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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today, i’m just going to quickly explain the compensation plan. So let’s see uh what i got in store for you guys, okay, so what is the easy bot? It is a basically ensured it is a crypto trading bot that trades cryptocurrencies for you on your own exchange. So it’s simply, you connect it to your binance exchange.

While binance is available at the moment, i think coinbase as well, but i would suggest binance all the other exchanges will be available in the future. You know, as they roll everything out so anyways, so you connect it to your exchange like binance and well with a secure api key and it starts training for you. It’s really it’s plug and play guys.

Eazy Bot Compensation Plan

It trades the crypto markets for you and it and it will make a profit for you um. Just a quick, just a quick reminder. This is not financial advice, i’m not a financial advisor, i’m only showing you guys what i do and how you can potentially make some money online right, some passive income yeah. This is a great way to do it right.

So yeah guys it is fully secure. There’s no way you can lose your money because your money is safe and secure in your own wallet right. The bot can only trade for you.

The only thing you think you’re doing is giving the easy bot permission to trade for you on your exchange, and you can obviously stop the trades at any times if you want and stop the bot at any time. If you want to right, it does not have access to your funds at all right, and another thing is big thing: is the bot is free right, so so yeah guys? What do you have to lose right? Because your money is safe? The body’s free, um, yeah and another and another thing is um: the bot will be available to everyone from the 30th of march onwards, so guys get your binance while it’s ready get them to get it verified. Um and yeah start getting your team together. If you want to, if, if you want to um recruit, if you don’t want to recruit, then you don’t have to again guys another another point i’m going to make.

Is you don’t have to recruit with this platform um or with because again it’s a bot? It’s a trading bot guys so um, it’s gon na trade, for you, whether you recruit or not, right, it’s like whether you’re trading, it’s the same with if you’re trading manually and making profits you don’t have to recruit anyone because you’re making money right so yeah you Don’T have to recruit anyone here, just saying you know, if you just want to be an investor so, but if you do, if you do want to also build a network, they do give you that option. Um, like many other legitimate platforms, do so that’s what i’m going to discuss today. So here’s the compensation plan, easy compensation plan, uh annual bot, lease sales, okay, so you’ll notice these packages, so firstly, um, there’s not really much of a difference between the packages right. I discussed this in the other presentation, i’m not going to discuss this too much now.

I just want to cover the compensation plan in this video, so the free memberships um, you all get the same bots, whether you’re advanced membership on vip, which is 995 dollars yeah. So it’s everyone gets the same bot um, there’s no discrimination, oh and everyone has access to to the compensation plan as well. If you want to build a network, so you can still earn from free members guys as long as they fund their binance wallets and let the bar trade for them and once the bot make some profits for them on on their crypto exchanges like binance, then then You get a small percentage from that, so basically the company keeps thirty percent of the fees for the free members, um trading fees.

They take three percent of trading fees right um, but for the other packages they take twenty percent. That’s one of the main differences between the three and other packages, but yeah 30 is fair guys, you keep 70. So if you, if the bot, for instance, if it makes a hundred dollars for you, then you keep 70 and and easybot the easybot company takes thirty dollars right and that and part of that thirty dollars goes to um the affiliates right and then it gets distributed. Amongst these levels that i’m going to explain all right, so yeah guys you’re going to make profits, regardless of what of whether you’re a free member or not right.

So, as a free member, you still have access to everything you need to have access to it. Doesn’T matter all right, so affiliate commissions on level, one on your direct signups, those on level, one you get 40. So when you, for instance, this is just an extra a bonus that you do get.

If someone does decide, if you do get people that decide to upgrade to the higher packages, because there are some added benefits to it – that you don’t again that you don’t need to worry about now, but anyways. If people do upgrade to these higher packages um, then you get a get a commission from that. So on your first level, if someone, if one of your direct signups gets an advanced um package, then you get a hundred dollars. If someone on your again on your um someone, that’s a direct sign up, buy against the vip package, then you get 390 or usdt usdt by the way, if you don’t know, it’s the it’s, basically the cryptocurrency version of the us dollar, it’s exactly, as is exactly The same value as the us dollar um, it’s a stable coin, which means it doesn’t fluctuate.

It’s not volatile, like bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies um. It stays constant like like a fiat currency like the us dollar, basically stays exactly the same anyways so level. Two.

Ten percent um, so this is everyone that you that your direct sign ups recruited, so you’ll sign up signups right um, you get ten percent for those people when they decide to um, buy one of these packages so in advance you get 25 years dt on the Vip level, so someone on the second level decides to get the vip package. You get 99 usdt. So what is the check matching bonus only for daily service fees, so again the daily service fees, again guys or the trading fees that the company takes whenever you want to trade, like i just mentioned that thirty percent that they take for the free members and then Obviously, for advanced vip, they take 20 um, so um on level one.

So the are the matching bonus. Basically works is okay. We’Ll get to find this club later when you have someone um on your first when so when, when you have someone on your first and second level, and they make a profit right from the trades you you benefit, you get eight percent of that thirty percent fee That the company takes right for everyone on your first level, everyone on well all your direct sign ups, basically and for everyone that they recruited to all the guys on your level. Two, you get three percent matching bonus for whenever again, whenever the bot generates profits for them, and again it comes out of that thirty percent or twenty percent um fee that the company takes.

You know trading fee um, so yeah. That can be massive guys. I mean if you are building your first level and you guys on your first level, decide to build your second level. I mean imagine the matching bonuses that you’re gon na have that you’re gon na have coming through consider all the time guys because the body’s gon na trade, 24 7 people are going to make profits 24.

7 right. So these bonuses are going to come in 24. 7, this eight percent into three percent.

So just imagine the potential guys i mean this could be really big for you if you are building a team, so i mean again guys this is like the easiest thing to pitch to people, because again it’s free and if it’s making profit, if it’s free – and It’s making profits for you in the safety of your own cryptocurrency wallet and, for goodness sake, why? Why would you not want to be a part of this? Why? Why would you want to keep your money in a bank? It makes no sense because your money depreciates the value of your money depreciates every year when you keep it in a bank, it makes no sense. I mean a little bit of interest. You earn is really there’s really nothing. It’s peanuts.

I mean because you also have inflation coming in, but again that’s another discussion for another day. So then you have okay, so daily service commissions, um, so level one. We have okay, so level, one again all your direct signups right um. So this is just another bonus.

This is obviously separate from the matching bonus um again. Whenever someone on your first level, uh wins one of your direct signups whenever that’s again the guys in your first level, whenever someone on your first level wins a trade, then you get eight percent of that. Right of that three of the 30 fee, so again so the person on your first level when they want to trade.

Let me just start will over explain this um. They make a hundred dollars. They keep 70 um company takes thirty dollars out of that thirty dollars.

You get your eight percent commission and so on your next levels, when you unlock them right. So i just want to make that crystal clear because not to confuse anyone. So that’s why i just keep i’m trying to simplify it as much as possible right. So all the guys in your second level, so all the guys at your first level recruited again.

These are guys that you didn’t recruit right. The guys in your second level onwards are guys that your team have recruited. You still benefit from your team’s work, so obviously helping your team helps you so there’s a saying that that when you, when you help everyone else, get what they want, then you get what you want right.

So when you help your team build their team, then you benefit from that quite a lot on this. This compensation plan is crazy and it’s up to 20 levels guys. So that means um. Someone is way down your downline, so your sign up sign up sign up.

Sign up sign up, i mean you, you benefit from all those guys, that’s crazy! So here’s on your uh on your second level. You also get eight percent up until five, the fifth level. You get eight percent of again of that trading of that service fee. That 30 service fee or on the free and again on the 20, but let’s just stick with the free membership fee for now guys um so 30.

So again you you get 8 of that fee from level five and again guys um the bot trades 247 robots going to make profits for people 24. 7. So these commissions that you’re going to get are going to keep rolling in 20.

24. 7. Guys you work! You work hard, you build a team once in your life right once in your lifetime. You build your team and it’s going to keep paying you for the rest of your life.

This is massive guys and then you don’t have to do anything once once. You’Ve done the work once you’ve built your team up, then you can just sit back and see the money keep rolling in and and again the nice thing is also like. I said before, even if you don’t recruit it’s gon na it’s the same thing thing. Obviously, you’re gon na make you still like the bot’s still gon na trade you’re still going to make money, but there’s a lot more potential.

When you build a team, you can make a lot more money faster and uh. You can just get paid a lot more. I mean it’s yeah, it’s a nobrainer really for me to promote this. Okay, then, from level six onwards to level 18.

It’s one percent of the 30 fee right so yeah, whatever, whatever that’s going to be so a lot of times, it’s going to be small amounts, but it’s going to add up over time. Guys i mean again, this is money coming in on a daily basis from your signups. This isn’t even from you. This is not even your own profits from your own bot right, it’s a separate from the profits that you’re borrowing.

This is the compensation plan for when you do build a team so from level 19 to 20. It’s 05 percent all right, so even on those guys way down. You’re downloading just making money, like i mentioned already – um, okay, so to qualify to unlock all of these levels.

Um you need 10 paid, direct sign, signups or active directs. 10 paid active products. So what does that mean? Okay, obviously, then um people will jump to conclusions and say: oh yeah, all of these people have to at least have an advanced package.

No, that’s not what it means at all right. What the paid active means, um, as far as i know, is uh people that have funded their cryptocurrency wallet by their binance wallet or whatever wallet right um. The people that have connected the bot to the to their wallet and the bodies started trading.

Those are paid active, direct sign, ups right, so they just have to. Basically, i mean even with even if these 10 direct, signups or free members might have the free package, all they need to do is just find their their crypto wallets and let the bots start training for them once they start generating profits. Then you benefit from this compensation plan right, hope, that’s clear enough, um! So yeah guys, i mean i’ve seen with with other programs that i’ve been a part of in the past. It was just like to benefit fully from the compensation plan you had to recruit.

So many people and it just it – was yeah. It’s it’s a lot harder with this. It’s so easy, literally 10 people that sign up with you for free and boom. You got your all the levels activated, and another thing i want to mention is another thing i want to mention.

Is that the fact that so, even when, when you haven’t qualified for all of these levels, so now you you um, unlocked only up until level four right and um? You were, and people on level five and that are trading and making from l5 onwards or trading and making um commissions or making money right. As far as my understanding goes on this um you they keep, they keep your commissions back right, they hold it. They they.

It doesn’t disappear, doesn’t go to your upline or anything like that right, they keep it. They keep it separate for you once you unlock these levels once you qualify, then they pay you the commissions and that you got when you didn’t qualify for these other levels. Yet right so either way you don’t lose, you don’t lose any commissions yet so i haven’t seen that in any other affiliate program right like if you don’t qualify for a specific level or whatever on a different program, then what happens is uh yeah, your your commissions? Usually get passed up to your to the person who signed you up so but yeah it’s different. Obviously, so i really like that.

That’s very fair, so founders club uh members must be a vip 995 dollars. All three three by three members must be advanced. So members, 250 minimum all members – must have a minimum of six hundred dollars trading in their exchanges. So this is the requirement, so just explain three by three members.

So here’s you you’re, you need to be an active vip, at least so you have to have the package of 995 again guys. This is if this is not necessary to be this. It’s just one of the benefits you’ll receive um, then the active.

Then you need someone three people on your downline that at least at least have on your direct line that at least have um the advanced packages so 250 packages, and then they need three people that have the 250 packages, so that this is what you need to Qualify for the founders club right, your own 995 vip package, plus all of this and obviously yeah 600 dollars in your binance account or whatever exchange you’re, going to use right right, uh yeah, so those are the qualifications limited to the first thousand qualified members. First, come first served, so just keep that in mind if you’re interested in that um. Another thing is why the founders club is so sought. After is um.

The everyone in the founders club is going to get five percent of the the whole company’s revenue um. Every single month, so just for instance, if the let’s say the company makes let’s just put a random amount out there – 10 million dollars for the month or 100 – let’s say 100 million dollars for the month um. They won’t make that now because they’re still new.

Obviously, it’s going to take time, but they’ll get there eventually guys um, it’s 100 million dollars. Um and five percent will be kept aside for all the founders right for all the thousand founders. So let’s say you’re one of the founders, so they’re gon na they’re gon na split that five million between all the thousand founders. So it’s basically five million divided by one thousand.

So that would give you well five extra five thousand dollars in your pocket. Assuming that the company makes obviously 100 million dollars a month and you’re one of the founders right so yeah, i think that wraps things up, i think i went through the whole compensation plan thoroughly for you all to understand all the team builders um yeah guys. Well, i hope you’re as excited as me as usual.

Like i always say, all my links are below if you’re interested in the easy bot cool sign up right away. Again, it’s free guys free access before the launch for everyone, um on the 30th of march, get get signed up. Uh get get familiar with the dashboard with your back office and everything um get your binance account ready.

If you don’t have one. My binance link is also below the video, so then you can create your own binance account, um and also yeah as usual. Guys, thanks for watching the video don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

I really appreciate it and yeah guys as usual, have a good one cheers

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