Are crypto trading bots profitable

In this video, i want to give you an update on my crypto trading bots and how they’ve done in the last 24 hours. Now you may or may not be aware, but in the last 24 hours cryptocurrencies dropped off the cliff face. We had this real bare drop here.

We had some consolidation side moving actions, we’re starting to move up now, but what happened in this period here, where we dropped down and was stagnant here, every other trading robot that i’ve ever been involved in have failed. At this point, but what about easybot how’s that done well, let’s first off go to my spreadsheet. Now i want to just bring your eyes over to this side of the spreadsheet.

Crypto Trading Bots

So when i started uh trading with easybot, i deposited 600 into my binance account so that i could set my first robot up. Then i added another 256. Then i deposited another 330 on yesterday i added 148 plus a 4749, giving me a grand total over here of 1382.

So what we need to do is have a look at that if you see that was on the 7th of september, so that was my balance in finance. But let’s have a look at my binance account so inside my binance account right now. I’Ve got this much so let’s get the calculator and we’re going to pop that in there and i’m going to minus what i had physically deposited in there that’s 80 and 11 cents that i’ve made from the robot. Since i made my last deposit.

So that’s 80 that the bots made me. So let’s have a look at the numbers. So let’s go back over to the robot and if we look here it shows you here all the total profits. It’s made me so that means trades that is physically closed.

But if i go over to my binance account and i scroll down the screen here – you’ll see that i’ve got all these coins here and i’ve got an amount in them. So that means that these trades have not been closed. So when i look at my easy bot screen here, it’s showing that i’ve only got a profit of 5858 and 54 cents.

That’s because all the trades are not closed, they’re still open. The coins are rising, but easybot is not closing them at the moment because it wants to get the maximum returns. So if it was, if i was to say to the robot okay, stop, i don’t want you to do anything, i’m going to disconnect my api keys and i was to sell all the coins physically myself. I’D end up with 80 in the last 24 hours.

Now i don’t know about you, but in a bear market, that’s absolutely mind blowing now, based on the trades that have been closed. So all these trades here that are showing a profit. That’s been closed. Based on that, but bearing in mind that all the trades are closed, i’m getting a daily return of 06.

I know it’s a lot higher than that because there’s an extra 30 dollars to add to that. If i was to close everything now so that’s going to be around about 20 every 30 days, which i don’t know about you, but that’s just crazy. It really is, and the great thing about easybot is that this 1400, that’s sitting inside my binance account easybot, cannot withdraw that. That’s my money.

I can disconnect from easybot and withdraw that at any time. I like now, if you’re interested in a real passive income with a trading robot that works below this video you’re, going to find a link. Click that link it’s going to take you over to a registration page where you can create a free account and get set up for free and start trading for free, obviously, you’re going to need some funds in your exchange.

But you can start trading and earning money. Today, absolutely mindblowing system. I love it! I’M just going to keep adding funds to my binance account so that i can build up my trading balance so that i can get more and more income.

You have a fantastic day and i’ll speak to you soon in another video click, the link below and create a free account bye. Now you

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