Eazy Bot performing at the 70% market drop with profit 1

We use easybot and really that’s the star of our show. We we we love our product, but more than that, we love the people who use our product and, if you’ve heard the story of easy bite, you know that it was born from a place of wanting to serve and help others and to come up with a Solution that allowed people to confidently be able to trade and operate in this really challenging crypto space, and so today you guys every one of you who are on this call. You make up that community.

You make up the the the users that we think about. We care about that. We work hard for every day and that’s really what what separates easybot from everyone else is that today, on the friday may 27th, the ceo of this company is going to spend the next hour, or so with you talking about his product.

Eazy Bot performance

Answering questions being transparent with you, and that is a unique experience that you get to find in the crypto space and so we’re really really very, very proud to represent easybot as a product. But we’re also very proud to represent the community and the people that we serve in this community. So without any further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce our ceo and uh, the visionary behind eazybot, uh easybot was born and exists today, because muhammad looked for a solution that really mattered to him to serve the people that mattered to him and he labored at that Solution for four to six weeks, using his expertise as an engineer and his love for numbers and really dialed in a strategy that anybody could use to consistently earn and make profits in crypto and when the platform he was testing it on wasn’t good enough uh. He went out on a search to find a platform technology that could accommodate his amazing strategy, and the combination of those two things is where easy bot would born and so without any further ado, muhammad ali is going to join us here.

We’re going to go into a live account and then we’ll come back after he goes through uh. Whatever is important. What you’d like to share with us today? Muhammad we’ll, come back and we’ll do a q a session and we’ll take any questions and answers.

So we’re going to ask you guys: do us a favor while muhammad’s talking just so that we don’t have any distraction in the chat? Do us a favor just hold all your questions until the end, if you want to just jot them down, so that we’re not distracted in during the presentation and then we’ll come back and we’ll do a q a session with you all right muhammad. How are you today, sir? Hey david yeah? I’M fine, all right! Everyone in the call paul is yours, sir okay, thank you very much. So i’ll just take this uh i’ll start from what we stopped.

Last time we were reviewing one account and specifically one points. I’M just going to go back to that specific account and do a little bit of analysis of the last uh two weeks and see what happened. What what was the new things happening in that account, while the market is still down still the market is down.

It’s not come up, so, let’s get into it. I’M just going to share my screen right now of that account, and here you go yeah. So if you guys remember, these are the coins that this fund’s been trading and this account was started with 81 000 usdt spread it among 10 points uh. I just did one thing here just for you to know uh the funds which were in trx.

I split that into two and i kept i put another 50 in this one, so i split like four thousand something four thousand something just to have kind of more than diversifying of the funds. So we uh put four thousand six hundred here. Four thousand six hundred here into a new one, so this is a new point that why the profit is kind of low.

So don’t worry about that. Let’s get back to the coin that we were discussing yesterday. If you remember the aave, this is the trade that was started on a really high market, and then the market went down and right now the market is and the market actually went down to lesser than that more than 70 percent drop uh in this call.

71. 711, to be precise, and if you see this is the same trade that we opened last time the when we started on uh third of april, the price was 251 right. Now the price is 94.

The lowest point of that of the market of this coin was uh. Let’s get to this, it was 724. So that means this coin specifically went down to more than 711 percent down the market and the easybot was still trading and making profit and trading and making small profits trading, making small profits trading making profit.

Let’s look at today, specifically how many trades happened in this coin: uh by easybot, okay, so 27 27 27 up to here. So let’s count them together and see how many trades we had. Okay: okay, it’s time for me, one two, three, four: five: where is it again? One two: three: four: 5: 6. 7.

8. 9. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14.

15. 16. 17. 18.

19. 20. 21.

So today, 21 trades happened in this in this uh coin and these are the profits that were made because here 16 usdt, this point 879, 13 and 13, and then you have 18 15. As you remember last time, we did analysis of one of those movement we found out why, in some of them it’s showing like more 18 and some of them, it’s just like 09 or 07, is because basically, this is how easy about this program when the market Is shooting high, it’s not going to close here it’s going to close at the highest point because it’s used the retracement profit retracement of 05. So let’s just get the excel sheet and make analysis in this and see what is the average price now also? Where was it at the beginning and how much profit has been made so far, let me just open an excel sheet and share that as well. Let’s give me a second, yes, okay, so i’m just going to put the numbers here, so the starting uh starting price.

This point was 251, as we just saw, and then the lowest point lowest price was 72 70, 724 yeah 724, and today the price is: let’s talk about the total profit total profit. The starting date was third of april okay, so the total profit made. Let’s go back together and look at that and see how much is the profit made? Yes, here we go so the total profit made so far is 400 and for 1774.

So let me just update that in the sheet. Okay, so the capital was uh. 8.

100, usd for us dollars so out of this, we can just make the following equations: the total profit so far, so the profit and presented. Let’s make it interesting. We have it here in dollars, so we just divide the amount in dollars divided by the capital. So that’s about five percent: let’s just make it as a percentage.

Sorry, okay! So five point five point 516: this is the profit made so far while the market is down, while the market had a drop of the lowest point so that in percentage the drop is basically this divided by the initial trait. Also we have to just minus this. Minus a difference this minus this, so the drop is 100. Let’s call it drop.

Market drop, the market dropped 178 usdt, and that represents a divided by initial price. 711 percent, as i just mentioned earlier 7116. This is the drop of market.

Let’s make it in great. So, while the market have dropped about 7116, the bot have made five percent in profit, and one important thing is: what about the trade on the top the trade which was open on the top? When are we going to close it? No one knows, but guess what easybot is bringing it down. I don’t know if you guys remember what was the last time number, but let’s just check right now. What’s the average price? I remember that the initial average price was, let’s average price for the first four trades on the top.

It was 223 the average price right now the average price was pulled down to as low as uh 18282. Let’s just copy this and add it to the excel sheet. Okay! So sorry for the mistake, so now the average price. Now, what is it we just copied it it’s 128.

So that means the difference of the drop of the average price. Was this minus this sorry? If i’m so so fast, if you have any questions, just ask me later about those numbers, so it dropped down the average price with a value of 40 usd or 40. How much that in percentage we just divide this by the initial average price. So that’s 18.

18, so again, let’s summarize this, we have a trade that started at the price of 251. The market dropped by 7116 right now, the price is still at 94, i think of 95 dollars, which is still like about 60 plus percent drop, while the market is down. This bot have made 516 starting from uh third of april, and today is 27th of may so we’re talking about the month and two weeks, maybe three weeks and uh. While it’s it’s making profit in the down market, it pulled down the average price by 18 percent.

18, if you guys remember last time, maybe it was 12 two weeks back when we had this quality was maybe 12 13 or maybe 15. So during the last a couple of days it dropped until 18. So what does that mean? Let’s say the market stays down there at the price of between 80 90, 70 100 and never goes back up again to the initial price of 251. We don’t know when it’s going to come back, so we’re not just uh doing nothing right now.

The bot is actually bringing that trade on the top, so the drop of the average price actually is a representation of dropping the trade on the top down. So in five or six weeks it was dropped by 18 and guess what? If the market stays at the low price, as it is now and just fluctuate around, that amount of people will keep on generating that small profit and bring that average price down so another five six weeks it brings another under 18, so another five week. This is going to be multiplied by if it goes exactly the same way right. So it’s going to be going to 36 percent and maybe another five weeks or five or six weeks.

Then this one plus another 18. So that’s going to be going to 54 and another five weeks. This is if the price stays down and never goes up so plus another 18, just based on the history 72, so it just hit the lowest market uh market price. So it comes down there.

The market just fluctuates 15, above that close the whole trade on profit and put back the money for you in usd. So what what will happen eventually – and i hope and i pray that the market price stays there as low as it is now on. The price of 90s and 80s and 70s and never go back up again, to see this trade actually closing at that price and making profit for this account.

So this is eventually gone. What’s going to happen, the trade taken at the price of 251 is going to be closed at the price of maybe 60 70 89 people – god knows uh whatever the price is. Is there at that time? Plus 15 percent then close that trade with profit the whole cyclist closed. All the profit have been realized now as usdt the capital plus the profit.

So this is about this account. We keep on monitoring the same trade and we keep on looking at it until it flows eventually. So, apart from this, let me just go and make small analysis.

Ah i’m not really prepared for this, but let’s just do it together. Now, let’s do look at the past couple of days to see the highest trade highest profit that was made here and then we go to the chart and then we check, why did it give more profit? I know why, but let’s check it together. It does look like okay, look look at this, for example, it’s the same value of this approximately, but it made more profit.

It made 24 instead of 1 or 07. So let’s go and check that one, that’s 40 and 40. Okay.

Let’s look at the time! The time is, it’s 26th of may at started at 5, 00 pm 5, 16 pm. So let’s go and open finance. Okay, finance uh, guys i’m receiving these popups of new people trying to log into the account, if you can just maybe remove me from being cohost.

So that you can just focus on this okay spot trading, so the coin was aav yeah, ave, okay, let’s look at support trading; okay, so let’s usd okay. What’s the time that we’re looking for we’re? Looking at this trade started at 5, 16 516. 5 pm 5 pm 16 minutes: okay. Okay, let’s go for that! Let’s look at uh for maybe one hour candle make it and trader view: okay, okay, so we’re looking at 20, 6, 26 and 5 pm 17.

Yes, it’s somewhere! Here! Let me just increase! I think it’s 15 minutes instead of an hour just to have it more clear: okay, okay. 5. 15.

Okay, let me just get the info line so that we can draw 5 15 at what price yes and the price of 94. Okay. If you look at the time it’s at the bottom of the screen, now it’s four four forty five five and five fifteen: it started somewhere, yeah, five fifteen. So it’s in this candle, so the trade started at 94.

At this point, and then again, what happened is that the market jumped really high, that’s why it gave more profit so with it for the market to reach to the highest point uh. Let me see where was the closing point on easy bot side? Yes, that it closed at 5, 32 at the price of 967, 67, 67 and 5, 32. 6, six, seven, okay! So it’s here! It’s this green candle here! This is, why is it? Let me just make it bigger uh time will make it instead of 15 minutes.

We have five minutes. Okay, i think five minutes should be good enough. Okay, let’s get back to the line that we just made yes, so it started here at the price of 94.

Look at the right hand, side and it closed at here. The market. 60. 16.

967, so i’m just drop dragging too many windows around so um exact time. Okay, let’s go back and see an easy bot. Yes, so this is the trade that we’re talking about here, started at 516 and then closed at 5, 32 pm, like within the span of like 15 minutes.

It opened and closed the trade because the market was moving really high. It jumped on a green candle to the top. That’s why the the profit was kind of a high compared to the other uh trades here.

Look at this. This is here just 07. This is 24 more than double it’s just because of this kind of move. So the market went high here hit to the top of this candle and then went down retraced and then closed here because of this green candle.

So this is a graphical representation of how easy what is working, it’s it waits for the market. If the market is shooting high, it waits for it to reach to the highest point. So, in this case it’s here this is the highest point and then retraced down by the point five percent here. This is the top of the candle and then went down, and they probably took another trade here and then closed it somewhere at this place.

So that’s it any any questions about whatever i covered so far again for going through that uh with us. For those of you who are guests on the call uh, just a quick reminder that this is a deep dive into the technology behind easy buy. It’s not required that you understand any of what we just went through the beauty of dzbot. Is that you don’t need to know or understand any of this, but also the beauty of our community is that we do calls like this, so that you can so that this can be a learning experience for you so that as you’re using easybod and getting familiar And more comfortable in the crypto space that these kinds of calls that show you how a an amazing piece of technology really does work in a live training environment.

Hopefully, that’s beneficial for you, i mean i say one other thing before we take questions now we have at easy about. We have the most. I think the most amazing affiliate program uh. It’s designed to help us to grow the company by rewarding those who share the story of easybot with others on today’s call we’re not going to touch the affiliate program at all.

Today’s call is focused on market insights. We’Ve got mohamed ali. Our ceo that’s here, available to answer questions for you about the product.

We have a special training, call that we do for our affiliates. That happens tomorrow. So join us on that call for any questions around the affiliate program. Today we have questions about easybot and how it functions or anything along those lines.

I will be happy to take your questions, so ronaldo you’re up first good morning, hey good afternoon david. Can you hear me? Yes, we can welcome to the call um. First of all, i want to say thank you for the opportunity to speak on today’s call and uh great presentation to our ceo, so i i haven’t like paid to be a part of the system just yet right, because i just got in today and um. This is my first call actually, and it’s definitely interesting.

One thing i got to comment for sure is how our ceo himself came on the call and actually did the breakdown, like you, don’t see that elsewhere, so um hats off to our ceo and um. If i, if i understand correctly, though right, he was breaking down the numbers and it seemed as though like um. It doesn’t matter whether the price returns to a particular point, because the bots would always apply cover to ensure that we don’t end the end of the end up in a loss. Did i get that correctly, then? Does that call that usually cover possible yeah? Absolutely you got ta, you got it absolutely correct mom.

Would you like to you want to elaborate on that? Oh, i think muhammad needs permission to unleash somebody there you go. It should be good yeah. Thank you for that.

Yeah, okay, yeah! So yeah, that’s a a good question and a good comment here. Well, what happens is that the bot uh in simple way of explaining it the bot is buying at the market goes down it’s buying on this on it on a on a let’s put it this way it. The strategy is being made.

That’s what it covers down up to more than 50, it would be the minimum is like 51, but maximum could be like 60 to 70 percent drop of the market. How? Because it doesn’t take a cover immediately. Also, it just wait for the market to reach to the lowest and take like the weeks.

I explained it now when it takes profit, it waits for the market to reach to the highest point and then start retracing down coming down a bit by point five percent. Then it takes that number. It’s exactly the reverse way when the market is going down when the market is going down, it’s not going to take cover immediately as soon as it achieve the criteria of going down by, let’s say five percent or two percent or three percent.

It still wait for the market to show an intention of moving up like point five percent up and then take so because if there is imagine if there is a bad news in the market, the market will just go down straight. It goes straight down, then the board is not going to buy anything. It’s going to wait for the market to stabilize and start showing an intention to move up which is represented by the uh.

We call it cover pullback 05. Coming to your question, when the market is going down, it will buy more covers and make small profit, but the magic behind this is that whatever profit that i just showed now is not the whole profit. It’s 50 of the actual profit made because the other 50 was used to offset the every trade on the top, because on the top at the top of the market, you have already come. Some trades happen at the price of uh, 251, 200 and uh and 200 and 220 and so on.

So though, all those trade on top are combined in every trade and this every trade by using 50 of the profit using a specific uh mathematical formula. It’s brought down. It comes down by the time using the small profit it keeps on coming down down down down until eventually, what’s going to happen, either the market’s going to jump high at a point of time and meet with that average price somewhere and close the whole trade and Put the profit aside or if the market doesn’t go up because we don’t know, we cannot i’m against speculation.

I i don’t do speculations. I just use use the mathematic here, so i don’t know when the market is going to come back. Maybe somebody knows that i don’t know so the bots prepared, if the mark, if the market doesn’t go back up again here to close this trade instead we’re using part of the profit which is 50 of the profit made on the small trades down to bring that Average price down using a mathematical formula, so it comes down, comes down, comes down until eventually it meet with with the current market price at any point and then close the whole trade and realize the whole profit as usd back to usd hope. This answers the question.

All right, thank you. Muhammad we’ve got a couple more questions in the chat guys. If you have questions, i’m not in the chat. I’M sorry, if you have questions we’re going to ask you to raise your hand and we’ll call on you in order.

Next up is how we trend and then we’ve got matt moore, ronaldo you’re, going to come back in with another question and uh mikhail guys. If you have a couple of questions, we’re going to limit it to two questions per person, we want to honor and acknowledge uh muhammad is in dubai. Our corporate offices are in dubai and united arab emirates and so right now it’s uh almost 10 o’clock, where muhammad is so it’s late, uh almost nine o’clock where muhammad is so it’s late his time. We really want to honor and appreciate it’s friday, night um.

So, let’s make sure that we we are respectful in the questions get to your question, real, quick, we’re going to do two maximum per person, how we trained you’re up next hello. Can you hear me um david? Yes here? Are you good, hey? Howie? Thank you. Thank you so much um.

I really enjoyed the um presentation. Today’s and i really appreciate uh mohammed exactly here, there’s some powerful information here um. I basically have two questions for you, mohamed um. It’s a number one.

Can you kind of go back to where the rv that you were shown the number earlier? Why are you doing that thing? Uh and basically i i noticed that uh when you’re speaking about the uh uh, the pullback uh one point: five percent uh as a as the market drop, but i also see on the thing um excel uh two uh uh uh things simultaneously. So i’m kind of curious 15 are still working on that, or am i missing or something? Okay? That’s that’s a really good question. So what you are saying that uh you saw that the bot have sold two trades at the same time.

Right covers. At the same time, okay, this is basically because okay, let’s take this now you have let me draw i love drawing. So let me just open the whiteboard.

If you don’t mind, okay, let me put the chart the famous chart that i always do. Okay, so this is our trading chart. Now, let’s draw the market, i’m putting green, even though it’s down, but let’s do it this way. Okay, so imagine this kind of move and we have a cover here which was taken at this point.

Let me just put it in a different color yeah. There’s a trade taken here: okay, one cover and then the market kept on moving down. Let me put the color again to blue green okay, so it took a trade here. This is cover right and it went down here.

It took another cover at this point, are you with me, howard, yeah yeah, i’m with you, okay, perfect. So the selling point for the cover on the top is uh somewhere here so 15 above it correct, let’s say somewhere here, and the selling point for this cover here is somewhere here above it by 15, okay, but you saw both of them sold. At the same time, so what happened here? I didn’t see the details, but i’m sure that this is what happened, because this is how it’s programmed here. We had a jump so the market came here, but it did not redress right did not make the retracement of 05.

So what happened? The market just kept on moving up, so it reached to a selling point for this cover down here. Let’s call this one – and this is two so cover one – is in selling position, so the the bot is now ready to sell, but it did not sell yet because it did not achieve the retracement. So the market went up kept on moving up moving up and at least to this selling point of the other cover and it kept on moving up and then at this point here it made the retracement. So now we have two covers in the system.

One and two has to be sold both of them have achieved. The criteria of jumping up the market went above them by one point, five percent and we had the retracement of more than point five percent, and this is the point where it sells. Two covers and could be. Three four covers at the same time: that’s very possible that mean the market went up and covered all the three covers.

All the two covers hope this answers. Your question: yeah yeah. I think that you are, you did um.

So basically, what i saw is it’s. The 15 uh pullback uh is still is still active, still right, um, because the pullback, the pullback is 05 05, which is here to take the cover. The retracement is point five percent as well.

Zero point: five percent: it’s still working yeah, but if you, if the market is in a position to sell more than one cover, it will sell because both of them will make profit. Yes, the higher one will make more. The lower one will make more profit because it went higher than this point, but this will make lesser profit but at least achieve the criteria of uh moving up by more than one point: five percent and above all, right to get you, okay, that is uh um. That just answer my question right there and also.

I know this question – is actually um uh. I came up quite a few time in the past and everything, but i myself still not really clear on this um. The point is basically that uh, how you bring the average uh price down uh, and i noticed that uh, whatever we sell uh, we actually split off the fifty percent.

Fifty percent uh the uh, the first victim, is saying, go towards you to yourself as as another person, and also there are another. Fifty percent of the um amount uh, whatever you’re making. It will put it back into uh into the places where you bring the average down, so i’m kind of curious that 50 percent put back.

Where do you put the money uh to okay? Just give me your full focus for the next two minutes and i’m sure that you will get it okay. Now, what do we have on the top of the market? Now? What what the bot have done is basically it it buys in intervals right. There is initial order here. There is another cover here.

There’s another cover taken here: uh another cover taken here and there is another carrier taken here. So what’s the cover, the cover is basically a money. A usdt amount spent to buy some coins right simple.

So at each point here on the first three trades, uh three covers an initial trade. It takes the average price, so the average price is clear to you or only explain it. Are you there you’re doing mohammed yeah? I think how he got muted, but you can keep going no problem. Okay, so these four trades on the top had have an average price here, so the average price is basically the breakeven points is where, if we sell all these four orders, we get our money back.

So what did we do when we, when we made these orders over these, covers cover zero cover? One couple: two cover three: we basically bought coins at different prices of the market. Let’s say the total amount of coins that we purchased here at all of these one. Two three four orders: the combined one is 05 points: okay, and how much money did we spend in all of these times to buy coins? Let’s say it’s 300 or 300 usdt? Okay. So, accordingly, our average price for our break even point here is the the price point where we can recover our full 300 pack.

This is our break, even because we spent 300 300 comes back at the breakeven point, so breakeven point. The formula is that the number of years the amount of usd we spent divided by the number of coins, as per this, it’s 300 dollars divided by 05. That’s 600 is the average price. This is my break.

Even so, the price has to come to 600. So when i can sell and bring my money back so obviously it have to go above that by 15 to make me profit. So how do we use the average price? Sorry, the independent covers, or the covers of the download market to bring that average price down? Let’s focus on the three items here: the three variables we have no amount of usd on the top on that average price. We have money spent, we have number of coins and we have the average price.

So our target here is to bring the average price down. That means reducing the 600 so to be able to reduce the 600, we have to reduce one of the two either the number of coins that we have in our hand or reduce the usdt. So the way we do it is that we reduce the usdd using the profit. Let’s say you have a trade down here.

Let’s let me draw the market one more time. Market went down down down down, and here at a point of time, there is an independent cover. Trade happened and this trade made a profit of, let’s say two dollars, but the profit of two dollars.

So what the system is doing is taking 50 of that as immediate profit, and that are the numbers that i just showed you now one dollar, two point: five, zero point: seven. So let’s say this is in this case: it’s one dollar one usd taken as profit. Here this is profit and another one dollar which is 50 of the profit, is used to offset the average price or to bring it down. In other words, so this here goes up and gets reduced from the 300, so our new amount of usdt for this average price is 300 minus 1, so 300 minus 1 is equal to 299.

Number of points remain the same. Remember this is a spot trading. We buy coins at the market price, so we’re not using leverage trading, we’re not losing our money, we’re just saving saving points right. So we have this still 05 coins available with us.

So this doesn’t change 35 coins. So what else is going to change? Is the average price using exactly the same formula? It was 300 divided by 05 600. Now the 300 becomes 299 number of points are the same. 299 divided by 05 is 598.

So what just happened is that we move the average price a little bit two dollars down. Another trade happened, it moves more, another trade happen, moves more and the trade haven’t moved more until it eventually meets with the current market price plus 15 and close the whole trade and give you the whole profit. I hope this explains well all right.

Uh mohammed, you are a uh you’re, a master on the whiteboard thing. Thank you for that really thorough explanation. We’Ve got another number of hands up: matt moore, you’re up next and then mikhail mattis you’re coming in next.

All right matt, you should be able to unmute yourself, okay um. My unfortunate experience with bot trading in the past has had to do with exorbitant amounts of drawdown to the place where it just absolutely could not recover, and you end up blowing your account. So i’m interested to find out what kind of safety mechanisms are built into this that guarantee that such a thing wouldn’t happen. Okay, let me get the whiteboard one more time.

Okay, let me clear that okay uh the way we explained it uh or sorry. The way we designed the bot or the strategy you can, by the way, customize the strategy. The way you want and uh there is there are covers to be taken at specific points of time like when the market drops minus two percent.

It takes one time when it drops minus five, another five percent from the previous cover it takes two times i mean two times the initial order. If it drops another minus eight percent, it goes four times the initial order, but the good thing is that it doesn’t take the cover until the market shows a pullback, a pullback means. Let’s say this is the next cover. Is that this price minus five percent, for example, just as an example? So when the market comes down and hit this point, it’s not going to buy the cover immediately, it’s going to wait for the market to pull back pull back.

That means shows an intention of moving up by 05. This is also customizable if you are skeptical, and you still want want to have more assurance that the market’s gone up, you can increase this value instead of point five percent. You can make it one percent, so in this case, if it doesn’t go up by one one percent above the lowest market market price, it’s not going to buy anything and that basically shows kind of stability. So what happens using the the cover? Pullback is helping that in case, let’s say you entered into a trade right now, and this coin somehow got some bad news from somewhere that the market’s going down many people started selling the coin, and the price really suddenly jumped down.

What’s going to happen in easybot or in if you have uh put on your pullback, if you have your pullback switch on, so the market is going to drop like this right, we’ve seen it many times. Dropping like this is straight down without having any movement up, because many people are buying at the same time because of the bad news, because, whatever the reason is so at this point of time, the mark the bot’s not going to buy any covers because the market Did not show any intention of moving up, so only at the point when the market start pulling back start moving up by a specific percentage that you decide. It will only start buying at this point when the market is stable.

So you are saving all of this area here, not buying anything in the market, because the market was showing just moving down without any kind of of pullback or retracement or trying to move back up. I hope this is this. Gives you the answer? What what a refreshing call that was so i’ll ask you a question.

When is the last time you were on a twohour call in the cryptocurrency space and there wasn’t a single mention of a compensation plan or a rewards plan with the ceo being fully transparent. Pulling back the curtain revealing to you, the inner workings of the product, extremely refreshing, extremely powerful. Now everything that you just learned some of you on this call. It’s your first exposure to easybot.

It’s your first time seeing it and you may have felt like you were drinking from a firehose, so relax take a deep breath. Everything that you’ve just learned. Whatever side of the spectrum, you may fall on whether it’s a complete novice, a complete, beginner or you’re.

A seasoned veteran with that’s battle hardened in the markets, with serious discipline and you’re, a pro trader or anywhere in betw, in between on that spectrum you’re in the right place, because easy bot is a couple of clicks. You get this bot going me and my business partner put this bot running on the third of april and we have not touched it since. But if you are to dive deep to build your confidence and belief in this product who better to learn from than the mind behind the software itself, that is constantly on a mission to constantly innovate and prove and enhance this strategy so that we can all profit For years to come, and just like michael said, isn’t it amazing that you’ll always have one ponzipreneur in the group that posts their link into the chat trying to get you into their fast cash crypto casino? But we are here for the long term.

This project you stay in control of your funds, look it matt moore! You were on this call. You asked a question and i think a light bulb moment needs to go off for people. I’M not going to make any assumptions, but maybe you came from perhaps forex trading you’ve used, algorithmic trading, softwares, expert advisors, you’ve used leverage, your use of drawdown and you get a margin call and blow your trading account. All that we’re doing here is strategically purchasing cryptocurrency.

If you go into your crypto exchange, you’ll see you’ve less usdt or less of whatever stablecoin you’re using as more come online and you’ve purchased, ave or you’ve purchased, solana or uni. Swap that’s all we’re doing here now you may experience a decline in the current market value of a particular cryptocurrency, but with easybot it does not matter if the market ever goes back up. This bot is mathematically calculated. This bot is not analyzing the price charts and trying to speculate on whether it’s going to go up or down it.

Just is able to cover the market, no matter what the market decides to do. If it goes down and the value of that crypto declines, it’s able to pull its way out while making you profits all along the way 50 of it. As bahama clearly explained, the other 50 is going to pull down that price. So either way it doesn’t matter.

You can’t blow an account: even the word trading can be misleading, we’re just buying and selling cryptocurrency back into a stable coin. So it’s extremely powerful worst case scenario: you’re left, holding the top 30 coins in the world right now in terms of market capitalization, which is what most beginners do in the cryptocurrency space anyway, whereas we’re making money along the way and we’re just getting warmed up here. Guys, you can see the transparency, the visibility of this project, incredible servant, leadership, transparent ownership.

So if you’re watching this right right now, it’s your first time to see easybot make sure that you get back to whoever shared this with you get plugged in get started. If you’re currently trading a couple of coins, you should have seen enough right now, as a free member, you should have the cop excuse me the confidence and the belief to upgrade to advance to vip to diversify, because that’s the key. Some of you saw tron right inside that atk account well. Tron gives you a glimpse at the future.

Tron is what it’s going to look like when the crypto bull run comes back that did 11 to 12, because if you look at the price action of that coin, over the last six weeks, the price action was behaving similar to what you would see in a Crypto bull run so right now to be profiting. We have tested many many cryptobots, everyone’s, a genius in a bull market, but when the market is going down, that’s what really separates the wheat from the chaff. That’s where you get to see the solid strategies and this bot is positioned to profit in either direction so to be still making three five seven percent on coins.

Right now in this bloodbath, crypto winter, it’s extremely powerful, so get position, get locked in upgrade your membership. Get back to the person who shared this with you and put your money going in something solid, that you have control of that’s here for the long term and that’s sustainable pleasure to meet you all, can’t wait to see you on the next call. If you’re a leader and a builder and someone with influence, make sure that you join us on tomorrow’s business builder call get plugged in share the vision, we have a very lucrative rewards plan, a peertopeer model that can allow you to share this with others. It’s completely optional, but when you find something that works, it’s your ethical and moral obligation to help as many people as you can and that’s what we have here.

Thank you very much for your time and attention and be sure to share this recording with anybody that missed this call. Thank you, david and muhammad. Always a pleasure talk to everyone soon, thanks, you

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