I Just Received My Very First Eazy Bot Commission Today From A Package Upgrade! πŸ˜†πŸ€‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot, video. So today, i’m very excited to show you guys something that i did not expect and um. This is a commission from someone in my team who upgraded to a advanced package today and i received a hundred dollar commission for that. So what a surprise that was um, let me just go there! Ah, here we go all right.

I’Ve got on my easy board. Dashboard here easy easybot dashboard uh. Well, let me just show you here on my wallet.

Easy Bot

Look at this: let’s change that color scheme, all right um, as you guys know as well on my updates that i have update video before this one uh that i’ve put up already withdrawals. All of withdrawals are available, so i can withdraw this if i want um, what i’m going to do is i’m gon na i’m gon na keep this some of this in maybe like 50 or so in here for trading fees and then the rest i’ll send to Binance to so that the bot can trade with that. So i’m just going to add it to the capital capital that i already have in uh binance.

I’M just waiting for the bot to be ready, maybe hopefully on thursday, and then i can show you guys. Some results from that also, but yeah guys. So if you don’t know, the advanced package is 250 dollars.

I will go through the benefits now um, the lady who upgraded her package. You know she knows who she is she’s very serious about the easy bot and about building a big team, and all that you know getting a lot of people on board. Helping a lot of people also benefit from this amazing cryptobot um, so so yeah guys.

This is the calm before the storm. This is um. This is going to be crazy once once the whole world knows about about the easy bot. I mean it’s going to change so many lives and again it’s free and it can and the bot will trade for you, 24 7, whether you sign people up or not.

So just keep that in mind. But hey i mean it’s. The commissions that you can get from building a team is is crazy, guys, that’s just an added benefit from already receiving the trading bot for free, i mean: what more can you ask for um my affiliate center? This is where i’m going to go so just to show you guys, my organization so far and okay, so you’ll notice here that um most well.

Basically, all of all of my members are not active. They haven’t started trading, yet the paid members, i believe, will be able to trade with the bot today, um, there has been a slight delay, so we’ll see so this person, so all of them are free members, except for this person that i just mentioned where i Got the commission from she obviously bought the advance package and, as you can see here, the system updated it to show that one person has already gotten an advanced package right but yeah you can come in for free and still make money guys. Everyone gets the same bot, but there are added benefits from from buying one of these packages right um, but yeah, the lady that bought that advance package she’s a serious gogetter, she’s gon na she’s gon na run with this business right so um again, just just quickly.

On level two, you can also see three members right there again guys. This is like, i said the calm before the storm. Once my team starts going, then eventually, all my 20 levels will be filled up and it’s just going to be ridiculous. The conditions that are going to come in from obviously from service fees again guys, are going to detail about all this in my other videos, so just feel free to watch them.

How do commissions work where the commissions are coming from um? All that all that good stuff right, obviously for the affiliates and again guys like i – can keep mentioning over and over um. If you don’t want to build a team, you don’t have to it’s just there’s so many benefits right. The bot will make money for you for you anyway.

It will still compound your your trading capital and eventually you’ll end up with a lot of money, anyways um, all right so yeah, i just uh very exciting stuff. So the person who um you upgraded, the lady you upgraded to the 250 advance package um. I received a hundred dollars for that.

So obviously, if you’re signing people up and they buy one of these packages, then you get a hundred dollars for the advance package. If they decide they want to upgrade to the vip package, then you’ll get 400 commission. For that guys. This is just an added bonus already on top of getting the bot.

That is trading for you already making money for you, and then you also get commissions from from a small percentage from the service fees. It’s just it’s just ridiculous guys. The amount of money that can be made here is, i mean and astronomical.

This is, and it just can build generational wealth, um, and you know i just woke up with a smile this morning when i saw that i was so surprised. The lady like reached out to me on whatsapp, and then i was like okay um who’s this and the meanwhile. It was one of my team members in that chat. Then she said she upgraded to the package and i’m like.

Oh okay, then i checked the commission in my in my wallet and i was like. Oh, this is awesome. Okay, so anyways it’s going to run through this quickly.

I do have a detailed video about just where i talked just about this, but you’re probably wondering okay, the benefits. Obviously, you pay less less service fees per trade um with the bigger packages. All that this means is so, for instance, if if the bot makes 100 for you um with a free package, you you you would keep 70 of that right and easybot would take 30 percent um, so they would take 30 of that 30 or the 30 percent Um 65 of the 30 will go to the affiliates.

You know for affiliate commissions and um. Then the 30 remaining 35 will go to the company, because obviously the company has to make money and, as you stay healthy um, so that they can keep providing awesome services for us guys like this amazing trading, bot, the easy bot so you’ll notice, as well um With the packages is so again, um you’ll keep just the difference here is you’ll keep 80 of of all your profits per trades. If the bot say makes 100 for you um um, then then you’ll keep 80 of that and yeah 20 will go to the affiliates and the company.

So obviously, with the advanced package you get to trade up to you get to trade, more coins uh. Most of it’s the same you get to trade on instead of one exchange, you get to trade on two exchanges and then obviously with a vip package. You you, if you want to be part of the founders club, which i also go through on a different video. Then you need the vip package.

The difference is here: you can trade on you. Can trade all available coins can trade on five different, five different exchanges, so so this would benefit especially the serious guys. You know think or two about trading, and you know interested in the founders club and you like to diversify on every exchange. You know some guys like to do that.

Um, there’s a oneclick strategy set up. You can earn as an affiliate. The same same basically only differences as other packages, only difference perfect for experienced traders, private one oneonone support, call call so that’s also very valuable guides tutorials and training professional marketing app, so yeah guys.

There are definitely benefits from upgrading to the packages, especially you know. It will benefit, especially the guys who are coming in with a lot of capital right um. You have a lot of money like thousands of dollars in their binance wallet that they want the bot to trade with they want to diversify their coins.

If you’re coming in as a free member, it’s still fine guys, i mean trading up to two coins is more than enough. I mean, even if you have a few thousand dollars in your binance account, and you just want to try, try the easy bot out on the free package. First, that’s perfectly fine.

I mean you can always upgrade with the profits you make from the bot guys, because you know that’s what i’m planning to do, maybe i’ll upgrade before i make a lot of profits with the bot. I just need to personally see how my finances are looking, but i’m definitely going to get the vip packages packaged sooner or later, because i am, i want to go all the way. I want to get really serious, possibly eyeing a founder’s position. I’D love to have one of those as well, but we’ll see how it goes guys.

You know, but yeah eventually, somewhere along the line, i’ll get a vip package um. You know because i also want all of those extra added benefits, but whether you come in with a free package, advanced package, vip package, you’ll you’ll get you’ll, get the trading bot guys you’ll make money, no worries, so yeah um two coins is enough trading or on Exchange is enough um, especially if you’re just getting going um but yeah. At the same time, just saying there are benefits from getting getting the packages, so i want to go again guys.

I have a separate video. We are going to detail about about this, so feel. Free to watch it just go through my channel, guys, um, so yeah, i’m i’m super excited for this whole thing, guys, i’m just really buzzing. I mean it’s.

Easy Bot Commissions

It’s a money, printing machine, this business um, the company, hasn’t even launched it guys like fully launched it um. The bot will only be available to the fro to the free members from today and then not the free members, sorry, the paid members and then hopefully on thursday it will be available to everyone but and i’m already making money guys it’s not even fully launched. Yet it’s still the beginning of the beginning, so people it just shows you. There are people out there that are seeing the potential here that are taking this seriously.

So so, especially if you’re planning on building building a network guys with easybot, is you’re looking at something really special, really really special guys, i mean you have to spark if you really want to like right now, because this is the best time you’re in the beginning, Guys um, so i don’t even know what i can add. I mean it’s just it’s it’s really. It’s really exciting for me to share this with everyone get yourself ourselves out there guys, if you are a business builder, create your own youtube channel. It’s really simple i’ll! Even make a video for you guys to show you um, how i record my videos and that’s really really easy and again guys um.

If you want to get involved, you want to jump on a zoom, call and see what it’s about you want to meet. The ceo, the founder and the ceo, get on the zoom calls guys all my links are below for the telegram group groups as well. My sign up link um. If you don’t have a binance wallet, my binance wallet link is also below the video.

You know all that stuff is always below the video, so so just uh yeah check it out. Um and yeah get involved guys get get serious, get going about this opportunity, because this this will change your life. If you take it seriously right, even if you like what i mean by that is, even if you just use the trading bot over time, it will compound it will compound your money right, um, your capital, and it will become. You know if you know compounding interest works.

You just know that that the bots gon na make a lot of money for you over a certain period of time right and then again, if you’re on an investor and a business builder. Well, the potential of this is is ridiculous, like you’ve, never seen from anything else, anyways guys, um thanks for watching uh, don’t forget to like the video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I always appreciate the support, love you guys and have a good one guys cheers

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