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Please understand this isn’t coming from any kind of negative flight at all. My understanding so far is that the affiliate commissions are going to be paid out in usdt. That’s correct! Right, yes, and so i guess my concern and like i said i don’t, please don’t take this in a negative flight at all, but i won’t my understanding um, certainly before i try to bring in hundreds of people into this um is that usdt, of course, is A stable coin, but i i’m hearing that it’s maybe not as stable as we all think so. Is there any um consideration within the company of of if something happens, with usdt to be able to switch to another stablecoin to pay out yeah? This is a this.


Is a question that comes up uh, it’s coming up more and more commonly and um, and so yeah. So we’re aware of it. I will say this and i’m i’m not gon na i’m not gon na drop, my personal opinion necessarily on usdt, but i will say that if you, if you go back in and study usdt and the controversy around it, it has this concern that you are expressing. Has been with usdt for a number of years, this isn’t a this, isn’t a new issue or a new concern.

Now, whether that means it’s a real concern or it’s just fun – i don’t know i’m not gon na i’m not gon na, say i’m not to speak to that on this call. What i will say is um. Yes, we’re aware of it.

We are programming from a trading standpoint. We are programming, other stable coins, the the challenge or the awareness is that usdt has by far the most stable, the most pairs that can be traded. So let’s say: we’ve just removed usdt as an option for trading we, we would significantly decrease the available coins to trade, which then means that we hamper the ability for for members to diversify their portfolios. So that’s kind of the practical side of things that goes well beyond easybot, that’s more of a broader global implication on trading.

EazyBot About USDT Crash

So having said that, this is the this is. This is the broader point. If there is a failure in usdt, it’s not another luna.

It is a make mega issue around the crypto space, it’s going to impact and affect everything in crypto. If there’s a failure in usdt because of how, because of how commonly and widely used it is, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for it to fail for sure. But it does mean that the the ramifications implications go well beyond uh our software platform um with that being said, we’re still being we’re still maintaining an awareness and and some level of preparation. We obviously do preach diversification, so we want to bake that into our into our product as well.

So uh, yes, the short answer is: we are developing some other options: um, we don’t have a shortterm plan of pivoting away from usdt. At this point, there aren’t strong enough indicators that suggest that we should do that, but we are putting some other options into place. Well awesome. Thank you very much, mr charles, for answering my questions.

Eazy Bot Trading Must Watch

You satisfied my curiosity and um. I look forward to on working and building a team here with easybot. It’s seems to be pretty phenomenal, so thank you, sir

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