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Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to this quick little easy bot update um. I just want to update you guys on the marketing app that it that has been promised for well um, since before the launch you know they promised that they’ll give us a a marketing app. You know with sales funnels – and you know things like that, so so yeah, let’s, let’s have a look at it. So this this was posted on the group, um free affiliate program and marketing app accelerate your earning and maximize your rewards.

Eazy Bot Update

Easybot offers a generous and innovative affiliate rewards program yeah. Well, it’s like the affiliate program is like 20 levels deep, so it’s insane anyone building a team like this is something that’s going to give you generational wealth which, which you can build on for years and years to come. You know, unlike a lot of these um silly things that just pop up, you know lately, but anyways easybod is here to stay. There is no cost to be an affiliate or to enjoy the benefits of the worldclass marketing and training app build your team with professional design funnels stay connected with push notifications, watch trainings and call replays right from your mobile device.

So guys you will have to download this app to your phone and then you can use it to market easybot and to um. You know get people on your team so that not only you make money, but they make money as well, because, obviously, as you guys know, you can make money with with this, even as a free member, the body’s free for anyone to use they’d simply connect it To their binance or their kukuin wallet and and boom the bot trades for them right and and makes make some money for them i mean, and it’s perfect, obviously it’s perfectly safe, as you guys will all know. So it is something that you can build with pride. You know that you can be proud of what you’re building know that it’s a legitimate, transparent, um online opportunity, as usual, like i say so.

If i go to uh the dashboard here to my dashboard, there was a um, a little buyer, i think below affiliate center. I don’t know um earlier they’re, probably still updating, i guess, updating our um dashboard um, but it basically i clicked on it. It directed me to a what was it to a different page right where i just had to enter my details and in it, and then it’s said, okay, i need to download the app you know on my phone, so i don’t know if they’re going to put That back again but otherwise yeah.

I will update you guys on on that um because i’m not really sure they. If it’s ready completely ready uh. I didn’t attend that zoom call so so yeah um but yeah. I don’t know if it’s on.

I don’t know if it’s on um, what’s it google play yet or anything like that, play store, but again guys i’ll, update you but yeah it should. It should be ready or almost be ready all right, but that’s definitely something we can use uh and especially, you know, as you guys know, i’m also three members. So so i’m making and i’ve i’m making some.

You know affiliate commissions, for simply, you know, making youtube videos and referring people and just being honest with people and saying this is a legitimate opportunity. No doubt about that, and you can it’s about their trades for you and that’s simply what it is. It’s free to use and you’ll see that this is.

If commission is so, you’re, probably wondering some of you. Some of you really know what works, but for the new guys, so this ssf commissions is basically whenever the um, the bot wins a a trade or closes a winning or yeah just wins a trade for for someone on your team um. As you guys know, there are service fees that you that you have to pay right um, so those are the service fees work.

Is you keep seventy percent of the profits the bot makes and thirty percent well for this is for free members. Thirty percent uh goes to the company and two affiliates um. You know bringing people in um. So obviously, if you’re paid remember, if you have a paid package in 20, then you only pay 20 service fee right, um, so yeah, then that 20 service fee obviously goes to the company and the person who referred you right.

Easybot Free Marketing App

So imagine now you build a big team as usual and for now you know, as you can see, the the service um, the commissions that i’m getting. I don’t know why it’s uh package sales, ssf commissions, there we go um. As you can see, it’s not a lot yet, but it’s it will.

It will snowball guys again as soon as duplication happens in your team. Then it will snowball, and you know if you have more people in your team that are you know that the bots trading for them and making profits for them. You benefit from that as well.

So if you help other people get what they want, you get what you want right, um. So even forex brokers have an affiliate program. It’s no secret! You know they share some of the spread with you. Something like that.

You know it’s no different in what what easy body is doing. You know it’s like so so yeah i mean it’s. This is this is awesome.

This is a very lucrative plan that goes down to 20 levels, 20 levels, deep guys. Just keep that in mind and again this is generational wealth that you can be building for you and for your family and, as you can know, this company as far as i’m concerned, this is a longterm company because a fully transparent they showed us um. They basically show us how it works, and you know again even look.

I could be wrong even if they fall tomorrow. Your funds are safe, but i believe you know they’re going to be along around for a long time, because it’s it’s in their best interest in their best interest, as as the same as it would be in a forex broker’s best interest to be around for as Long as possible, because the the more people that they have the more people that they can get to trade, you know with their with their broker the more money they make right. If people stop trading, they don’t make money anymore right because they make money from simply from fees. It’s the same with easybot they make money from from the fees.

Every time the bot wins trades for you. So it’s a winwin on both sides: um right, uh, okay, so package sales. Obviously these are four. You don’t have to like i’ve mentioned this many times you don’t have to buy a package, but if anyone in your team decides to you know if they have a lot of capital to trade with, and they want the extra added benefits of the paid packages, then Then you know you get commission from them once or commissions.

Well, actually, once once a year commissions from them, um upgrading to either advanced or vip packages, so yeah, okay. This was just supposed to be an update, but but i just like to mention these things guys, because there is so much potential here medium. You know in a medium and long term, even like if the short term, if you really pull up your sleeves, you can make a lot of money up and again, not worrying.

Is it you? You won’t be worrying. That is anyone in my anyone. In my team, gon na lose money or – or you know, is the thing just gon na just gon na fold, because you know obviously, yes there’s so many there’s so many things out there that have like a ponzi model or pyramid scheme model. It’s not even funny.

You know like like this is obviously the opposite like this is a perfectly legitimate operations with real trades going on in real time, and you know again, you’re always free to. If you have questions join the zoom course um, but yeah i’ll update you guys on exactly uh, what’s happening with that with the marketing app um, because, like i said, there was a bar on the dashboard where, basically, you click on and it takes you it like Guides you step step by step to download the app and all that stuff um. So if it’s back on or if they tell us what to do where to go exactly to download that the app i will let you know, especially for those, because some some have asked me, some in my team have asked me: when will the marketing app be Ready and obviously this was about a month ago, the one person – and i said i don’t know – we’ll, wait and see so um, it’s ready now, so for all those wanting to build a massive team um. This will help you guys out out a lot, because this is a funnel builder.

I believe um uh yeah. I think sales funnels that it’s all free. I mean this stuff.

You would usually pay for this. Like this stuff called click funnels, there’s um. There was one that i joined way back. It was called home business academy, also great great stuff, but you have to pay a monthly membership just to use their funnels and their funnels are great.

Don’T get me wrong, you know they do work, it’s just when when you have the easy bot, not just giving you a great bot that you can use for free, um, that’s already making money for you and the fact that you can make money as well um As a free member like like you, can be a free member, refer people and make money on the ssf commissions and plus on uh, you know the package commissions, it’s it’s insane, i mean there’s no monthly fees, nothing, i mean usually a lot of affiliate programs. I was a part of there was: it was monthly fees as well up to 100 or more. The one was, i think, almost 200 a month that i had to pay. So if i didn’t pay that monthly subscription, i would um you know i would lose my.

I wouldn’t get my commissions anymore from me, even if i doesn’t matter how big of a team i built or whatever doesn’t matter what i did. If i didn’t pay my monthly subscription, then i don’t get paid my fee, my team’s commissions, that was with the stuff. I did in the past, you know with this no monthly commissions um as a free member, you can, you can earn just the same as anyone who’s.

You know got a paid package. You have access to the full compensation plan, that’s basically what i’m, what i’m, what it boils down to as a free member guys as a free member for life. There’s it’s not! It won’t change. They won’t decide along the lines that, oh you know, it’s um, sorry as a free member, now suddenly you’re going to pay.

No, these are not the kind of guys that they’re not going to lowball you like that right. I could be wrong about that, but what i see what i see from that is it wouldn’t benefit them in any case, and they wouldn’t have any. I don’t see any motive from that side. They’Ll convince me that they’re going to do that.

Eazybot Affiliate Program

They’Ll lowball the free members so yeah this. The point is: they’ve done a great thing by allowing us, even as the free members, to a full access to the compensation plan and to all these things that that you usually like the sales funnels the marketing app that you would pay for um. You know on on a different on a different platform, completely free like giving us they’re giving it to us for free.

So i think i’m just going to leave that leave that there um you know, because otherwise, i’m just going to carry on in circles, so yeah guys, um easybot, just keeps going from strength to strength uh. You know when other platforms fold easybot will still be there. You know, years and years to come from now.

That’s what i believe, because it’s just it’s just doing everything right. So obviously, if you, if you haven’t, joined, if you’re interested to join my signup link is below, if you want to join a telegram group, the links for that also is also below the group below my my video, sorry um and then zoom zoom calls all those Links are below the video as well. You know i would highly recommend joining the zoom calls and seeing the bigger picture and everything right as usual. Guys, thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and oh yeah.

You can reach out to me if you, if you really want to send me a message on whatsapp. Please don’t call me because otherwise, just it’s going to you know and everyone’s going to call me and it’s going to be crazy. So just send me a message on whatsapp and i’ll get to you as quickly as possible. If you want to talk to me directly right, all right guys have a good one cheers

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