Debunking Negative Reviews And Claims About Eazy Bot.😎👍

Hello, everyone and welcome to my youtube channel and welcome to another easy bot video. So today i just want to answer some of the negative um reviews that easybot has been getting unnecessary, negative reviews and a lot of it’s just false claims. And you know a lot of them that i’m just going to debunk so yeah i just want to get into it. Um yeah, all right! There’s a pdf on this package sales and go on my browser here.

So you’ll see the most noticeable. One is as soon as you click into easy bot. Login. You see this easy bot review, crypto, ai trading bot, securities, fraud, um, and you see it uh, the guy who wrote the reviews behind him on them: yeah um.

Debunking EazyBot Negative Reviews

So, let’s first you know before we go into this article and debunk um. Some of the claims he’s got there. I just want to. I just want to quickly go into another website: um, okay, there’s actually a few reviews about behind behind mlm guy.

You know that is and these review these reviews are saying, he’s quite a dishonest guy, but uh. Those are what the reviews are saying. Guys know what i’m saying: um yeah! Well, that’s what i’ve been seeing basically uh anyway, so i’m going to click on this business.

For home, it’s a very popular site, you know for reviews, home businesses and mlm companies and stuff. So, firstly, guys i just want to say: mlm companies aren’t bad network marketing companies on mlm companies. They aren’t bad.

They are bad network marketing companies out there sure that have taken advantage of people sure they have been bad companies in general. They have been good com companies, but bad management before in the past, and they this is not just in network marketing space. It’s everywhere. You know it’s like good businesses, but bad management, um, corrupt people – stuff, like that, you know um but anyways.

The point is there are good companies out there? There aren’t good network marketing companies are they. They are good. Mlm companies out there um not all, are bad. It’s just um anyway, so with this guy he’s like he’s, uh synonymous, okay, so this is the the actual.

This is the oz. He calls himself oz on behind mlm, so he’s um like basically all network marketing companies are bad um. I don’t know. If he’s a someone, i don’t know if it’s this guy, but there was a guy who said bitcoin was a scam, so i mean if someone scores bitcoin a scam man i mean then yeah.

I i don’t even you know, there’s just no point of talking to that person because they simply don’t get it right, because, if bitcoin’s a scam, if cryptos are scammed and fiat currency’s, a scam also, you know paying taxes a scam. Also in my in my opinion, but anyways behind mlm, a fine club of mlm and network marketing haters behind mlm is founded by freelance uh german ebersdorf reporter in living in taiwan. Taipei class burden class burden publishers under the fake name of oz.

So yeah again, if you’re going to behind him, the mlm you’ll see is the fake name of oz. His business model to make a profit is to get as many visitors as possible with biased marketing, to create fear, uncertainty and doubt and clicks on the google banners on his website. So he get he get paid.

He gets paid capitalizing on people’s fear. Hmm, not very ethical. Is it to do stuff like that, given his website traffic, you will make uh estimated four thousand to eight thousand dollars per month with the banners, creating fear, uncertainty and doubt often shortened to fud. Fud is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, cults and propaganda.

Fudd is generally a strategy to influence perception by decimating negative and devious, disseminate, disseminating negative and devious or false information, and a manifestation of the appeal to fear behind mlm is reviewing. Reviewing inverted covers compensation plans on the bias conclusion is nine out of ten times. It’s a ponzi: it’s a pyramid scheme.

It’s a recruiting, scam, they are scammers security, fraud, etc. You know, i remember one one company that started up in 2019 that i was a part of like that was the first. That was basically my the big the beginning of my journey to making money online, and i was a network marketing company, i’m not going to mention names, but they started in the beginning of 20, 2019 or the end of 2018 in december right around there and um. You know it was the same story, as is this this guy ozz.

He wrote a article about that company on behind mlm and said: i think it was in end of 2019 or in 2020 somewhere. He wrote an article and said this: this um company won’t last another week or something like that and it and it just it’s still. It’s still going.

It’s just getting stronger and stronger. It’s got something like 40 or 50 million members. Now it’s um yeah. So it’s just getting better and better, so he’s proven wrong there with that company, but anyways yeah.

So this is what he says usually and website attracts with these buyers reviews a lot of people approximately 10 000 plus visitors per day, hmm yeah, so he makes a killing with all the traffic coming to his website. You know it’s spreading all that negative negativity and propaganda, as you guys know, negativity and propaganda cells. You know like if you just look at the very biased um media these days, so every com, every compensation plan review, is based on usa law. Only they do not care if a company is outside the usa.

Religious legislation is often different. That’s true, i mean it’s like some companies have different laws and different legislations. I mean that’s common sense. Really.

We all know that, although class burden arguing certainly can analyze a compensation plan – and sometimes he is right i’ll give that to him – sometimes he’s right too many times. The conclusion is wrong. Right, like i just said, it’s been proven wrong with that one company i mentioned you know it’s that i joined still around – i’m just not very active in that company anymore, but that’s that’s um. You know my business.

These contributors do not hesitate to spread to spread folk, fake, fake news and klaus does not prevent that. How do they have in how they have insulted herbalife and vemma executives when those companies were facing a sec investigation was disgusting. Both companies settled and won their cases. According to behind mlm that they lost and need to be in jail, well, yeah, you see the behind him on.

Him is wrong again, because you know they won the case in court. So anyways a couple of class bergen, argans, biased, unfair negative opinions, worldventures a recruiting, scam, lioness, linus, a pyramid scheme again guys. These are very good, legitimate network marketing companies. It’s just uh.

You know it’s uh, um yeah anyways. It’s just very sad to see all of these unbiased reviews. Um so worldventures are recruiting scam, lioness, a pyramid scheme, herbalife a pyramid scheme, so guys i mean like.

Firstly, a company is only a pyramid scheme when it’s making money off of us off of its members and and there’s no actual product, and you know i know, there’s been network marketing companies in the past that have had really crappy products where they didn’t it’s like It was basically just a coverup from making money off of members, so i look. I know that guys like i’m, trying to be as unbiased as possible and neutral um, but then then there have been network marketing companies that have been really good. That have really awesome products and um, you know, have changed a lot of lives um, but you know not just moneywise but like healthwise, i think like herbalife, for instance, yeah i mean some: they they sell, they sell really.

They actually sell really good products. I mean sometimes they might be a bit pricey. I don’t know it just depends who you’re talking to, but it’s it’s good stuff, um, so yeah, venma pyramid scheme, new skin is a permanent schema. All of these bases all.

Basically, all of these companies have a good product, so not pyramid schemes but yeah. This is this is what klaus says about it? Um, let me just get on with it. Sorry, guys new skin, a a product based pyramid scheme.

Okay, that’s a contradiction because i mean, if there’s a product, it can’t be a pyramid scheme. So it’s just okay product. It’s proven! That’s silly! Um senjens, a productbased pyramid scheme um most of these companies. I don’t know guys, i’m not.

I can’t vouch for them but like if they’re listed on business for home business forum won’t won’t list their pyramid scheme okay. So the business firm is a legitimate um home business uh website, so anyways uh yeah. I markets live illegal in the us. Okay, i don’t know for what reason again.

I don’t know the company uh kuvera global, a pyramid scheme, fn wall, a productbased pyramid scheme, eric’s many red flags with opportunity; proof it a chain recruitment scheme. I don’t even know what that is. A chain recruitment scheme comment below if you know what that is: uh doterra, strong elements of auto ship chain, recruitment, omnia, a crypto trading, scam, okay, uh vida, davina, a pyramid scheme; qnet a scam just outright. Now he doesn’t hold back this guy.

Does he uh pm international affiliate, auto ship affiliate, auto ship recruitment scheme, uh, yeah uh comment below? If you also know what that is: uh rain, international, a pyramid scheme, young youngevity, a chain recruitment pyramid scheme, a new ulife, a pyramid scheme as many other fine companies? A group of about 10 network marketing haters regular, contribute to the website with fake names such as okay, we’ll get to the fake names now so yeah again, just just to recap on all these companies um. As far as i know, no, i know some of these companies – and i know they’re – definitely not anything that this guy mentioned that they are so very yeah, very biased, um reviews by mr klaus bergen hagen from behind mlm or oz, as he calls himself um a Group of about 10 network marketing haters regular con regularly contributed a website with fake names such as melanie from germany, lin, lindell and eddington, something like that. Um timothy, curry, auntie involved.

Okay! Well, that’s uh yeah! Just that name is a dead giveaway. This guy clearly hates um anything network marketing, related scam, buster, 789 ethan thunder built scam, alert mult. Do you uh use that multis? How do you say this malthusian north asian, something like that? North asian northeast asia? Well, susan, whatever sim john um, a hater is someone who discredits the values or downs downplays your accomplishments. Your failures make a hater happier than your own success.

Yep haters need to see you go down to lift themselves up. If you have haters um. The solution is simple: ignore them and keep going what keep doing what you do if aider can directly influence your plans, then your plans aren’t ambitious enough.

Yeah. True guys doesn’t matter what you do, how good of a person you are, there’s always going to be someone that simply doesn’t like you is going to express, spread false news about what you you and about what you’re doing so, just whatever just ignore those people or Just use it as fuel use it as fuel to boost yourself so yeah. Yes, not only does mr oz, klaus bergen argon have um, you know.

Basically, you have his website where he spreads like false reviews about. He makes false reviews biased reviews about these companies. He also um has these goons.

I would call him his team of goons and supporters cheerleaders, whatever um, to spread to help him on his website to spread false news. I don’t know if he pays him something or whatever or they just i don’t know. I just like him who knows: um yep, so, okay, the point is um so now that you know guys know who this guy is um.

You know again. This is what the review says about him. Um, that’s pretty true. This is the only one um.

If you look at about behind mlm reviews, you’ll you’ll see there’s quite a few on the search engine on google. So now that you know who he is, let’s go into this easy bot review and see what klaus has written about easybot before it even launched guys. You know this, you know you know. Firstly, this is hilarious.

Actually, the first thing he wrote about it was um. Well: okay! Firstly, the first thing that i’m going to mention here is is that the company hasn’t even launched this march 12 12. It didn’t even launch, it was still in development right. We were still on on zooms.

I don’t even think i knew about it on the 12th of march. It by the way 12th of march is my birthday, so uh yeah just for each sake, so i don’t even know about easybot, i think week after maybe um, so we were still in prelaunch. It only launched 31st of march to everyone right, including the free members like it was the fullscale launch before that only the national directors had well only first, there was a ceo, the founder ceo, and he had access to the bot. Then it was the national directors.

Then they rolled it out to paid members i’ll, explain that again and then to the free members again guys it’s a free bot. Firstly, so anyone can use it and it’s safe, don’t have to send money to anyone um, so yeah, just um as we go on this. So that’s funny! Oh and the website wasn’t up by the way, because again guys it hasn’t launched it didn’t even launch yet it wasn’t even launched.

Yet a lot of the public didn’t even know about it. It’s still very new. It’s a sheesh, anyways easybot provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

So i was gon na. I was gon na stop there. This is this is really i mean every time.

I look at this. It’s funny guys again, don’t even waste. Your time clicking on this guy’s website, especially now that you know who he actually really is um, you know he’s not like just just my my opinion.

I don’t want to like bash the kind ethic, but he’s not a really he’s, not a reliable source if you’re. Looking for unbiased um opinions on any any company any online opportunity for that matter, okay, so, firstly, the website wasn’t up. So let’s, let’s look at the website.

Um, let’s go out here. Let’s log out, let’s go back huh, okay, never mind just any way to watch the bot there easy easy, okay, some surveys, whatever easy, but okay easybotcom here we go here’s the website by the way it’s up now guys because again it’s the full launch. Earlier the 31st first of march um, oh yeah – this is this is really funny but anyway, so let me just keep going, try and be as professional as possible here um.

So who runs the well? Firstly, who runs the company? Is muhammad ali he’s the ceo of the company? Then you have david d, charles, he is the ceo of the company and then you have coach ken who is the sales director and one also cofounder, i think, of easybot. So they are just mentioned. Those guys.

Okay and they have office in dubai, so let me just see if i can find some pictures for you guys with them again guys if you like, i literally spoke face to face with these guys on the on the zoo meeting. So if you, if you haven’t, if you have something negative to say about easybot and you haven’t, joined one of the zoo meetings and met the community and met the founders and that then you know, then you don’t have a foot to stand on um right. So obviously i challenge this guy klaus. He probably won’t, but i would like you know, if he’s probably, if he watches this, if you get maybe if he watches this, i would challenge.

I would really invite him. You know like a friendly invite to come and actually join the zoo meeting and see and and meet the founder and the ceo and the ceo, and you know, can see that this is actually a real company with real people behind it. But it’s like with transparency.

That’s second to none but anyways uh group info uh. I just wan na see photos okay. So by the way this is okay. So, yes, who runs the company guys um muhammad ali? Here we go? Is he is the brains behind the bot, as well as the ceo and the founder of the company, is coach, ken he’s the the sales director and also cofounder alongside muhammad, alright? And yes, the surname is ali guys if you know the famous box of muhammad ali, what a coincidence right: um, okay, well, the guy that i’m circling my mouse curse around.

I think that is david d, charles, i’m not sure who the other guys are. Maybe software developers or some some bigots in the company – i don’t know exactly what titles i’ve seen them in the zoom calls, but i don’t you know exactly who they are um. This was still the prelaunch um events by looks of it.

So here’s, mr david d, charles he’s the ceo of the company, all right just trying to get a nice picture of him. Okay, here’s everyone! Let me let me just try and work out for you guys who these guys are. Okay, so there’s mr mama just follow my cursor, ceo and founder and brains are behind the easybot um. There’s mr coach skin and again guys.

I’Ve spoken to these guys face to face on the zoom calls so yeah um they they exist. They’re real people behind easyword um with the real office as well in dubai, uh, coach, ken, okay, so here’s uh david de charles ceo and the rest of these guys. I do not know them um but yeah.

I do know the big three um, so the office is somewhere. This technohub right in dubai uh here is their commercial license, the official commercial license for their office in dubai by the way, so we’ve already just debunked. Some of these silly claims from mr klaus, uh yeah, again guys, come and join the zoom course come and join the zoom calls and see what it’s all about.

Um come and meet this community. You can you can even like um. If questioning will be is allowed on.

Zoom call then still allowed. I don’t know um. If it’s still allowed, then you can actually ask the ceo a question if you want, if he’s on or or coach ken or the ceo, if you really have a question, here’s i just want to get a closer look at david, but look if, if you go, If you go in my channel you’ll see um like some of the headings you’ll see david, doing like a presentation here. He he goes through the bot results.

I think, or something like that bot setup um. There is a video like that on my channel. So again, guys just go through my channel.

I i show you guys a lot of stuff um and come and join the zoom call to give if you’re really negative – and you know you, but you want to learn more so yeah. Let me just get through this there’s, nothing more. In fact, as i write, oh in fact, as i write this, you see, that’s that’s the thing. It’s you see, you just jumped the gun yet, like you didn’t even think, okay like to do proper research and to think okay to come and to see okay, the company hasn’t launched it or he could have actually just joined the zoom corp.

So really, mr klaus you’re still welcome you know just a friendly invite, come and join us and um come and tell us why you would say this about the company, like you know, just stop being a keyboard: warrior: yeah yeah, easybotcom, login easywhat website. Okay. So, as you guys can see, it’s a fully functioning website about us, a fully functioning website, not just an affiliate login page about us and it’s it’s got pricing. I think pricing is just the packages again guys you can come in as a free member and still benefit from the bot trading, but i’ll i will go through the packages now just for interest sake, we’ll get there.

I just want to get through this debunking. All of these silly claims from mr klaus, so oh yeah, by the way guys you can check on google earth with offices. Let me just go back there.

Um here’s again fully functioning website guys it looks nice. It’s fully functioning dubai, silicon oasis authority. That is, that is where our office is right.

Here is the address easy bot, computer system, software trading, llc, um, dubai, silicon oasis, techno hub one building office, number 173, dubai, united arab emirates, so so also guys. Just the point i want to make is: is easybot the easybot company itself. They are a software development company that they again because they create a trading bot so that you can connect your own exchange so that it can trade for you, 24 7 right, easy bots website domain easybotcom was first registered in 2018.

A private registration was last updated with an incomplete dubai uae address on december 23rd, 2021 an incomplete dubai uae address, incomplete you say, um, okay, well, here’s the address to the office. I don’t know i don’t get what this guy’s on about um. Okay, then he’s like we’ve got a heading at dubai. Is the m scam capital of the world? It’s funny um, all right.

I again. I don’t know why. I would say that it’s a silly again. I like with easybot this year.

They have an affiliate program, but i wouldn’t call it and i wouldn’t call it like an mlm company per se, because you know they have a functioning product there. You know like they ever bought that trades for you for, like that, you can use for free. So you know it’s not like you have to buy a package to get started. I mean i’m on i’m on the free bot and i’m doing fine, i’m making money.

Further research reveals mohammed omar ali crediting himself as founder and ceo of easybot, because he is prior to reinventing reinventing himself as a crypto bro ali claims. He was working in the elevators and escalators new installation industry um. All right. I wasn’t able to establish whether ali as an mlm industry i mean who cares if he’s got it? Who cares what history someone like emma? If you’ve got a mlm history or not, i mean it’s nothing wrong with mlms if they are good companies with good products.

Alexa currently ranks the us as the only significant source of traffic um to easybot’s website 39. You know what’s funny about this guys, the like most of the guys, the us, the guys from the united states, can’t even join at the moment because um they are still launching coinbase pro to con. Well, the coinbase pro feature to be able to connect the easybot to coinbase pro because um only binance is available right now for the eas to connect the easybot to um so and a lot of guys in the us can’t use binance so yeah. There’s a lot of guys from the us that are that are ready to join, including on my team, but they can’t join here.

So, even though again i don’t, i don’t see what what his point is here. As always, if an mlm company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns things, uh think long and hard about joining and or handing over any money again, you don’t have to again we just established um who runs and owns it and again you’re, not Handing over any money you don’t need to unless you want to buy a package um so again, which you can just use the bot for free. If you want to buy a package, that’s totally up to you, but you don’t need to to actually be able to use the bot um so yeah, but anyways guys.

I just want to mention coinbase pro will be available in the next few weeks for the americans. Just the same guys again, it’s a new company just be with us easybots products: easybot has no retailable products or services available. Affiliates are only able to market easybot, affiliate membership itself, um yeah, okay, we actually do have services and products, the bot and them, and they’re gon na create even more bots to trade.

That’s the trading body is the thing guys um. You know any a lot of actually all the companies that i’ve watched, including forex companies, if you want to, if you want to use their bot, you got to pay for it right and a lot of those bots are no good. The previous company.

I was my previous bot i used. I had to pay for it right here. I can use it for free and i’m making profits all the time, whether it’s more profits, more bigger profits, i’m i’m making money in the safety of my own exchange. So this is absolutely ridiculous.

This is bonkers. This is this review. Okay, novice, uh, yeah yeah, i mean actually advanced. It’s called advanced package, um yeah.

You get some benefits extra benefits there, but i mean the free packages, especially if you’re getting started, and you don’t have a lot of capital. It’s suffices. Subscription fees are paid in tether.

Usdt easybot affiliates are required to invest at least 600 dollars per coin with the bot okay. So when you, when this guy says, invest he doesn’t you see, no, no note how he says: um, no, no easybot don’t provide a list of approved tradable coins really um. A list of approved available coins – that’s funny um, because you know i can like this.

I want to trade different coins. I can just go in here. Let me just go into settings here: um, okay, for some reason, i can’t i’m gon na have to i’m gon na have to delete this.

This bottom create a new one or the strategy um, i’m basically using the default strategy. I just changed a few things. Oh yeah, by the way, guys just he said, 600 yeah, it’s recommended for the strategy to work at its best, but i’m trading with less and the bots made some profits, as you guys have seen, but yeah there’s.

At least when i looked on this list. There was about at least 20 tradable coins and they’re going to add more like bitcoins on here, xrp again guys. You know that if you just watch my videos, some of my videos and join the zoom – calls, for goodness sake, um yeah, but i’m currently trading ethereum classic, because it’s a good coin for the bot to trade.

With these some of the profits i’ve made and again guys, you know where my balance is by the way. It’s it’s right here. It’s in my binance account. So this is where your trading capital is, you don’t need to send money to them.

I just like it did he mention it here. No doesn’t look, he said, invest but he’s like is. I don’t know if he’s trying to imply that you need to send your trading capital the easy bot, because you do not the bot con trade for you. If it’s in your easybot wallet to be fair, the only time you need to send money to your easybot wallet is is to deduct trading fees because again, every time the bot wins a trade for you for the free, if you’re a free member, then um.

If the bot wins the trade you keep 70 of the profits and and easybot keeps 30 and a lot of that 30. 65. Of that 30 service fees goes to the affiliates just by the way goes back to the members. They only keep 35 so, which is very fair and very generous by the way any any trading company takes service fees, any okay.

This isn’t technically as a software development company that develops a trading bot, wouldn’t say it’s a trading company um but yeah. So yeah he’s just so. The only money you’re gon na send is like maybe 10 or 20 usdt, which is not a lot to cover the service fees because again guys that’s the only way they can take their fees.

They don’t have access to your binance account at all, or your coinbase pro account or your any exchange, they’re going to add a few more exchanges as well just by the way. So if you want to see the trades just again for transparency, wise uh, let me just go through it here: uh, etc, because this is again what the bot has been trading for me all the history i put in one or two trades by myself, because i’m A trader myself and i was bored okay, i like to trade, sometimes not always most of the time. I just prefer the bot to do its thing.

If you look at the bottom, if i scroll these, all the orders buy, buy, buy and it sold off and it made profit right. Full transparency, guys again trading for me in my binance account um just go there um again. If you want to see the trades again see here’s all the trades that did and like i just showed you a lot of those trades – are in finance.

Well, all of these trades are in finances. So that’s where the bot is trading. So can you lose money? No just by the way, because your money is safe in your own freaking exchange. Now i’ve mentioned it so many times in my videos, okay, so at least he uh to be fair to class.

He did a update here, but uh and so no easybot don’t provide a list. Actually, then he says yeah. I actually do i read in the comments below i shared an easy bot marketing video that reveals tradable coins. They are tron ripple, cardano, polkadot, dogecoin, litecoin uni swap luna bitcoin cash catch.

You can’t even spell ca. Bitcoin cash, klaus, ethereum um, oh and ethereum, classic by the way um polygon, stella and monero. But coin are things also bitcoin’s. Also, there guys it should be was only bitcoin cash, um anyways, in addition to subscription fees, easybot subscription fees, um, it’s free unless you’re buying a package.

But again it that’s up to you. If you want one, you don’t need one if you’re starting out easy, what charges ongoing roi fees, free, free tier affiliates pay, 30 percent, uh novice and pro vip tier affiliates pay. 20 mlm side of easybot pays on recruitment of affiliate subscription fees. Yeah! Well, look! If someone buys a package, you get a percentage of that, although not clarified, it is assumed commissions and bonuses are paid in usdt.

That is correct. Now it’s not assuming it is. I mean, like the affiliate commissions, i can show you guys. This is actually i’d again, like i told people come in with the free package, try out the bot first um, and these a lot of these affiliates that that i signed up um.

You know they three members and they’re enjoying the bot. I just had two guys that bought packages. So if i go to my wallet then i can show you guys affiliate commission right. So so what happened? There is two so two guys decided to buy um the 250 advance packages with the benefits and again guys i’ll, go i’ll, go through the packages in more detail in videos and the benefits so but yeah you do get those commissions and you do get service fee Commissions, um, so yeah, but again guys you don’t need a recruit.

It’s a free bot, but if you do you get affiliate commissions, i don’t see anything wrong with that. What’s wrong with that seriously i mean, would you rather let the company do the marketing all the marketing right and, and then um you know, get get all the people that get everyone to use easybot by themselves or and therefore they they basically make all the money Or would you would you prefer if you said if you like the bot, if it’s making money for you, then if you share it with a friend, you also make some money you know. Wouldn’T do you prefer that, to that you know benefit from referring people? Wouldn’T i mean it’s fair right. Even amazon has referral programs um forex brokers have referral programs, so don’t see the problem.

I don’t know what this guy’s on about he’s. Just an mlm mater or a affiliate, i don’t know guys just really most things that you see online, have affiliate programs most of the big companies, amazon and whatever. How do you think they’re so big? They don’t just do marketing on their side.

They also have affiliates helping them. The easybot affiliate ranks um. They are 12 ranks with easybot’s compensation plan uh.

What the hell is this, along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows: uh, affiliate signup is an easy bot. Affiliate affiliate coach recruit three affiliates to each invest at least uh. No, i think he’s this is. This is completely wrong.

This is completely wrong. There’s no such thing as literally i don’t know where he even got this from um uh yeah. This is um.

I mean if i go in the pdf file now uh, it’s like that is there’s no there’s literally no such ranks guys there’s just let me let me just let me just show you on my um account itself. I don’t even know where he came with the crown and whatever i mean is it there is a what’s called a founders club and then there is a an affiliate program um, my organization. As you can see, you have 20 levels down right.

So let me let me just go into the media for the compensation plan, so i just drew a little bit on it, okay, so to just unlock all these levels again. This is completely different than what you saw like it’s ranks and whatever it’s just. If you want to unlock all of these levels, then you need 10 direct signups that have funded their finance account. So they can.

It doesn’t matter if they’re free members, guys they you know um yeah anyways, doesn’t matter if they’re free members as long as long as they’re, using the bot to trade for them on binance or coinbase pro whatever then you’re gon na earn commissions. So obviously, the guys on your level, one or your direct sign ups, the rest are um. The rest are what you sign, what your sign up signed up and their sign up, sign up and eventually, all the way down to 20 levels, um, which is pretty, which is pretty freaking cool, awesome compensation plan by the way affiliates keep 65 of the service fees. So again, those you know remember that service, the trading service fee, where you keep 70 of your, your um trading profit that the bot makes for you and 30 goes to okay.

But that’s for the three members, but again, if you want to for for the guys who buy package, that’s just one of the benefits um, you know just saying uh. They keep eighty percent of uh their their profits and only two twenty percent goes to service fees. But let’s go is the seventy, so so seventy percent you keep the thirty percent um goes to the affiliates in the company. So of that three 30 65 percent goes to the the um affiliates right into this compensation pro program, oh and again of that 65 54.

It goes into there and 14 goes to the matching bonus for your level. One level two and 35 percent goes to the company, which is which is good, which is enough to keep the company running to keep it healthy, so yeah. The company makes basically doesn’t make anything from recruiting members.

They make money which they make money from the trades. From the service fees, which i mean, legitimate, forex brokers make money from trading fees. So again this side don’t see the problem and then uh yeah. He spoke about something affiliate coach.

This is nonsense. Um, i think he’s thinking of the founders club, maybe um. This is, this is something if you like, an exclusive club guys only available to the first thousand people who qualify.

This is, if you want it, if you don’t want to be a founder, then don’t go for it. It’s that simple um, but if you do, then here’s the qualification so founders get five percent of the company revenue paid monthly, so guys, every month the company is gon na is gon na share five percent of their revenue with thousand founders. So let’s say the company makes 100 million dollars for that month for um each month right or more, let’s go with a hundred, then five percent will go to these founders, so five million dollars will be split between a thousand members.

So then, if you split it, then each will get five thousand dollars pretty much the rest of their life or more. You know it just depends what the company makes on a month or less whatever right. I think this company will probably make a billion dollars a month eventually, but uh yeah, you know still starting getting there so we’ll see so. Here’s the qualifications founder club members must be a vip um.

So must get a vip package, so 995 dollar one. We also get like additional benefits. Like i said, um, all three by three members must be advanced, so you at least need three guys under you in your direct line with um um that have bought the 250 dollar package, you should advance and then they have to have three guys coming in with Advanced packages.

Okay, but again, this is for people who want to be part of the finance club. It’s not it’s not a necessity. Um, you know, but it i mean five percent of the company, the company, you know richly rewards those who are in the founders club and this company is going to be around for very long time, um so yeah anyway.

So this this is completely wrong completely debunked. As easy about affiliate ranks, don’t even know where the hell he got, that from um referral commissions, uh easybot pays referral commission so okay, these are. This is just for the guys who buy packages.

Referral commissions are paid out as the percentage of subscription fees paid by novice and pro vip recruited at affiliates, um level, 1 personally recruited affiliates 40. Let’s see if he’s correct level 2 is 10 percent um yeah. No he’s correct on that he’s correct on that. As you can see here, i knew about these sales as they call it yet, so he is correct.

You get on level one if someone buys and if you’re, if you’re, the guys on your direct, your dick one of your direct signups, decides to buy advanced package. You get a hundred dollars if um. If one of the guys on on your direct line decides to buy a vip package, then you get 390 commissions level two, so your signup signups um.

They obviously get the commission, but then you also get a little bit of a share of that ten percent uh twenty five dollars for advanced package and you get ninety nine dollars, then for one for the 995 dollars on your second line, so yeah anyways, roi fee Commissions: okay, i’m going to try and figure this one out here. All right, roi fee commissions are paid as eight percent. Okay i’ll already explain the comp plan there.

So let’s try and go through this briefly fees collected from personally recruited affiliates commission, whatever i fee commissions. Okay, so i’m guessing this return, is it’s service fee, so yeah just not to get confused from the trades that are shared with affiliates um? This has increased up to 20 levels based on rank and personal recruitment criteria recruit one affiliate to unlock levels. One and two recruit okay.

This is correct, yeah, let’s all get in there. They got that correct. I just i’m just wondering where he got this from this.

This easybot affiliate ranks uh. Maybe that’s what the plan was before. I don’t know but yeah, that’s not what they’re doing now our roi fee commissions – okay, we go excuse me, went through that affiliate, coaches and roi commissions down 10 levels of recruitment yeah.

True, even one coach is oh my word here we go with the ranks again. I’M not even gon na gon na bother. There’s, there’s no ranks, there’s just no.

That’s nonsense. Roi fee commissions check uh matching bonus. Uh easybot pays an eight percent checkmate check match on oro.

I ife commissions paid down two levels of recruitment. That is, that is correct. Global champions revenue pool easybot takes three percent of monthly subscription revenue and places it in the global champions revenue pool.

This is wrong. It’s um again he’s referring to the founders club, five percent of what the company makes goes to the thousand founders every month, qualifying as a champion affiliate affiliate as a founder generates. You one share.

What the hell one share. No, you don’t get shares. You just become one of the thousand founders and that’s that yeah anyways uh yeah – maybe again this – i don’t know where he got this info from. Maybe this was old stuff global crown revenue pool um easybot takes again this.

This is i’m not even gon na i’ll. Just explain the foul on this club: let’s okay, so this was something else then, because this isn’t no, it’s not something like this. This is the comp plan guys this is it that’s all.

It is um yeah. Let’s continue. Uh easybot takes five percent of monthly subscription revenue and places places it in the founders club pool that is correct. Equal shares in the founders club pool are available to the first thousand easy bot affiliates who sign up with at pro vip tier and qualify.

Okay, super affiliate. No, that’s that’s! You can strap that just you qualify and i just went through that joining easybot easybot affiliate membership is available at three price points, so free, which is perfectly fine advanced package. It says, obviously it’s advanced 250 dollars annually.

Yes, the packages are um yeah. You know you have to pay it once once a year to renew your package, but the free is forever so the same pro vip 995 annually, the more on easybot affiliate, spends the the higher their income potential. The more an easy about affiliate spends the higher their income potential um. I don’t.

I don’t actually know about that. Um i mean you. Can you can trade more coins sure like again, it won’t help you to buy one of these packages if, if you’re only going to trade with one one coin, if you know, if you don’t have a lot of capital again, i i recommend, if you have like Thousands of dollars, like five thousand ten thousand dollars or more um to trade with in your binance account or something then sure, then you would get the full benefit of these packages, but otherwise it just doesn’t yeah.

It doesn’t make sense. You know i’m just being completely honest, it doesn’t make sense for you to get the package because you can with the free package you you can trade at least two coins, and i mean 600 – is recommended per coin, so just go with the free one. I mean like, like i’m doing, that’s fine.

You can maybe in a later stage with your profits. If you’re making a lot of profit, then you can. If you want, if you then you can maybe buy the package, but that’s what i’m going to do.

But that’s up to you easybot conclusion: easybot is the latest spot scheme? Okay? So it’s not a bot scheme but anyways software development company in what appears to be someone flooding the mlm underbelly with cheap trading bots. Okay, actually not that well. The packages Actually, aren’t that cheap but anyways and it’s it’s free, it’s not even cheap. It’s just free. Obviously an elevator escalated tick. They didn’t wake up one day and code, a trading what’s so mohammed omar ali is clearly working with others.

Okay, well he’s really smart guy. You know if you get to if you actually get to know him on the zoom calls. Dubai lends itself to this type of fraud, oh yeah, by the way dubai. Actually.

Actually, i’ve got a video on my channel where it explains the whole trading strategy and artworks and the math behind it, and a lot of you know goes into quite a bit of detail. So, just by the way the buy lends itself to this type of fraud. Um yeah, okay, don’t know what this guy is against dubai.

The us is a possibility, in addition to being the top source of traffic, to easy bots website, um, probably not anymore. Most of the promotion i saw was from americans and, in any event, easybot is your typical mlm trading bot scheme. It’s like: okay, whatever dude affiliate, sign up pay a fee for access or get hit with a high with higher roi fees, attach easy bots bought to their trading account and invest funds through it.

Um affiliates sign up pay a fee for access or no we we, we don’t pay a fee for access, we’ll get hit with higher roi fees yeah. Well, then, if you don’t want to use the bot, then then use it. It’s that simple, i’m happy with it.

I’M making money, i don’t mind, paying those fees. So what the hell? What’s the issue attach easybots uh bought to their trading account and invest funds through it? Okay, so i don’t know. If he’s you could use better wording there.

You could say you know, like your trading funds are in binance and you connected with an api key, which is, by the way, very secure. You connect the easy bot with an api key that binance gives you and coinbase pro gives you an a lot of exchanges. Can give you and through the api keyboard trades for you, so just again could have used better wording. A very sloppy article.

This due to the passive nature of generated returns, easy bots opportunity constitutes a securities offering how, though, because it doesn’t, because, firstly, it’s a it’s a software development company, but we don’t it doesn’t we don’t promise, you know fixed returns or anything yeah, firstly, um yeah and Secondly, the trading happens in your binance account and you can use the bot for free. So it’s just yeah it’s it’s not a it’s, not a forex broker or a crypto trading broker, or anything like that. So yeah dude. You definitely got that that wrong, but by the way you guys saw anyways, they are registered yeah, so registered company fully legit, fully transparent easybot is marketed as a passive investment opportunity through which automated compounding is possible.

Yep, neither is muhammad omir ali are registered with the sec because in the us, why do they need to be registered um? Because they don’t yeah again? They don’t need to be registered in the us, because the what yeah? I don’t see the point i mean it’s like many, even many forex companies that um on on loud, like my forex broker, for instance they’re not allowed in the us, because you know the sec is just full of nonsense. So i don’t. I don’t see the what? If it matters where it’s registered um as long as it’s a legit company with legit people being behind in a you, know, legit office and legit operation, that kind of stuff or a financial regulates in any juris jurisdiction.

For that matter, it’s well. It’s not a securities offering in the first place. It’s again it’s a software development company. They just happen to develop a trading mod that you can use for free, okay, yeah.

This means that at a minimum, easy bodies committing securities fraud, no they’re, not no they’re, not dude you’re, completely you’re completely wrong at representing the company. Shame easybot’s business model also fails the ponzi logic test. How, though, nobody with a bot with half a damn, is giving away access for free? Well, they just did and again guys if you want to see uh where’s my package here. Let me just uh, go to my dashboard just to show you guys, um, oh subscription level, free wow and it’s it’s.

It’s done some trades for me just by the way. Wow! Oh bad, see! This is all the trades has done and oh it made some profits. Wow any losses, nope just profit, small profits, but hey guys over a long period of time. If you know how comp pounding interest works, it’s it becomes a lot and again your funds are safe.

So it’s like: why leave it in a bank when you can use something as amazing as this it’s by the way you’re missing out dude you’re missing so um yeah, so that’s um yeah, so you know and the profits were made in my binance account, as i Showed you guys, with the trades there so anyways so uh? What happens if the event that that begin, triggering losses trades continues over an extended period of time, resulting in infinite open trades until funds are exhausted. So what happens if the event that begin that began triggering losing trades continues over an extended period of time, resulting in infinite open trades until funds are exhausted, let’s see what the point is: making it’s just insinuating that the bot leases trades and it doesn’t it’s been. You know, there’s there’s literally a video that i have up on my channel, where i show three just look at the title: guys um three different coins um over the span of seven months, and it was market market crash correction and things like that.

It was market crashes and sideways movement and bullish markets and the bot the bot made profits through all of that right. At average good percentages like with the onecoin ave they tested it over seven months. It almost averaged nine percent um with ethereum it averaged.

I mean this was on the grand opening zoom call. They went. They showed us this all the data from it again, full transparency.

So four point: six percent ethereum was seven months and bitcoin was 26 average a month for seven months, all profit guys no losses, no losses and again guys. This is what what this guy fails to understand. Is this? Isn’T this is not forex trading? You don’t need stoplosses here, you don’t have margins, you don’t have leverage. So when, when you trade spot, if i had to put place a trade now um with with ethereum classic to usdt, i would actually buy actual ethereum classic coins or, if i was trading bitcoin i’d actually buy a little bit of bitcoin right.

So, as you know, you can only put in buys because you’re buying the actual coin itself as well, so you can’t actually even lose a trade on on spot trading. The only thing that can happen is you can end up with a big floating loss. So let’s say i bought up here and it went down a bit yeah. My trade will run in miners, but i haven’t lost the trade.

Yet unless i close it right, you can just wait for it to to come back up um. You know if you’re trading it now, but obviously you know the bot has strategy in place to make sure that you don’t end up with the floating losses like other bots. So and it’s been proven again just join us on the zoom calls guys. I mean again like the results on my youtube channel.

So yeah, that’s another point. I got ta make yeah, so you can end up with what’s called a floating loss, but no it’s not a loss. Until the trade is closed.

So yeah, it is possible to have a 100 record on spot trading. Even if you’re trading manually – it’s not it’s, not easy, i’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s definitely possible and with the strategy, this body is genius strategy by the way which i’ll go through in my other videos, just saying: um yeah. So he says here if easy part spot was all it was cracked up to be running it quietly with your own balance, wins out over providing customer support and risking regulatory investigations.

Why, though, would they be risking? It’s it’s not even on the map with regulatory authorities, because it’s again it’s a software development company, so they are a by the way they’re registered with fintech, which is who they supposed to be registered with so anyways easybot is what behind mlm refers as a lulls Contact our can’t touch our money scheme and i don’t even know what the hell that is. Investors are led to believe their funds are safe when in fact the bot owner can do as they please. No, that’s what, like the mother card do anything because again, it’s connected with an api key from that you get from binance or coinbase pro. The bot can’t do anything with your phone.

Do they literally contour anything with your funds, research, api, key, okay and connecting a bot with an api key? That’s precisely why i mean the only time they can do. Something with your funds is yeah. If your trading capital was in in um your easybot wallet, then i would, i would agree with this guy, but it’s not so clearly doesn’t know anything about api keys or connecting bots to your crypto exchange, because yeah yeah, anyways lols can’t touch our money schemes, typically Exit scan through blowing the bot up or rigged trades. How do do they? You can’t you you, you can’t rig trades on a on a exchange out of hell.

Is that even possible blowing the bot up? Okay? So, even if the bot, even if easybot, were to disappear tomorrow, my funds – let’s just go here – and these are the points that i keep making over and over and over again in my videos. Even if the bot had easybody to disappear tomorrow, my funds would still be safe in my own um finance exchange, just by the way. This is where my funds are all right.

I have a little bit of etc, as you can see which the bot brought in just waiting for that trade to come back and take profit um yeah. This is what i mentioned. I own, the actual coin. You know, just by the way the the trade at the bot place is bought in actual ethereum classic um.

What else exit scams playing on the bottom? Okay, that’s funny doesn’t matter if they blow it up, your funds are still even including your profits are in your own exchange. So i don’t know what this oak is on about. You know in either scenario trades are executed that favor the admin um. How, though, it’s like, if, if um your bots, if you’re, if the body isn’t like making profits for you, then the company’s not making any money? So if the bots, the more profitable the bodies, the more money the the company will make, you know with service fees.

So what he’s saying is completely false: um, okay, so in either scenario trades are executed at favor, the admin, okay, whatever no, not investors are fed. Any number of exit, scam, excuses and the end result is accounts are cleaned out um, but your money is not in again. Your money is not in easybot it’s in finance, so they can’t clean out. They can’t touch your funds in binance and or in coinbase pro, and this and the if you, if you know anything about crypto exchanges, are they are extremely secure, so it’s hard for the best hacker in the world to even touch your funds, let alone these guys.

I mean what the hell um being a cryptobot um. It’s also possible. Investors will be left back, holding some random coin nope you can actually choose which coin you want the bot to trade just just again by the way um.

So the mlm side of easypod is a pyramid scheme paying on recruitment of affiliates paying annual fees. I disagree. Um mlm trading bot schemes really make it past a few months without going or a um.

Even if ezbot manages to use security, fraud, um pyramid fraud and giving scammers in dubai access to your money or or still concerns again, this is really stupid. Basically debunked. All of these claims.

Okay, let’s just read – maybe there’s some sensible people in the comments section here. Huh yeah yeah. This guy brings up the api key okay, so yeah, not all sensible people in the comments section there, but some at least so yeah companies launched the body is working perfectly um with a great strategy.

Um making money, as we speak, sort of just needs to put in more trades for on my side, but that’s my business um, so yeah. That’s this guy’s review, which we basically just completely blown out of the water and debunked. It’s it’s actually funny. Really! It’s um! It’s it’s a pretty much very sad review, uh, okay, so yeah guys again, if you, if you really want, if you want as much as transparency as possible, come and join us on the zoom course, and you can ask the ceo some questions yourself um.

I also have the links to the telegram groups below if you want to sign up to the easybot and try it for yourself to see that it works, then cool. It’s free use, it um yeah, just check below my video for all the links and stuff yeah. So anyways guys uh yeah. I hope this helps you to make a more informed decision about easy body, not to listen to some of these guys.

Even in our telegram group, we have negative guys are like oh, no, i’m not making enough returns or whatever, because i mean you, you have to take it over a few months. You know or a few years because it’s going to take time for for the bot to make money for you, but at least it’s gon na make money for you right. So what’s the problem but anyways guys yeah thanks for watching, don’t forget to like the video. Don’T forget to subscribe to my channel and have a good one guys cheers

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