Eazy Bot Earning Potential As An Affiliate, This Will Blow Your Mind!😎πŸ”₯πŸŽ‡

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel, welcome to another easy bot video. Today, i’m going to explain to you the earning potential and how you can earn as a free affiliate and the power of duplication as well right. So obviously you guys know.

Let me just go to there. I just did a bit of scribbling this. Obviously you guys know that um, you don’t have to recruit anyone with this business, because obviously the body is going to trade for you in your own exchange.

Easy Bot

24. 7 right in any case, so you don’t it’s not necessary to recruit anyone, but if you decide to recruit people right, if you decide to be a business builder, because you have two options, you can either be just an investor right, which is perfectly fine, because you’re Gon na make money right because the bot’s gon na, especially with compounding interest right if the bot keeps making money for you month after month, it’s gon na it’s gon na compound over time. It’s gon na be a lot of money, anyways right, but i mean, if you’re, making money.

Why? Wouldn’T you share this with people? In any case right? It should be your moral obligation. You know to help others as well, but it doesn’t matter guys again. You don’t have to recruit if you don’t want to, but i mean if, if you do both, if i mean, if you decide that you, you really want to take action, you really want to build big and change your life and become a six seven figure earner, Which you can which you can do, if you put your mind to it, then guys and then i would say, become an investor and a business builder right. So i just um.

I spent a bit of the afternoon just to work out a few things. Um all right uh, the good stuff, is still coming guys. So stick around, so i basically work this out so, as you can see on your first five levels.

Okay, so let me just take this off from the three members right or oh, no, wait wait a minute! So, as you can see from what i did here um, i said that affiliates keep 65 percent of the service fees. The company keeps 35 right. So what are the service fees? Obviously so, what i’ve said, and also in many of my videos i’ll get to this these calculations soon right, the three members keep 70 of their profit. So what does that mean? Okay, let’s say the bot makes a hundred dollars right.

Um for you, then you keep 70 of that as a free member right. Everyone gets the same bot in any case, guys just saying, but there’s a difference. If, obviously, if you decide to buy a paid package, you get a few benefits here and there, but everyone gets the same bot.

So you don’t need to worry about that, but anyways so free members they keep 70 service and and the company takes 30. So you keep 70. This is, if we’re using a hundred dollars and a hundred dollars as an example, and the company takes thirty dollars.

What happens to those to that thirty dollars or and then obviously, in some cases you know the paid members um they keep eighty. They would keep eighty dollars of the hundred eighty percent and the company would take twenty percent. What happens to that service fee? What happens to that right, um, so sixty five percent of let’s, let’s just use the thirty dollars right, the thirty percent – sixty five percent of the thirty dollars will will go to the affiliates right so of the service fee.

Sixty five percent goes to the affiliates. The business builders like myself and many others and the company keeps 35 to keep the company running, and you know maintenance and whatever and to pay staff all that stuff. You know, because, obviously the company also needs to make some money right for us to use their services, so we’ve established that so how much? How much is so if we’re using that example, i just used of we company – will take thirty dollars right of the hundred dollars that the bot made um, then that then sixty five percent of that thirty dollars would be nineteen point five dollars right now. That would that nineteen point five dollars will be distributed amongst all these levels right, so we’re assuming now all these guys on these same levels.

It’s just an assumption that they’re all making a hundred dollars on all these levels and yeah well again, guys just just um keep up. You know just because don’t get confused, i’m going to try and explain it as easy as possible, make it as easy as possible for you guys, 65 gets distributed for these levels, plus the matching bonus guys, because i also put the matching bonus in total uh into Account so obviously the matching bonus is just for level, one and level two. So every again, every time um the bot wins a trade um for your guys on level, one and level two you get a percentage of obviously of the service fees. I just discussed so 54 is of the 65 percent of 54 is um distributed amongst all your levels, guys.

This could be a massive massive massive income for you right and then 11 goes to the matching bonus so totals to 65. That goes to the affiliates 35. That the company keeps right, um, okay, this is the founders club, i’m not going to go too much into that.

I mean gone to it in another video. If you’re interested in this um, you just got to know the founders get five percent of the company revenue that pay gets paid monthly up to you for the rest of your life, if you’re. So, if you qualify as a founder, you get like you’ve parted.

A thousand people um that that will be part of that five percent pool, so that could be a lot of money in the future right, but i mainly want to just discuss, especially as a free member guys. As far as i know, um, you don’t even have to be an activated member to to gain from these commissions, but i could be mistaken. You know um, but anyway, so active. All that activator member is is, is the activated member has decided to use the bot to trade for them on their binance or coinbase pro accounts, because guys, obviously um the body is going to trade for you in your own safety of your own exchange right.

That’s where that’s, where your trading capital is going to be not in your easybot wallet right. The only thing easybot does is trade for you. That’s all. It can’t do anything with your capital, so you don’t need to worry about getting scammed with this business.

With this bot well with this company, because you go and get scanned because again, your money’s in your own, always in your own control, guys just again, keep that in mind, like always say so, you’re, probably wondering now: okay! Well, how how? How am i gon na make money with these levels? How do they work? How much money can i make so i made a just a example here right guys. This is just an example, something i i just had a little fun here, thought of some numbers um and i use duplication in a few things that i put into account right. This could vary from member to member, but um this. This is definitely possible guys.

So for all of these examples i used the 70 30, so i use the free member. So i just assumed everyone in your organization has a free package, all right so and so all these guys have free packages in your organization. You’Ll see here, i said one there’s two on level two, four on level: three um.

I again i use duplication here. So, let’s assume you only okay, let’s assume, first everyone in your organization, so on all your levels again, guys, the only guys that you sign up directly are on your first level from level two onwards. Those are people that that your sign up sign ups, that your team members sign up and their team members and and their team members.

Okay, you, don’t you don’t even a lot of these people, you’re never going to meet in your life right and you can earn from them from their service fees right. So again, we’ve established already how the company makes money with obviously with the trades they take. The service fees they distribute it amongst the affiliates guys, so we’ve established that right before someone’s like oh well, you know this is this looks like a pyramid or ponzi scheme um. You know if, if you get someone like that, that comes along just just explain to them: listen the money comes from the trading fees which again i’ve already established.

So all this all of these calculations are based on that percentage, right that this, this 30 service fee um the the 65 percent of the 30 percent – that we get right as affiliates, okay, so obviously, amongst these levels, this is excluding the matching bonus. This is for the 54 right, so so what i did here is what i did is i worked. I worked it out.

So you’re probably wondering okay, what is this 24 usdt? So this is basically i worked it out. I went on the calculator right i took. I used a 100 example, i said 100 times, okay, so we’re getting eight percent right um times. I know so i said uh.

What was it again? So i took thirty dollars right times. Eight divided by 100 equals so what’s eight percent of those of that thirty dollars, two point: four dollars all right. So two point: four usdt, that’s eight percent! So that’s what you’re gon na get basically or for this example on your first five levels: you’re gon na get two dollars and forty cents from everyone on your first five levels, because remember you’re, getting eight percent right for everyone on your first five levels right. So i went by that so they’re not they’re, not just then i just assumed okay, let’s see, let’s imagine uh, you have one direct sign up.

Um two of them decide that one direct sign up only gets only signs up two people right that are activated because, again we’re assuming all these people are activated and we’re, assuming all these people are making a hundred dollars monthly guys. This isn’t too far fetched i mean eventually. This obviously won’t happen overnight guys.

This is just an example. I can also use ten dollars and i will use that shortly, but this is 100 for now right. This is definitely possible. It’s just going to take it’s going to take a while, but it’s worth it guys.

If you look at the money you can make so you you signed one person up right. Let’s assume that this person signed two people up so now on your level two, you still you’re getting paid, eight percent for those two people and you don’t even sign them up right same from level three in that, let’s assume those people on level two sign up. Two people each now, you have four people on your third level.

So let’s assume everyone in your organization signs up at least two people and guys most a lot. Most of the guys in your organization are probably gon na. Do nothing but you’re gon na have, but i’m using this now as an average i’m using now.

Let’s say all these guys sign up two people on average, because you’ll get some guys that will run with the business that will sign up 100 people. Even a thousand people somewhere along the lines in your organization right, so all these, let’s assume all of them, signed two people up right going by that example. The numbers don’t lie guys and it. Basically, all that happens is it doubles the amount of people on every level right.

So look at that look at the amounts we get to eventually guys, just assuming all of these people get to get two people sign up. Two people with an activated account all those people make 100 a month right and you’ll notice here from level 6. The amount changes from 24 to 03.

So so, obviously, it’s from level 6 to level 18. You get one percent for those people on your on. On those levels right so what’s one percent of 30 dollars, 0; well, thirty cents right so zero point three, so all i did here was took those those amount of people in this case on level. Six.

Thirty, two people times zero point: three: what do we get? Nine point six usdt right, so then they duplicate it duplicates it duplicates again guys numbers don’t lie over time on all these levels. It’s just a ridiculous amount of people and a ridiculous amount of money right just because you decided to sign some people up on your first line, because when the again guys, when the people on your team get going, it’s it’s just it’s something crazy to see right. But but obviously this compensation plan is so good and it’s just thought out so well that this these amounts are achievable.

I would say i mean that’s what i’m shooting for so yeah again, then. I just use 03 you’ll notice, then, on level 19 and 20 at 05 percent that you’re getting for level 19 and 20, so 15 cents per person on that level. That you’re going to make assuming that all of these people, all of these it’s on l20 524 288 people um, make all these people make at least the average of a hundred dollars a month, um yeah, obviously they’re all activated, and all that. So then, i just times that all those amount of people assuming they make i’m getting 15 cents from all of them um.

So then it’s 78 6432! So guys, if you add all of these amounts together right because because these amounts you can all add together because remember you’re getting all of these levels, are you getting individu getting paid individually? So if you add all these levels together, it’s probably it’s over. A hundred thousand dollars right going by this example, just one direct sign up, decided to to sign two people up those two people aside decided to sign two people up uh, although they make a hundred dollars and so on. Let’s assume that that um, we only get all those people only make ten dollars monthly on average right we’re taking all of them together and we’re averaging them out of ten dollars you’re getting making ten dollars from every single one of those people a month.

What we’re going to do is just take all these amounts and divide it by 10 right. So instead of 24 usdt you’ll get 24 cents, then 48 cents, then 96 cents, then 192 384 um, then level 6. It will be 96 cents, 192 um, three dollars and 84 cents, 768 1536, 30 and 72 cents, 6144 cents um it would, it would be then 12288, 24576 and so on, eventually on level 20 you’re still getting.

If we had to divide all of these amounts by, you know by well obviously level 20. We divided by 10 you’d, still make 7 800, 64 and 32 cents a month guys how many of you can do with almost just eight thousand dollars a month? Okay, but it’s going to be more because again, you’re adding all of these levels together as we’ll probably end up to what like 15 ish 15. Sixteen around there a month, let’s say almost twenty thousand dollars a month um – and this is just using this example guys.

This is just one what’s possible, with one direct sign up if duplication happens, and then and obviously, if we have scenario, two scenario, three scenario: four and we’re just using ten dollars, then, instead of twenty four dollars, it would be two dollars forty cents right um. We start off instead of like well and then with scenario one. We would start with 24 cents, uh 24 there or usdt same thing um, so you guys can just imagine now right. Let’s go to level 20 just for the in for interest sake.

So, assuming that all of these people in your organization, all your levels are averaging ten dollars each a month right, which is, i mean, highly possible. This bot is gon na make money for everyone, but let’s just use ten dollars, average it out or ten dollars a month right, um then well for scenario. The amounts i’ll just show you on that. I worked out on scenario.

Eazy Bot Earning Potential As An Affiliate

One would obviously just switch over to scenario two, because the amounts i worked out for scenario, one were with a hundred dollars right, um, so yeah, assuming that your 10 direct signups each get two and duplicate those guys get two and they get two and so on. Um, you end up again with over a hundred thousand dollars a month income. You know when you eventually get to so many people well, you’ll get with more because get you more because he, instead of like for level 20, for instance, he times that by 10, there’s gon na be 52 million people eventually. So it’s going to be like like something crazy, like 10 million people on your team, um 100 million people just by again like like by using.

I know this sounds crazy guys, but i mean it could happen like um yeah. So and obviously, if you had you 100 direct signups, using what we the same duplication, uh thing, we used on scenario one. It would be like over a million dollars a month, income that you’re making a thousand direct signups. It would be like over 10 million, but then you’d have something like a billion people in your team on all your taking in account all your levels, that’s ridiculous guys, but yeah i mean this is just all i’m trying to show you guys is what is what’s Possible here you know it’s just when you get started your your um organization starts duplicating you know, your team starts duplicating starts just signing up a few people here and there.

This is what can happen, and this is as a free member guys. So if you don’t have a lot of money to start off with, then you should consider this. You know, and i know this is nothing fancy look um.

I will eventually just put this over to a exp excel spreadsheet. Um i’ll definitely add the amounts of for all the scenarios um because i just didn’t find it necessary right now, because because you know it’s just i just thought i could explain it in any case, so i’m almost a little bit lazy. So i just don’t feel like typing all the stuff out, but as long as you guys have like an understanding right that, if, if each, if all those people on each level just get two people each then you know on average, then it’s it can be become A massive amount right and also the point, so i think i’m going to just go off now.

Also. The point i want to make guys is that we are still in the beginning of the easy bot. We we not even fully launched it.

It’s like 20 or 30 000 people, i think in easybot, right now, so for those who want to build a team right now, this is this. Is this is the time guys because you know what’s going to happen eventually right if you decide? No, i don’t want to sign anyone up or whatever someone else is going to sign those people up or the company’s going to sign them up. This company is going to go worldwide, we’re eventually going to get to a million members, 10 million members – 100 million. We could even get to a billion members.

I reckon right so all those people that you sign up now it’s in the future. It’s gon na it’s gon na, add up right, they’re, gon na sign people up here and there eventually, it’s gon na become something ridiculous right like you’re, going to like, like i just showed in this example, you’re just going to have a ridiculous amount of people on On your lower levels, eventually and you’re going to earn from all of those guys and, like i said some most of those people, you’ll never meet in your life, but you’ll still get you’ll still make something from that right. So yeah again, i will i’ll bring out a better video in the future um. I just want to again like, like i said, i just want to show you guys what is possible and why you should consider to build a team with us.

Not just i mean again like us, like i’ve mentioned many times, there’s nothing wrong with just wanting to be an investor just wanting to leave your money in your binance or coinbase pro account or your crypto wallet. Um, there’s nothing wrong with that and just letting it accumulate and build up, because that’s what the that’s, what why obviously signing up in the first place, because you want the bot to make money for you right, nothing wrong with that, but again guys it’s! If the body is making money for you, then why would you not want to share this with people like you know, so it should be again like your moral and ethical obligation, um, because it could, it could help other people as well. It could bring a lot of people out of out of their tough financial situation, because a lot of people, especially after the whole covert thing people have been struggling.

You know business. A lot of businesses have closed down. A lot of people have lost their jobs, so this is the answer this this.

This could help a lot of people. You know this trading bot can potentially change the world, and i know that’s a little bit farfetched and a little bit cliche or whatever you want to call it, but hey if everyone. If we do our part and shout it on top of the rooftops and and just tell the world about it, um the more people use it. The better.

The more people can make money because guys the crypto markets are worth trillions. So everyone, it’s there’s more than enough money for everyone to go around and again the bots going to be trading 24 7 be making money for people and and as an affiliate again you can. You can get some of those service fees because again guys, if, if you um, don’t sign people up, then you’re not going to benefit from some of the service fees. All that’s going to happen is those service fees, those small those percentages and that i just mentioned is going to go to someone else so think about that.

Just think about that um. You know because this is this is your future. This is. This is really just big.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. It really is like again, i don’t want to sound um, cliche or whatever, or you know or yeah, get ahead of myself or anything. But you know: if you attend the zoo meetings um then then you’ll also see you know like like.

What’s going on behind the scenes, it’s just really it’s really good to see, but anyway, guys um. All my links are below the video. My sign up link my phone number. If you want to reach out to me personally on whatsapp, you are welcome to um and yeah.

All the other links for the telegram groups is the zoom links the the times when the zoom and days when the zoo meetings happen. Company zoo meetings so come and join us guys and see what it’s all about right, guys, um thanks for watching this video um. Don’T forget to like and subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate the support and have a good one cheers.


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