar so that that’s uh, that one’s not doing too great 01 profit only there, but again it might move better. This month, again, cryptos fluctuate guys. Remember that uh there’s this coin luna usdt uh! This is 06, so yeah just a little bit short of one percent profit there.

But it’s the profit – and i don’t know if you added this one later, but because the top one, the 608. That’s it’s doing a little bit better. Then i mean it’s the same coin.

It’s just. He probably added this extra bot. Um later later on. This must have been the last week that he added, i would think trx tron usdt.

This is about a one point. Six percent profit pretty solid there as well, not bad uh. Also.

I think he added that recently as well. Uh crv usdt, oh here’s, the crv usd okay. I missed that um, almost four dollars profit there. So basically that’s a simple one: 387 percent profit.

Now! Actually, sorry guys, i am calculating like an absolute polluka here, uh, that is not 387. That’s 0387 percent. My bad sorry guys! I’M! I also make mistakes okay.

So all in all, i would say this is very good. Considering it’s completely safe you’ll, never lose your money! Uh your initial, including your profits and it will keep running and it will keep compounding guys. That’s the thing you’re with auto compounding and easy bot. You know, and to have obviously to have to be able to trade more of these coins.

You need a bigger package. I think marcus is the biggest one of the vip package, which is a thousand dollars, i’m using the free bot guys because again, if you don’t have a lot of capital to work with in the free bots perfectly fine um. So if you have, i would say like if you want to start thinking of getting a package um and taking advantage of it, maybe uh. If you have like four forty five thousand dollars at least then you’re gon na get the maybe the 250 advance package.

So you can trade with, like 10 coins um the vip package, you can trade with as many coins as you want. That’s a thousand dollars, so i i would say for that, one if you have like ten thousand dollars or more capital traders, basically as much capital as what marcus has is almost, i think, he’s trading with with more than ten thousand yeah he’s trading slightly more than Ten thousand wellrounded he’s around that mark, so then it would be worth it. Otherwise, you know if you’re like me, you only have like six hundred dollars or something to trade.

With all this, the bot got to work with like uh. We we got it to work with as low as 100. Then then, the easy package is fine. I think um at the moment you can only trade, you can only use one bot and you can only trade with one coin right now, if i’m not mistaken, the thing is, you can always switch to different coins.

If you want anytime right um, let me just take that away: um yeah! Okay, let me show you my account. You can always trade with more queen if you with with a different queen. If you want you can always change like. I can change my coin but yeah at one time.

I think you can only trade with one bot and one coin basically, but they’re gon na change it for the for the free subscriptions that they’re gon na add another one. So you’re gon na have the free subscriptions. We’re gon na have two coins to trade, the two bots, so i think to take full advantage of it. If you have like a thousand two hundred dollars, then you know it’s good to have the free bot.

If you have more than that, like i mentioned four five, ten thousand dollars plus consider getting a package and if you wan na, try the different coins, otherwise again guys it’s. This is a free bot to use, for everyone can use it and benefit um. So you’ll notice here yeah total profit zero. I have actually made profits um.

I reset the bot and that’s basically why it went down to zero, but it did make some profits. I can’t remember, i think, maybe like 10 usd t so far or a little bit more. If you include me also trading, because i was trading with the bot right, i also put in my own trades as well. I don’t know i’ve maybe made fifty dollars if a rough estimate guys um over a month and that’s using about five hundred dollars of capital that i’ve maybe been been trading and using just for the bot.

So this includes me and the bot together trading. Maybe forty. Fifty dollars so maybe up to ten percent that i made in that month, which is pretty decent again guys, it’s safe, safe trading, so another thing i want to mention is, i think i’ve already mentioned.

It is there’s going to be exciting announcements for the compensation plan. I have already, let me just show you um the quick pictures on zoom cool uh. That’s the something different! Okay! Well, i’m gon na have to go in my pictures. I’M just gon na have to open this downloads.

Okay, that’s another different project! Okay! So i’m going to go here to show you guys um. This was on a zoom call. This was coach ken, i think, he’s the sales director also coowner of easybot. We discussed some of the compensation plan.

Uh changes all right, so that’s that and again i’m just gon na show you what’s happening with the queen, i’m the boss, busy trading. So i have quite a my trade just need to come back a little then i’ll make profit um. I tweaked the bot as well, so i think it would have been better in the default strategy. So it’s my bad, so i’m just waiting a little bit for my again.

This is why patience is important, but stick to the default strategy, guys i would say, and you’ll do just fine, okay, so yeah, my trades are probably the lowest ones here 34 and then i have like this very small one, all the way up to 44. But if you look at how down the cryptos are at the moment i mean it’s like it’s on heavy support. It’s gon na shoot up.

I mean look at what happened in the past, so it’s very, very low now guys that you’re basically buying crypto at a bargain sale. Right now and again, it’s just my opinion, but when this is on a weak chart, guys when you’re seeing crypto sitting on a support on a weekly support level where it can’t go lower, i mean it’s just anyway anyway, any place i see it going right now Is up so yeah? I only see profits in in the near future for myself from the easybot. This has got the trades in and yeah that definitely works.

So i just want to show you guys something the trades has put in you’ll see in red guys. I actually didn’t have enough capital allocated to the bot, so it didn’t take those trades, but the 125, if it put that trade in then i’d be at yes, i’d be at quite a bit of profit there. Just for that one. My old position would be a lot better off.

That’s for sure i don’t know. I’D probably have like almost 10 plus profit there just to that one trade, so yeah, but what i decided to do was to buy some xrp because it was low. So i traded xop and bot missed those trades, but it definitely it it is working. It did want to put those trays in right.

If you do set it or you know, if it’s the default strategy, it will. You know trade accordingly, so these all modded trades in and then i have one when before i reset the bot, i still had one left in 44, but that’s a very small one, so yeah the australia just need to come back the average price for all these Trades needs to come back to 3647 for me to have a break even and to take profit, probably like at 38, and it’s going to take that good profit um, so yeah just a little bit down, but patience guys, patience again, i’m not losing money. Only if i close the tracer to be stupid, which i’m obviously not gon na do um then i’ll lose money.

But if you keep the, if you just if you’re just patient and you wait for it to come back, then that’s fine, but with the default strategy you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with that again guys. It’s because i changed the strategy. I made a few mistakes and that’s why i’m i’m waiting longer for my trades to come back because yeah, you know, should have just kept it on default.

Um again guys like i say i will show you all the trades um i do and the bot does. I actually have xop in a different wallet, so yeah as you can see, i sold some of that and you just got a monthly it here again guys, as you can see. If i scroll down use a lot of the trays that i’ve done as you can see a lot of them, i bought this one at 3458. That’s what the bot entered um.

I actually thought that was a really good trade in you know: ethereum classic just pulled another just went down further, which is not a problem. If you have enough capital the cover lower positions, but so a lot of these you see, etc, usdt etc. Usdt.

A lot of it’s me also trading recently, because i like to trade this one, i think, was the bot this one, that’s total 7972. That’s the bot so allocated like 40 bucks per trade for it, so they just went times two, so it brought in eighty dollars worth of etc. A lot of these zero point: five one uh, that’s the bot so i’ll have to work out how much profit exactly i’ve made. Let’s give you guys a rough estimate, maybe fifty bucks with the usdt last month, but yeah i’ll work out the exact number and then i’ll.

Let you guys know in a different video. Okay, if i don’t forget so yeah. This is where this is where your money is going to be guys.

Those are the trades that the bot was performing full transparency as usual right in your finance exchange, so yeah free bot, guys free bot, it’s perfectly safe. It’s like it’s like prince, prince money. For you all right, so if you want to get set up with the easy bot, then what i’m gon na do is i’ll. Have my phone number below? If you want to reach out to me directly on whatsapp, you know, so i can help you out.

I would say please reach out to me because i’d appreciate all my team members now so that i can um add you to the group, and you know, help people the team as well, because this is a respectable company that you can build a big team with You know, and it’s free guys, so you just saw guys. Listen, you want something for free that can make money, for you he’s going to say no to that how much money, depending that depends on how much the crypto markets move, but it will make money for you, it’s designed to do it. So let me just find the videos for you guys. As you can see, i’ve made a lot of videos about a lot of stuff.

Okay, so how to fund your binance wallet and easybot wallets easywater wallet, so you’re probably wondering why what’s the easybot wallet so again, guys anytime, you send money to your easybot wallet is. If you want to buy a package, if you don’t need a package, then use the free bot right. Most of you probably won’t need a package because most of you, i would say, probably don’t have 5 000 plus dollars to trade with these are just oh yeah.

There’s also some commissions um that i made from it’s not a lot: it’s a few cents. I know that i’ve made from um everyone in my team. You know, as, as you know, 30 percent of the service fees goes to the company and to the affiliates.

So yeah affiliate commission ssf, but this is going to become a lot guys just keep in mind. If you keep building a team eventually they keep making more money. Eventually, this becomes more money. So just keep that in mind package sales.

I made some commission there as well. You do get commissions for that as well. If someone in your team decides to buy a package right but just explain to them when they’ll, if, if or if they’ll need a package or not, you know for what they want to do. Um yeah, i think that’s, oh yeah, just you’ll see this little 1856 cents.

You can actually have less ten dollars. If you don’t have a lot of capital or five dollars. If you only have a hundred dollars to try to send five, this is just to cover your um, the service fees, because, obviously, since you know, easybot does not have access to to binance um to your binance to the funds in your binance, it can only trade For you in blindness, that’s all it can do so. That’s why you just have to send a little bit of money so that easybot can take their service fees.

Out of you know their their wallet so anytime. You need to send money and when, if you want a package, if you want to buy 250 package or a thousand dollar package, then you send some money to easybot. Okay, that’s only time. Otherwise, your trading capital safe and sound in your binance account.

Okay. So if you want to get started up here, we go uh. I think you suggest going to this.

If you want to get your bot started up, if you want to get your bot to start trading for you, it’s this one: how to connect easy bot to binance and which coins to trade with. So you know so you can just get an idea which one potentially will be fine, but you know again, like i said it’s, it’s the coins always going to move differently depending on which month so yeah um yeah. I think that’s that’s about that. Uh.

This other platform, i’m with the crtp. So this is a high risk platform, guys um. Yes, they do.

They do trade crypto arbitrage. They do actually, as we track down the trades in binance, it’s peertopeer trading. They do do that.

But again you have to send your money to their wallet so that they can trade for you in their exchange when they’re in their platform. So, like i said as soon as you need to send money to, you know to the platform itself um. Then it’s high risk because, even though you know they are making money with trades, they’re making a lot of money with trades and they are um. You know they are actually doing the trades and all that um, it’s still you know still.

No, the only thing is, there’s still no guarantee that the founders and the ceo, whatever will stick around whoever founded the company, because no one knows it’s been around for three years, but no one knows who started the whole thing, but lisa’s got a track record so, But yeah still high risk guys so um, but this is also anyway, something you can look at um. I explained it in a bunch of videos. Look at day 17, my most recent cotbase video, where i explained a bunch of stuff in there important things about co2ps.

You know um all right, so i think that’s just that’s that for this video um yeah guys easybot. Let me just take that off the screen there. So yeah guys. That’s your update, basically just to conclude this video um yeah.

I just showed you a bunch of different coins which, which you know, make different profits, um but profits. Nonetheless, the safety of your own exchange and another thing is um. It’s a change in the compensation plan i will be.

I will actually get a pdf file which um you know. Marcus is setting that up and it’ll make a video about it, so that you guys can know more about that. So yeah guys just keep building st keep staying positive because again, this is a platform.

That’s going to be around for very long easy bot’s going to be around for a very long time. Um, it’s completely safe, so you don’t need to worry about. You know telling people, listen, it’s high risk or listen.

You can potentially lose money here because that’s just not the case okay, so you can go out there and you can shut it at the roots of tops joining easy bot, because it’s a good thing to do and again, if you need help guys, if you need Help building getting set up or building a team reach out to me on whatsapp, so i can help you out i’ll i’ll, arrange private zoom calls you know with with with your prospects or your friends or family members that you would also like to get involved. You know guys this is a great business that you can, that you can build and we’re only getting started now, so you have the chance to build it now, while it’s still in the beginning right to be a part of something great from the very beginning. So keep that in mind guys and as usual, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Just you know, click the subscribe button there.

I appreciate. I would appreciate that greatly and, as usual, guys have a good one. Oh yeah, if you want to sign up to easybot, my link is below the video, along with other links as well and yeah. So have a good one, guys cheers

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